It was Saturday and we didn't usually work on Saturdays but I always left my home phone number posted on the door in case of emergencies. I got a call from a trucker saying that he really needed to get his struck unloaded. He said he desperately needed to be back in St. Louis that night. The guy was practically begging, and I'm forever glad I took pity on him. I went in to unload him.

At the warehouse I went through and turned out the lights went out the back where the truck was parked at the dock. I yelled at the driver. I was taken aback by the guy who climbed down out of the cab. Truckers tend to come in all shapes and sized but most of them are middle-aged-to-older and grossly out of shape from eating at truck stops. This guy definitely didn't fit the mold. He looked about twenty-two, with Nordic good looks, well over two hundred very solid pounds, nicely distributed over a six-foot plus frame. He had long powerful looking legs bulging under his faded jeans, the muscles flexing beneath the denim material when he walked. And of course, my eyes fell instinctively to where his legs met, to that apex of heavenly manhood. He filled out the front of his jeans very well, indeed, as he did his T-shirt.

He looked tired. I told him where the break room was and told him to get himself some coffee. He declined and asked where the rest room was instead, then said he was going to crawl up on some skids and take a nap while I unloaded him, if it was all right. I told him if he could sleep over the noise of the Hyster it was okay with me. I didn't know why he didn't go back out to the truck to sleep. It wasn't a sleeper, but I thought it would've been more comfortable than a skid of books. I decided to show him where the rest room was instead of just giving hi directions.

I led the way into the restroom and quickly opened the door to the urinals so he wouldn't go over to one of the private stools where I wouldn't be able to see him. He went in first and I followed and took the other urinal beside him, hoping he didn't think it strange that I had to take a piss at precisely the same time he did. He might have thought it strange if I'd looked down at him, so I was very discreet, difficult as that was. Down out of the corner of my eye I could see one of the nicest cocks I'd seen in a very long time, and he wasn't making any big issue of concealing it. He held it out across the palm of his hand openly exposed to my view if I cared to look.

Hell, if I were hung like that, I wouldn't try to hide it either. My throat went dry, and my mouth started watering at the same time. When he shook off the drops of piss I thought he was going to hit me with the dam thing. I had to force myself away from the urinal as he was putting it away. If I'd lingered for another second or two, I would've had my hand around it. I was about breathless when I walked out of the rest room. If there'd been any doubt before, there was none now...I knew I had to have him, or at least try, no matter what the risk, which could be considerable, considering the size of his arms.

Walking back through the warehouse, he thanked me for coming in to unload him. He was a rookie on a minor league baseball team and he had to be back for a practice. When I went to get the lift truck he climbed up on a skid of VCRs and stretched out. The stud slept like a baby. I had a great view of him stretched out on top of the skid each time I drove back and forth unlading his truck. He had one leg sort of cocked out from the other, offering a great view right up between his legs, to the bulge of his crotch. I could only wonder and imagine and hope and drool over what he had stuffed in there. He had one arm curled up under his head for a pillow. His chest protruded up in two square pecs that formed a shelf at the top of his rib cage. And the front of his jeans was packed. I said that.

I took my time unloading the truck. I figured he could use the sleep and I was getting an eyeful every time I drove by the skid where he was sleeping. When I was finished I shut down the Hyster and went to wake him up. I had already imagined how I was going to wake him. It would be a bold move, but I figured he was young enough that he still probably played grab-ass with his teammates in the locker room. So he would understand grab-ass. At least that's what I told myself as I fantasized while unloading the twenty skids off the semi. And I could do it in a studly-macho sort of way, like in the locker room. I could get by with it being grab-ass...or serious...which every way he took. I gave only fleeing thought to what might happen if he didn't go for it. He could do some real damage if he got mad. I didn't want to have to explain nay cuts or bruises or black eyes, but he was too good to pass up without at least trying, even at the risk of getting my face rearranged. Even if he weren't interested I didn't think he would get mad; he was too grateful for me coming in to unload him. And God, that's exactly what I wanted to do, was unload him.

I tuned off the Hyster took a deep breath and strode over to the skids where he was sleeping. I stood there at eyelevel just watching him for a long moment. How I wanted to crawl up there with him and wake him by burying my face between his legs. I reached up and firmly grabbed his crotch and said, 'You're ‘unloaded, fella.' He sat up with a start, muttering some cuss words under his breath, but I was already walking past to close the overhead door, so he couldn't make much of an issue of my grabbing him like that. I was too casual about it. Inside, I was a bundle of nerves, and great expectations.

