[This is a sequel to 'Baring up at the Bar']

Derek had to go and get things ready in the bar so he had get some clothes on and look respectable. He insisted on cooking me a really good meal. 'After that performance you deserve better than sandwiches!' he had said.

He laid on a fabulous spread complete with wine and candles. The regulars were curious to see me dining romantically all on my own. Once again I wondered if they had already come to their own conclusions.

It was about eight o'clock when I finished and went back to the bar for a glass of wine and some small talk with Derek and the others.

I don't remember when but sometime later Derek quietly excused me from staying up any longer in case I was tired. So it was that I went upstairs, on my own this time, expecting Derek to follow soon after. But nearly an hour went by and he still did not appear so eventually I went back down to see what was going on.

There were four guys sitting at the counter and Derek behind the bar. I went and sat down on a stool just apart from them. No one was saying anything but there was a tense atmosphere.

They looked at me with obvious interest but said nothing at first. I noticed they were all wearing similar white shirts with some sort of badge on the front. Derek gave me a glass of white wine like he knew exactly what I wanted.

He looked more flustered than ever and was trying to avoid the hard engaging look from one the guys seated near me on a bar stool. This guy, like the others, was wearing very sporty looking shorts and I just couldn't take my eyes off his big bare thighs.

'You see Derek that's why we see you as a natural, I mean there you are look at you! You'd be such a star man!'

'Look er ..no! Colin, just forget it, it's no! and that's it!' said Derek suddenly gesticulating his hands and arms wildly to emphasise the point. He started busying himself with the empty glasses as is if to emphasise the finality of what he had just said.

'Oh come on Derek be a sport it's just for the club. For Pete's sake man it's no big deal!' then after a pause turned his attention to me and added. 'So yea.. this a friend of yours right?' he continued while looking me up and down.

'Er no um .. he's just a guest, he has one of the yea er .. other rooms' spluttered Derek. He was seriously flustered now.

'Now that's an interesting concept isn't it...., 'other room'......? Hmm!, as opposed to.....?' mused Tony in a deliberate tone like almost like a lawyer. He was a dark haired guy with a Hispanic complexion. This relaxed the atmosphere there was laughter all round.

'Don't worry Derek, we understand! Of course we do don't we?' he said turning top the others, 'So why not come over and give us a show? it's not till next week!' Colin said soothingly with feigned sympathy.

'Yea go on!!' the others all called together.

I must have had difficulty concealing my inquisitiveness and I was aware that all these guys were eyeing me up while this was going on.

Suddenly this big blond guy called Hendrik uttered a sigh of resignation and, taking over from Colin said 'So then! aren't you going to introduce your guest Derek!' I have to add Hendrik was an extremely handsome guy but Derek remained silent and clearly embarrassed.

'No honestly!' I said 'I really don't want to intrude. This is obviously a private conversation'.

'Er what's that about privates?' piped up a big guy called Hank at the other end of the bar.

'One track mind Hank! Private conversation man! Sorry to disappoint but if you haven't been paying attention, we don't seem to be getting very far with Derek here.' Explained Colin pedantically.

'So what about the other guy then?' says Hank looking expectantly at me.

'Hang on man! He doesn't even know what this is all about' Hendrik retorted. I liked the way he seemed to be protecting me.

Colin came over to me; he put his hand on my shoulder and said: 'Its er .. quite simple really; as you probably realise we all know Derek pretty well; for one thing he occasionally plays for the club. Anyway what it's all about you see is this. Every year we have this sort of stag night do at the Club. You know one of those evenings when we let the wives and girl friends go off and cluck or whatever they do at hen parties.'

'Get to the point!' said Hank. 'We want a someone to show what's underneath, don't we lads?!'

'Colin's the captain; let him finish' said Tony after some cheering.

