The towpath is dark. I walk steadily knowing exactly where I'm heading, blending into the blackness. The bushes are rustling slightly, and as my eyes adjust to the darkness I can make out the occasional silhouette and the glow of a cigarette in the dark

My hand slides down my chest to my crotch. What I feel there is hard, stiff, insistent. My cock is aching, and I need to come again. My balls ache. I've got to come again, it's like I'm just filled with juice tonight. My cock's dripping with pre-cum, not dripping, pouring out of me.

I back up against the brick wall behind me, in plain sight between some trees and bushes. I'm still just visible from the path, the light from across the river twinkles through the trees just catching my white vest. My face is in shadow though, and my big chest, and big arms, is apparent underneath my leather jacket. Powerful legs, too in tight blue jeans.

I rub my own stiff dick, impatience filling me. My cock throbs, my balls ache. Where are they? A couple of guys walk by, not that interesting. I shift position slightly so the light catches my bulging basket. It's clear from the light and shadow that I have a big cock.

And I do have a big cock.

A man walks by in the shadows, the dappled light catching him as he walks. Muscular frame, fit looking. He looks over to me as he walks by. I catch a glimpse of a square jaw as he does. He pauses slightly, and I catch a faint smile. He swaggers on down the path. He'll be back, they all come back for a second look.

He walks back a few minutes later, and now, in the moonlight, I see him clearly for the first time. And what a sight he is -- shorter than me, shaved head, rough looking, T-shirt and jeans revealing powerful arms and legs.

He stops in front of me, and we stare at each other. His face is open and excited, showing no trace of uncertainty or fear. After a quick look around, he walks up to me.

We both know why we're here, and together we embrace in the darkness, welcoming its anonymity. Animal lust rises in us, claiming us furiously, pure, physical, male. No words are necessary.

I stroke my massive shaft through my jeans, and the man drops to his knees. He buries his face between my legs, and I hear him inhale deeply. I know the strong scent of denim and musk is filling his nostrils. Feeling the rough stubble on his head and cheeks, I hold his head in place.

But I know he's exactly where he wants to be, and isn't going anywhere.

Reaching down with my other hand to unbutton my jeans, I'm greeted with a grunt. Like an animal, the man pushes my hand away, and he lunges forward and plants his mouth on the bulge that marks my huge cock. With steady pressure he pulls and grabs the top of my fly with his teeth, and I feel each button coming loose with delicious anticipation. The tight fabric gives way, Exhaling strongly, his hot breath on me, makes me even more excited and aroused, if that were possible.

With one hand the man pulls my dick out through the open fly of my jeans, and the night air greets it with desire.

Then he sucks my cock.

His warm, soft mouth engulfs my knob and sends shivers of pleasure all through my body, like the ripples on the water in front of us. It feels so fucking good I can hardly believe it. What if someone else comes along the towpath? Nothing else matters right now, I don't care about anything. Being seen, being caught, is nothing. I take a hit from the poppers, and my head explodes.

My whole world, for this moment, is just the hot man kneeling in front of me, and the amazing cock sucking he's giving me.

He takes my tool in and out of his mouth, slurping and salivating all over it. He is obviously experienced, his lips and tongue are so talented. I hold the poppers against his nose, and he inhales deeply, and then again. I know when they have hit as he pushes deeper and takes all nine inches into his mouth. He gags slightly as my cockhead reaches his throat.

Fuck, I love that sound, it makes me even harder.

The bursts of pleasure are growing sharp and intense, but I'm not going to shoot so easily. Now that I have him, I'm not going to let this dirty fucker go soon. Pulling away, my cock slips out of his mouth. He lets out a whimper.

I pull my jeans down to my knees and turn around. I shove my arse backwards, and he knows just what to do. The man puts his face in my arse and I feel his mouth opening and closing, massaging and caressing, licking the crack. Pushing back harder, I know what he wants, and I reach behind me and pull my arse cheeks apart, exposing my hairy hole to him. I feel his tongue sliding up and down, slick and firm and anxious. He rims me good, mouthing and licking my arsehole. It feels incredible - no matter how many times I get rimmed I still adore the sensation. Perfectly fantastically wonderfully erotic.

I bring one hand back and wank myself a few times. My massive shaft is being energized, and it twitches and drips as if the feeling of being rimmed actually makes my cock grow even harder if that's possible. I feel full and powerful and ready to explode.

Poppers, more poppers.

