It was very early when I awoke in the beach house the first morning of my vacation there. The night had been hot but I chose not to use the air conditioning. Instead I had slept nude on top of the sheets enjoying the cooling breeze off the ocean. When I awoke, I was rock hard and horny. Maybe it was the cool breeze. I don't know.

I walked around the house naked for a while in the dark. I tried getting on line but couldn't. So I decided to go for a walk on the beach. I pulled on a pair of old shorts and headed out.

The moon cast a silver glow of the sand and made the water glitter. The oceans called to me. I wanted to feel it swirl over my body. I looked around. The beach was abandoned. I pulled off my shorts and walked, naked, to the edge of the ocean.

The warm water swirled over my feet and continued its alluring call. I went deeper and deeper into the gentle glittering ocean until it was swirling over my soft dick. It felt so damned good. I let the water play with my cock while I pinched my nipples. The waves gently lifted my dick and dropped it. The water washed over my hard ass. It felt so good to stand there in the moonlight and make love to the surf.

After a while I sunk down into the water letting it wash over my body. I let it roll over my hair wetting me entirely. It was like giving myself to my friend. It was like surrendering to my lover. As I did, I realized that I was fully erect.

I walked through the water back to the shore. I stood naked on the beach letting my body drip-dry. My dick was not full hard nor was it entirely soft. After all, my experience with the ocean had been far more metaphorical then physical. My balls were still filled with real cum. I still wanted release. So I stood there naked in the dark, semi-hard thinking about jerking off into the ocean when I voice spoke out of the darkness.

'Enjoy your swim,' he asked!

I spun around to see who had spoken forgetting my state of complete undress. Behind me on the beach stood a beautiful man, as naked as was I. I could see him in the moonlight. He was about 6' tall. He had wavy dark hair. His body was well muscled and hard. His dick was soft and swayed as he walked down the beach toward me. The moon made him shine like the ocean.

'But you really shouldn't swim alone,' he said, 'Its dangerous.'

I was entirely speechless. I had been caught naked on the beach by a naked man, and to my surprise, he acted as if this happened to him every day.

'Will you come it with me?' he asked taking my hand and leading back into the water. I did not respond verbally. I just followed him into the ocean. I was aware that he was looking at my naked body and smiling. The hand that was not holding mine was stroking his dick which was rising. His ass cheeks flexed as he lifted his legs over the waves. But I wasn't sure that he was real!

When the water was lifting my cock up and down again. He turned to me and drew my body close to his. He whispered over the surf 'I want you Baby,' as he put both his hands on my wet ass cheeks. He kissed me and I parted my lips to take his hungry tongue. I sucked it passionately into me to tell that I wanted him too. Real or not, I wanted to make love to this pretty man glittering with moonlight.

We went deeper into the ocean, letting it wash over us and claim us as we clung to each other. We kissed and fondled each other until we both wanted more. We walked out of the ocean hand in hand hard dicks swaying. He put his head on my shoulder close to my ear and repeated his words. 'I want you Baby!' He lead me up to the dry sand where, in the darkness, his blanket was spread. 'Lay down,' he said and I did!

He stood over me looking down on my naked body stroking his hard dick. I lay on my back on the blanket. My dick was in my hand. My legs were spread apart. He straddled me and squatted down on my thighs so that our hard dicks touched. He took our dicks together in one of his hands and stroked them. I moaned softly.

He moved up my body. He knelt so that his balls were hanging above my face. My arms rested on the back of his calf. 'Suck me,' he said. I put my hands on his hard ass cheeks and began to lick his smooth balls. 'OHHHHHHHHHHHH! YESSSSSSSSSS!,' he moaned. I licked up the underside of his dick and sucked his hard 8inches into my mouth. I was working on his dick head when he suddenly drove his full hard length into my mouth gagging me. I heard footsteps crunching the sand. But I could not see if someone was coming and I could not speak. His dick filled my mouth and he had pinned my arms between his calves and thighs. I felt other hands grab my arms and my legs and pull my body out tight on the sand. He pulled his hard cock out of my mouth and stood up.

