“Death or divorce?” Samuel said.

They had paddled the canoe halfway across the lake when he asked Jonathan. At that distance from the forest, silence followed in their wake, interrupted only by the sound of water dripping off their oars. Samuel was not even facing Jonathan when he asked. He knew the forest more intimately than Jonathan, and he navigated from the front of the canoe.

Jonathan was focusing on keeping rythym with Samuel’s pace when the question was raised. He looked up and saw the back of Samuel’s head—red hair clipped to the scalp—his shoulders straining under his green flannel shirt while he dug into the water.

“Excuse me?” Jonathan said.

Samuel stopped paddling and glanced back. The canoe drifted from their momentum.

“I’m usually hired by a group of people for the Survival Experience,” Samuel said. “But when it’s one person, one guy by himself on the trip, it’s usually for one of two reasons: either to get over a death of someone like a parent or brother, or to get over a breakup. So what is the case for you?”

Jonathan huffed, reluctant to answer.

“Look,” Samuel continued, “the only other time when a guy goes on the Survival Experience without anyone else is when he has experience as a survivalist. I can tell you don’t because I am a survivalist.”

Jonathan examined himself, comparing himself against Samuel, and realized how obvious it was. Where Samuel had the rough-hewn skin and rugged build from his line of work, Jonathan’s athletic frame clearly looked sculpted in a sterile fitness center, muscles without the callouses from earning them. He trimmed his hair before the trip, but Samuel’s was unkempt, with a wiry mess of beard on his face. Even Jonathan’s flannel was not broken in; the folds from its display in the store were still visible.

“I broke up with my fiancée,” Jonathan finally muttered.

Samuel resumed paddling. He could sense Jonathan’s hesitation. “I know we don’t know each other that well beyond you booking this trip with me, but don’t feel like you need to make yourself presentable to me in any way. We wil be getting pretty vulnerable in front of each other. I mean, we’ll be shitting in the woods together. Can’t get more vulnerable than that.”

He glanced back and saw from Jonathan’s face that it was more than that.

“Look,” Samuel said, “if you can survive that breakup, you can survive this.”

His encouragement was enough to put Jonathan at ease. He remembered his purpose for booking the trip with Samuel, to get away from his troubles with his ex. It comforted him to know Samuel knew, if at least to help him along the way.

Samuel led him across the lake. After coming to shore, they hiked deep into the forest. On foot, the woods felt endless. They continued down the path while the sun retreated. By the time they set up camp and a fire, night blanketed the sky in darkness.

Dinner consisted of some wild berries and herbs Samuel gathered before sundown, and water they carried from the lake. Jonathan appeared miserable, hungry and cold while he shivered by the fire. Samuel eyed him from the other side.

“Have I gotten your mind off your girl?” Samuel said.

“I guess,” Jonathan said. “Although I’m too hungry to think about her.”

“We’ll fish tomorrow and get something substantial.”

“I’ll survive.”

Samuel nodded. “Yeah, you will. If the pioneers did it, so can we. They figured out ways to meet their needs in harsher conditions, and I mean every need. They found food, built lodging, they even managed sexually.”

The last comment jarred Jonathan. “What?”

Samuel remained unflappable. “Some of the first expeditions didn’t include women. The men met their needs one way or another. It’s not something usually mentioned in history class.”

Jonathan shuddered. “It’s getting cold.”

“Yeah,” Samuel said as he got to his feet. “We should get in the tent. We’ll need our rest for tomorrow.”

He circled around the fire and climbed into the tent, leaving the opening unzipped for Jonathan. Jonathan followed after him. With all of effort they expended to get there, the sleeping bag looked inviting. Then he noticed there was only one.

“Where are you sleeping?” Jonathan said.

“The sleeping bag is big enough for two,” Samuel said as he began to remove his clothes.

“Why are you getting naked?”

“Shared body heat will help both of us stay warmer. You should get naked too.”

Jonathan froze, unsure of what to make of the arrangement.

“Like I said earlier,” Samuel said. “We will be getting vulnerable together.” He climbed into the bag without a stitch of clothing on.

Reluctantly, Jonathan followed suit. They maneuvered to their sides, inches from spooning; Jonathan lay as the big spoon. He had to admit, but Samuel was right, he did feel warmer.

But Jonathan’s thoughts were jumbled. He had not slept next to a warm body since he broke up with his ex months ago. He found himself getting aroused. Jonathan tried to back away from Samuel, giving some space for his enlarging cock, but the confines of the sleeping bag limited his movement. Just when he found enough personal space for comfort, Samuel shifted, his backside running into Jonathan’s cock.

Jonathan jerked back, hoping Samuel did not notice. But Samuel back into him again, leaving Jonathan no room between him and the wall of the sleeping bag. He looked over his shoulder, staring into Samuel’s eyes. “Whatever you need to survive.”

To his own surprise, Jonathan found himself nodding.

Samuel flipped over to face Jonathan. His face disappeared under the sleeping bag. Before Jonathan had a moment to think twice about it, he could feel Samuel’s mouth wrapping around his cock, his beard prickling his balls and thighs. A wave of pleasure washed over him as Samuel plunged downward. Fingertips fondled his ballsack; they pulled up in response.

Jonathan moaned as Samuel’s tongue ran over every inch of his crotch. He licked the length of his shaft, circling around the tip, before running down to his balls and taint. Samuel’s head graudally emerged from the sleeping bag, but not before licking up his torso, working over each abs, and taking time sucking on his round nipples. It was a sensation Jonathan never experienced before; his ex never sucked his nipples. She rarely even sucked his cock.

Then Samuel kissed him passionately. Their mouths pivoted around each other while their tongues connected. As soon as Samuel drew back, Jonathan lunged forward for one more kiss.

Samuel rolled onto his stomach and looked over to Jonathan. Jonathan understood. He climbed onto Samuel, with Jonathan’s chest resting on Samuel’s back, Jonathan’s cock nestled between Samuel’s legs. Jonathan writhed around on top of Samuel, rubbing every corner of their bodies together. He spread his arms over Samuel’s arms, fingers interlocking, and spread his legs over Samuel’s leg.

It was nothing like anything he felt with his ex. She was soft and pillowy against his touch. But Samuel had heft and substance under his skin. When they pressed together, Jonathan could feel every muscle flexing. Samuel bucked under him, wanting Jonathan’s cock inside him.

Jonathan gladly obliged. His cock slid into Samuel’s hole surprisingly easy. Penetrating Samuel was tighter than any of his times with his ex. He forced himself to start off slow, delaying his cum for as long as he could. As Jonathan pulled back and thrusted in him again, he could hear Samuel grunting.

As the rythym increased, Samuel grunted more. Every push of Jonathan’s cock buffered from Samuel’s round butt cheeks. Their motions made slapping sounds with each push. Pressure built up in Jonathan’s cock, yearning for release.

“Give it to me, Jonathan.”

Jonathan gritted his teeth, trying to hold back his ejaculation. But Samuel kept his ass moving, and Jonathan could no longer resist. Pleasure flooded his body as spurts of cum bore deep inside Samuel’s hole. Cum oozed out so much it started flowing out of his ass, dripping down the inside of his thigh. They lingered, holding that pose until Jonathan finished. He cock remained hard, lodged inside of Samuel. The bout ended with heaving breaths, sweat trickling off of Jonathan’s chest, filling their nostrils with the scent of sex.

“I hope that was helpful for you,” Samuel said.

 Jonathan smiled. “I’ll survive.”




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