The Ultimate Job Interview I was out job hunting. I had showered and groomed my hair to the perfect look. I had also douched my ass out as I intended to go to the local bathhouse after job hunting and get my ass fucked. I was so fucking horny I needed a good hard fuck.

I put on my best suit, the one that displayed my hot ass to the fullest. It formed snugly around my plump melon butt cheeks showing off one of my best assets. And the front displayed my nice bulging package.

I had on a nice pale blue dress shirt that also form fitted to my muscular chest and abs. I put on my suit jacket and left it open so that I could display my wonderful body. I was quite a handsome man. I was in my late thirties and really physically fit. I looked after myself; I mean you had to if you wanted to get the best men to service you.

I put on my highly polished loafers and stood in front of the mirror and checked myself out. Damn I looked good. I gave my cock a quick tug and it felt good. I just hoped that I could land a great job.

I left the house and proceeded to the bus stop and waited about five minutes for the bus. As the bus stopped and I got on, I noticed the bus driver checking me out. I smiled and knew, yes I looked good.

I went to the center of the bus and found a seat. There was a cute younger guy sitting across from me. He had his legs spread and displayed a nice package. When I looked up he had a smile on his face, he had seen me checking him out.

Then he dropped his gaze to my crotch and licked his lips. I smiled back at him and he got up and came across the aisle and sat beside me.

He stuck out his hand to shake mine and said,"Hey guy, I'm Kyle. Pleased to meet you. I have to say you sure look hot in that suit. Sure would love to get you out of it and see what we can do."

I laughed and answered him. "Well aren't you very forward and right to the point. I'm Darian and I am also pleased to meet you. And yes I would also like to get you out of your clothes and see what happens. But right now it is out of the question. I am on my way to a few interviews so I can't spare the time right now."

Kyle responded as he placed his hand on my knee. "That's OK, I am off somewhere as well, but maybe we could meet sometime. I noticed what a hot butt you had when you walked down the aisle. Sure would like to explore it with my tongue and then with my cock. You think you would be up to it?"

Again I laughed and replied in a steady voice. "You bet your life I would. My ass is twitching just thinking about it. But I have to tell you, I am a bit of a size queen when it comes to cock. I like really big cock up my ass. How big are you?"

He returned my laugh and replied," I might be a bit bigger that you can take. My cock is eleven inches long and thick as a beer bottle.

I have made guys scream as I tried to fuck them. But so far I have not been able to complete the task as I am too big." He had a sad look on his face.

I looked him in the eyes and in a very dramatic voice said, "Well Kyle you are in luck because I can and most certainly will be able to take your cock with no problem at all. I have a Ken Ryker dildo at home that I use and it is twelve inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. I can take the whole thing right to the hilt and then some. My ass is made to fuck and be stretched to the limit."

Kyle got an excited look on his handsome youthful face. Then he said, "Wow I can hardly wait."

Then he reached into his knapsack and got out a pen and paper. He scribbled out his phone number and address and then handing it tome said, "Here is my number and address, Darian. I will please your ass. Use it and abuse it."

"I look forward to it. I hope that you are not one of those guys who do a short fuck. Just fuck a bit and then cum and it is over. "I inquired.

He laughed and said "No way Darian. I like to stretch sex out. I can fuck for hours on end and I usually cum two or three times. My cock will not get soft. And especially not if like you said you can take the big thing all the way. If my cock feels good it will surely supply what you need."

I looked up and noticed that my stop was coming up. I took the paper out of his hand and quickly looked around. Good no one was watching.

I leaned over and planted a kiss on his lips, then said in a husky voice. 5 o'clock it is then Kyle, I can hardly wait for the fucking I am going to get. I will contact you."

I shook his hand and then turned and got off the bus. Damn, I was so lucky. My ass was just twitching in anticipation of what it was going to receive. My day was going perfectly. I just hoped I got a good job.

I had seen an ad in the newspaper for an administrative assistant. I was surly qualified. I practically lived on my computer and was very technically oriented. I got my bearings and looked for the street the building was on. Oh yes there it was Marlow Street. I started down it and glanced at the numbers. Then I saw the one I was looking for Whitehouse Enterprises and went through the front door into the lobby.

