AUTHORS NOTE: The following story contains scenes of violence and inceste. If any of these things offend you, you are under 18, or you are in an area where viewing such material is illegal, please leave now. It should be noted that this story is fiction only and in no way reflects the authors past, present, or future reality. This story is intended for fanatasy purposes only, and the author condems real life non consentual sex. Well, tonight is the night. I am finally going to do it! Yep I am finally going to capture and rape my ol' man. And the fat fuck aint gonna know what's hit him! I've been wanting this for years and now my time has come. I glance at my watch: 21:00. The mickey I slipped in his beer earlier should have well and truly kicked in by now. I get up quietly and tiptoe over to my father's room. Cautiously I open the door, and pop my head round. 'Dad?' I whisper. No response. The old fart is out for the count. I close the door and tip toe down the hallway in to the kitchen. I open the top kitchen draw and take the biggest sharpest knife available. Perfect. I then gather the rest of my kit - duct tape, rope, an old pair of undies, and some lube. All set. I put everything into a bag and creep quietly back to Dad's room. Nervously, I open the door and slip in. There is a full moon tonight, and moonlight floods through the large window. In the eerie glow I see the silhouette of my father/soon to be victim's massive bulk sprawled across the mattress, his hairy chest rising and falling to the rhythm of his snores. I take a moment to savour the sight. I then carefully climb into the bed, and lay down next to him, greedily inhaling his musky scent. Hand shaking, I reach for the knife. Well, here goes. It's now or never. Adrenaline pumping, I grab him, pulling his semi naked body against me in a vice like grip. Dad wakes with start. He tries to struggle but is to doped out to put up much of a fight. 'Don't fukin' move!' I hiss menacingly, holding the knife to his face. 'Brian!?' He exclaims 'What's goin' on!? What are you doin'!?' His voice filled with a mix of confusion and fear. 'Shut up or Ill gut you like a fuckin' fish!!' I growl pressing the blade against his throat. I climb onto his chest, pinning his massive bulk into the mattress. I grab his arms and tie them to the bedposts. I then reach for the undies and stuff them in his mouth, effectively gagging him. 'Mmmph! MMMPh!!' He cries through the gag. I take a moment to survey my handywork. My already hard cock goes rock solid at the sight of him tied to the bed squirming helplessly. Precum seeps through my pants leaving a damp patch on the material. 'OK. Listen up daddy!' I sneer. 'I'm gonna stick my dick in that hot little mouth of yours and you're gonna suck me 'til I cum!' I unzip my pants, remove his gag, and pull out my dripping 8 inch cock. I grab him by the hair, pulling his head against my manhood, rubbing it over his face, leaving a trail of precum. 'Open up faggot' I snarl, pressing my cock against his lips. 'Brain C'mon! Please don't do this!' he pleads, tears forming in his eyes. 'Ya stupid or somethin!? I SAID open up!!' I snap, slapping him hard accross the face. He cries out in pain. 'Now, ya gonna cooperate? Or d'ya wan' a fresh one!?' Reluctantly he submits. I grasp the back of his head, and shove my almost throbbing cock past his lips and into his throat. He mouth feels warm and wet. 'Oooh yeah!!' I groan 'Suck my fuckin dick daddy!' His toungue brushes against my piss slit, sending shivers down my spine. I start to thrust harder, forcing my cock deeper into his throat. My father starts to gag. He begins to struggle, his face turning blue from lack of air. I tighten my grip on his head, pullling it back and forth over my dick. 'That's it!' I growl 'Fuckin choke on it bitch!' My cock begins to throb, spurting out jet after jet of cum down my father's throat. My body jerks back and forth. 'Oh! OOOHH!!' I cry out, as I slam against his face again and again. The last spurt of jizz shoots out and I colapse in a panting sweaty heap on top of Dad, who can do nothing but gasp for air. PART 2 COMING SOON. ANY CONSTRUCTIVE COMMENTS ON THE STORY SO FAR WILL BE GRATEFULLY RECIVED.



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