It all started when I was born. I have always been an ugly duckly that's what people called me, but they were right I never been really attractive all girls laughf about me. Oh ya, I forgot to introduce myself my name is junior or 'Jr.' Will I'm kind of short but not really short like in the middle, I have black hair, brown dark eyes, kind of pial skin, I have small feet like a girls feet, I'm not hairy like guys are I'm smooth soft skin, I don't know why hair doesn't grow on my legs or thigh will ya I have hair on my head cause everybody has hair their.

Let's continue with the story will I have been growing up and I always ignore the dances at school cause nobody wanted to dance with me. I've entered high school and still got bully by guys and picked on. I was really good at all my classes so I've had all A's in all classes and had a 4.0.

When I went to the lockers I saw the footplayers naked and I didn't notice that I had a hardon. That's the point I started to question my sexuallity. I've entered college and a good college for doing good at elmentary, junior high, and high school.

I got a room at the college and had 2 jobs for supplies I need to buy and ect. When I entered my room is was alright 2 beds, the other one for my roommate. I heard the door open and when I saw thiers was a hell of a god, he stood 6'3 he had on a muscle shirt, some shorts on, jordin shoes. He was really built he had must weighed 190, his arms bulging out of his muscle shirt he pecs and washboard abs that were showing really will and big thighs when ripple when he moved. He had blond hair, beautiful blue eyes, gorgeous lips that I just wanted to kiss and brown hair. He had a beautiful face.

When he saw me he said 'hi my name is Ryan Keft.' 'Oh hi, my is Junior Gutierrez. Nice to meet you'

'Your going to be my roommate'ya'that's nice so what spots do you play?' Said ryan.

'I don't really play sports I only run occaisly. I need to tell you that I really never had friends my only friends were my mom and dad, so what sports you play?'

'Will I play a lot of sports I play football, swimming, basketball, soccer, and sometimes play baseball. Will I have to tell you I have a lot of friends and I like to party and fuck girls a lot so if I bring a girl will you mind and you won't mind if to pretend that your going to go somewhere so I could fuck her?'

'No I won't mind and yes I will pretend I will go somewhere so you two could have privacy.'' Were are sure going to be friends!'

2 years have passed and ryan always brought a girl to fuck mostley everyday he brought a different girl I said to myself he must had fucked all the girls already. So I particular night ryan camed mad.

'What happened why are mad?' 'This bitch didn't want to give me pussy and she sucked my cock and the bitch fucken left and I'm with a fuckin hardon.' 'Oh, will I'm going to take a shower okay' 'okay'

I was taking a warm shower washing myself washing my smooth butt. When I came out from the shower I was wereing some small shorts cause my other shorts were dirty and the shorts even look like bootyshorts, I had a tight muscle shirt on. When I came out I was putting on some lotion on my legs, my legs look like a girls legs. I notice that ryan was staring at me but I just ignored.

'Do you shave your legs cuz that's weird?' 'No their just natural I don't get it that I don't grow hair only my head. I'm all smooth and soft.' He came close to me and I didn't knew was what he was doing and suddenely he kissed my lips a soft kiss 'what are you doin aren't you straight?' 'I am but theirs something about you that is driving me crazy I don't know what it is but is a feeling that I need to protect you and not body be with you only with me. After what he said I just kissed him passiontely, I've never kissed nobody like this before really experinced. Ooh ooh. All you could here was the kissing ryan was make thorough my lips to meet my tongue, when he met my tongue it was fighting for damination.

When I broke the kiss I told him 'I'm a virgin I really don't know what were doing.' 'Just fallow the lead, go down and suck my cock.' I went down and he took of his shirt and I took of his pants and his boxer and he was semi hard it looked like it was 9 inches semi hard and when I touched it, it grew bigger and bigger and it was really menacing to my view when it was all hard it looked to be 13 inches and really thick with a lot of viens. 'Suck my cock.' I licked the head 'oooh ya,' and then went undersidee of the cock and licked it he started to moan of pleasure and then I put the cock in my mouth and started sucking with vengence. Hard, slow, and fast using my tongue.

'Oooohhhhh that's it keep on sucking it, awwwww you were born to be a cocksucker, your a natural ooohhh ooohhh ooohh. I kept on sucking for over an hour and then he siad 'I'm about to come oooohooooh ohhhhoooohhoho ya ya ya that's it suck the come out of my big bull balls, ooooooohhhhhh yyyyyyaaaa. That's it. He fucked my face really hard unti he was so close that he was turning red and his muscle were bulging. Awwwwww I'm about to come aaaaaaaaaaaaawwwwwwwwwwwww. I tried to pull of but he put my face in place so I won't move. Awwwwwwwaaaaaaaawwwwhhhhh ya here it comes ya your going to get your mans cummmmmmm. He cumed in my and he cummed a lot my mouth I was full of cum I had no choice no to swallow all of it he spurt like 10 or 11 more. As the end of year comes for to be summer to vacation I went to our room and I saw him fucking a girl but he didn't see me so I left crying. Its vacation day I went to paris and over their I had to cry cuz what he did to me so was I. Said to myself was ' no more this shit again people make fun of me but this is the time they walk over my face. Is time for me to change my appearance to teach a lesson to everybody how sexy I can be is time for revenge and be a sex god... ITS TIME FOR CHANGE!!!!!!!!



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