But again I hold back. I can't shoot yet. This guy is too fucking horny to give up so soon. Now it's my turn, I pull his tee shirt over his head, and pull him up His chest is broad and defined, with a thick covering of blond hair, and it is obvious that he goes to the gym. His nipples are the size of coins and stick out like bullets, only just visible under the chest hair. I let the palms of my hands run over the stud's chest. He shivers slightly and his nipples harden. He moans lowly

I lower his jeans, and my jaw drops. Fucking hell this man is hung! Even semi-hard he is about 8 inches. His cock curves to the left and he has a fat low hanging sack. I slowly knead the stud's big nuts.

I run my fingers up and down his broad chest, over his tits and nipples, and across his rippled stomach, and then lower his jeans down to his ankles. I stroke his throbbing dick and knead his fat balls for a few minutes all the while watching as he writhes and twists. Then, without warning, I insert my thick middle finger between his sweaty arse cheeks and into his tightly clenched hole and begin to probe.

He goes wild.

He moans louder, and curses, and begs for more and begs me to stop at the same time. His moaning turns to outright groans of pleasure.

Then I sink to my knees, and suck his cock.

I take a hit from the poppers, and my head explodes again. Opening my mouth wide, the horny fucker groans with pleasure as he shoves his huge cock between my lips. He does just what I want him to, pushing deep into my mouth as I swallow his massive cock. It's slightly longer than mine, and almost as thick.

He pushes his tool in and out of my mouth, as I kneel in front of him, slurping and salivating all over it

It feels so fucking good, so right.

I pass the poppers up to him, and he holds them against his nose, and he inhales deeply, and then again. I know they have hit when he puts both hands behind my head, pulls me forward, and pushes deep, forcing all nine and a half inches of rock hard cock into my mouth. I gag as his massive cock head reaches my throat.

My whole world, for this moment, is just the hot man standing in front of me, and the massive cock he's feeding me Nothing else matters, I don't care about anything else. Being seen is nothing.

I only notice we have an audience when he turns my head slightly. One look from the muscle stud is enough to make it clear they can watch but not touch. This is pure carnal animal lust driven man sex

The bursts of pleasure are growing sharper and more intense now, but I'm still not going to shoot. Pulling away, his cock slips out of my mouth. He lets out a whimpering sound. I scramble to my feet, grabbing him by the shoulders, I push him down so he's kneeling in front of me again. I back against the wall to brace myself, pulling him with me. Now my massive shaft is at his lips, dying to be inside him, and he obediently bends forward.

Opening his mouth wide, the horny stud groans as I shove my cock between his lips again. He does just what I want him to, slurp and slobber, getting my huge prick wet and slippery. No time for subtlety. I shove my cock into him, all at once, knowing the shock to his system I'm causing and getting off on it. He gags but doesn't try to get away. He takes it like a man, this big muscled stud

I face-fuck him hard and fast, shoving myself in and out of his sweet mouth. Trying to be quiet doesn't work, and I hear animalistic grunts and growls coming out of my mouth, keeping pace with the rhythm of my fucking. The cock sucker brings one of his hands up into his crotch, and I know he is jerking himself off while I screw him. He loves it, bobbing down on me as if he wants even more of my cock down his throat.

If there is more to give, I give it to him. Thrusting, taking, fucking, my balls bounce against his chin, and I know he is ready to come. Tremors move through his body, and his excitement drives me to push even harder, to ram even faster. He lets out a muffled groan of pure animal ecstasy, an almost primeval moan from deep within him, and I know he is shooting his load. I don't just know, I feel it, the spunk is flooding out of the man like he's pissing cum. It's incredible jet after jet of hot white juice, hitting everywhere, his chest and stomach, my thighs. Shooting as far as his chin, and my bollocks tight against his lips.

Then my own orgasm explodes inside me.

Fantastic pleasure courses through my body, like electrical current through a live wire. It is an incredible moment, a state of absolute intensity, devastating in its power. It ends as quickly as it came, and my cock empties its load of spunk deep into his throat, and fills his mouth as well. He can't hold it all in, and my cum drips down his chin to mix with his own on his chest.

I grab the cock sucker's head and yank him up to his feet. His lust-filled eyes are wide and watering in anticipation and desire. I kiss him, hard and rough, and he moans. As we kiss, he passes my own cum back to me. I love the taste of man juice

He yanks his jeans up and faces me, then kisses me again. I touch his chest with one hand, softly feeling the sticky white juices matting in his chest hair.

I pull my own jeans up and fasten my belt, breathing a sigh of relief. My massive shaft has been satisfied temporarily.

But then his hand slides down my chest to my crotch. My cock is still hard, stiff, demanding and I will need to come again soon. My balls ache. I've got to come again, it's like I'm just filled with juice tonight. He kisses me again, and pulls my hand down to the bulge that marks his huge cock.

Then he throws his tee shirt over one shoulder, and leads me towards the path.


Lee O' Sullivan

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