Four other naked men were holding me down. I struggled against them but could not break free. I started to yell for help. 'Shut up, Slut,' he commanded. 'We won't hurt you too much, unless you make to much noise. Just relax and enjoy the ride!'

'Turn him over,' he said to his naked friends. Before I could say or do anything my body was flipped. I lay in the sand on my belly. 'Lift his ass,' was his next command. My arms were pulled tight. My legs were pushed under me so that ass was lifted up and my ass cheeks spread.

He went down behind me and played his fingertips over my pussy lips. He was not rough. It was soft touching. He began to message my pucker. His fingers were urging me to open to him. I was frightened and held tight. My face was turned to the side but laying in the sand. I did not want to respond to his touches, but I could feel my dick growing and my pussy was surrendering to him. My body was betraying me!

'He likes it!' He said to his buddies. He grabbed my cock and pulled it back between my legs. It was full hard. He licked from my piss slit up over me balls into my ass crack with one long stroke of his tongue. Damn him! He was right. This treatment was driving me wild with desire! I did want him!

He kept licking me like that spending longer and longer time between the cheeks of my ass. I was getting very wet. I struggled to keep my cunt tight when his tongue was touching it, but I wanted him inside me. In one moment of weakness I pushed against his searching tongue. In that second, he entered me. He drove his tongue inside me sucking my pussy lips. I knew that he had won. So did he. He grabbed my hips and pulled my ass toward him. I moaned. There was laughter from my captors.

He pulled his tongue out of my wet pussy and sat down on his haunches in the sand. He put his finger on my wet pussy lips and pushed. There was no way to keep him out. I as too wet, too slippery. He worked my cunt with his finger. Though I tried not to enjoy it, the guy was good. My hard dick showed my appreciation. He knew how to work cunt. I gasped when he inserted the second finger. I openly moaned when he went to three. 'Nice,' he said, 'just go with the flow! Don't fight what you cannot control.'

There was movement behind me. I felt hands change on my legs. I heard crunching sand. I knew that my captors had changed positions. Someone else whom I could not see was behind me down. I was spread out and vulnerable to him. I felt the head of his dick pressing against the lips of my pussy. I knew he was going to take me and that I could not stop him. As he entered me I moaned a helpless, 'NO!'. But it did not stop him. He drove his dick head past the lips of my pussy. He paused for just a moment and then let in slide slowly into my ass. I moaned again. My captors laughed.+

The guy's dick was thick. It was long. He stretched my cunt wide open and filled me with his hot hard shaft. He put his hands on my hips and pulled me back onto his cock. I could feel his balls brushing mine and his bush against my ass crack. Involuntarily, I squeezed his dick with my cunt muscles. And then he began to move! Long hard thrust ripped my ass. He pounded me. I cried out with his deep hard thrusts.

He fucked my ass hard for what seem like just a few seconds. I heard him gasp and felt him drive into my pussy. And then I was flooded with hot cum. His buddies congratulated him. It was a big load. My ass was wet! And then they changed positions again.

The new guy plunged his dick into me. My ass was so cum wet slippery that there was no resisting him. All four of them fucked me in turn. Each left his load go in my ass. Cum ran out of me over my balls and down the inside of my thighs! I felt like a whore, fucked over and over, used by men, and secretly, I loved it. I want more! I wanted my swimmer friend.

I heard him speak. 'Turn him over,' he said. And I was instantly flipped onto my back. He straddled my sand covered body sitting on my thighs. 'Let him go,' he said. And his friends released me. I thought about throwing him off and running, but I did not move. 'I told you swimming alone was dangerous,' he said, 'but you took the lesson like a man. I'll let you go now, unless you still want me!'

I didn't speak a word, nor did I move. He smiled. 'I was hoping that would be your answer,' he said as he bent over and kissed me! ++



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