I stood in the posh lobby of the downtown hotel rubbing elbows with over 800 fellow investment brokers. If the masculine, killer instinct and brash aura of this collective group of men could be a smell the room would have reeked with the heady aroma.

As we waited for our training seminar to begin, I buddied up in a small circle of brokers from my region and made small talk over drinks. There were three of us and four if you counted me. Secretly I imagined each of the trio and what they looked like naked. I imagined how each of them would behave, naked and behind the closed doors of our hotel rooms. None of them knew that I was gay. They thought I was a happily married man just like them.

Tad was a burly blond with a receding hair line but sexy as hell. His confidense was over the top and I knew well enough his sexual energy from the stories he would tell of past conquests. Many a time I had dreamed of what it would have been like to be under this alpha stud and pleasuring his every need. He had been a body builder at one point and the pictures I had seen were amazing. Never mind that he had let this part of his life go, he still had the good makings of a strong and sexy man with a lust that was unquenchable. I would have given anything to sit under his desk and just suck his dick for hours on end while he went about his investment work and helping rich and powerful clients.

Craig on the other hand was a wirey muscled dad of three with an equally overcharged sex drive. His years in the Army had served him well. It wasn't easy to stand and talk to him with his ice green eyes upon you and the confident swagger that oozed from him. I knew there were sexual frustrations at home as sex was always on his mind. Him and I had the same build and my fantasy world often included moments of sating his lust. I had borrowed a tuxedo from him on a few occassions and had to jerk off when wearing it just knowing that his cock and balls had been in the same pants that mine were now swinging in.

The final member of this hot threesome was Chris. He had white blonde hair and deep blue eyes. His build was shorter and stocky but not fat. He had that sexy shorter man build that made him look like a brick shit house. He too was a dad and just watching him in a room was poetry to my sexual urges. Although I knew him the least of the three, he was a paticular favorite fantasy man for me.

As our conversation went from one thing to another it took an erotic turn. Craig and Chris began talking about clothing preferences. We all added our preferences to this and that until it came down to underwear. My attention was totally peaked! Tad preferred boxers, I preferred boxer briefs, to my amazement Craig announced with no hint of embarrassement that he preferred commando all the way. No sooner did he say this when Chris laughed and high fived Craig announcing that he himself preferred the same. My head was swimming with visual imagery of their cocks and balls rolling around free behind dress pant zippers. I couldn't imagine a more erotic conversation and wasn't sure how much more I would be able to take and keep my own cock from rising to the occassion.

Fortunately we were interupted by the Vice President of the firm announcing to us where to find our room assignments and what the training schedule would be for the following day. As I looked over the posted information I almost choked to realize that Chris and I had been assigned to the same hotel room. I could have pumped my fist in the air and wooped out a big YES then and there. I couldn't wait to get to our room. Although I knew Chris was straight, it was erotic to imagine getting ready for bed and changing in front of each other. With my new information about the Commando dynamic duo I felt sure that I would at least get a good look at Chris's tool and the blonde patch of hair surrounding what I imagined to be male perfection. Hell maybe I would see him completely naked enroute to the shower. I would take anything and was thrilled for this chance to be this close to such a hot crush for a whole evening.

We chummed our way to our room and unloaded our bags. Without inviting me, Chris made plans with another investment broker as we made our way down the hall, to go drinking and hit the strip clubs. Me being secretely gay, didn't find much interest in their plan even if I had been invited. I was glad to have the room to myself and hoped that they would get back sooner than later so I could enjoy a little time in Chris's presence alone.

I settled into my evening, channel surfing and horny for Chris to return from the rounds with some of the other guys. Ten pm passed followed by 11. As midnight drew close I decided to crawl in bed and watch some more tv. I went to bed naked, doing some more channel surfing until 1 am and then finally gave up on him and switched off the lights and the tv. I lay there wide awake with a sexual hunger that I desperately wanted to unleash.

It was after 2 am when Chris finally got back in the room. I woke up from a half sleep state and played possom as I watched him drop his jacket and begin to undress in the darkness of the room. I could see by the city lights through the window the faint outline of his body as he peeled off his shoes, socks, shirt and finally his pants. Just the sound of his bult being undone and his zipper being swiped down put me into orbit. True to my fantasy, he was a sight to behold. It was too dark to see clearly but enough to know he was one hot man and it enraged my desire for him even more. He crawled into his bed on the other side of the night table and was soon snoring a drunken night away. I was lying wide awake and imagining his nude body under the covers.

