Landon is a typical straight guy, not homophobe, but the idea of being with a guy never appealed to him, not even a bit. He is 5'11', broad shoulders, nice pecs and abs, square jaw, tanned skin, light blue eyes and short black hair. He used to date the cheerleader but he wasn't faithful to her and she dumped him when found him fucking two girls in his bedroom. He didn't care about it because he just wanted as much sex as he could find and having a girl was making it difficult to get.

After a particulary hard pratice, he is in the swim team, he spent more time at the shower, enjoying the hot water as it caresses his sore muscles. He looked around and thought he was alone so he started to play with his 8 inched cock. He was hard when he heard something like a moan and turned around to see what was that. He then saw a guy, he knew his name was Jake, with his eyes closed and jacking his cock. Landon noticed his cock was big, maybe 9 inches, and his body was nicely built, and it made his own cock get harder.

'Hey Jake, it seems you're happy just to see me, but if you want more, there's room for both of us in this shower.'

Landon was a bit shocked he said it but he couldn't let this chance pass, so he kept his invitation and when Jake arrived he urged him to his knees and forced his head into his crotch.

'Weird, you don't look like a fag... I guess it's like that, not everything that glitters is gold or something.'

Jake wasn't liking this treatment but he wanted to do that for a long time so he just focuesd on the cock in his face and forgot about Landon. He was surprised Jake's mouth felt so awesome and started moaning and pushing his cock inside it. After some time of this hot blowjob, Landon felt a finger in his ass and blurted out:

'Hey, you're the fag here dude. Leave that alone and get up.'

Jake was affraid he went to far and wouldn't get more of that cock, but then Landon told him to turn around and bend over. Jake felt releived and happily did as he was told to do. The water form the shower was used as lube and Landon aimed his cock into Jake's ass. He didn't wait till Jake was used to his cock and went all the way into him. Jake held his breath and tried to not make much noise, but this was hurting a lot.

Landon started fucking him as soon as he got inside him, after sometime it felt good to Jake too and they both began to moan, making a lot of noise.

'Look at what we got here, two fags waiting to get a cock into their asses.'

The two guys froze and searched who said that and they saw coach Jordan, with his arms crossed by his chest and a lustful eyes on them. The coach was a mn's man, strong, tall, hairy in his chest and abs.

'You two, come to my office. No need to put your clothes on. NOW!'

The guys parted, grabbed their clothes and went with the coach to his office.

'Hey coach, you know i'm not a fag, I wasn't the one who was getting fucked. C'mon, you know me coac!'

'Shut up! Jake, are you gay?'

'Yes, sir.'

'See? Jake is a fag and act more like a man than you Landon.'

'But it's true, I never did anything like that, I was jacking off when I noticed Jake looking at me and jacking off too, I just called him to help me with my cock!'

'Let's see if you're gay or not, come here and strip me, if when I'm naked you're not hard, you can put your clothes on and leave.'

Landon was happy he got a chance to prove his 'inocence' so dropped his clothes on the coach's desk and stood in front of him. He started to pull his tank top up, but the coach stoped him.

'Not so fast Landon, I want you to feel the body who will fuck you if you get hard.'

Landon was seriously thinking about run off the office but the coach and Jake would have stopped him if he tried, so he put his hands on the coach's chest and rubbed it, moving one hand to his nack and back and the other down to the abs. The coach wraped his hands around Landon's back and pulled his closer, their bodies touching now, landon feeling the chest's hair of the coach caressing his own chest when he finally pulled the coach's tank top.

Landon was trying to cool down but he sensed he wouldn't do it, so he went to his knees, hoping it would help. That was a huge mistake because since the coach's hard cock was right in his face, images of he licking and sucking that cock and balls wouldn't get out of his mind. He pulled down his shorts and there was the coach's cock fighting to get out of his jockstrap. The smell was driving him crazy, making him wonder how it would taste and feel in his mouth.

He wasn't thinking about running anymore, he wasn't even thinking about the coach or Jake, he just wanted to feel that cock so he grabbed the waist band of the jockstrap and freed the coach's cock. It was so hard it slapped at his check, but he didn't mind, he just reached for it, one hand holding the cock and the other feeling his balls.

He then felt a wet thing in his ear and turned around to see what was that, and Jake kissing and fondling the coach, his cock at his face too. Now Landon has two cocks to play with so he hold them with his hands, and put his lips on the head of the coach's cock. It was bigger and ticker, definetly a men's man cock. Landon jacked off Jake's cock and wrapped his lips around the head of the coach's one and started to suck it. The taste was wonderful, tasted like pure lust and turned on something deep inside him, making Landon forget about everything and just suck that big cock.

They all started to moan and then the coach grabbed Landon by his pits and lifted him. The Coach went to his chair and led Landon to stand in front of him, while Jake was on his kness behind Landon. It felt awesome when the coach sucked his cock, but then it felt even better when Jake spreaded his legs and licked his hole. Landon bent over to make more room to Jake and as he did it, the coach couldn't reach his cock, so they started to make out. Landon never felted anything like that, he couldn't get enouth of the coach, and touched the coach's hairy chest while they kissed.

The coach stopped the kiss and led Landon's mouth down his body, to each nipple, which Landon kissed and licked and then down his abs. Landon changed his position and now he was kneeing, his hand around the coach's hips, his head pressed against his cock and his butt up to let Jake do his work.

After a while, Landon felt something cold in his ass and then felt a finger entering him, touching someplace he never knew it felt so wonderful. Landon moved his butt to meet Jake's finger and then started to fuck himself. Jake now was using two fingers and as Landon's moans got louder, he inserted a third one.

'Jake let me fuck him first, then he's all yours'

Landon wasn't happy when Jake pulled out his fingers, but let Jake lead him to the coach's lap, who was holding his cock straight up. When Landon felt the coach's cock touch his hole, he eased down to let it enter him, but it wasn't as easy as he thought it would be. Landon pressed harder and when it was finaly inside him, he felt a string of pain that was more than he thought he could handle, his legs went weak and that just make it enter more inside him, he was sitting in the coach's hips.

The pain was fadding away as the pleasure built his strenght go up and down, each time letting more of the coach's cock free and then pushing it all the way back inside him. Jake was dry fucking him, his hands aroung Landon's cock and his mouth kissing his neck.

'I think we can share his first time Jake.'

The coach bring Landon to his chest, kissing him and giving more room to Jake, who tried to put his cock inside Landon's hole too. It wasn't working until Landon put one finger inside him along with coach's cock and opened his hole a bit, gripping his mouth, trying not to yell. With that help Jake's thrust entered him. Landon thought he would pass out, but he handled the pain and it soon started to feel better.

All the three guy were moaning loudly, but Landon was the loudest, he didn't know what was better, if it was when they both fucked him at the same time or if it was when they alteranted their thrusts, never letting his love nut to rest.

Landon was the first to come, he shot like never before and it landed on the coach's chest. Landon ass got tighter when he came and that made them both, coah and Jake, to come deep inside Landon.

Their moves slowed down and they rested one on top of the other, breathing heavily. When they parted, both Landon and the coach's chest were soaked with Landon's cum. Landon didn't know what made him do it, but he just leaned down and licked all the cum from the coach's chest, then Jake cleaned Landon's chest and before he could swallow it, Landon grabbed Jake's head pulled him into a deep tongue kiss, searching for his own cum from Jake's mouth.

Landon's face was like he was in heaven, and after that kiss, he went down to his knees and cleaned both coach and jake's cock.

'Well, I guess I'm a fag after all'

They all laughted and they knew that was just the first time...



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