Miguel, the expression on your face, as Silve and I walk around in the shortened shirts and high heels, is priceless! Silve told me you would love this look. I can see your desire for us all over your face! 

You open the box I gave you and remove the riding crop inside. You look at us with unbridled lust. Our love making has just taken a new twist!

Silve, when you opened your box and saw the strap-on harness and double dildo, you looked at our play in a new light. I knew I'd made the right choice!"


I can barely keep from throwing you both on the bed and fucking you after seeing you in my shirts. But, the crop brings back fond memories with Silve.

On one of the rare occasions Silve went to a sex club with me, we saw a woman whipping another one who was suspended by her arms, with feet barely touching the floor. Silve was breathing hard and squeezing my hand tightly.

"Take me home and fuck me, now!" She implored. We spent the rest of the weekend in bed!

A couple of weeks later, she handed me her riding crop and turned to offer me her bottom. 

"I thought you might like to use this on my ass.  You seemed interested in the show!"

I spent many evenings using this one her. She was insatiable after these sessions!


Silve :

I'd never considered using a strap-on with you, but seeing your bottom with my "cock" sliding in and out might be fun! The thought of watching Miguel whip and fuck you excites me  no end!




Silve and I stand with our backs to you. I feel the crop caressing my butt cheek just before the swat. It stings more than when Silve does it, but I know it will be worth the pain. Silve yelps as you swat her once. 

You tell us to strip and go to the bedroom. You open the closet, slide your clothes over, and tell us to grab the clothes rod.

 Silve stands next to me. The look in her eyes tells me she is already close to coming, and we  haven't even started yet!

I feel the crop slowly sliding down my back. The first swat comes down across the top of my cheek. Miguel moves the crop over to Silve and starts caressing her. She is moaning with delight, saying Miguel's name over and over. She yelps as the first swat hits her ass. She is writhing against me. Miguel caresses and swats her several times. Silve's face is flushed as she starts coming. Miguel swats her harder as she cries out in delight!

After she is through, Miguel has her move aside and begins again with me. He starts at one wrist and slowly drags the crop down my arm, down my back, until he reaches my bottom. 

"Swack" goes the first blow! I yelp!  "Swack!" again!

He runs the crop down the other arm. "Swack!" The crop runs up one thigh to my bottom. "Swack!" It runs up the other side. "Swack!" I can barely hold onto the rod. "Swack!"

Silve moves to my front. "Swack!" She takes my face in her hands and kisses me deeply. "Swack!" She grabs both breasts and squeezes as she kisses me. "Swack!" She grabs my head ,holding me close to run her tongue deep into my mouth. "Swack!"with her other hand she strokes my cock. "Swack!" I soon come in her hand. "Swack!" She moves down to take me into her mouth. "Swack!" She sucks me for what seems like ages as Miguel uses the crop on my ever tender bottom. I can't imagine how red my bottom must be. After I cum, Silve stands next to me and Miguel swats us both for a few more minutes.

Miguel sits on the sofa and motions us to his cock. His massive members awaits our mouths. Silve swats my still painful bottom, encouraging me to move faster. We kneel before our master, ready to suck him dry.

We took turns taking the head of his massive cock into out mouths. Out mouths would meet in a kiss, before we'd lick down the sides. One of us would suck his balls while the other tried to take as much of him as we could in our mouths. 

Miguel ordered Silve to lay on the bed. He drove deep inside her, causing her to groan in pain. He fucked her long and deep, making her take it all. She wrapped her legs around him, pulling him close. She started moaning loudly as she came. Miguel emptied his load into her fucking until he dumped the last drop. 

Miguel rolled off her and told me to lay down and eat his cum from her dripping pussy. I was running my tongue deep in her when I felt his huge cock head against my tight ass hole. I almost screamed from the pain as he rammed deep into me! Silve writhed under my tongue as Miguel steadily fucked my ass. His cock hit the back of my ass with each thrust! Silve came several times, gripping my head with her thighs. Miguel was buried deep inside me when he finally came.

Miguel pulled out and returned to the sofa. I knelt before him and started sucking again. After a few minutes, I felt another cock against my ass hole. It was Silve, with her new strap-on! She grabbed my hips and started driving deep. My sore ass was hurting even more! 

I worked on Miguel's cock for at least another hour before he finished for the last time that night. However, Silve wasn't through, yet. She was steadily coming  from the other dildo head as she fucked me. She lasted another half hour before she finally collapsed exhausted.

Miguel and Silve went off to shower together and I cleaned up in my room. 

After supper, Miguel pleaded exhaustion and went to bed. Silve picked up the riding crop and reminded me that my closet had a clothes rod, too!




Angie K


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