'Man, watch where you're grabbing,' he grumbled as he jumped down off the skids 'I haven't had a piece of ass in three days, and now I'm going to be riding a fuckin' rail all the way back to Minneapolis.' I thought he was half kidding, maybe half serious.

'Hell, if it's going to cause you that much of problem, go in the rest room and jerk it off before you leave,' I said jokingly.

'Fuck, I wish I could.'

'There's nobody here except you and me,' I told him.

But he let it go and so did I for the moment. It didn't look like he was going to bite, but at least he wasn't mad about it.

'I will take that cup of coffee now, if it's okay,' he said. 'I'm gong to need something to keep me awake.'

I laughed. 'Sounds like that big cock of yours is going to be what keeps you awake,' I said.

'How do you know how big my cock is?' he asked with a grinning frown.

'It don't take a rocket scientist to figure it out. It looks like you've got your lunches stuffed in those jeans.' I'd never talked to trucker that way or anybody else who came into the warehouse, but it was coming easy with this kid. Maybe it was the intimacy of being alone with him in the big, dark warehouse. 'Besides, I took a piss with you remember?' I added. 'Man, if what you had hanging was any indication....' I let my words trail off, shaking my head with a soft whistle.

He brushed one hand down over the front of his jeans, looking a little embarrassed, as he followed me into the break room. I laughed again.

'Maybe you need to stop somewhere along the way and get laid, 'I said as I poured some coffee for him .When I turned around I did a double-take when I saw that he was undoing his jeans. Shit, was he going to haul his cock out and jack it off right there in the break room? Then I realized that he was only tucking his shit in, and rearranging things inside his jeans. I got a good look at a tanned hip and his muscular upper thigh and his muscular lower abs. Also the thin bikini briefs that were struggling to contain his heavy manhood. I think he was fluffed up from his nap. The material was thin and I could see not only the sharp outline of his cock but the dark hue of his manhood beneath them. I couldn't tell if it was just his natural bigness or if he was on the way to a hardon. I choose to believe the latter and took encouragement form it. A guy gets a hardon, he usually doesn't care how it gets taken care of.

I looked down at him and grinned. 'Looks like your troubles have already started,' I said jokingly as I handed him his coffee. Doing that...handing him his coffee... was a calculated move, too. It forced him to give up one hand to take the cup from me and he had to let that side of his jeans sag on his hip. He grinned, looking sort of embarrassed again, as he took the coffee cup and hung onto his jeans with his other hand.

'Here, do you want me o hold that for you?' I asked, reaching out for the cup.

'Are you talking about the coffee cup?' he joked, laughing.

I took the cup, but I would have taken whatever else he offered.

'Do you get much pussy on the road?' I asked,.

He groaned and laughed. 'Man, you are trying to make me get a hardon aren't you?'

'From the looks of things, it wouldn't take much help from me.'

'No, it doesn't take much,' he growled as he set the coffee cup down as he started tucking everything down in his jeans again. It was a struggle getting everything positioned so it would fit and be comfortable for the trip.

I was about to plunge into a deep depression at the thought of this big, incredibly handsome stud walking out of my warehouse without me getting my hands and mouth on him and I decided to pull out all the stops, take the chance of a lifetime; the chance of getting my face bashed in.

'Hell, stud, I can't let you ride that big bulge all the way to Minneapolis,' I said, shaking my head. 'Haul it out here and I'll take care of it for you.'

He blinked, paused in what he was doing, did a double take, looking like he didn't know whether to believe I was joking or serious. 'Yeah, right,' he scoffed and continued pulling his jeans up around his trim waist. I noticed that his jeans barely touched his waist; it was his butt that held them up. I put my hands out in a helpless gesture.

'Suit yourself. Can't say I didn't offer,' I said to keep the joke going. He still didn't know if I was kidding or not but surprisingly, I had him going enough that he felt bold enough to counter and find out. He let the flaps of his jeans fall open again and with a smirky grin and a quick flick of his wrist, he twisted the front of briefs down to let his cock fall out. I mean it fell, and bounced and swung like a big, thick bungee cord. His bubble butt held his jeans up.

'There you go, wise guy. Put up or shut up,' he said, real cocky and daring like.

