The Truck Stop

For those who didn’t read my first story let me introduce myself again. I’m in my mid-thirties and just an average guy. I’m married, six-feet tall, one hundred and eighty-five pounds, with dirty-blonde hair and deep blue eyes. Some say that they’re bedroom eyes.   

I’d found my first glory hole in a nearby truck stop out on the interstate. It was off I-20 heading towards Abilene and I’m not even sure it was out of the Dallas city limits or not.  After my first visit I’d promised myself that I would return and try for some hotter action than even before. All I needed to do was to wait until I had the free time. My chance finally came when my wife Barbara had to take a trip with her mother to visit her grandmother that lived in Caddo, a little town just outside Durant, Oklahoma.  

As usual she was taking the kids with her.

When I heard about the trip I thought ‘wow’ some time alone and no rush to return home from my visit to the local truck stop. 

Friday rolled around and when I got home from Barbara and the kids were already packed and ready to leave. When her mama got there I put their bags into the trunk of her mama’s car, loaded up the kids, kissed them all good bye and waved bye as they drove off down the street.  with no idea of what was going through my mind, Barbara smiled and waved.  

Once they were out of sight I practically ran back into the house, flew up the stairs and tore my clothes off and headed into the bathroom to take a shower. My cock was getting hard as the warm water ran over my body because I was thinking about what I was about to do.

I finished my shower, dressed in an easy to remove jogging suit and headed out to my new favorite spot, the local Truck Stop.

It was dark outside by the time I arrived at the Truck Stop. The parking lot was almost empty so I thought I wasn’t going to get much action. As I parked I got a kinda sinking feeling in my stomach. I sat there in my car for a couple of minutes, then thought I’m here now so I might as well go on inside just to see what might happen anyway.

I moved though the store like I was browsing for something and entered the restroom. Like outside there were very few people inside. A couple of men were over by the urinals taking a piss. And another was just finishing washing his hands at the sink.

For lack of a better idea I made my way to the back and entered a stall.    

There were three stall and I took the middle one. Closing and locking the door behind me, I let my jogging pants fall to my ankles. Then I pulled down my jockeys and took a seat.

Since there was no one in either of the other two stalls I just set down on the commode and started playing with my cock. I didn’t have to make it hard though since it’d been rock hard since I entered the restroom.

I saw some pre-cum leaking out the tip so I took my index finger and my thumb and pinched my pre-cum between them and raised them to my lips. I rubbed the pre-cum across my lips for a taste. It tasted sweet and a little salty but not as salt as cum.

I moved my hand back to my cock and slowly started moving it up and down the shaft. I was enjoyed the feeling and my cock seemed to be getting even harder.

I was relaxed and enjoying playing with my hard cock when I heard the door open and close as someone entered the booth to my right.

I looked through the hole to see if I could catch a glimpse of the man. Unfortunately all I could see through the hole was his waist. When he lowered his pants I couldn’t see a tan line so it seemed like he must sunbathed someplace completely nude.

He lowered his boxers and I got a look at his cock. It wasn’t hard yet, but seemed to be thick and was about five-inches long.

I figured that he didn’t know I was watching because he wasn’t trying to hide anything. My cock was jumping up and down from just watching this hot cock in the next stall.

As I continued to watch, he sat down on the commode and started stroking his cock. It started to grow before my eyes and I could see that it was so thick his fingers could barely reach all the way around it.   

I still couldn’t see his head but my mouth was salivating over what I could see.   

I saw some clear liquid beading up in his pee-hole. I couldn’t wait any longer, I wanted to taste that hard cock so I knelt down and put my finger into the hole and wiggled it, the universal sign that I wanted to suck his cock.

He didn’t respond at first so I thought he wasn’t interested in my hot mouth.

I was getting desperate so I made some noise tapping on the side of the stall. From his body movement he seemed a little shocked. Maybe he hadn’t noticed the glory hole and my finger until now. Could it be he didn’t know this place was known for its glory holes?

I decided to get a little braver and I put my mouth up to the hole and whispered, “I want to suck your cock.”