I went over to reception and the lady behind the desk glanced up at me.

"Can I help you?" She inquired.

I smiled and replied. "Yes, I read about the job opportunity for an Administrative Assistant and I am here to see if it is still available and if I could perhaps get an interview."

"Yes" She said "Mr. Whitehouse is who you would see. Just have a seat and I will see when he can fit you in."

I turned around and went over to the waiting chairs at the far wall. Behind the chairs was a floor to ceiling mirror. As I went over, I happened to see the reflection of the receptionist in it. She was looking down and checking out my butt as I walked away from the counter.

I smiled inwardly. Yes I had a nice butt. Lots of people were always checking it out. I mean it looked good in my suit, but when I had on my button fly form fitting faded jeans, it really looked good. I sat down and waited patiently for her to contact Mr. Whitehouse.

I didn't have to wait long. She hung up the phone and beckoned me back to her desk.

I went over and she said, "You are in luck. My Whitehouse is not busy at the moment and he can see you right now. Just go down the hall over there and it is the third door on the right."

I thanked her and preceded down the mirrored hall, I glanced in the mirror as I approached his door and adjusting my pants gave quick tug to my crotch fluffing it up.

Then turned a bit and checked my ass and ran my hand through my hair making sure it was neat and tidy looking.

At the third door I pause and knocked.

I heard a deep husky baritone voice say. "Come in please, the door is open."

I turned the nob and stepped into the office. Wow it was really amazing it was really nicely furnished with highly polished wood furniture.

But what really caught my eye was the truly remarkably handsome man behind the desk. He was a ten on the good looking scale. Wow I though, OK Darian, don't stare. Be cool.

He stood up and damn his body was perfect. He didn't have on a suit jacket; it was draped over the back of his chair. His dress shirt hugged his torso and showed that he was a physically fit man.

I could see his firm pecs and abs displayed. They were almost struggling to get out of his shirt. And his dress pants were quite tight and showed that he had a nice package. I could tell he must be huge because it hung down the side of his leg and must have been at least five inches long. I wondered how big it got when it was hard.

I almost licked my lips he was so hot. He had short cropped blonde hair and radiant blue eyes. And that smile. God I could certainly melt for him. I would do anything that he asked me too. I quickly grabbed my wits about me and went over to his desk with my hand stretched out to shake his.

"Good Morning, Mr. Whitehouse. My name is Darian Fox and I was hoping to have an interview with you for the Administrative job you have available."

I reached his desk and he stuck out his hand and grasped mine and shook it.

"Pleased to meet you Darian, and please call me Chad, I find a Mister is so stuffy."

His hand was so warm and firm. It sent tingles up and down my spine. I could feel my cock getting a bit hard. I breathed deeply and concentrated on keeping it soft. I mean what would it look like if I popped a boner right now. The handshake went on a little longer than I expected it to.

Finally he let go of my hand and then came around the desk. He put his hand on my shoulder and steered me over to a couple of chairs in the corner of the room.

"Have a seat." He drawled out in that sexy Baritone voice of his. Tell me a bit about yourself and what your qualifications are."

I sat down and much to my shock I noticed that the wall facing the hallway was actually a one way mirror. He could see out of it. Shit I hoped he didn't see me adjusting myself before I came in.

I composed myself and hoped for the best.

Well sir, I mean Chad. I am quite a computer whiz. I practically become part of a computer terminal when I use it.

I have quite a bit of administrative experience and I am very personable when it comes to dealing with people. I strive to do a job right and to the best of my abilities. Here is a copy of my resume for you to look at."

I reached into my briefcase and took out a copy and handed it to him.

He took it from me and started to browse through it. I took that chance to check him out. I looked down at his crotch and damn with him sitting in the chair his cock looked bigger than ever. He looked like he was hung like a horse.

I took a deep breath and he looked up and met my eyes. Damn, I hope he hadn't seen me checking him out. Did I look up fast enough not to be caught?

