A few days we had that big thunderstorm after a very hot day. There was heavy rain until midnight and the air was so hot that my hair got wet from sweating in the heat.

This would be a good reason to shave my head again in a completely different way. I grabbed a bottle of shampoo, shaving cream and a razor, took all my cloths off and went out on my garden terrace into the pouring rain.

I started masturbating and very quickly my sperm shot into my both hands to catch it and rub it into my wet hair. Then I shampooed my head and whole body and started shaving my wet hair off from my head with the razor. An empty bowl I had also taken out filled with rainwater very quickly and I could clean the razor from the hair I had already shaved off.

It was an extremely nice feeling to feel my long wet hair falling down on my naked body and my dick got harder and harder again and it called for being masturbated again which I did with great pleasure while continuing shaving my head. When all my long hair had fallen I took the shaving cream and applied it all over my head and shaved it again very smooth.

Touching my clean shaved head felt like a big contrast to the rest of my body with hair all over and so I applied the shaving cream now all over my body and started to shave my armpits and then holding my dick with one hand and make it hard again I shaved my chest clean as well.

Now I shaved both my arms clean as well and after that was done I hold my big and hard dick and shaved all my pubic hair off. Finally only my legs were left to be shaved and then I was clean shaved all over standing in the warm rain and another warm rain of sperm was shot into my hands and this was the final aftershave I used on my shaved head.

I had taken a video from inside through the window and it was nice to see me in the pouring rain shaving myself from head to toe and watching that video now gives me a good kick to get rid of some more sperm every time I watch it.



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