Now I wasn't sure whether he was joking or bluffing, but he was giving me the opportunity to find out for myself; he didn't stuff it all back in his shorts right away. I decided for certain to make sure he understand that I wasn't bluffing or kidding, not after seeing his cock like that. He was big; well over six inches of meat hanging loose and rubbery over a pair of big balls, and it was already thick as a radiator hose.

'Well?' he said cockily.

'I really would hate to think of you trucking all the way back to Minneapolis with this thing bone-hard,' I said as I boldly reached out and wrapped my hand around it. 'Hell, it'd probably get in the way of shifting gears.'

'Ohhhh,' he moaned, surprised. 'Aww man, you weren't kidding.'

'Only if I had to be,' I said.

'What's that mean?'

'If I thought you were going to punch my lights out, then I was kidding.'

His cock had a feel to it. A feel of real potential and greatness. Anyone who's had his hand around enough cocks would know what I mean. It had a real meaty texture. It was only rubbery hard and I still couldn't get my hand all the way around it. I tugged his jeans off the shelf of his butt and they fell to his knees. He had great legs, too; long, lean and very muscular and tanned. I pushed his shirt up to see his abs and his chest. Also very nice. He had a great build; a cross between a natural athlete and a bodybuilder.

'I'd better get on this before it gets so big I can't handle it,' I said and dropped to my haunches and leaned back against the wall.

He stood there, looking a little stunned. I didn't think he still really believed that I would do it even as I went to my knees in front of him. I wondered if he'd ever had a blow job, although I couldn't imagine a big, good looking, built stud like him getting that far in life without somebody gobbling his cock. I reached out and put my hand around the back of his thigh to urge him toward me. I didn't want to wait too long; if that big cock had the potential I thought it had, I was gong to have a monster on my hands. I had no doubt that I could take him but only one way and that was to have it stuffed down my throat while it was still rubbery, then let it get hard inside my throat. Well, another way, but I didn't figure he would have the time or the inclination to fuck me.

The young trucker took some shuffling steps toward me and thrust his hips at me. His cock swung out and touched my chin. I lifted it up and laid the head on my tongue, then closed my lips around it and pulled it into my mouth.

'OOOOaaaawwwhwhhhhhhhh!' he groaned loudly. He teetered a little on is heels then leaned forward on the balls of his feet and grabbed the wall for support. I opened my mouth wide at the same time he leaned in to me and his cock was shoved easily into my throat. 'AAAwwwhwhhhh! Awwwhhh, Geezusss!' he cried again. 'Oh fuck, I don't believe you're taking it all.'

Looking up, I almost laughed at the wide-eyed slack-jawed expression on his handsome, innocent face as he gaped down at his cock disappearing into my mouth. Then his pubes were tickling my nose and his cock disappeared completely. I felt his meat getting thicker and expanding deep into my throat with each pulsation. I could only imagine how big he was going to get, but soon it felt like I had swallowed a baseball bat. I took several deep breaths, determined not to choke on it. It wasn't his size that I finally had to back off of, as much as his erection. He was getting hard. Very hard. His cock was straightening out the curvature of my throat. I eased back off of it, very slowly. It was a tight fit and it felt like I might turn my throat inside out.

His cock throbbed and bucked all the way out of my throat and lurched up sharply toward his stomach when I let go of it with my mouth.

'Ohh....Ohhh,' he gasped. 'I don't believe it. You took the whole fuckin' thing right down your throat!'

'Fuck, I don't believe it either,' I said as I stroked his spit-slick cock, wiping my mouth with the back of my other hand. It was my turn to gape in disbelief. His cock stood up at an angle over my face like a big, wet battering ram. From that angle it looked like it was a foot long. It was about nine or ten inches, easily one of the biggest cocks I'd ever gotten hold of.

Still leaning against the wall at arm's length, his legs trembling, he asked. 'Are you gonna do anything else with it?'

I almost laughed again. I was convinced then that he had never had a blowjob. He was too fuckin' boyishly innocent. Anybody else would have said, 'Are you gonna finish me off' or 'Go ahead, suck it' or 'Fuck, don't leave me like this.'

'Yeah,' I said, nodding as I wrapped my hand around the thick, wet shaft. 'I'm gonna do a lot with it. But I doubt I can get it down my throat again. You got big all of a sudden, stud.'

'Yeah, I know,' he said, rather apologetically.

'Hey, it's nothing to apologize for,' I told him. 'I know guys who would kill to be hung like this...including me.' Then I went to work on him. I wanted to suggest that we go upstairs or down in the basement but I knew he was anxious to get back on the road and probably wouldn't want to mess around with getting undressed.

