I'm Mark Davis. I'm 28 years old and owner of two hardware centers here in town, left to me by my dad when he passed away. They are both very successful and profitable. And I'm also gay and can't get enough hot male sex, especially sucking another guys hard cock for the reward it provides.

It was a Tuesday after noon and as I sat in my office, my secretary came over the intercom saying, "Mr. Davis, there is a Tom Sims on line one for you."

"Thanks, Betty," I said before pressing the button to answer the call.

Tom Sims is a good friend of mine as well as a frequent overnight bed partner. I knew he wanted to talk sex.

"Hey, Tom," I said answering the call.

"Mark, have I ever got something to tell you. You won't believe it."

"Tom, let me call you back in just a minute. I'm tied up at the moment."

"Okay," he said, "but hurry."

The incoming phone lines could be listened in on by anyone in the office. There were five of them but my phone had six lines. the sixth one was a privet number that none of the office staff knew about and couldn't listen in on.

I pressed the button on my private line and dialed Tom's number.

When he answered, I said, "Sorry about that but anyone in the office might have listened in. Why didn't you use my private number?"

"I lost it, but I had to let you know about this truck stop I was told about and visited."

"Hey man, if it's active, fill me in."

"Well, last week another friend of mine told me about it and I had to find out for myself if what he said was true, and it was."

"Great, now fill me in."

"You know where they built the new part of highway 12, about eighty or so miles east of town?"

"Yea, I do."

"Well, when it was built, traffic on old twelve died off. All the businesses moved over to the new section to survive. all except one that is. It's a truck stop named "Middle Of Nowhere Truck Stop and Motel."

"Damn, what a name,' I said.

It fits, because it's just that. It's out in the middle of nowhere. There is the small motel and Truck stop. the truck stop cafe is open twenty-four/seven, and the motel fills up by seven or so. In the truck stop is a restroom with one glory hole where you can usually find a straight trucker or two to suck on any given night. But it's what goes on out back that is wild."

"You have my attention, now fill me in."

"Well, the truck parking is to the right of the cafe. In back is an old unused restroom that has some tables and chairs stored in it. The stall walls have been removed and the urinal is the old style trough on the floor. Outside is a seven foot high L-shaped fence outside the door that is for privacy to those inside. The door has a 'Private' sign on it. The only ones that go in there are the gay or bi drivers looking for sex. Inside, anything goes. Man, it's one huge orgy. I went out there Sunday night and it was wild. At one point, there were twelve guys in there, most totally naked and doing it all."

"Mother Fuck!!" I said. "Were they all truckers?"

"Yea, all except me. They love for non-truckers to join in. I met one young driver I wanted for some private one-on-one fun but the motel was full by just after seven. We ended up in his small sleeper. Mark, you got to check it out."

"What time is best?" I asked.

"From what I was told, Friday and Saturday nights are best and most of the truckers don't head back there until about one in the morning or so. And I've been told that it sometimes last until almost dawn."

"Holy fuck!! I have to check that out. If it turns out as good as you say, I owe you a big one."

"Does the owner know what goes on?"

"Oh yea. He let's it to keep the truckers business. They all eat there and fuel up as a thank you to him for allowing it."

"Nice," I said.

"Oh, and by the way, the young stud that works there overnight is straight but loves to get his cock sucked. Wink at him or lick your lips then go to the inside restroom. He'll follow, I promise."

I hung up the phone and as I later drove home, I got to thinking about what Tom had told me. I immediately got a solid boner and as soon as i got home I stripped as normal and jerked off, and began making plans to go out this coming Friday.

Thursday afternoon, I told Betty that something had come up and I'd be out of the office until Monday morning. I then notified the manager's of each store that I'd be out and I'd back up any decisions that they made. I trusted their decisions totally.

Just after lunch on Friday, I threw a few things in a bag along with razor, toothpaste and toothbrush and headed out. From my house to the truck stop was exactly 115 miles.

The first thing I did was check into the motel for three nights, getting a room with one king bed. Then, I went to the cafe for coffee and to cruise the drivers, wondering which ones might be in the back restroom that night.

After coffee, I went to the inside restroom and into a stall and waited. In three hours, I sucked four hot horny drivers. Things were off to a good start.

I returned to my room for some sleep before the nights activities. I set my alarm for ten that night and after waking, I showered put on only shorts and tank top and flip-flops, no underwear.

As I walked to the cafe, I noticed that the lot was now full of 18-wheelers. Inside the cafe, a few drivers were there, a couple chatting in one corner and a couple more at the counter.