With a big smile on his face Chad said," Well Darian you have a very impressive resume. Your qualifications seem to be impeccable. And you are a very fine good looking young man. Let me ask you a few questions."

He cleared his throat and leaned back in the chair. I couldn't help but look down at his crotch. Damn was it bigger than before, was it my imagination or was he getting a boner.

I quickly looked up and met his gaze. He nodded his head and stood up and went over to his desk and picked up the phone.

"Betty "he said into the receiver. "Please hold all calls and don't disturb me for the hour or so."

Then he hung up the phone and turned in my direction. I looked down at his crotch and damn yes he was getting a boner.

He strutted back over to me in a very seductive way. He stopped in front of me and his crotch was at my eye level.

Then in his hot sexy baritone voice he said,

"Darian I am going to be blunt. One of the things that you will need to do if I hire you is to serve me explicitly. If I tell you to do something for me,

I don't want any hesitation on your part. Now I noticed you checking me out. And I couldn't help but notice that you checked yourself out in the hallway and adjusted your stuff.

Don't be shocked, you were not really very obvious but I myself checked you out coming along the hallway and I tell you I liked what I saw. I was watching for signs to see if you might replicate my views. And you did.

Now I want you to reach forward and open my pant and undo my fly. Take out my cock and examine it very closely. Smell it, taste it and then engulf it with your mouth."

I looked up into his eyes, was this really happening. He had told me that an important part of me being hired would be to obey him inexplicably.

Without hesitation I lifted my hand and very gently reached forward and slowly undid his belt and then unbuttoned his trousers and pulled down his fly. He had on a pair of white Calvin Kline boxers.

I took hold of the band and pulled them open. His cock popped out and was growing in size. Holy crap he was big. It just kept growing and growing, getting thicker as well.

It didn't take long until he was completely hard. He was huge. When at its fullest his cock was at least twelve inches long and as thick as my wrist. I let out a gasp and looked quickly up into his eyes.

He smiled down at me and stated, "You like what you see Darian, you think you can handle it?

"Oh yes sir, yes sir. I love big cock, the bigger the better." I stuttered back to him in a trembling voice.

Then I leaned forward and started to lick the tip of his luscious cock. It was slightly salty and he smelled so manly.

I licked up and down the shaft and he was moaning softly as I did so. Then I opened my mouth as wide as I could and then slowly went down on his pole. I didn't stop until it was all the way down my throat.

I was almost gagging he was so big. But I was experienced and knew how to engulf a man's rod. He let a gasp of sheer pleasure. His pub hairs nestled against my chin. Then I pulled off of him to the tip and proceeded to piston suck him.

I plunged my mouth entirely to the hilt and then out to the tip. He was moaning in pure ecstasy. He put his hands behind my head and then began to face fuck me. He was ramming deep into my throat. I was in my glory.

He moaned out, "OH damn Darian you have a hot little mouth, I am so close, I need to cum. Do you want to take my juice, please say you do, I so much want to fill your gut with my sweet ambrosia?"

I couldn't answer as my mouth was full of his cock all I could do was nod my head in affirmation. And he made an approving noise.

Then he picked up speed and almost screamed out. "Oh ya you little fucker, I am going to blow. Then he thrust all the way and his cock exploded.

I could feel his hot cum filling up my gut. It was so sweet tasting. He just kept blowing and blowing. I was almost drowning he was Cumming so much. Then the flow subsided. He was shuttering and shaking.

"Oh damn Darian, Damn that was so good. You definitely have the job. And if you keep being as good as you are there will be many fringe benefits too."

He pulled his cock out of my mouth and put his hands under my arms and brought me to my feet. He was about two inches taller than me. He leaned forward put his arms around me in a big bear hug and planted his lips on mine, parted them and slipped his tongue into my mouth.

He swirled his tongue around inside my mouth and kissed me madly. Grinding his now moist cock against me.

Damn I was in heaven. After a moment or two our lips parted.