I leaned up and sucked on his balls. He liked that, too. When he splayed his thighs apart as much as he could with his jeans around his knees, I got whiff of sweet, male, musk and sucked in a deeper breath of the intoxicating aroma. It was a nice mixture of soap or deodorant or body splash and his natural maleness, all rolled into one. It made me heady. I wanted to follow the root of his cock back between his thighs but I couldn't get to it. His cock throbbed and bucked and bobbed up across my face as I sucked his balls and he wriggled and writhed and thrust his loins at me like he was doing some kind of mating dance. I don't think he cared if I went back on his cock or not as long as I was using my mouth somewhere.

Gasping he asked, 'Listen, is here?'

'I don't have the only key if that's what you mean. But nobody comes in on Saturdays.'

'You did,' he said. 'What if somebody else does? I mean, is there a better place to go? Man, I like what you're doing down there and I'd like to get rid of these jeans so you'd have more room to work on me.'

Ah, very astute, I thought, a boy after my own heart! I still didn't believe he'd ever had a blowjob but maybe he knew what I wanted to do to him.

'Yes, we can go some place else,' I said. 'Upstairs, or to the basement.'

'Whichever would be safer, in case somebody comes in,' he said.

'Probably upstairs,' I suggested, abandoning the other two locations for his peace of mind.

He pulled his briefs and jeans up around his butt but didn't bother any further. He couldn't have gotten all that cock stuffed inside them anyway. He looked hot and sort of funny with his balls hanging out the flaps of his jeans and his huge cock swaying back and forth in front of him like a battering ram. I led him back through the warehouse where we got on the freight elevator. I closed the doors and pulled the gate down then pulled the cable to go up.

'Hey, can you stop this thing between floors?' he asked.

I looked over my shoulder at him. 'Yeah,' I said, reaching for the cable again to stop the elevator.

'Nobody could catch us here for sure, could they?'

'I've worked here seven years, why didn't I think of that,' I muttered. I stopped the elevator and reversed it down.

'Where're we going?' he asked.

'Down to the basement level, it'll be cooler down there. There's always a slight draft coming from the elevator shaft.' I stopped it again jut short of landing at the basement. When I turned to the Nordic god he was already bent over, pulling off his Wellington boots.

'This is as safe as it gets,' I said as I peeled off my shirt. My warehouse built muscles didn't go unnoticed.

'Hey, you're in great shape,' he said.

'Thanks, I'll take that as a compliment, especially coming from you,' I said.

'Yeah, this is great down here, nice and cool,' he said as he pulled his jeans off.

I took them and reached out to pull down his briefs myself. He let me then stepped out of them and I tossed them over with his jeans.

'Take your shirt off, too,' I said.

'Yeah, man this is a real turn-on, getting naked in an elevator,' he said, looking all around.

'Yeah, it sure as hell is,' I said as I took his shirt, but I wasn't looking at the cruddy old elevator. I was looking at him. God, he was beautiful! He had muscles that guys would kill for, but on him they seemed to be simply a natural asset to him. I don't think the guy had any idea how beautiful he was or what kind of assets he had wrapped up in that body or between his legs, except that he had what it took for him to be a good athlete, and popular with the girls. But he seemed as if he took it all for granted.

'Whew!' I whistled. 'You're built! Fuck, you've got a great body.'

'Thanks,' he said.

He stood there with his feet planted wide apart and his hands on his hips, his cock pointed upward, throbbing and bucking like it was angry, and his balls hanging down like two goose eggs in a hairy sack. I saw them draw up a few times like they were as anxious as his cock for some attention. I think I could have gone off just squatting down there looking at his body but he had other ideas.

He stepped up to me, standing astraddle my legs and leaned at arms' length against the side of the elevator like he'd done against the wall in the break room. His cock loomed up over my face again, throbbing and quivering so hard, it looked angry. It looked delicious, but I knew by the way he was jutting forward with his legs splayed apart that he wanted me to suck his balls again. I didn't mind. When I started on them this time he went wild. He could spread his legs wider now and I could get in under his balls and way back behind them to the root of his cock; that hard, thick pulsing tube way back between his thighs that led to his asshole. Maybe I could even get that far; I wasn't sure.

'Ohh...Ohh, fuck....Ohh, Godd, that's good,' he moaned as he writhed his crotch into my face.

