It had been months since I had seen the guys. They had cleaned their stuff out one evening from our shared office building and I hadn't heard from them since. It was probably best as the home investment office was hot on their business and it wouldn't have helped me to have had connections with them that the 'suits' could use. Now that a few months had passed and most of the damage control had been handled it didn't suprise me to receive an invitation to an open house at their new independent investment firm. I couldn't wait to see them all again.

Craig and I had unexpectantly ended up as fuck buddies in the last few years of working together. When they left in the middle of the night to set up their own firm down the road, my sex life came to a screaching halt. I missed Craigs rough and demanding sex. I missed his ice green eyes boring into mine as he aggressively filled my ass with his cock and seed. I missed the expectant waiting under his desk every morning for him to arrive and sit down at his desk. I, as commanded, would immediately unbuckle his pants, unzip his fly and pull out his large hairy balls and cock and say good morning. He must have showered at night because his cock and balls always had a heady manly scent and I longed for it just like orange juice for breakfast. It didn't matter if clients were expected or not, the routine was always the same, always expected and always satisfying to both of us. I missed the empty office at night when it was routinely the two of us waiting for everyone to go home. He would bark from across the hall to get my ass in his office as soon as he knew it was clear. The minute I stepped in through the door he would strip me bare and kiss every inch of me before undressing himself and violently take my ass for his pleasure. His strong lean body was the stuff of dreams and his light brown dusting of hair over his frame made me melt. I especially loved his tight ass flexing in my hands as he would fuck me full of his manly juices.

Then there was Chris, the white blonde stud from the regional office. I hoped he would get an invitation too, being that I knew they all were friends. Remembering the night of drunken sex with Chris could still put me in orbit. We had been assigned as roommates at an upscale hotel during a training seminar and our one night together still kept me jerking one out on occassion. His brick shit house body and white blonde hairy cock and balls were the dictionary picture perfect. I knew I would never get another chance to have his big cock breeding my ass but the memory would last forever. In his drunken stupor he had mistaken my bed for his own and mistaken me for his wife. The rest of the night was spent in a sweaty sexual tangle as he caressed, kissed and pationately made love to me. To my knowledge, he still didn't know what had ever happened between us. Just to see him mixing around at this open house would be enough to give me instant wood even if we never had the chance to fuck again.

Finally there was Tad. Tad was the last of the three sexual crushes I had from all my investment contacts. We had never been together before sexually but I still wanted him desperately. His 6 foot 4 inch frame was solid and every bit a man's man. His dirty blonde hair, his blue eyes and that macho smile of his were all it took to put me under a spell. I had never seen Tad naked or undressed but I knew their was a carpet of dirty blonde hair under those clothes if his fury forarms were any indication. He had a deep autoritative voice and I loved to hear his southern dialect as he spoke to me or to anyone. He was older than me, probably 45 or so. I had always felt him to be a bit of a mentor or a father figure as he helped guide my early financial career with all the love and intensity of a proud dad. Secretely I played the part in the early years of asking questions, even if I knew the answer, just to be around him. It would be good to see him again and privately lust after him while mingling around with the other guests at the open house.

I arrived a little later than most and walked into a crowd of well dressed men and women, all laughing and talking. I loved being in the midst of all these rich and good looking wealthy clients. Within minutes a familiar hand clamped down on my shoulder. I turned to find Craig smiling down on me with a hint of lust behind his eyes as he crushed my hand into a handshake that said more than it appeared to mean. We bantered back and forth in conversation before he gave me that knowing smile of appreciation and disappeared into the crowd to network. To me his expression said, 'I want to fuck you so bad' and 'I miss our sex' and a million other unspoken thoughts. It was like watching a perfectly executed football play to watch him in motion smoothly working the crowd until he was out of site and into another portion of the unseen crowd.

A voice from across the lobby hit my ear next. It was Chris with his wife in tow! He grabbed me up into an 'ol buddy' hug and I breathed as deeply as I could as our faces brushed against each other in the embrace. He still smelled every bit like I remembered from that night. An expensive cologne mixed with a little sweat. I could feel the heat of his body permiate my own dress clothes. I could have stayed right there for a very long time. As we separated he grinned at me and introduced me to his beautiful wife. We all talked for a moment and I was lost again in the memories of what he still didn't realize had ever happened between us.

A pat on the back brought me back to reality as towering Tad now engulfed me in yet a second hug of the night. It was like coming home from college and your dad meeting you at the door. I felt comfortable and somehow safe being in his presence again. Chris and his wife caught the eye of another couple in the crowd, excused themselves and left Tad and me to ourselves. I literally felt like Tad and I were the only two in the room. He asked me with concern how I was doing. Being that him and his two partners had left me and another rookie to fend for ourselves in the dust of their exit I told him I was doing pretty well. 'Let me show you around' Tad said. I happily agreed and we were off on a tour of the office.