'OK right well usually we get one of the girls to put on a show. Tracey and Sheila are great Rugby supporters and they are, shall we say, quite regular visitors. Anyway this time there was a sort of consensus that maybe we should go for something a bit different, er .. more exciting perhaps er .. or should I say explicit?' There was laughter.

'In fact it was Tracey who suggested it' Colin went on, ''Why not get a guy to strip off for a change' she said. Well, she wasn't going to suggest female opposition was she?!'

'So you came to ask Derek to do the job!' I interrupted with a smile which seemed to engage everyone's attention rather more than I had expected. Derek's face was flushed. I felt sorry for him but it was hard not to go along with the drift.

'We thought, being that Derek loves talking about his fitness and showing off his body to all and everyone, er .. amongst other things' There was a roar of laughter at that point. 'He would be just our man!'.

'I don't really have much experience of this sort of thing.' I said slowly and thoughtfully.

'And....??' enquired Hank as he came over to me riveting my attention with an expectation written all over his face. I felt mesmerised by his commanding manner. I was so taken by his powerful personality, not to mention his big physical presence and a very large bulge in the front of his jeans. So what I said next was without thinking.

'Well, if it would be of any help, I mean you know I gather it is a bit short notice and well Derek here doesn't seem too keen ...' I began, but then hesitated as I realised how much this would upset Derek.

'We want you to strip for us!' said Hank bluntly.

'But you don't know me! What I mean is, well....., why do you think I'd be any good at it?' It was a feigned protest on my part and I was getting excited at the idea of stripping in front of these four big muscular guys.

'Is this an offer?' Colin asked with a look of forced seriousness on his face.

'Look I was just wondering if it would help matters if I stood in for Derek but I'm sure you guys have someone else in mind really.'

'You are fucking perfect!! Right?!' Hank put his big hand up the back of my shirt and around my bare chest.

'Hey steady on Hank, that's enough of that!' Colin rebuked him and he released me reluctantly.

'Personally there's something here I don't quite understand.' He said, looking me up and down and then looking at Derek. I was intrigued by this; obviously they knew all about Derek's sexual preferences.

'I hope you don't mind me asking but how old are you?'

'Mid twenties, 23 to be exact. Oh and by the way my name is Carl!' I replied

'You're kidding! Twenty three??! Wow! you look more like fifteen! Sorry I don't mean to insult you in any way Carl, it's just that you look so..'

'Smooth and sexy?' suggested Hank. This made me flush and my face went red.

'It's just me!' I protested 'I can't help the way I am. Look I drive my own car, and I have my driving license here' I said producing it from a pocket, then in an excited way I stumbled on: 'I've just recently finished in college you see and right now I'm doing this sort of survey.'

'Hey don't get us wrong!' exclaimed Colin. 'You don't have to apologise for anything! You are just fabulous the way you are, and man that's an understatement! There's no way you'd be anyone's second choice!' he hesitated for a moment without anyone interrupting then went on in a slightly emotional tone; 'OK ...... Hank's had a few to drink but .... well .... Surely you must realise there is something really fucking sexy about you Carl!!'

'Hear! Hear!' they all shouted. They made no effort to conceal the very obvious bulges in the fronts of their jeans, especially Hank, he was a big guy anyway. It seemed he had balls too not just in the metaphorical sense!

'Come on get your kit off then Carl! I want to get to see that nice big bare bum of yours!' Hank was standing in front of me in a challenging way, his brown hairy arms folded on his broad chest.

'OK I'll go upstairs, put on something more appropriate and er give you a sort of preview. I'm no great dancer but I'll have a go' There were cheers all round, even Derek looked happier.

'Shall we call it ?The Undress Rehearsal'?' suggested Tony amid laughter

'Don't forget to go to the 'other room'!' shouted Hank.

I was feeling a little anxious as well as excited because, despite what Colin had said, I always had the idea that rugby players were inclined to be homophobic. So I knew I had to make the act seem like good fun as well as being sexy. What made it more tricky was that by now I was getting very excited myself.

