It's first thing in the morning, you wake up, have some breakfast and a coffee getting yourself ready for work.

You turn your computer on and it reboots, you try again and again but nothing seems to work you spend a couple of hours trying to sort it out but nothing seems to work. You go on a personal adverts website trying to locate a cheap tech guy to sort it out.

You find a local guy who does the job in house for cheap enough after a phone call you invite him round to sort it out, an hour later a knock at the door, you open the door and a short guy stands there and says I'm here to fix your PC.

You invite him in, you put your laptop on the table and tell him the problem, he begins to work you keep thinking this guy is cute and wonder if he'd be interested in guys, you ask him and he tells you he's got a girlfriend.

As he works your cock begins to throb as you can't stop thinking about fucking somebody, anybody, its been awhile.

The tech guy tells you it may be awhile before the problem is sorted out and the price has gone up due to hours worked, your getting bored and hornier, at one point the tech guy stands up and is bent over you feel your cock get hard and walk up behind him and rub against him, he says what are you doing ?

Your cock throbbing you grab him and turn him around undoing his pants you feel your cock throbbing you grab the back of his neck and push him down, he tries to push back up but can't your getting excited, the most excited you've ever been you hold him down as you pull his pants down rubbing your finger against his arsehole you pre-cum a little.

You begin rubbing your cock against his arsehole lubing him up for your finger you rub you finger against his hole and slowly push it inside as you fuck his hole with your finger you get more excited and begin slowly pushing your cock inside, he let's out a moan and tries to pull away you pull him closer you cum inside due to the excitement.

Your cocks still hard so you start to fuck him slowly he tries to pull away but you keep pulling him closer your so excited you don't realise but your cocks rock hard and slowly keep fucking him getting faster and harder with each thrust.

You begin to cum again you pull out and leave his hole with a creampie, you realise your cocks still hard and slowly push it back in, each thrust you feel him try to tighten making you more excited you keep fucking him until you cum again this time you pull out and leak your creamy load all over his ass.



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