I looked deeply into his eyes and spoke to him in a pleading voice. "Chad, I want you to fuck me. Take me totally. I offer my whole self to you. You have smitten me. I want to be yours. I have douched so I am clean. My ass can and will be yours."

Chad laughed out loud and slapped my butt cheeks firmly. "Ok Darian, strip and get up on the desk on your back. Put your legs in the air and I will take you. I will make you mine."

I immediately obeyed my new boss. I hurried over to his desk stripping off my clothes on the way.

Then I stood before him completely nude.

He let out a gasp. "God damn Darian, you are a truly fine looking young man. What a great body you have and you have a nice cock too. I could just eat you alive, and I think I will."

I had nine inches and was not as thick as him but was about the size of a coke bottle. I held my hands in the air and turned around displaying my fine ass to him.

He hurried over to me and then reaching out gave me a nice firm slap on the ass. My cheeks shook and rippled for him.

"Fuck you little hunk you. Get up on that desk I can hardly wait to explore your ass!" He drawled out in a lustful voice.

I obliged him. I crept up on his desk, lay on my back and grasping my ankles lifted my legs high if the air. My ass hole puckered out at him invitingly.

He immediately dropped to his knees and I felt him bury his face between my hot melon cheeks.

His tongue was at the crack of my ass. He started to lick and nibble on it. Parting my cheeks with his masculine hands and sticking his tongue right into my eager hole. Damn it felt so good.

I was quivering and moaning in pure pleasure. I had brought a bottle of poppers with me and I asked if he minded if I used them. He nodded his head.

I uncorked them and took a few deep sniffs. My head started to spin and I was going into trawls of lustful enjoyment. I couldn't take it anymore.

"Please Chad; I need you to fuck me. I can't wait any longer. I want to feel you rip open my ass with your man tool. Please possess me. Make me your docile boy." I begged of him in a pleading servile voice.

Chad took his tongue out of my hole and stood up straight and tall. He was towering over me like a stud God. His cock was pulsating with anticipation.

"Are you sure you can take me." He asked in a concerned voice. "I am very huge. I don't want to rip you apart."

I laughed and answered him. "Chad I have a Ken Ryker dildo at home. It is twelve inches long and as thick as a beer bottle. I can take it all the way and can push it inside my ass till it disappears. I know I can take you. I want to take you. Please don't make me beg. Take me. I am yours to use."

I took another couple of deep long sniffs of poppers and then I looked him straight in the eyes. I didn't have to say anything. He knew I was ready for him. He placed the tip of his huge cock against my awaiting hole. His cock was at least two inches thick. I pushed out my ass for him and he looked down.

He gasped because my hole had opened up and was gaping at him.

He moved forward and his cock head touched my butt hole. I let out a soft sigh and moved my body closer to him then he leaned forward. My ass sucked at his cock and pulled it in. I had never had so much pleasure in all my life. My ass accepted and wanted him.

He slowly inserted it and didn't stop until his gargantuan balls were hitting against my ass cheeks. He was all the way in. My ass was stretched to the limit. It felt so good so right. I was whimpering in pure joy. He was making low moaning sounds. Then he pulled out and rammed it back in. He was making me his fuck toy.

He started to piston fuck me taking it all the way out to the tip and then ramming it back in. He picked up speed. He was almost fucking my brains out. It felt so fucking good.

Faster and faster, harder and harder. His heavy balls were making loud slapping sounds against my ass. I was being lifted up and was in heaven. He was sweating and dripping all over my body. Every drop felt like fire. It didn't hurt it soothed me and made me all the more lustful. I was whimpering so much I was almost crying as he used me.

He was making me his sole possession. Each powerful thrust brought incredible pleasure to me.

I would never be the same again. My ass would be his and his alone. No one would be able to fill his shoes.

He had his hands on my hips and was pulling me onto his hot hard man cock. I felt like he was entering me completely, it was almost like his whole body was inside of me.

Then he roared like a love sick animal and screamed out, "OH fucking shit. I am going to burst. I am going to fill you full of my love juice."