I showered thoroughly making sure I was clean in the important places. I liked to think they would want touch me at least. So I applied some lube on the off chance that things might go further!

I had with me my favourite sweater, it was dark green oversized and knitted for me by a benevolent aunt. It had a very loose course stitch. The lower hem came half way down my thighs without stretching. It may not sound sexy itself but I love the feel of the rough wool against my bare body. I feel it makes a nice contrast with my smooth skin. The shoulders had buttons so it could be pulled down from the top as well as up from the bottom.

Then I had these very tight undersized navy blue briefs. They barely cover my buttocks and barely contain my genitals especially when I get excited. I had some tight light coloured jeans and wondered how I was going to take them off gracefully as part of the dance. I found a sort of Tunic in one from Derek's cupboards and after a brief glance in the mirror went down to tumultuous applause.

They had put on some music and Colin and Hedrick moved the tables to make more room. So I 'floated' out twirling Derek's tunic to the music and running my hands over my body.

'Off! Off! Off!' they were chanting. 'Hey keep your voices down or the cops will be round, it's after closing!' Derek had to keep reminding them!

The tunic was easy to discard gracefully as I let it glide on to the back of a settee. Now I could start teasing them with my sweater. I started by pulling up the sleeves to bare my arms right up to my little slim biceps. They seemed to be responding to the slightest thing.

I stretched out my bare arms and slid them under my sweater exciting myself by running my hands over my sensual skin. I was easy to flick open the shoulder buttons and pull the sweater down from the top to expose my shoulders and smooth chest. I ran my hand over my bare skin again then quickly covered myself again.

I could see the guys were getting excited to the point of impatience. I lifted the lower hem a few times to show my bare midrib but then as I turned with my back to them I sensed mounting frenzy as they started shouting again and Derek had to tell them to be quiet.

The jeans I was wearing had worked down slightly to reveal the very top of my cleft. Then I had an inspiration. It was bit risky but having loosened the buckles around my waist I did a wiggly sort of dance and approached them as my jeans slipped down over my thighs. They couldn't see anything underneath as my sweater was concealing things. Then when I was near enough I kicked my legs up and encouraged them to grab the legs.

It worked! They had them off me in no time and I managed to escape without them going for my pants as well! I had just started fiddling suggestively with my lower hem when Tony suddenly came over:

'May I have this dance please?' To much excitement and cat calls we danced a sort of twist during which I managed to remove Tony's shirt to reveal his beautiful brown and muscular chest. I was hardly thinking of any routine as I was now hugely excited. I flicked up my hem a few times to reveal a glimpse of my scantily covered bum hoping to that it would provoke Tony.

'Excuse me!' came the words loud and clear as Colin wearing only his briefs displaced Tony on the dance floor. He looked absolutely fabulous. Big broad shoulders muscular hairy chest and this huge pointed bulge in his briefs. Colin was big in character and leadership as well He was the top guy, team captain and the big man of the show. Dare I go for it with him?

At first I just teased him by slipping down my sweater almost to my hips then hurriedly pulling it back up so I could lift my lower hem and run my hands over my thighs. Then with a quick flip up I accidentally revealed a bit too much of my genital area.

Colin let me twang the elastic on his pants and run my hands over the outside of his bulge. It was getting hotter by the second as I noticed that Tony was now dancing along side us totally nude and sporting a hugely hard pink dick which waved up and down on his glistening brown body.

It was Tony who made the decisive move. With no attempt an any choreography he took hold of the elastic of my briefs and pulled them right down. I neatly stepped out of them and he flung them over to Hank and Hendrik who were avidly watching everything from the bar. I couldn't keep up any more suspense, I was too excited by the idea of exposing myself to these hugely masculine guys. I lifted my sweater and waggled my bare bum at Colin. But Tony took up the challenge and came dancing towards me with his dick sticking straight out at me.

