The Box

I woke up to the smell of breakfast. My Master is such a good cook, so I couldn't wait to eat. My dick was sore beyond words, and I went to touch it, but my hands were still bound to the bed. This was odd. Usually my Master unbinds me after one of our sessions, unless we weren't finished yet. I don't think I could have gone another round to save my life. I was so spent.

"Oh good, you're up!" My Master was naked and my God was he good looking. That is what first attracted me to him ten years ago in the bondage bar we both frequented. I saw him from across the room and I just wanted him to tie me down and fuck me until I couldn't breathe. He was 40 years old, had no fat on him, and was incredibly toned. His face was beautiful and his cock was from another planet. The biggest I have seen in my life, even on the internet. We measured it after I begged him to let me for months, and it came out at 13.5 inches. Every time he fucks me, it hurts so good. He would fuck me right to the edge of orgasm, but never let me cum. I was no slouch either. I was 30 years old, quite skinny with some muscle definition, but had pretty good looks. I also had a 10 inch cock that I was very proud of, even if my Masters cock trumped mine in every way.

Although Master loved to fuck my brains out, he really got off playing with my cock, getting me right to the edge of orgasm, and leaving me hanging there without letting me cum. Most of the people we hang with at the bondage bar call him "Edge", although when I first met him, I didn't get the reference. Boy, do I understand it now. He would play me like a fiddle, getting me SO close to orgasm, but wouldn't let me cum. He loved watching me beg to cum, watching me shutter when he would touch me super sensitive cock. One weekend, he edged me for three straight days, only letting me cum after 10 hours each session. Usually, when he would order me to longer periods of chastity, the longer the session would be when he let me cum. The longest chastity session I have ever had to endure was 3 months. I was now going to be forced to 9 months of chastity. Not only was that length of time going to nearly kill me, but the session he had in store when he let me cum... I can't even think about it.

"Let's get this devise on you really quick. Then I will feed you your much deserved breakfast," he said with his beautiful smile. I hated him at the moment, but my love for him knew no bounds. He was perfect, and he thought I was perfect.

I saw him reach for my cock and I noticed he wasn't putting a chastity device on it, but an e-stim device instead. I began to plead with him, that my dick was way too spent to cum again. "Who said you were allowed to cum?" FUCK. I guess the chastity had already started. Every night in chastity, master would edge me. It wouldn't be for long periods of time, and he would use different methods to drive me crazy. My least favorite was e-stim. Don't get me wrong, I love e-stim. It is probably the most pleasurable feeling I have ever felt. However, knowing I will not cum at the end of the sensations it gives me makes me hate it with all my might.

I am almost crying now because I was just so weak. I couldn't go through another session right now, let alone the next month. "I love the way you beg, boy," he says as he kisses me deeply. God, even though I knew he was going to put me through hell, I loved him for it. After I was hooked up, he added clips to my nipples and hooked them to the e-stim box as well. Finally, he put a metallic butt plug in ass. He would usually gag me, only he wasn't this time. The sick bastard wanted to hear me scream.

"I think a nice two hour session will be good, don't you think?" I was shaking my head violently, begging, but he just laughed at me. "I'm glad you are as excited as I am!" He turned on the box. "We'll do the build program. You are not allowed to cum. If you cum, I will add another month of chastity. That would be 10 months. I will be back in soon." With that, he left the room.

The sensations were already driving me wild. My dick was rock hard, despite my best efforts. I was shocked (pun intended) at how easily I got hard considering the abuse my dick took not a few hours ago. The shocks were getting worse and I was beginning to moan louder and louder. Then the shocks got even worse, and more pleasurable. The plug in my ass was literally zapping my prostate into an orgasm. My sensitive tits were burning but they were bringing me even closer to the edge. I was so close to cumming, but the box turned up too much, and the pleasure turned into pain. I was screaming now, but I knew that the box was going to get even worse. It did, and it felt like a thousand needles were all over my body. It hurt, much more than I was used to. He must have put the box at a much higher intensity that normal. Finally, the box clicked off. I looked at the clock. ONLY 10 MINUTES!? It felt like I had been there for hours! The box started right up again, and I moaned loudly. The box went through the cycle four more times. I had a mixture of sweat and dried cum from last night all over me. Master was going to love how it smelled in here once he got back. I was going insane. I needed to cum again. How is this possible? I needed to cum, but I knew I needed to wait 9 months for that to happen. Fuck.