Then he rammed into me right to the base of his cock, his huge balls lying against my ass cheeks. I felt his cock expand and then his sweet load started to fill me up. It was hot almost like lava. I could feel it filling my bowels.

I was shuttering and shaking as he filled me. Then I started to shoot as well I wasn't even touching my cock. He was fucking the cum right out of me. My cock pulsated. I covered both our chests.

He pulled out to the tip of his cock and then rammed it back in, his cum coated my love canal and his cock just slid in so easily. He gave a few more plunges and then pulled out with aloud popping sound.

He looked down at my ass.

He let out a gasp and cried out in an amazed voice, "Holy fuck Darian. Your ass is gapping wide open. I could almost drive a car in there. Damn, I have never been able to fuck anyone before as I am too big. You are my first. How did you do it? It seems your ass was made to be fucked."

"Well Chad you are actually the biggest guy I have ever had. I didn't know if I could take you but I was determined to. You are my fantasy man. I wanted you and so I took you. My ass feels so good." I told him.

He reached forward with is hand and placed his fingers against my hole. I focused on them and then my ass made a sucking noise. It almost sucked them in. And he obliged, he stuck four of his fingers in easily.

He dried out, "OH God you are so hot, Darian." He twirled then around a bit.

"Wow" he said in an amazed voice. "I bet I could put my hole hand up there you are so stretched."

He looked down at me and waited for my reaction.

"Hey after taking that huge pole of yours I bet I could take it to. You want to try it. If it hurts I will tell you to stop." I answered him.

I took a few sniffs of poppers and then nodded to him to go ahead. I had never been fist fucked before but I think I was going to try. I mean his cock was a thick as his wrist so I am sure that I could take it.

Taking his cue he then slowly but surely started to push his fingers in deeper. It was easy as my cum filled as was good and lubed. Then he put his thumb beside his fingers and that entered too. Slowly he inserted his hand into my awaiting hole.

I was surprised it didn't hurt at all. As a matter of fact it felt really good. A smile crept onto my face and he was looking down at me with his penetrating blue eyes. He could see I was enjoying this.

I felt a slight pressure on my ass as he slipped his hand in he had no difficulty. Then it happened. His hand slipped right in. It went in to past his wrist. The biggest part was in past my inner hole. It was incredible. He kept pushing, more and more in then it was done. He was in. He started to open and close his fingers inside of me.

He was bringing unbelievably wonderful sensations to me. He had made into a true bottom. He twisted his hand around and opened and closed his fingers. I was shaking in uncontrolled lust. What was he doing to me? He was making into a sex pig. His sex pig. I had become his possession totally. He worked my ass for a while and then I couldn't hold back, again I shot my load. I thought I had been drained but there I was shooting again.

He took his hand out and I felt so empty. I wished that he could stay inside me forever.

He reached down and lifted me off the desk and wrapped his arms around me. He held me tightly in his grasp. I could feel his love and passion flowing into me.

Then he said in his hot sexy baritone voice. "Let's get dressed, I am going to take you home and then work you till the sun comes up. I will make you mine totally. Would you like that Darian?"

"Oh yes Chad, you already have made me yours. I am where I want to be. You are my Boss unconditionally. " I hugged him tightly and never wanted to stop.

We somehow got our clothes back on and made our selves look presentable. He tussled my hair with his hand and smiled warmly at me. I was his, he was mine.

Then arm in arm we went out to the reception. Betty had a big smile on her face.

"Did you have fun boys?" She inquired as she laughed." There seemed to be a minor earthquake out here."

I turned beet red with embarrassment.

Chad laughed and said, "Don't worry Darian, Betty's fine. She knows about me. In fact she is a lesbian and has a lover. What happens here stays here?

Then Betty said, "You have made the Boss very happy. I haven't seen him smile like that for a long time. You must have treated him right."

I felt at ease and I smiled at her and replied, "Well Betty let's just say, I think we showed each other a lot of good things and we both treated each other right. I have had my horizons broadened quite a bit. "

"I assume that you made the interview a success and will be starting to work here? She inquired.