It was automatic, I never thought of what I was doing. I just took Tony's gorgeous in my mouth. It was so hot and massively hard. I was sucking him like I did it every day except it was my first time ever! Colin had ripped off his pants and grabbed me from behind. And just as Tony pushed his dick deep into my throat I felt Colin's cock on my anus. Oh wow this was it!! He was mighty. I just glimpsed it before I felt this hugeness coming inside me. Oh man he was so hot! This was an ultimate man. He had taken me over completely! I was his!

I stood as still as I could bending over the arm of a chair as Colin shafted me my asshole in front of all the others. I don't remember leaving Tony's cock but Oh shit!! this was better than anything I had ever hoped. This was the captain of a Rugby team doing me in full view of the all the others. They were now crowding round and watching the action at really close quarters. Tony was beside himself with excitement and was about to jack off against my thigh.

Surges of uncontrolled excitement were welling up deep inside but I just managed to get the words out to tell him to wait his turn. I wanted the cum from his lovely brown body. He didn't have to wait long. Colin had been rodding me in time with the music but then suddenly he went all out of tempo. Then he gave one huge thrust up me, It took me by surprise so I nearly fell over forwards. But this was it! He began pumping his load deep into my bum hole. I could feel every squirt as his long dick dosed me with dollops of hot cum. He was forcing it right up my rectum. Colin was fertilising my bottom in front of an everyone.

He stayed in me for several seconds after his ejaculations had subsided. All the others except Derek were completely nude. Hank's genitals were so massive and exciting I can not think of superlatives to describe them. His cock was fat, firm and long but his balls were truly massive. Hendrik was a quieter guy but easily the most handsome of them all. But more about him later.

Colin pulled out his shiny pink dick from my damp and sticky hole with great deliberation and satisfaction on his face as I thanked him for his services. Tony's hot rod was up me in less than a second. He grabbed at the flesh of my arms and waist as he pumped my ass furiously with his luscious cum pole. Soon we collapsed together on the floor with me on my stomach and Tony on top and pounding my bottom with his fiery dick . This was Latin Love but oh! When his cum came it was so hot and the ejaculations so massively powerful, I just wished he would go on for ever.

How was it that Hank was holding back? I thought but it was pretty obvious he was going to lay on something special. By the looks of his 'equipment' I couldn't imagine that my bottom could ever accommodate anyone else once he had finishing with me.

Hendrik strode over to me with an air of Nordic confidence. I felt his strong arms as he picked me up off the floor with ease and dropped my down on the sofa on my back. He was so forthright! He just took hold of my ankles and pushed my legs right back alongside my face while I lay there waiting for his pink prick to burst into my bum hole. When I say Hendrik was handsome I mean perhaps that I fell in love with him right then as he drove his dick deep into my bottom. His fair skinned body was irresistible to me and I kissed every bit of him that I could reach. He had soft straight fair hair which stuck up on his crown and flopped in an unruly way over his beautiful face as he probed me passionately. I was reduced to whispering 'Oh Hendrik I love you!' as he slowly but pushed his penis against my prostate. I was experiencing huge spasms of excitement deep inside. It was at the very moment Hendrik released his cum fluid, spurted his spunk up me and nourished my naked body with his hot creamy fuck fluids.

All the others could hear was my faltering voice as I cried out 'Fuck me! Fuck me!'

After Hendrik had finished I went on kissing him all over. I was madly in love with his beautiful body. But things just got hotter still!

Hank, completely in the nude, had gone over to the bar and collected Derek who was still fully dressed. Holding him by the arm he escorted Derek over to where I lay naked on the sofa. He beckoned me to stand up and then proceeded to pull Derek's jeans and pants down and lifted his shirt over his head. Derek obediently bent over the arm of the sofa and, pointing to Derek's ass-hole, Hank indicated to me what he wanted me to do.

