"On my way to Texas", I thought. I was in California job hunting but I received an email from an old friend, Justin, that him, myself and another friend of ours, Jason were going to meet in Dallas for the good ole' times.

As the plane began to ascend into the air, I began to think about how long it had been since I'd seen Jason or Justin. I must have been at least 4 years, since we had all began College. I, myself being nonathletic and clumsy, attended The University of North Texas to pursue a degree in Chemistry and Vocal Performance, both degrees that sounded safe. I know, right? Who is crazy enough to major in 2 completely different fields? Anyways, Justin, the most athletic and driven man I've ever known, stands at 6'6'' and weighs a good 280lbs of pure muscle. He attended Howard Payne University to pursue a degree in Kinesiology. Of course, right? Now, on to Jason, the bad boy and delinquent of our Triangle. I'm not even sure if he's still in College anymore. He was attending the local community College in our hometown, but knowing Jason, that has all changed.

If you couldn't already tell, I'm the practical nerd of the group. I'm was always okay with being the nerd. If either Jason or Justin ever needed help with homework, I was more than willing to help. That might have made me sound like the gay nerd who wanted some action from these guys, trust me I wasn't looking. In my mind the "gay" topic was always taboo with the J's [I'll be referring to both Jason and Justin as a whole like this]. Justin was always the ladies man of our group. I was never and still have never been in any type of romantic relationship, whereas Jason, he threw girls around right and left after he had sex with them. In summarization, I'm not as manly as Jason or Justin. Justin is the manliest out of either Jason or I.

"Attention passengers, we have reached our intended altitude of 20,000 feet."

The announcement reminded me of two things... one being that no matter how high or how far away I go, I couldn't escape my conscience and my unspoken words to both of these guys needed to be said once I saw them again. Secondly, I could finally go pee.

Once I got back to my seat, I decided to take a walk down memory lane of the day in high school when I first met my J's......


It was Friday, up until then I had never been to a Football game. It had started raining and due to the fact that I didn't have a Driver's License or a car, I was left out in the rain. I felt my muscle becoming cold and weak. That's when I saw Jason, I remembered seeing him in the stands smoking, he rode up next to me in his red mustang and asked,

"Hey man are you okay? Do you have a ride?"

I replied with, "Yeah, my mother should be here any minute."

He came back with, "Would you like me to wait with you?"

Being the person I am I said, "No, you go on home, I'll be fine!" I began to yell because the rain was beginning to pick up.

He said, "Well, hey my name is Jason, Jason Seymour, if you ever need a ride, I'm always around school, okay?"

I replied, "Gotcha!"

He ended up giving me his number, just in case I was ever in bind that which impaired me to get home. I thought it was weird at first, meeting someone on the same day you met them and them giving you their phone number. I dismissed it as a random act of kindness.

As the night rode and rained on, my mother was beginning to piss me off. The game was over at 10:50pm. I called her and told her I was ready at 10:45pm, just to give her some preparation time. Well it was now 11:45pm and no sign of her.

I prepared myself to make a valiant effort to run for it. My house wasn't but maybe half a mile away at most. The bad thing was, I had my textbooks with me. I stuffed them under my shirt and began to run from under the covered part of the building. That was until someone literally stopped me in my tracks.

Justin, the stereotypical Quarterback of the Football team. If you're wondering how he stopped me in my tracks, I ran into him. I fell on my ass and he look as though he wasn't just ran into by someone.

He spoke, "Hey, are you okay? Sorry about that, I really shouldn't round corners that fast."

"Well, I probably shouldn't be running around corners like that when there's a chance I'll run into someone either."

He offered me his hand and I took it. "You're probably right, but it was just as much my fault, Haha."

I asked, "I'm sorry, what did you say your name was?"

He replied, "I didn't, but my name is Justin, Justin Devine."

I said, "Nice to meet you, I'm AJ, AJ Wilson."

"Well, its very nice to meet you. Even though we kinda got off to a rocky start."

"Yeah, I was just trying to get home.."

He said appalled, "WAIT! You were going to run home in this rain?!"

Calmly I said, "Yeah, its not too far! Just about a half a mile from here, not a bad run at all."

"Well, I guess since its not too far from here, I guess I could give you a ride, if you want? It's entirely up to you."

Amazed at how many random actions of kindness that were floating around that evening, I accepted his offer.

When we just in front of my house, I said, "There it is, not much, but its something to sleep in."

Justin asked, "Are you sure? It looks pretty dark inside."

I replied, "Yeah, this is it, my mom just never wants to be at home and my parents are divorced so, dad isn't really around."

With empathy Justin said, "Sorry to hear that man, well, I guess I better be going! Have a nice night, AJ!"

"You too!"

As he drove off, I wondered why the rest of the world's population wasn't as generous as the J's.

End of Flashback

" Attention passengers, please return to your seats and buckle your seat belts, we have began our descent into DFW airport in Dallas."

The sudden realization that I'll be seeing the J's in a matter of about an hour made me shudder. I was so excited to see them after all these years but at the same time, I was scared shit-less......

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