I sat down and began looking over the menu when a hot muscular young man in his late teens or very early twenties asked if I wanted coffee.

"Yes, please," I said. I placed my order and when he delivered it I thanked him and gave him a wink. He smiled knowingly.

After my meal, I went to the register and as he handed me my change, he thanked me and I casually licked my lips, all the while taking in what he was wearing.

I went directly to the inside restroom and into my old stall. Not two minutes later someone entered and went into the other stall. I recognized the clothes and knew it was the young stud. Dropping his pants, he sat down and began to casually stroke his huge cock. I immediately motioned for him to put it through the hole. He did and I went to work on it as the kid moaned softly. Before long his breathing grew heavy, and his cock swelled before erupting and sending a huge thick load into my waiting mouth. I collected it all before swallowing. He soon pulled back and quickly left.

I went back up front to find him wiping the counter. I looked his way and he smiled. I casually mouthed the words 'thank you'. He smiled again and mouthed 'anytime'.

I went back to the restroom and got another driver that had arrived in the cafe while I was sucking the stud. I soon got him off and followed him out seeing him climb into his rig and soon drive off.

It was now just after midnight so I decided to go on back to the other restroom. I went into the dimly lit room and sat on a toilet in plain view of anyone that might walk in.

I had been there about forty-five minutes when another man entered. Seeing me, he smiled and began rubbing his crotch and licking his lips. I motioned him over and as he stepped up to me he said, "You're new here aren't you?"

"Yea. A good friend told me about this place."

"Well, it gets wild as hell."

"So I've heard and I can't wait."

"I'm here every other week and make it a point to stop here. Shall we get things started?"

"Sounds good to me," I replied.

He turned and walked to one of the stored tables and stripped totally nude with the exception of his shoes. I joined him and seconds later we were face to face, tongue kissing and groping each other.

After a few minutes, he slowly licked down my body and soon had my cock in his mouth. As he sucked me another man entered. Seeing us he smiled and stripped also. Coming up to us he kissed me as the guy sucking me stopped and began sucking him.

Soon he got us both off and swallowed both loads. After he stood the third man and I took turns on sucking him and after the other man got his load he kissed me and shared it.

As we stood and fondled each others cocks I asked if they were both drivers.

The last one in replied and said, "Yes we are. All of us are that come here, with an occasional non-driver like you, joining in after being told about the action. All of us are regulars, stopping here every time we're in the area. Every few weeks a new driver will join in after being told about the fun. Over half of us are married like me. What I do on the road is none of my wife's business."

Soon other drivers entered and stripped and began sucking and fucking. In one far corner, I noticed one driver getting pissed on by three other drivers. I began a head count and there were fourteen guys there plus me. I was sucking as much cock as I could. As I did, I heard the door open a couple more times. So far, I had sucked twelve cocks, not knowing if I had sucked any of them more than once. I really didn't care. And I had been fucked four times, and fucked five.

It was near three in the morning when I noticed one guy bent over, sucking one cock while another fucked his ass. He paused sucking a moment, and looked around. I was shocked at what I saw. He was a driver that delivered to my stores every two weeks. He was hot as hell and married with two kids and I never ever dreamed he was into sex with men.

He returned to sucking and as he did I walked up and shoved my cock into his face. He stopped sucking the other guy and swallowed my cock, never looking up. Seconds later the guy fucking him climaxed deep in his ass and pulled out. I quickly got behind him and squatted down and began licking up the other guys load as it drained out. I collected it in my mouth and after he got the other guy off and swallowed his load, I quickly grabbed his head and before he could get a look at me, I started kissing him, sharing the load I had retrieved from his ass. As I did, he kissed harder and began moaning.

After the kiss, we slowly separated and as he looked into my face, he froze and simply said, "Oh, fuck!"

""Greg, it's cool. Your secret is safe with me."

"Thanks, Mark, but I'm shocked as hell to see you here."

"Not as shocked as I am to see you. Look, I'm in room 12 at the motel if you want to come by later."

"Thanks, I just might," he replied.

"I hope so. I'd like to talk with you in private."

An hour later after sucking 6 more cocks I told Greg I was going to my room. He nodded and about fifteen minutes later knocked on my door.

I was still nude when I let him in. Greg was close to six-four and about one-ninety. He was hairy chested and muscular. Ashe came in he smiled and asked, "You mind if I get comfortable also?"

"Please do. I'd love to see you completely nude in good light."

He stripped and we talked. He delivered to my stores every other Friday before returning to his warehouse on Saturday.