Still in a swoon about Hendrik and not having been able to ejaculate, my cock was still raging hard so I kind of didn't mind stuffing up Derek's tight asshole for the second time that evening.

But as soon as I started to shaft him I became aware of something much more compelling that was happening to do me. Hank's dick was stretching my sphincter to the limit. His body was so big I hadn't realised how massively thick his cock was. When he sunk it into me I was so overwhelmed that I could think of nothing else. I was even having difficulty maintaining my erection in Derek's ass because of the effect Hank was having on me. I was only conscious of the feeling of this huge piston like plunger. It obliterated everything else from my mind. I was totally dominated by Hank's superior masculinity. I felt like he had filled my bottom and my whole body at that moment. He had emasculated me my attempt to fuck Derek. I had been overpowered and overwhelmed by him sexually.

Because of his huge genitals, he was known as Hank the Hungman! He had biggest firm thick hairy and massive thighs you can imagine. He was a star of the rugby team because once he got the ball, with his strength, he could power past anyone who tried to tackle him.

I think Colin and Tony must have slipped up to shower for a moment because they appeared just in time to see Hank deliver into my bottom. I wasn't expecting it. This was more like flood irrigation! Believe me when Hank started jacking off it felt like I was being filled up with a power hose! He just gushed huge quantities of hot cum and I felt my bottom being filling up as his fuck fluids inundated me deep into my rectum. After what seemed like almost a full minute of this internal drenching the flow had stopped but his cock was still hard and still well buried in my bum.

'Let him have it!' he whispered in my ear. My cock hardened again in an instant as I rammed it back deep into Derek's asshole. Again I felt that lovely sensation as my semen rushed down the internal tubes in my penis as I released my sperm into Derek's tight cherry. But then Hank's Cum Pump was ready for even more. With another huge thrust he shot his final load up me just as I was doing Derek.

It was one of Hank's party tricks. He had this ability to break off half way and then resume. It had gained him the reputation of being able to bed multiple partners.

The three of us got in the shower together. To be more precise two soft cocks (Hank and me) and one hard (Derek). I remembered the first time I had showered with Derek. Would he try again in Hank's presence? I was sorry he didn't try despite my temporary flaccid condition which I find doesn't put me off wanting a firm one up my ass. Perhaps the presence of Hank was a deterrent or more likely that Hank was in fact soaping the cheeks of my bum and genitals at the time and amazingly his cock was starting to firm up! We quickly dried ourselves. Derek looked at his watch.

'Guess what the time is! Three o'clock!' It was then that I remembered catching a glimpse, while I was dancing, of Colin talking on his mobile. 'What time could that have been?' I wondered.

'So what's happening?' asked Derek of us both. I was sad to see Derek had seemed to loose control of his own house.

'We go down for a beer of course' says Hank 'I'm bloody parched after all that fucking. I need a recharge!' Derek ran off naked downstairs ahead of us.

'Shall I put my jumper back on?' I asked Hank. 'Yea but nothing else. No hang on; change of mind; stick on that rugby shirt; I don't think Colin will object, after all you're a team player now! But definitely no pants right because we need to be able to get at you right?'

I could never have realised the symbolic significance of an act which would lead to me visiting all sorts of places in the world I might never have seen otherwise. But that's another story. Anyway the shirt only barely covered my bum and if I leant forwards at all it rode up over my buttocks. Hank had his fingers between them as we both descended the stairs. I sensed a slimy stickiness between my bare thighs as Hank's attentions were making my anal sphincter relax. I just couldn't help leaking there was so much cum up me!

As we approached the bottom I thought I heard strange voices in the bar. In addition to Colin, Hedrick and Tony, there were two other guys. These two muscular were already in the nude but they were crowded round Derek admiring his fitness and feeling his muscles. I supposed this was Derek's normal role. I was really glad he was getting their attention.

