Being the driver of an eighteen wheeler can be a somewhat lonely life. It has it's advantages and it's disadvantages. You get to see alot of beautiful country. The only draw back is living out of hotel rooms and a steadt diet of fast food places. Another thing is a fella can get awfully horny alone on the road. Most guys either pick up chicks or other dudes if you're into that sort of thing. I am by the way. I think before I continue with my story, I should tell you a little about myself. My name is Dennis. I am 32 with short, dark blond hair, green eyes. I consider myself to be ruggedly good looking. I am a little heavy. Not obease but chunky.

I know of alot of married men who are bi and looking for a hot piece of man ass to screw. I dont have a wife and kids so I don't have that problem. I knew from an early age that I liked other men. Most of the other gay trucker I know love rugged burly men like them. My sexual tastes are a little different. I like younger men. For me, there is nothing better than sucking on a hot, young twink's pole and hearing him moan like a 2 $ hooker. I am not some sexual deviate of pervert either, I assure you. I have been with men my age and allthough most were good fucks, I found they never lasted very long. That's why I love younger men. They can go on and on for a long time and never get tired.

Anyhoo, back to my story. One night I had stopped at a gas station to refuel my rigg and fill up on the distgusting, leaded coffee. I went in and paid for the gas and the coffee. When I came back out, I noticed a kid standing there. He was tall with shaggy brown hair peeking from underneath a red hoodie. I could tell from the way his clothes hung, he was skinny. "You ok son?" I asked, kicking myself for sounding like an old fart. The boy nodded. "I need a ride." His thin red lips turned down into a frown. "Where you headed?" He shrugged. "Anywhere but here." I nodded. "You can come along with me if you like." His face brightened. "I can?" I nodded. "Thanks!"

He followed me to my rigg. I got into the drivers seat and reached across the passenger side to open the door. The kid hopped up into the cab gracefully. "Thanks, I really appreciate this." I nodded as I steered the rigg out onto the open road. "What's a young guy like you doing out so late?" He frowned. "My dad kicked me out." I felt a twinge of recognition. My dad had kicked me out of the house after catching me with my best friends cock buaried deep in my ass. "I see. Why'd he do that?" I asked though I already knew the reason.

I saw his lips tremble and his eyes brim with tears. "I can't say." I smiled. "There isn't much I haven't heard. Come on, tell me. You'll feel better. " He nodded. " My dad caught me looking at some porn on the computer?" I chuckled. "What's so bad about that?" The kid sobbed. "It was gay porn and I had my pants unzipped and was jerking off!" Just the thought of the hot young stud with his pants around his ankles, stroking his cock got my cock harder than steel.

"What's you're name?" I asked. "Dillion" he sniffled. I nodded. "Ok Dillion" I said looking into his beautiful brown eyes. He had removed his hoodie and his brown hair glistened in the light of the dash. "What you and your friend did? That's nothing to be ashamed about." Dillion looked at me. "Really?" I nodded. "Most guys who get offended by homosexuality have at one time or another done it themselves." Dillion wrinkled his cute button nose. "I can't imagine my dad being fucked by another guy!" I laughed. "Neither can I."

I noticed the sign for a local Denny's. "You hungry?" Dillion nodded. We went into the restaraunt and the scent of fresh brewed coffee assulted out senses. The waitress showed us to a booth and took our drink orders. "I dont have any money" Dillion exclaimed pulling his wallet out of his pocket. I laughed. "Put that away. This ones on me." He smiled. "Thanks.... I dont believe you've told me you're name?" I laughed. "It's Dennis." He smiled. "Thanks alot Denny." I was beginning to like this kid. We ordered and Dillion ate a meal that could choke a horse.

After awhile I was beginning to get sleepy. I knew of a motel that catered to truckers. "Mind if we stop for the night?" Dillion shrugged. "If you want to." I pulled into the motel and went into the office to see about a room while Dillion waited in the cab. When I came out twirling the key around my finger Dillion smiled. We went into the room. It looked like it was a reject from the 70's but it was clean. "I'd like to take a shower but I dont have any clothes." I smiled. "Why not go starkers?" Dillion blushed. "I can't walk around naked infront of you!" I laughed. "I dont mind." He shrugged. I sat on the bed and watched as he kicked off his shoes and lifted his shirt over his head. My breath caught when I saw his smooth, chisled chest and flat, ripped stomach. God I wanted this kid!

No, no! I can't think like that. The poor kid just got kicked out of his home and here I am having carnal thoughts. I turned my attention back to the TV as he got into the shower. When he came back out I saw he was wearing a towel wrapped around his thin waist. He walked over and hopped onto the bed next to me. "Well now what?" I shrugged. "Wanna watch TV?" he took the remote from me and turned the TV off. "I'd rather make love with you." I sat up. "Listen Dillion." He smiled. "I know you want me and after all you've done, I want you too." I shook my head. "We shouldn't." He frowned. "You dont want me." I sat down. "Of course I want you! It's taking everything I have not to rip that towel off you and kiss you." He smirked. "Why dont you?" I smiled. "I'm old enough to be you're father." He smiled. "You're nicer than my father." I laughed. "How old are you?" Dillion slumped back. "17 but I'll be 18 in a few days."

I nodded. "On you're eighteenth birthday, you'll be leagally an adult and then if you still want me." He laughed. 'I'll always want you." We agreed to wait until Dillion's 18th birthday. He was a good little helper. We stayed in motels and he would tell me how much he still wanted me. On the day of his birthday, we didn't have anything to do so I told him we could do whatever he wanted. He moved closer. "You know what I want to do" he said in a seductive tone. I smiled. "Later, is there anything fun or exciting you've always wanted to do that you've never been able to?" He thought for a moment and then nodded. "I've always wanted to ride in a hot air balloon." I laughed. "Ok."