Just about 3 am, I could hear him stir and so I watching intently from my faked sleep as he got up out of the bed and headed to the bathroom. To my suprise, he stopped at the foot of my bed and stood there in perfect profile looking out the window. He had my attention now! My heart raced as he continued to stand there for what seemed like five minutes. I could only deduct that he was sleep walking and was having a spell right there at the foot of the bed. It was then that I realized that he was pissing right there on the floor in front of the window. In his drunken stupor he thought the light of the window was the bathroom light and unloaded his piss right on the carpet at the foot of my bed.

I continued to watch him with wonder at what he would do next. To my amazement he slowly turned towards me. I could see him bending over and then felt his hands groping for the edge of the bed. It wasn't long before he found my foot and to my great rush of excitement started feeling his way up my leg until he was practically on top of me. He was so drunk he thought he was back at his own bed. I panicked as I realized I was naked. Once he had crawled the length of the bed, he said 'move over honey and make room'. He thought he was home with his wife! I didn't know what else to do but to move over. I thought to myself I could always act suprised in the morning if we came face to face with this new developement.

What came next was the greatest sexual moment I had known to date. Chris pulled back the covers and soon the heat of his naked body was wrapped around mine in the loving embrace of a man for his wife. I was naked and in the arms of this fantasy crush. I could feel his cock and balls against my ass. His drunk hot breath was billowing against my neck. I was in fucking heaven.

I had no idea where this moment would lead but I knew two things. One, Chris was drunk out of his head and would most likely not remember this and two, we were naked and in a total body embrase. I discovered soon enough that if I moved at all, it would cause him to move and so the next hour was spent settling and re-settling into all sorts of naked positions. I was able to 'inoccently' move and position myself to get my hands on his cock and balls as well as a few times on his bubble butted ass.

When I grew tired of this game, I finally gave into sleep, spooned up with his naked hot body against my naked back. My reality was back to full awakeness when I woke to kisses being planted on my neck and shoulders. Chris had gotten aroused and wanted to fuck, who he thought was his wife. I squirmed against him being careful not to speak out loud. His hands began to feel my hairy ass crack from behind, probably thinking he wa playing with his wife's pussy and a drunk finger was soon sliding into my hole.

It wasn't long before his hips began to thrust ever so gently towards my hole, his hot hands roaming over my body. I was terrified that he would soon realize that this wasn't his wife and jump out of the bed in total shock. I was too arroused myself to do anything to stop him. I reached behind me and placed my hands on his hard cock. It was beyond perfect. I could feel his blond pubes brushing against my hand in profusion, his hanging balls, all sweaty and large.

As I touched his cock his moans became increasingly more agressive as did his thrusts. Sleeping so close our bodies were already sweaty and I imagine our overheated state woke him up. I guided his cock to my whole and pushed back against him. He slid into my ass with ease and soon I had his entire cock sunk deep into my body and his balls brushing against my ass cheeks.

Chris pumped me with all the lust he had pent up watching women strip while he drank the night away. Now he was, supposedly, home with his wife and fucking the hell out of her pussy. I didn't care anymore if he woke up to realize what was happening. In this moment I was his focus and the hard strokes of this hot man were sliding in and out of my body like a well oiled piston.

His breathing got shorter and I could tell he was getting close to cumming. I stroked my own cock to his rythmic thrusts and soon we were both unloading our pent up seed in long shooting ropes, mine unto the sheets in front of me and his deep into my body.

He hugged me close from behind and whispered 'thanks baby, I needed that'. I pressed my hand against his face by my ear as a thank you back and soon his snoring took the place of his gentle words as he fell asleep still locked in my ass with his cock slowing ebbing back from its hard on.

We lay there in our spooned position. I began to wonder how I would be able to face this in the morning, now that my senses were back with me and my cock had been drained so that I could think with the right head again. My answer came as his flaccid cock finally slid from my hole and we continued to sleep. Closer to morning and while it was still dark he woke up enough to evidently realize where he was and he fell off the side of the bed trying to get away from my naked body. I just kept on feigning sleep. Soon he was snoring again in his own bed and I drifted off into a contented sleep as well.

The next morning, I woke up and showered first after stepping into the cold puddle of his misguided piss puddle from the night before. I packed up and headed to the morning meetings leaving him to awake late from his drunken stupor and painfully make his way to the meetings. It was all I could do to keep from getting hard when I saw his confused face sneak in during a break. I played my part perfectly and acted as if nothing had happened. Inside I was secretely smiling, knowing as I sat there in my chair, that I was enpregnated with the sperm of this hot blonde crush of a god and had been the center of his affection for one blissful night.


Matthew Barrett

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