"Yes Betty, "Chad answered her, "Darian will be my new assistant and will be a great help around here and more."

He gave me a playful slap on the ass.

And then he continued. "I will be gone for the rest of the day. Cancel any of my appointments and then you can leave when you wish."

"Bye boys, have fun," Betty laughed.

Then Chad led me out the door and took me to the underground parking and led me to his car. It was a beautiful little blue sports car. He used his remote key and opened the doors. I got into the passenger side and he climbed in behind the wheel. Then we were off. He placed his hand on my knee and kept it there the whole way to his home.

As we traveled I told him about my encounter with Kyle on the transit bus.

He took it like a grain of salt and had a thoughtful look on his face.

"Did you get his number?" He inquired of me.

"Sure did, it's in my briefcase. Do you want to see it?" I asked.

"No not now, but maybe we should invite him over and have a threesome." Chad answered in a quizzical voice.

Damn, I didn't think he would want to share me but it would be a real thrill for me if he did. I had always wanted to be two-wayed by two hot hung studs. I went to his washroom to see if my ass was still clean for his use.

While I was there, unbeknown to me he went into my briefcase and got out Kyle's phone number. After few short rings Kyle answered and Chad told him who he was and asked if he would be interested in coming over and surprising me. He told him to dress the part and told him his address and to come over in couple of hours so that he could get me ready. Kyle agreed and then Chad hung up the phone. He had a big smirk on his face. Boy was I in for a treat.

It didn't take me long in the washroom, I was still quite clean.

I went back to the living room and Chad had made us a couple of drinks. He handed one to me and I toasted him and took a swig. I almost choked; damn that was a strong drink.

Chad laughed and told me it was over proof rum from Jamaica. One shot was five times as strong as a regular one and he had put I a shot and a half. When we finished it I was getting a very pleasant buzz. All my inhibitions were down. I felt like I was on top of the world and could do anything.

I looked adoringly at Chad. God he was so handsome. He was a real man.

Chad smiled at me and suggested we retire to the bedroom for some fun and games.

In his master bedroom he had attached a sling to the ceiling and when he opened his walk-in closet it was filled with all sorts of play gear. He asked me what I wanted him to wear. I noticed that he had a Cops uniform. I begged him to put that on and arrest me and do a thorough search of my cavities. He quickly put on the Cop uniform and then stood before me. I licked my lips, damn he was so hot.

Then in his sexy voice he said 'Darian I want you to put some stuff on too. I want to fuck a cowboy, let that cowboy take my horse cock and let me conquer him and break him in."

He took out a pair of weathered chaps a chain harness, a weathered vest, some arm bands, a cowboy hat and cowboy boots. He tossed them to me and I donned the gear. There were floor to ceiling mirrors on the walls in his bedroom I turned to look at myself. Damn I looked hot. I reached behind me and gave my ass a good slap.

Chad laughed and said, "Hey Darian that is my job."

I stuck out my butt and he came closer to me and gave a few firm whacks on it.

Then in an ordering voice, he said,"Ok boy up against the wall and spread those legs wide. I am going to have to search you and see if you are hiding anything."

In mock horror, I obeyed immediately. I put my hands against the mirror in front of me. Chad came up behind me and with his Cop boots moved between my legs and kicked them out wider.

Then he took the top off a tube of lubricant that he had picked up off the table. He smeared a liberal amount on his hand and smoothed it all over. He handed me the bottle of poppers and I took a couple of deep sniffs. Then I was ready for him.

He placed his four fingers directly lined up with my butt hole. In one swift movement he pushed them in they slid perfectly in with no restriction.

My ass opened wide for him and accepted his intrusion. He didn't stop until it was all the way past my inner hole and nestled deep in my ass.

Damn it was amazing. It just felt so good so right.

He pretended to by searching for anything that I might have hidden up there.

He spoke out in a deep voice, "Well boy, I can't find anything hidden but you sure have one hell of a tight hot ass. I think maybe I had better keep searching just in case." Then he took his hand out and wrapped his strong arms around me. He picked me up off the floor and carried me over to the Sling and placed me in it. He then secured my legs in the stirrups halfway up the sling suspension cables. My legs were cuffed and now I was his prisoner.