He seemed a little hesitant at first, then he got up and with his cock in his hand moved toward the hole. I heard him say, “I’ve never done this before.”

I told him, “If you’re really as horny as your cock seemed to indicate then it won’t matter to your cock whether it’s a man or a woman who sucks it.”

He’d moved his thick cock close enough that I was barely able to reach it with my tongue. I flicked my tongue through the hole and licked the glistening pre-cum off the tip. I was so excited that it tasted sweet.    

I could tell he was so horny so knew if I kept licking he would want more. I swirled my tongue all around, circling his velvety head of his hard cock. He kinda moaned, “Uuuugh,” then hunched as he stepped forward and his cock shot through the hole and slipped inside my mouth.   

It tasted sweaty with just a hint of the acerbic taste of urine from the piss he’d just taken. It might taste bitter but I wanted more of it. I leaned back a little and told him, “Push your cock on through the hole for me.” 

He was so horny by now that he had no choice. He moved forward against the wall and pushed it all the way into the hole. Now that I could see the whole thing I saw that it had grown to about nine-inches or more and was really thick.

I could only imagine what that big cock did to a woman’s pussy.  The women must love him.

I grinned, knowing that instead of pussy it was my hot mouth that was going to please him instead. I slid my mouth over the reddish/purple head and started going down his thick shaft. His hard cock stretched my mouth as wide as it had ever been stretched.

As I pushed further down I heard a soft, “Oh. Oh. Ohhhhhh,” coming from the tan stranger’s stall. I wasn’t sure how deep I could take, but I was determined to swallow as much as I could of this thick powerful cock. My lip and mouth action was making him hornier by the minute. He was soon bumping against the wall as he hunched forward, trying to push his thick cock further down my throat.

I was moving my head, bobbing my mouth up and down the length of the hard thick cock until I finally felt my nose bump up against the wall. I knew I’d swallowed all of his hard meat that I could and the thickness of it had me stuffed full. I could feel the swollen veins sliding along my tongue. His cock was leaking down my throat and I tasted his pre-cum as his cock head slid back and forth across my tongue.    

I was now rapidly bobbing up and down his hard shaft, devouring his length and width. I heard him groan, “Uuuugh,” again only this time it was a little louder. His breathing increased, his cock head swelled and he starts to move differently so I knew he was about to cum. I clamped my lips down tight around his thick shaft and put more suction on his hard cock. I then felt his cock start to harden even more and to wiggle deep against my throat.  

He let out almost a yell, "Ooohhhh my fucking godd, I'm cumming. I'm cumming in your mouth,” as his cock started to pulse and spasm just before I felt the first hot load of cum hit the back of my throat. He thrust forward even harder as his cock pulsed as another big load of cum hit me.

I slid back off the cock a little more so I could catch his hot cum on my tongue. I wanted to get a good taste of his juices.  As he continued to spew, I savored the taste on my tongue. It had an acrid peppery taste with a little bit of saltiness and it kind of burned my tongue. But I swallowed anyway. It wasn’t terrible though.  I think the biggest thing to accept is where it's coming from…another guy’s balls.

He again slammed against the wall as he jammed his cock to the back of my throat and held it there. His loads were smaller now and were just flowing instead of shooting.

He started pulling back but I grabbed it before he could get it all the way out of the hole.

I lick all around the tip, savoring all the taste that I could.

I cleaned his dick so completely that he didn’t need to wipe it off. All he needed to do was stuff his cock back into his shorts. I watched as he pulled up, then zipped up his pants as he prepared to leave. He stopped long enough to tell me, “That was the best blowjob that I’ve ever got.”
The he was out the door and gone,’

I sat back on the commode and savored the lingering taste of his cum still on my tongue.  

Then I heard a noise to my left. Turning, I looked at the hole on that side of me. The first thing that happened was a voice telling me how hot that was to watch. Then he asked, “Are you ready for more?”

I’d been so engrossed in what I was doing, I hadn’t even noticed that anyone had entered the other stall. I said, “Sure I’m always ready for more cock.”