Their attention switched to me as soon as I joined them at the bar. These burley guys were already sporting two lovely meaty dicks sticking out from their muscular bodies at about 45 degrees. Derek poured me another glass of wine while these two, without any introduction just pulled up my shirt and started feeling my bum slit.

'Wow you've been well provided for already by the feel of things!' said one of them. 'What tells me Hung Hank had something to do with that?' said the other laughing. But they were too excited to laugh really. One was already pushing an extremely hard dick into my juicy slit.

'Hang on a second!' said Colin. 'Hey Derek clear everything off this end of the bar. OK come on lads lets lift him up on top' Four of them lifted my naked body on the bare bar counter. Derek wanted to put a towel under me but I said I thought it might make us slip off. He and Colin held my legs back. There wasn't much clearance over the bar but just enough room for a guy to get to work on me provided he didn't push his ass up too high and hit the lights! But it gave the onlookers a chance to watch the action at really close quarters.

The two newcomers wanted me to mouth their hard cocks before they did my asshole. I can tell you each one was a meal for anyone but this was a fucking banquet of the manliest meat I had ever experienced. They were, how can I say, both smooth and hard at the same time and so fucking hot!! This was a privilege! to suck such superb tools and with my face so near to their genitals all I could see was a forest of pubic hairs and occasional glimpses of their huge ball sacks. Of wow! there's nothing quite like a close up view of virile testicles especially when you know full well what's next on the agenda!

No two guys are the same and however huge and overpowering it feels as their dicks surge in and out of your anal canal, there is something deeply personal about each experience, especially at the point when they shoot their load into you. You feel each spurt of cum as they release their sperm into your bottom. There is something so tender about even the strongest guys at that moment.

So it was with these two in quick succession of each other, as the others watched in close up they dicked my slimy hole with cum oozing around my sphincter. Derek was concerned for me as he saw my anal rim being pushed in dragged out by these massive cocks. But when they finally pulled out I could feel spunk dribbling over my buttocks on to the bare wood beneath. The sight of this had swelled every cock in the place, including Derek's, I noticed.

Hank wanted to go next but he couldn't fit under the bar so I made an athletic leap over to the sofa, inviting him to do me there. I can't explain Hank really!! He fucked me as if he'd been chastened for a week. And this time he got very vigorous about it. So much so that something gave way in the sofa causing the whole thing to sink to the floor! It did make everyone laugh, even Derek I imagined he would have some explaining to do when his parents got back from holiday.

And Hank's latest delivery? I just don't know where he gets it all from! He must surely some production facility in that massive scrotum of his beneath his 'Cum Pump'! If I had leaked anything on the bar counter it was well replenished by the time Hank had finished with me! But the others were determined to lift me back up on the bar to get ringside views of the rest of the action.

Tony and Hendrik did me again next, each spending a good five minutes shafting my bum and provoking my gland so that my limp cock was dancing in time with their probing. They both pumped their juices up me and it was so fucking nice that I can't bring myself to make a comparison between these two utterly beautiful fit guys. They were fucking marvellous!!

One other thing that was intriguing me then was the way Derek was taking a detailed interest in the action. While he watched me getting it from all the others he was flushed with excitement and his cock looked rigid. Those who had already done me had moved away and were chatting together and enjoying their beers.

And so came the best bit of the evening. Hedrick had been the last of the team visitors to do me. As soon as he pulled out and got off the bar Derek jumped up and drove his dick straight up my ass. 'Well done Derek!' I managed to say as he started shafting me wildly. He was fucking me so hard he didn't notice breaking a light fitting with his leg as he pounded me with his whole body.

Then to cheers from everyone who had regrouped to watch the action, Derek finally released his pent up load inside me. This was a wonderful end to the evening. He jumped off the bar. Told everyone to shut up and keep their voices down. But he looked so happy. He had made it in front of the team guys. He could fuck as well as any of them. They cheered him again. He was restored as man of the house.

After the Undress Rehearsal the only question was: 'Would it be alright on the night?'



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