Then the doorbell rang. HE excused himself and went to answer it, leaving me alone in the sling. Oh God I though, hurry up and come back and use my hole.

When he came back into the room he had Kyle with him. My mouth fell open. Wow, did he really do that for me. Invite Kyle over for a three way.

Kyle stepped into the room and stood just inside the door. He was decked out in a Marine Sargent's Uniform. His firm tight body fit well in the snug fatigues. He had his fly open and his huge pole was out dangling in front of him.

"So Darian, you see something you like. You want a piece of me.' He yelled out. "Talk to me boy, I asked you a question."

I stammered an answer in an almost quiet voice, "Yes Sir, Sarge Sir. I see something truly amazing."

"Good then Boy, I am going to feed my hard cock to you while Chad the Cop here continues his search of your ass." You ready to serve us like a good little boy?"

"Yes Sir, please make me your fuck toy. Do whatever you want to me." I begged of him and Chad.

Kyle reached into his pocket and pulled out a set of tit clamps, came over to me and attached them to my already hard nipples. He tugged on the chain that held them and sent quivers of excitement throughout my body. I was still pretty buzzed form the rum. My head was spinning. Chad handed the poppers to me and I took some deep sniffs of them.

Then Kyle came around to my head as I let it dangle down over the back of the sling. Chad crept between my legs and placed his cock head against my eager hole.

Kyle placed his cock head against my open mouth. Then at a cue form Chad they both entered each of my holes at the same time. Kyle deep down into my throat and Chad deep into my ass. Because I had my head tilted back my throat was wide open for Kyle's man meat. Kyle's balls met my chin and Chads balls slapped against my ass cheeks.

I let out a moan of pure ecstasy. Both of my mates let out low animal growling sounds.

"Fuck his hole is hot." Kyle remarked to Chad.

"Wait till you try his ass out. It is equally a hot." Chad remarked back to Kyle. Then as a team the double tagged me. Both plunging deep into my two holes.

Thrust after deep thrust. Over and over again. I was almost entering into a delirious state of mind. I had never felt this way before. My only goal was to please these two stallions. I was theirs totally and unconditionally.

Whack whack whack was the sound of their balls as the both in turn slapped against my chin and butt cheeks. I had become a fuck sex toy. Then as if one they both pulled out of my holes at the same time and switched places. Chads hard pulsating cock entered my mouth and I could taste my ass juices on it. Kyle plunged into my ass. He wasn't quite as big as Chad was but he knew how to use what he had.

Again I headed into euphoria. My head was spinning with pure pleasure. Then they built up speed and strength.

Chad yelled out in a loud roar, "Oh fuck Kyle I am so close. How about you man? Are you ready to blow your load? Let's cum together at the same time and fill our boy up. Chad looked at Kyle and Kyle met his gaze. Then Kyle nodded his head. They picked up speed and were thrusting and shoving about a mile a minute. Then as one they plunged all the way in, both their cocks were pulsating and they let out an animalistic roar at the same time. It was almost like their cocks were meeting each other deep inside of me. Then they started to explode. I could feel my ass and my throat filling with their sweet juices. They held them deep inside of me and kept filling me up.

I also started to shoot. I came so much that all our chests were completely covered with my sperm. There were all kinds of howling and moaning and noises of sexual rapture. At last the massive climax was over. We were drenched with sweat and all were panting deeply trying to catch our breath. Chad undid my secured ankles form the suspension wires and lifted me out of the sling and carried me over to the king size bed. He placed me down on it and then to my left side. Kyle came over and fell to my right.

We were exhausted it as we lay entwined in each other's embrace. We passed out and slept like babies for what turned out to be the rest of the night.

We awoke in each other's arms and we all smiled at each other. Since it had been Friday, none of us had any work till Monday. We spent the rest of the weekend servicing one another.

I had finally found my niche in life. And I had two new Mates.



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