When it came through the hole, this new cock was a big black one. My first. I could see the veins running the length of it all the way to a big ball sac. The balls looked expanded like they were already filled with cum. It must have been ten-inches long. Fortunately the hole on that side was larger than the other, easily big enough that he could fit not only his big hard cock but his balls too.

I slipped off the commode and down to my knees in front of the hole and took his swollen black balls into my mouth. I would took one ball in my mouth and wash it around and then release it and took the other and did the same thing. I could hear him groan, “Ahh, ahh, ahh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh, ahhh,” as I stretch my lips and took both his big balls in my hot mouth.

He smelled a little musky but manly not nasty. I’d never had a black cock before and I was getting hot thinking about pleasing him. I released his balls and started sliding my tongue up the whole ten-inches from his balls to the head. Pre-cum was leaking from his pee-hole so I licked it off. It was saltier than the other guy’s. But I’m sure that was diet related. Smoking and beer affected the taste too.

I slipped my mouth over the head of his cock. It felt hard as I clamped my lips around the base. Bobbing forward, I started sliding my mouth down his thick shaft. As each bob took him deeper and deeper, it went all the way to the back of my throat and further. I could feel his coarse pubic hairs tickle my lips and nose.   

He was really horny so he started hunching forward, pumping his cock in and out of my mouth. I just left my mouth pressed my face against the wall with my mouth at the hole and let this hot black cock fuck my mouth.

His cock was rock hard but the skin felt soft, kinda velvety as it slid in and out of my mouth. I could tell he wasn’t going to last long because he was now almost franticly fucking my mouth like it was a hot pussy. He was slamming against the wall so hard as he was fucking me the other people in the restroom could hear it.

I just opened my mouth wide and waited for what I knew was going to be a big hot shot of black cum. He was fucking my mouth faster and faster. I heard him start breathing hard and saw and felt his balls tighten up closer to his body. He started thrusting faster and harder and then he rammed it as deep as he could and just froze. "Oh shit, here it is. I'm cumming," he screeched but it was more of announcement than a warning. Then I felt his shaft stiffen even more, his cock head swell and then a forceful spurt of his cum hit the back of my throat.

I pulled my mouth off of his cock and took the next load on my face. I’d never let a hot load hit me in the face before. It was a little frightening yet exciting.

I’d reflexive turned my head just slightly causing the first shot hit me just below the right eye.

The second shot followed pretty quickly after that and got me right on the nose.

The third shot followed, hitting me in the mouth and a fourth shot hit me square in the right eye.

Then I managed to slip his cock back into my mouth so I could taste the rest of his cum. 

When he finally finished cumming, I took his cock in my hand and licked it clean.   

There was a noise in the stall to the right. When I looked around there was a finger in the hole. I was really horny by now and my cock was as hard as I could ever remember it being. Seeing the finger, I stood and stuck my hard cock through the hole.

I held myself against the wall as his tongue slid up and down the length of my shaft. Then he wrapped his lips around it but before he could start to suck it down my cock pulsated hard against his lips and a hot stream of cum squirted out and down his throat. It shot so hard and fast he didn't have any warning and he started to gag on it. He swallowed quickly, but some of the salty fluid came out the corner of his mouth.

After he had finished cleaning every inch of my cock I slid it out of his mouth and back out of the hole.

As I was catching my breath and regaining my composure, I heard him stand up and put his clothes back on. Then I heard the door open and close as he left the stall.

I’d gotten what I’d come here for anonymous sex. No names just hot man to man sex. I sat back down on the commode to rest, not sure if I was done for the night or not. Maybe I had more left in me.  

I was now relaxing setting back and thinking of what all I had been doing in my new found fun place. I finally realized that of its own volition my hand had taken a hold of my cock and was gently stroking it back to life. I was soon rubbing and cradling my balls with my left hand as my right hand slowly stroked up and down, making my cock hard again. I knew I was going to stay longer and enjoy myself.

As I drove home later, as much as I liked the truck stop found myself wondering if there were closer glory holes around.

The end…



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