The place was stunning. They had taken an old estate on Main Street and converted it to a posh office setting complete with conference rooms, private offices and sitting areas for the clients. One of the partners wives had spared no expense in draping the place in elegance that would have made any rich man loosen up his grip on his wallet and entrust his money to these men. Tad had saved his office for last. It was set in rich greens with high end cherry office furniture, lush drapes and earthy paint tones in the perfect compliment of masculinity to compliment Tad's very masculine presence. He offered me a chair in front of his desk and then plopped down into his desk chair on the other side of his sprawling desk and let out a heavy sigh. 'Damn I am glad to be away from all of that for a moment' Tad said. 'Me too' I agreed. He looked amazing behind his desk. The room framed him like a feature portrait. His dirty blond hair, combed back perfectly, his gold cufflings reaching out from his suit coat as he place his hands behind his head and smiled a deep satisfying grin back at me. Fuck I missed seeing him every day! Almost in sync Tad said the same thing back to me out loud. I once again agreed with him and we both laughed at a few memories from our days in the same investment branch office.

All of a sudden Tad jumped up. 'Hey I forgot to show you the bathroom' he shouted. 'The best part of renovating a house is that your bathrooms are pretty large and spacious.' 'Each of us ended up with one directly connected to our private offices' he announced with satisfaction. I followed him to the door directly behind his desk and to the left. It felt odd to both be in the bathroom together but he was right. It was spacious. A person could have lived here without ever leaving this well appointed place. As I was checking out the large bath and the view from the window I suddenly heard the sound of water. I turned to see Tad in position over the toilet, taking a piss. My groin immediately sprang to life and I shifted my suit coat to hide the response. 'Pretty swanky huh?' Tad proclaimed from his stance over the toilet bowl. 'Yes' I stammered, 'very nice'. The scent of piss mingled with coffee hit my nose. I felt my self get a little weak and the response in my pants continued to rise. The last jetisons of piss could be heard hitting the mark and then Tad turned around unzipped still shaking a five inch flacid dick and facing in my direction. 'You need to piss?' He asked sincerely. 'No, I'm good' I said in response. He was taking his time packing away his uncut cock. Little wisps of dark blonde pubes seemed to be poking out as he adjusted his shirt tails and began closing up shop. 'You like what you see?' Tad asked huskily. I managed to force out a 'Yes, this place is great.' 'I meant my cock' said Tad directly. I looked up from what I had now realized had been a 'deer in the headlight' stare at his crotch to look into his blue eyes. 'Yes I like that especially' I whispered hoarsely. Tad reached over to the door and twisted the lock. He then walked slowly over to me and pulled me into an embrace that felt so good. His cock was still out of his fly and I could feel it begin to push against me. Drips of piss melted into the the thin fabric of my dress pants and the wet heat of his urine warmed my inner thigh.

His large hands encircled me like I was his date for the prom. We stood there for a moment, in our suits, my head against his massive chest and his chin resting on the top of mine. One of his big hands let go and embraced my own chin and turned it up to his face. He looked down on me with such tenderness that I could hardly breathe. He then pressed his lips gently into mine and wrapped my mouth into a long sensual kiss. I didn't want it to ever end. I could smell the scent of his aftershave, the roughness of his five oclock shadow graze against my own. He took my kisses from me like long satisfying drings of water. I took his back in the same way.

When we finally parted he began to speak. 'Being the office manager at the old office I always tried to keep it professional', he announced. 'Now that you and I don't work together anymore I want to show you what I have felt towards you since the day you began working there.' I couldn't believe my ears but listened with rapt attention. 'I have sex because it means something to me' he continued. 'I know all about you and Craig and the sex routine that you guys had.' 'Once I knew about that I knew someday I would want to conquer you as well.' 'I intend to make love to you right now' Tad proclaimed, 'This isn't casual sex for me but an outpouring of my heart'. I was his, body and soul from that moment.

Not another word was spoken between us. He bent down from his tall stature and met my lips once again with firm but gente kisses as he begain to loosen my tie and undress me. It seemed like another lifetime before he finished taking my clothes off. Each step was like a rite of passage as more and more of me was exposed to his lips and his warm strong hands. When I was finally naked he stepped back to take in my athletic frame and memorize me in his mind. I leaned against the vanity in a daze of foggy arrousal, my cock twitching like a clock pendulum.

Tad never took his eyes off of me as he slowly undressed himself. I stood and watched like a man in a trance. As his tie slipped off and his cufflings were removed, I could see his dirty blonde hairy chest begin to appear as each button from his neck down was opened and released. It was like a carpet. When he finally pulled out his shirt tails and began to unbuckle his belt there was no stop to the carpet that began neatly below his neck and now continued down into his pants.