I didn't know if he wanted me to go farther back between his legs but I didn't think he would mind if I did, and I wanted to. If he was going this wild from me lapping his crotch, I could drive him up the elevator walls if I could only get my face between his buns. That's been a pretty raunchy experience a couple of times but this guy not only had a butt to die for, I'd caught that aroma of sweet male musk and I knew he would be clean as a whistle except maybe for a little sweat from the drive, and I didn't' mind fresh male sweat. I started to twist around but then changed my mind. 'Turn around,' I told him.

He gave me a funny look but he turned around without question, even though I didn't think he knew exactly what I was going to do. I know I didn't believe it the first time a guy did it to me till he was doing it. He stood there with his legs V'd out wide, leaning in with his hands against the elevator and for a brief moment all I could do was sit there, leaning back against the other side of the elevator and look at the guy's gorgeous butt and his long, muscular thighs. I'd never really gotten this good a look at it before and it was absolute perfection--two big half-melons that sort of jutted out from his lower back and hips, not a bulging bodybuilder's butt, but solid as a rock and smooth as a baby's butt.

He glanced over his shoulder as if to see what was the matter and with a slack smile I reached out and clasped my hands around his thighs. I squeezed the hard muscles and ran my hands up and down his legs till I settled on his buns. My God, they were hard! He flexed them instinctively at first but even relaxed; they were solid, with saucer-like indentations in each side. He reached up higher and grabbed hold of the top of the elevator cage and gave a sort of whining moan as I started kissing his butt. I pulled his muscles apart a little more each time I moved from one side to the other, dragging my tongue down the inside slopes. He moaned and whimpered a little louder each time and jutted his butt back at me.

'Mann! I...d-don't know w-what you're d-doing,' he stammered over his shoulder, 'but it feels great! I never had anybody do that to me before.' He was breathless by the time he got all his words out.

'Just wait,' I told him as I dug my fingers into the inside of his butt muscles and pulled them wider apart. I wanted to ask what all he had let anybody else do. Pulled apart I saw that he didn't have any hair even down between his butt muscles except for a very light flurry of fuzz guarding his asshole. I buried my face in his butt and he instinctively clenched the muscles tight against my face. He relaxed them, though, when he felt my tongue trying to find his asshole. When he relaxed I stretched them apart again and went to work on his hole. I thought he was going to go nuts. He started moaning and gasping and thrashing his hips around and grinding his butt all over my face and I thought at the moment that it was one of the most exciting times I've ever had with a guy's ass, probably because it was his first time for him and he loved it so much.

'Ohh, Fuck! Fuuccckkk! Oh, tongue it!...Yeah, eat it, man...ohhhh, yeah, get your tongue up in there!' he cried. I ate him like a hungry puppy lapping up warm milk, till I had to rear back for air. 'Fuck, I wish...y-you had...two mouths...I wish you c-could do my ass and my balls at the same time,' he stammered.

His wish was my command. I twisted around, half lying on my back and leaned back on my arms with my face up between his thighs again and started dragging my tongue along the hard, thick vein of his cock in behind his balls. He gasped and moaned and began sliding his crotch back and forth over my mouth and tongue, so that I had his balls for one moment, then his ass the next.

'Fuck, you think of everything,' he gasped.

For the moment he forgot all about getting his cock sucked. I guess we both did. I could see up around his balls, his hand working up and down the thick shaft. Even his own hand didn't fit all the way round it. There was something sexy and virile about a guy's hand not being able to reach around his cock. He was loving what I was doing too much to worry about getting head. I would've loved to suck it, but I was enjoying what I was doing, too. I especially enjoyed making him so hot and wild and I was glad we'd thought of the elevator where he felt free to go wild.

Only a couple of times did he bend and hunker down for me to suck his cock and those times it was only for a dozen strokes before he pulled out to drag his balls and his ass across my mouth again. Several times I tried to tongue-fuck him but he couldn't hold still long enough for me to really get my tongue shoved up through his tight hole. I could tell he was making no attempt to hold back. He wanted to get his rocks off pure and simple and get the most pleasure he could while he was at it. He was so wild I couldn't tell from one minute to the next if he was just getting into it or if he was about to cum. I was sucking on his balls when he came. I didn't realize for sure that he was cumming till I heard this raspy, animal-like moan, like he was choking on his own spit or something.

'OHH...UHNN....Oohhhhh.....Ohh, fuckkkkk!'