Soon we were high up in the air. Dillion was grinning from ear to ear. "I wish we could make love right here." The guy in the balloon chuckled. He'd obviously delt with gay men before. "I dont think now would be the appropriate time." We went to a nice dinner at a local steak house and then back to our motel. Dillion plopped down on the bed and smiled up at me expectantly. "Well, I'm 18 now." I couldn't help it. I burst out laughing. "You never let anything go do you?" He shook his head. "Not when I want something as bad as I've wanted you." I sat on the bed next to him and looked into his beautiful eyes. "And I have wanted you too."

Before I knew what was happening, our lips met in a passionate kiss. I reached inside Dillion's shirt and felt his hard abs and tweaked one of his nipples. He moaned. "You sure you wanna do this?" He smiled and pulled me in for another kiss. I knelt on the bed and lifted my shirt over my head. Dillion smiled. "You're so hot!" I nodded. "You're nothing to sneeze at you'reself kid." I helped him off with his shirt and began kissing his neck, sucking on his tender flesh like a man thirsting for water. Dillion moaned softly as I sucked and nibbled both his nipples. Tracing a path with my tongue down his flat, ripped stomach, I looked into his eyes as I unbuckled his pants and slid the zipper down. Reaching in his briefs I grasped his flaccid cock. It was oozing precum. "MMMM!!" Dillion purred.

I had him raise his hips as I pulled his pants down past his boney hips. His cock lay flaccidly against his stomach. It was long and thin, just the way I like em. I couldn't stand it anymore. I had to have that boymeat in my mouth. I grasped it and gave it a few light tuggs. Dillion moaned. I licked the bead of precum that oozed out before devouring his cock. "FUCK!!" he exclaimed as my head moved up and down. I worked that boy's cock over good. The wet, slippery skin sliding against my lips. I was happier than a pig in mud!

Soon Dillion was beathing hard. "If you dont stop now, I'm gonna cum." I smiled up at him. "You're young, I bet you can cum many times." I clamped down on his rod. I felt his muscles tense and his cock grow rigid. "Oooh! I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. I sucked on his head like it was a straw in a twink milkshake. I felt his cock twitch as he spewed his boyspunk over my tastebuds and down my throat. It tasted slightly sweet. "UUUHHH!!" he whimpered. When his cock stopped twitching I moved up to the head of the bed.

"How was that?" I asked. Dillion giggled. "That was probably the best blowjob I've ever recieved!" I smiled. "Better than watching porn?" He laughed. "Deffinately." I nodded. "Well my young buck, the night ain't over yet." I turned him onto his stomach and lifted his hips so his smooth, muscular cheeks were up in the air. I kissed both cheeks and licked the length of his crack from balls to tailbone. I pryed his beautiful cheeks apart and their in the middle was his pink rosebud. "So nice!" I exclaimed. I flicked my tongue across his hole and felt him jerk. "Liked that did ya?" He nodded. I buaried my face between his cheeks and went to town. Dillion moaned and wiggled. "Yeah! Lick my boypussy!" He tasted so clean and fresh.

After a few minutes of rimming I inserted a finger. Dillion grunted. I probed deep and found his love nut. "Holy fuck!" Dillion exclaimed "What was that?" I laughed. "That my love was you're prostate." I inserted another finger and massaged his prostate. "OH Man, I'm gonna cum again!" I removed my fingers. "You want me to fuck you?" He looked a little scared. "Ok, how about this. I let you fuck me and then when you're ready." He nodded. I pulled a pack of condoms out and a travel size bottle of lube.

I rolled a condom onto his thin snake and lubed up his cock while we kissed. "How do u wanna fuck me?" He smiled. "As deep as I can." I rolled onto my stomach and stuck my ass in the air. He knelt between my legs and rubbed his lubed cock against my crack. Ooh yeah! Fuck me you hot stud!" He had me moaning like a two bit hooker. I felt his hot rod slip between my cheeks and his head poke my hole. "You ready?" he asked. I nodded. He raised up and I felt the head of his cock stretch my hole. It'd been awhile since I had a cock up there so it took a few tries before he plunged his cock balls deep. "UUUHH!" I moaned.

Dillion smacked my ass. "You're ass feels amazing." He began slowly pulling out and thrusting back in. God this kid knew how to fuck! He was hitting every sensative spot. "Yeah, come on! Fuck my hot ass!" I murmered encouraging him. He increased his speed. His low hanging, fleshy balls slapped my ass with each thrust. Soon we were both panting and sweating. "MMM!! I'm gonna cum!" he moaned. He began jackhammering my ass. "Yeah, I'm gonna fill you're ass with my seed!" He thrust deep and I felt a warm sensation as his spunk filled the condom. "UUUUHHH!!" he moaned, his eyes screwed shut and his thin, pink lips formed a perfect O.

When his cock stopped twitching he pulled out and tossed the condom into the trash. "WOW!" he said smiling as he flopped down next to me. I kissed him. "That was amazing." His top lip curled up in his best Elvis impression. "Thank you! Thank you very much!" We laughed and then he looked deep into my eyes. "I love you." I felt my eyes well up. "I love you too and if you'll have me, I'd like you to live with me as my lover." Now it was Dillion's turn to tear up. "With all my heart." We kissed and he reached down and stroked my cock. He brought me quickly to the edge. "OH GOD!!" I screamed as my hot cum spewed out like molton lava. We cleaned up and fell asleep in eachothers arms.

To Be Coninued........



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