His belt jingled free, his zipper made that familiar metal swish and the shape of his bulge behind white briefs pushed against its freed space. He put his toe to the back of his shoe and slipped it off and then place his sock toe to the back of his other shoe and did the same. His big size twelve feet in silk dress socks gave my cock an extra jerk. He reached down and pulled the back of each sock with his thumb until they were removed and his hairy blond toes were bare against the antique tile floor. Across the top of each of his feet was a brush of blond hair that I longed to lick and bury my face in, taking in his sweaty scent and totally worshiping his body. He then cupped both sides of his pants, and the edge of his briefs and slowly slipped them down and off of each leg. His huge uncut cock of five inches now bounced out completely free and slung a rope of precum unto my stomach from his postion opposite me. It had to be at least nine or ten inches and straight as an arrow. His cock head poked up out of his forskin with yet more precum bubbling up from inside his loins.

Before me stood the most beautiful hairy blonde man that I had ever seen. He didn't stand awaiting my approval or reaction. He didn't care. He wasn't the kind of man that needed my approval or longed to be told how hot he was. He just was, in his confident way, every bit a man and he knew it and now he wanted to show me. I stood there aching for him to walk back to me and take me into his arms. His legs were matted with heavy blonde hair, as well as his chest and arms and abs. His grion was a literal burning bush of golden curls, some damp with precum and darker now that they were wet. His balls were unshaved and the golden curls played perfectly upon them as they churned below his throbbing cock, ready to unleash their load into his waiting mate. I could see the damp dark blonde hair of his pits as his arms extended to reach for me and pull me into him.

An electric like heat hit me as his fury body melted into mine. His warm tender hand lifted up my balls and probed gently and lovingly underneath them to find my waiting hole. He caressed it like a pussy on a woman, fingering it and pressing it between his hands, measuring its readiness for his waiting cock. I could feel his heartbeat intensify as he part my legs with his own and lifted me up to a sitting position on the vanity. Tad then looked into my eyes as he knelt down before me, his hand still working my hole like a treasured pet. Then with a smile he broke his eye contact and his blonde head disappeared between my legs. His rough face brushed against my inner tighs as his face moved into my groin. he parted my ass cheeks and the wet warmth of his tongue was soon enveloping my ass hole with light licks, teasing bites and penetrating thrusts. I was dizzy with the pleasure of it all. I felt so protected, so loved, unlike the rough and selfish sexual advances of Craig. I had truley saved the best for last.

After what seemed forever, his face appeared before me again and he rose to his full height. Now replacing his tongue was the wet precum tip of his enormous cock and the intense stare of a man that was totally into pleasing me. All I wanted to do was make sure that I pleased him back in equal measure. I cold feel the push of his hips as he gently slid into me as slowly as I had ever been taken. He didn't stop to let me get used to his girth but it he seemed to know by the look on my face that he was ok to continue to penetrate my body until he was completely buried up to his balls. He didn't pull out but just stood there, pressed into me and slowly grinding and rotating his cock into my hole, pleasuring me and himself with the heat of our connected bodies.

Slowly he began to pull out almost to the tip and then he would slide completely back into my ass, clearly enjoying every second and ever inch of sensation that he could give to both of us. We continued this for what seemed an eternity. I was completely given over to him and him to me. Soon his slow and steady in and out began to pick up speed. His kisses became more aggressive and his breath began to come in quick gasps. He began pounding my ass like a wild animal, all the way out and then slamming back in. Over and over he jirated into me, my hands clamped unto his now sweat drenched hairy ass as it flexed and released in my possesive grip. One last shove and forceful hold pushed my back into the mirror behind me, putting steamy vapors like a tracing of my body against it. He looked straight into my eyes as his cock began to shoot ropes of cum into my gut. He wanted me to see everything he was feeling as he we consumated our union and our mating was complete. The intensity of his last push and the brush of his sweaty belly hair against my own cock jetisoned my own cock to respond with orgasms that followed his and I looked into his eyes with the same intensity, letting him see my total satisfaction and desire.

He held me there, up on his toes and then kissed me passionately, stil buried deep within my body. 'Welcome to our new offices' he cooed. 'I hope that you will come back as often as you can.' With that he pulled his cock from our unioned position and stood up and lifted me from the vanity counter. He set me down before him and embraced me with one more hug. We sorted out our clothes, he pulled out a brush, cologne and wash cloths to give ourselves a quick rubdown with cool water. He covered every inch of me with his cloth as I did the same for him. We dressed and looked none the worse for what had just happened. When we were both back in perfect form, he kissed me one more time with my face between his strong hands. He unlocked the door

and we breezed into his office and back into the room of chattering guests as if we had never been missed. Shortly thereafter, I quit my job at the firm where we had met and placed all my investments, including my heart, with my unexpected host.


Matthew Barrett

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