I heard the door open, and I shot my head off the pillow. I was screaming, begging him to turn off the machine. He just ignored me. Master brought in a tray full of breakfast. "Time to eat, boy." Thank God. I needed at least a break from this torture. However, he walked right past the box and right to the top of the bed and sat next to me. "I'll feed you since your still tied, I guess," he said with an evil grin. He was going to feed me while I was suffering. He was one sick fuck. "Open wide, boy."

The box was picking up intensity as he fed me eggs, toast, bacon, and sausage. It all tasted so good, but mixed with the pain I was not feeling from the box, it was hard to eat, let alone think. I was screaming again, and Master kissed me and I screamed into his mouth. He loved doing this. He said the vibrations that I sent down his throat want right to his cock. And, like clockwork, his dick began to expand. Only half hard, he was still 10 inches. Finally, the box stopped and I calmed down. "I love the way you scream, boy," he said as he kissed me again. God, he drove me insane.

"I wasn't planning on it, boy, but I think I'm gonna fuck you while you're enjoying your electro- ride." FUCK. I love when Master fucks me. But I really didn't think I could handle all of that stimulation at once. His big cock in my ass with my cock and tits being shocked was sure to send me over the edge. "And since we are pushing the intensity of your electro- ride, let's see how hard I can fuck you without you cumming." Well, looks like I'll be in chastity for 10 months, or even more, because if he fucks me harder than usual, nothing will stop me from cumming.

Master puts on a condom (even though we don't have sex with anyone else, Master likes to play it safe). It is pretty tough to find condoms that fit his huge cock. He gentle pulls the butt plug out of my quivering ass and puts the tip of his dick right up to my opening. "You will are not allowed to cum boy. If you are about to, you tell me. Understood?" I said I understood and tried one more time begging him not to. He slowly worked his cock into my ass. The head was easy, as was the first half. Once we get the base of his cock, he was really thick, and it takes a little more work to get it all the way in. All the while he is working his monster in, the box is slowly building the sensations in my cock. I am moaning, and just as his cock has found its way all the way up my hole, he turns the box off. He takes off the e-stim from my cock and sore tits. I ask what he's doing. "I want to play with your cock myself while I fuck you boy. I have a feeling you are going to lose control if I leave that machine on you." I didn't know whether this was a good thing or a bad thing. "Ready for the fuck of your life, boy?" I slowly nodded.

Master took his dick almost all the way out very slowly, teasing me, and then very quickly slammed it all the way back in. Fuck did that hurt. I screamed, but he did it again, and again. It was beginning to feel good when he began to pick up the pace. "I am going to break this fucking bed, boy. You won't be walking for a week after I am done with you, you little fucker." He went even faster, and the sensations I felt were other worldly. His cock was ravaging my prostate, and I was permanently on the edge. It felt like I was flying. He hadn't even touch my cock yet. I knew I was about to blow, but he went even faster. His bull balls were practically bruising my ass that is how fast he was going. Long, fast strokes in and out. I was about to lose control and told him I was about to cum. I thought he would back off, but he changed his tactics. He went from long, fast strokes, to short, jackhammer strokes. He had never fucked me this hard and deep before. I was begging him to stop, that I was going to cum, but he didn't stop. I finally blew a huge load into the air without anyone touching my cock. It was one hell of an orgasm, and my whole body was convulsing. But Master didn't stop.

"That's 10 months boy. I wanna see if you can get to a year." I was screaming. He picked up the pace even more. He was fucking me so hard. Every muscle in his body was bulging and he was sweating hard. "You fucking whore. I am going to fuck you 'til you can't stop cumming, you little pig. I'm gonna fuck you until you pass the fuck out, boy." He was well on his way. At the pace he was going, he might kill me before I get the chance to pass out. He was torture fucking me now. I was screaming, he was screaming. I was on the verge of another orgasm, and I announced that I was going to cum again. Finally, after a good 25 minutes of the hardest fuck of my life, he slowed down.

"I'm close, boy. I want us to cum at the same time." I asked if I was allowed to cum. "No, boy. You aren't." Again, Master was toying with me. If I cum, I get punished. If I don't cum, I will have disappointed Master for not cumming at the same time. Fuck. I hated him so much. "I'm ready boy, here we go." Then Master kicked it into a gear that I didn't think possible. The slapping our of skin on each trust seemed to blend together so it was one loud smack. "FUCK I'M CUMMING!" On cue, as Master expanded and came, I, too, came with another massive orgasm. As I came I passed out. Look like Master got what he wanted...



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