I looked at him helplessly, not knowing what to say. He was my best friend, who had stood by me when others had bailed, encouraged me when others had predicted my failure, and laughed at my jokes even when they weren't funny, which was most of the time. And he had just tried to kiss me, and he looked like pain and shame would kill him. 'It's all right,' I said for the tenth time. He shook his head miserably and buried his face in his hands. 'I fucked up badly,' he said. 'It's going to change everything,'

'Hey,' I said. 'You're gay. I'm a hot number. You lost control.' I said it lightly, giving an easy way out of the awkward situation. All he had to do was laugh now, and everything would be fine. He looked up at me, his eyes luminous. 'It's so much more than that, and you know it, Deke,' he said softly. I broke away from his sad gaze and played with the pillow in my lap. I thought about everything he had done for me over the years. He was truly the best friend I'd ever had. I owed him honesty. I owed him a hell of a lot. I tossed the pillow aside, and waited. Eventually, Gary looked down to see what I was staring at.

My cock was swollen and hard and trying to get out of my jogging shorts. It fucking hurt, and precum had created a wet stain. I stared down at my own hardon, my betrayer, who had forced me into a moment I had prayed would never come. 'Gary,' I said quietly. 'You told me once how happy you were that I had no reaction when you told me you were gay. That's not quite accurate.' I pointed down at myself. 'I had that reaction. It scared me so badly I went out and fucked every pussy that would lie still. And I also lied a lot about how many women I'd had. It's the only thing I ever lied to you about. I don't want to be gay, Gary. I really don't.'

Gary nodded, and looked away in silence. He wiped his eyes without speaking. I couldn't bear it. 'Teach me,' I said. 'Teach me what to do.' His face swiveled back to me. 'First,' he said heavily, 'we're going to have to do something about your wardrobe. No respectable homosexual would be caught dead in those clothes.' I gaped at him. He was bleeding out of his soul, but he still had the strength and the class to make a joke. He was more of a man then I had ever known, and I lunged across the room and kissed him.

Knowing Gary, he was trying to say something rational and responsible, but it's really hard to talk with a tongue thrusting into your mouth, especially one as hungry and demanding as mine. We kissed and held each other for a long time. I realized the first move was mine, so I slowly unbuttoned his shirt, and took it off him. I took my shirt off next. He ran his fingers through my chest hair, and I ran mine across the smooth skin of his chest. Silk, I thought. I touched his nipple, and realized it was hard. I looked at it, waited to see what I would feel, then leaned my mouth down and sucked it. He laid back, his breathing rough and uneven as I moved my lips back and forth from nipple to nipple. I explored his body and my feelings, tonguing my way down to his belt. I took his clothes off slowly. When he was naked, I ran my hands all over him, avoiding the rather large solid pole growing out of his body. I let myself get more aroused, then touched his balls gently. I grew a little more courage and explored his balls thoroughly, finally licking and kissing them and taking each one gently in my mouth.

I was sucking his cock before I realized it. My tongue slid easily up his shaft and he let out a groan, one that sounded like a helpless explosion. I licked my way up one side and down the other, then flicked across his swollen head, tasting his precum and liking it. I swallowed his soft pink head deeply into my mouth and sucked hard. My hand went naturally to his balls, caressing him, then my left hand slid up his body to pinch his nipples. Both of his hands clutched at the couch and his thigh muscles throbbed as he tried not to drive his cock in my mouth. My hands are bigger than his, and I used them to unlock his fists and put his hands on my head. I grabbed his hips and pulled him to a standing position, never taking my mouth off his cock. I glanced up at him and he met my eyes and saw what I wanted.

He fucked the living shit out of my mouth. I wanted him to pound hard and nasty. I didn't know why, and I didn't care why. Just wanting it was enough. I took him deep, and considering the size of his fuckstick, it was pretty damn deep. My throat lost its cherry as his head slid down it. He squirted precum like crazy and started to howl out a garbled explanation of how much he wanted me that was interrupted when he went rigid and silent and exploded cum in my mouth. I managed to swallow a lot, but it pulsed out so fast that a lot of his hot cream overflowed and ran down my chin. I kept his cock in my mouth, gently sucking, for as long as he could stand it. Then his knees buckled and he ended up on the floor with me.

I held him in my arms, gathered his cum off my face with my fingers and rubbed it on my cock. He watched my fingers play with my throbbing toy, then reached out and touched it with his own. He stroked gently, slowly, and it was the sweetest torture. He kissed me, thrusting his tongue in to play with my cum coated mouth, then rubbed his face in my chest hair and fastened his mouth on a nipple. I'd never had my nipples sucked before, and at that moment wondered why the hell not. I loved it, and my back arched and I groaned. He sucked it nice and hard, then pinched it as he sucked the other. My back bounced on the floor and I could feel my cockhead ooze. He worked his way down to my hardon, and just fucking took it. He sucked me so hard and so fast I couldn't even react. I just laid there, arms and legs spread, with wave after wave of almost unbearable pleasure crashing over me. He knew when I was going to cum before I did. I exploded in his mouth and he sucked me dry. I kept cumming, and the sensation was almost unbearable. I pounded the floor with my fists, telling myself to take it. I wanted him to suck me forever. He let up on me finally, and laid next to me as my body convulsed helplessly.

We kissed and whispered at each other for a long time, then I asked him for something. He raised his head and studied my face. 'Are you sure?' he said. I nodded and flicked at his mouth with my tongue. 'Fuck my ass for me,' I said. 'I want to feel it.' He nodded silently, and I could feel his cock, which had been comfortably half-hard swell and stiffen against my side. He rolled me over and kissed and caressed my ass, gently, relaxing me, then spread my cheeks apart and tongue fucked me until I was out of my mind. I didn't think my cock would ever get hard again, but I was wrong. I lifted my ass in the air, and he bit my cheeks and rubbed a very well lubricated finger against my pink pucker. He just rubbed it for a long time, until I was gasping and begging for him to put it in. He slid it in me, stroking gently, relaxing me, opening me, and driving me out of my fucking mind. I felt him slide in another finger. He used them like a thin cock to fuck me as he bit himself a nice brand on my ass. The feeling of his mouth marking me caused something to let go in me. 'Fucking shit, Gary,' I howled. 'I wanted this the day I met you, and I've wanted it every fucking day since, and I'm sorry I never told you, I'm sorry, fuck me, fuck me, fuck me!'

I felt the coated head of his cock against my hole. He pushed gently, then more firmly, and I took every inch of him. Every fucking huge, thick, hard inch of him. Fuck, he had a huge dick. I mean....mine is nothing to be ashamed of, but Gary was a fucking bull. Thankfully, my bull was gentle with me to start as I got used to his pole up my ass. Honestly, I got used to it really quickly. He stroked harder and deeper, but still slowly, then picked up speed. His balls hit mine. I grooved on that, and spread my knees apart further, and I might have said something like 'you popped the cherry, now fuck it and fill it.' I'm not sure. He doesn't remember either. He just remembers losing it totally, grabbing my hips and fucking my helpless (yeah, right!) little hole with a vengeance. He gave me all I could take and then kept fucking, taking me past anything I ever dreamed. I just poured cum all over the floor, which caused Gary to lose it and shoot his load up my ass. It felt so hot, so good. I begged for every drop as my cum spurted.

I admitted a lot of things to myself, and then to Gary, but not to the world yet. I still dress like a bum. But every morning when I wake up, he's right there, and I don't give a fuck about too much else.


Morgan Grayson

[email protected]


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