"Actually, I deliver to a few on Thursday afternoon, then stay out at the truck stop. I finish up late Fridays and stop here for the Friday night fun. I over slept some tonight. After the fun, I drive on to the warehouse."

"I see."

"Then on the alternate weeks I have other deliveries closer to here and stop on those Friday nights."

"So you're here for the fun every Friday night."

"Yep, I am."

"Well, I have a question for you," I said.

"On the Thursday night you stay at the truck stop over in town, how would you like to stay with me at my place instead if up in your sleeper?"

"Man, I'd fucking love that. I have to be honest and admit that you have always turned me on ever since I started delivering to you."

"Same here," I said, "but being married with two kids, I figured for sure that you would be off limits."

"Not hardly. I found I liked both sexes in the Marines, when I met a couple at a bar and went home with them. the guys wife got all hot and turned on watching him suck me. I'd had enough to drink, not to give a shit so I sucked him in return and found I liked it. Later, as I fucked his wife's brains out I sucked him dry, swallowing his load. I started meeting them every weekend I could get off the base."

"Nice, but how would you like some one-on-one right now?"

"I'd love it. I'm all yours. do whatever you want to or with me. I have very few limits."

You name it and we probably did it that night, including some pissing on each other in the shower.

After Greg left I got some sleep, getting up about noon. After eating some solid food, I visited the inside restroom and sucked a few drivers stopping for lunch. During the afternoon, I slept some more and was in the restaurant when the young stud arrived for work early. Seeing me he smiled and I winked and went to the restroom.

Again, I sucked his big young cock dry. As we came out of our stalls, I asked, "Want it again later?"

"Hell yea. Hopefully twice more."

"How old are you?" I asked.

"Eighteen," came his reply.

"Nice," I said. I'm Mark."

"Luke," he said.

Before going to the outside restroom I did indeed suck him a second time.

Saturday night I wasn't the first one there. Four guys were already there. One was sucking two cocks while the other was up his ass. I went in and began sucking him.

That night I counted eighteen others there. I didn't keep track of how many I sucked, fucked, sucked me or fucked my ass. I didn't care.

It was obvious that the room had been mopped out or hosed down. There was no stale cum or piss odors.

After a couple of hours I spotted a couple of drivers come in together before separating. I soon got one and as we kissed and made out, I knew I wanted him in my room and told him so.

"Maybe later, but I'm here with my co-driver. We just stop for a few hours when we're passing through for some fun."

"Hell, bring him with you. I love three ways."

He just nodded. an hour or so later I told him I was going to my room, giving him my room number.

Soon, they knocked and after coming in said they didn't have a lot of time. We talked some and i found out that their names were Cory and Sam. Cory was Sam's sister's husband.

Damn! Brother-in-laws. How long you two been having sex together?"

"Since freshman year of high school," Sam said. "Cory found he loved both my cock and my sister's cunt."

"May I ask why you two stop here when you could have each other in your sleeper? You're both hot as hell."

"We have sex nightly in the rig but stop here for some variety," Cory replied.

Soon we were in bed and as I fucked Cory, I sucked Sam. Then later sucked Sam dry. As I sucked Sam, Cory fucked my ass.

As they left, I told them I hoped to see them again. they said they were here frequently on Saturday night.

I returned to the cafe and sucked Luke off a third time. His third load was just as big as his first and just as sweet.

I returned home Sunday and immediately called Tom and filled him in on my weekend.

"You going back?"

"Hell yea, every other weekend."

"Why just every other?"

"I told him about Greg and our plans for the weeks he delivers to me.

"Mark, it's going to be hard seeing him when he delivers after spending the night with him."

"I know, but I can handle it."

Greg and I did indeed meet every other week. I'd pick him up at the truck stop when he'd call and he'd spend the night with me. Then on the other weekends. we'd have sex with the other drivers and sometimes invite ne or two to meet us in my room.

And,of course, every trip to the Middle of Nowhere truck stop I'd suck Luke off numerous times, sometimes having him come to my room when he got off where i would suck him a coupe of times or offer him my ass which he had never done before and quickly loved fucking another guy.

About a year later, Greg informed me that he had divorced his wife and wouldn't be delivering to me any longer. I was devastated at the thought of not seeing him again.

He quickly brought me back when he told me that he was beginning a new job there in town where I lived as dispatcher for a freight company.

"I hope you'll consent to live with me," I said.

"Are you inviting me?"

"You're fucking right I'm inviting you."

"Then, I gladly accept."

He moved in and together a couple times a month we'd go to the truck stop to play.

I wasn't love before I confessed my love for him and asked him to be my lover. He readily agreed, and our life together has been awesome.




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