Then I heard the wet, thudding sounds of his load splattering against the side of the elevator. With his weight barely balanced on one toe and his other leg swung out wide, he was fairly swinging from the top of the elevator cage. His cock was swaying and bucking upward real hard and spurting thick ropes of cum everywhere. I was disappointed that I wasn't catching his load in my mouth. Not that I like the taste of the stuff all that much, but I love the feel of it shooting in my mouth or on my face or my bare chest. Still, it was exciting, watching him go off like that; like somebody had turned on a fire hose then let go of it.

After a minute or two the spurts of cum were no longer hitting the side of the elevator, but spewing out in wide arches and landing on the floor. He brought his legs down and they began to shake as his weight settled on them. I know I said I don't like the taste of cum but sometimes, in the throes of hot, wild sex, I can't help the overwhelming desire for it. Like the stuff or not, it's sometimes the only right way to finish a guy off, especially a stud like him. I wanted what was left of his load. I wanted to finish him off right, send him off completely satisfied with his head spinning. I crawled between his legs and took his cock in my mouth while it was still spewing cum.

'Awwwhwhhhh!' he bellowed like a wounded animal and pulled his grip tighter on the overhead cage till he was barely on his tiptoes again. He thrust his loins at me and I gulped his now-rubbery cock down my throat again. I let him fuck my throat. He ground his pubes against my face and obliged me with the final belches of his hot load. I worked my tongue all along the underside of his cock till he was quivering uncontrollably.

'Ohh...Ohh...oh, Mann, I...I c-can't...take any more,' he cried as he began pulling his cock out of my throat.

I pursed my lips tight, milking every drop of his load from him. His cock fell heavily against his right thigh with a loud, wet smack. He staggered, then stumbled back against the opposite side of the elevator, his legs barely able to hold his weight. His face and chest and belly were gleaming with sweat.

'Geezusss!' he swore.

'You can say that again,' I said. Fuck, he was so beautiful, slumped back against the side of the elevator, his powerful chest heaving and his abs rippling with each gasp for air. He looked like a powerful warrior, exhausted from battle. There was even a sexy hint of defeat in his stance. There was more come oozing from his cock and I moved between his spread legs and gobbled it up again.

'Oohhhh...Awwhhhh, w-what're you trying to do to me? I'm dry, man. You got it all.'

Like hell, I thought. I gulped down the last couple of spasms that he shot out onto my tongue then let his cock fall free again. 'Like hell,' I told him, shoving myself to my feet.

'Shit, I don't know where it all came from,' he said breathlessly.

'Yeah, I was wondering the same thing,' I said.

I put out my hand to pull him away from the side of the elevator, straight up onto his feet. 'You okay, stud?' I asked.

'Fuck, I don't fuckin' know,' he said, laughing weakly.

'That your first time getting head?' I asked.

'Yeah, head like that,' he said. 'I've had a few girls try it but compared to you, they pretty much bungled it.' He glanced at his watch. 'Fuck, I have to get on the road.' He teetered a little when he bent down to get his clothes and I got them for him.

'I wish you lived around here so I could take care of that more often,' I said.

'I wouldn't live to tell about it,' he said. 'Goddam, I still can't believe the way you swallowed my whole cock. No girl ever did that.'

'Looking at it now, I don't believe it either,' I said. I reached out for his cock again. 'You've got a beautiful hunk of meat there.'

'Thanks. I can't believe what you did to my ass either. Damn, it felt great.'

'You've got a beautiful ass, too. I couldn't pass it up, but I wasn't sure you would go for it.'

'Fuck, yeah, anytime,' he said. He tugged his shirt down over his abs but I reached out and pulled it back up. He looked at me funny.

'God, you are beautiful. It's a shame to cover up a body like that,' I said.

He let me gaze at his hard, tanned muscles for a moment then I let his shirt go. He shook out his briefs and started to put them on. He looked at me funny again when I reached out for them. He held them to his side.

'You wanta get one last look?' he joked.

'Yes, but.....' I reached for his briefs again. 'Can I keep these?'

He scowled, confused, then grinned and let go of them. 'I don't know what you want with ‘em but yeah, okay, you can keep ‘em,' he said. He picked up his jeans and put them on, tugging them up over his bare butt. He tucked his cock down his right leg.

'Looks like you've got a radiator hose stuffed down our jeans,' I joked.

'I really messed up your elevator,' he observed as he was tucking his shirt in.

'That's okay.' He was right. He had sprayed it good with his cum.

'Want me to clean it up before I go?' he asked.

'No, it'll dry.'

'The stuff will probably eat the paint off,' he said.

'That's okay; I'll be reminded of this every time I get on the elevator.

'How're you going to explain it if somebody sees those streaks and asks what made the paint peel off?'

'I'll tell them that this big, tall, hunky truck driver walked in the elevator, whipped out his cock and jerked off all over the place,' I said as I pulled the cable to take us back upstairs. I didn't pull it quite far enough to engage it and I heard him swear under his breath. I looked around and was looking a little pale

'It's not stuck is it?' he asked.

I jerked the cable hard and it engaged. 'Don't I wish,' I said as we began to ascend to the first floor. I was looking him over good, wanting to emblazon the image of him in my mind. 'It would be great to be stuck in here with you for the weekend.'

'Shit, don't even say that,' he groaned.

He said he had to take a piss and we walked back to the restroom. Boldly, I went in with him and stood and watched him piss.

'Geezusss, how did you grow a cock that big?' I asked.

'Its in my genes. You should see my dad,' he said.

'You've seen your dad with a hardon?'


'Has he seen you?'

'Sure, plenty of times,' he said. 'We were never big on modesty around our house. It's just him and me, and sometimes one of his girlfriends.'

I eyed him longingly as he milked his thick cock and shook it. 'Dam, I would like to have another stab at that and do it right,' I said.

'You did it okay,' he said.

'Yeah, but I was working on your ass when you went off. I would like to feel you shooting in my mouth.'

He thought for a moment, still with his hand around his cock 'It wouldn't be as much as my first load,' he said.

'I'll take whatever you can work up,' I said as I reached out for his cock. He let go of it and turned toward me and I went to my knees. He undid his jeans and shoved them down to his knees. I shoved them the rest of the way to the floor and went to work on him again.

'Awwwhhhh, fuck, it feels just as good the second time,' he said.

'Yeah, it sure does,' I agreed. I sucked him with great diligence; almost with a reverence. I wanted to make him feel it from every nerve ending. At the same time, my hands were all over his body, like a blind man reading Braille. With my hands clasped around his butt, I dug my fingers into the hard muscles, pulling them apart. He squirmed and tightened his butt in my hands and it gave me an idea.

'Would you let me try something?' I asked as I looked up at him, fisting his cock with my hand.


'Let me show you; I guarantee you'll like it.' I went back down on his cock and let the spit run so I could catch it with my fingers. I shoved my hand between his legs and worked the spit between his buns. He tightened his butt at first but then relaxed. I found his asshole and rubbed my fingertip around it. He relaxed more. As I massaged his asshole I used more and more pressure against it and he was soon squirming around on my finger. But when I gave a gentle push he grabbed my wrist.

'What're you gonna do?' he asked.

'Just le me do it,' I said. 'If you don't like it you can kick my face in.'

'That's probably what I'll do,' he warned.

'I'm willing to take the chance,' I said. He released his vise-like grip but kept his hand loosely around my wrist. I carefully worked the tip of my finger through his hole. He let out a little gasp but didn't try to stop me. I shoved my finger in to the first knuckle, then the second, then in as far as I could. I heard his sharp intake of air and his hand clasped around my wrist again. He kept the tight grip as I began working my finger around inside him.

'Aaahhhhh,' he gasped suddenly, when I touched his prostate, and I knew I had him.

I sucked his cock as I gently massaged his now-swollen prostate. With my other hand, I alternated between his balls, squeezing and pulling on them, and squeezing his tits. He went nuts, twisting and thrashing his hips around and riding my finger. Despite his recent climax, it did nothing to help him hold off the second time. I would've liked to spend the rest of the day on my knees in front of him but I didn't ease off. Suddenly, he grabbed my wrist again, but this time, instead of stopping me, he held my hand firmly in place while he thrashed around and rode my finger hard. He grabbed my other wrist and pulled my handful of his balls down cruelly hard. His cock bolted hard as steel in my mouth and his asshole tightened and fluttered around my finger. He was going to come again.

His breathing became ragged and his outcries were garbled in his throat. Suddenly, his cock exploded in my mouth. I jabbed my finger into his prostate.

'AAAwwwggghhhhhhh!' he yelled loudly as he clasped one hand around my head to force his cock into my throat.

I choked but controlled my gag reflex as his hot come spurted into my throat. I swear, he must've shot off as much the second time as he did the first. The stuff just kept coming. Toward the end of his climax, he eased back, withdrawing his cock from my throat till the head popped into my mouth. Within seconds, my tongue was flooded with even more semen. I held him in my mouth till he reached back for my wrist again. As he pulled my finger out of his ass, I let his cock go.

'Holy Fuckin' Shit!!' he swore as he slumped back against the wall.

'I told you, you would like it,' I said.

'Dammm, what was that in there that you were touching with your finger?'

'Your prostate.'

'Shit! I knew I had one, but I didn't know that's what it was for.'

'Most guys don't,' I said.

'Well, thanks for showing me,' he said. 'Dam, now I've got a pretty good idea why gays like to get fucked.'

His legs were shaking as he struggled to get his jeans pulled up. 'Goddam, I can't even stand,' he said.

I laughed, happy that I could reduce the big stud to a mass of trembling muscle. When he was ready, I walked him back toward the dock. At one point I stopped just to watch him walk on a few steps ahead of me. He stopped too, and turned around and looked at me.

'What's the matter?' he asked with that cute, confused look.

'Not a damn thing,' I said. 'I just want to watch you walk.'

He laughed and flung his arms out in a helpless gesture. 'I walk the way I walk,' he said.

'You sure as fuck do,' I said. 'Go ahead, I'll walk back here so I can watch those tight buns flexing inside your jeans.'

'Whatever,' he said, laughing, and walked ahead of me.

Just before he walked out the door he turned and put out his hand. Strange, but it was the first time that I'd ever shaken hands with one of the truck drivers that came to my warehouse every day.

'Thanks for coming in and unloading me,' he said.

We both laughed when he realized what he'd said.

'Stud, I'll unload you any day of the week,' I said. I reached down and groped the front of his jeans. 'It was a hell of a load you dropped. I don't think you could have carried it back with you without being in an awful lot of pain.'

'I cum like that all the time. It always feels good when I empty it out. But I never emptied out like I just did.'

'Wanta go back and do it again?' I asked. 'There's a lot more I could show you.'

'Oh man, I'd like to, but I have to get my ass on the road or Coach is going to eat my ass out.' He laughed again and added, 'Not like you did, of course.'

I watched him climb up into the truck and that was a nice sight to let linger in my mind's eye; his long legs, the broad shoulders, that tight, hard butt, all in motion at the same time. He gave me a wave as he started up the engine.

'Maybe I'll see you again,' I said, rolling down the window.

'Yeah, maybe you will.' He hit the brake and looked out the window. 'If I happen to get a load up this way again on a Saturday, can you unload me again?'

'I'll unload you any fuckin' day of the week, any fuckin' time of the day.

There was a good chance of it. I often got the same driver coming back if it was a regular route. But just as often I didn't and I ached inside at the thought of not seeing this guy again.

He touched the gas then paused and looked out the window with a sly grin. 'Hey, just for the record...what else would you show me?' he asked.

'What it feels like to slide that big hot rod into a tight, hot ass,' I said.

He blinked, guffawed then laughed. 'You're fuckin' kidding!'

'You can try me right now if you've got time.'

'I don't,' he said with a terribly pained look on his face. 'Goddam, I wish did. Are you serious, man? You'd let me...fuck you?'

'Any time,' I said.

'Awww, wow!' and I saw him reach down to rub his crotch. He glanced at his watch. 'Naw, I gotta get this rig on the road,' he said. 'Hey, sometime if I happen to be passing through, even if I don't have a load for here, maybe you could meet me at one of the truck stops.'

'Hell, yeah. Call me.'

I honestly didn't think I would ever see the Nordic god again. The gods just haven't ever been that kind and benevolent. But I still had his briefs. And, I remembered, the ropes of come streaked down the side of the elevator. Suddenly I rushed back to the elevator. I hadn't noticed it as much before, but he had fuckin' white-washed my elevator. Suddenly, I had an overwhelming craving for come. I knelt down on my haunches and gazed at the thick, pearl-white globs of semen that clung tenaciously to the worn wood and relived the intensity of the moments when his big cock was gushing the stuff out. Then I leaned in and began lapping the still-warm come off the side of the elevator. Some of it I wiped off with his briefs, knowing that I would never washed them. After awhile, long after the sticky semen had dried and the aroma had faded, I could still bury my face in the garment and close my eyes and smell the maleness of him. I never saw him again, but I didn't paint the elevator either. I thought about him every time I got on it.



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