The Suburbs: Caught By My Neighbor, Chapter One

Jesus Christ its pouring rain again. Seems like that is all that happens in the Houston Area these days, which means flooding. This is the second rain day from work this week; thank god it’s a paid day off. Two days with limited electricity, and AC came second to the fridge, must have ice to make a rocks margarita. Cant bitch too much really, every person on my cul-du-sac is required to brave the high water for work, or so I thought. 

Every window is open to catch the breeze from the storms, and it is still in the 90 degree territory, so naturally, bare assed I was sitting on my back porch day drinking. Certainly a change from day one when I was trying to catch up on work, not for day two. Tall margarita and my hard thick 7 inches in hand I was day dreaming about this hot, 6 foot, 30 something Adam Levine looking hunk down the street when I hear, “Oh Shit, my bad,” over my shoulder. My first thought was, “Who’s in my house?” then I remembered I was stroking my dick and probably moaning Alex’s name. Walking through the kitchen with a full mast woody, I see the sexiest, Alexander Skarsgard piece walking out of my front door, Jonathan. 

Me: “Jono, what’s up?”

Jono:  in a tad shaky voice, “A tree fell into my yard, and I needed to borrow your chainsaw, but clearly you have your hands full right at this moment, and I didn't realize you were home” 

Me: still hard. “Its in the garage, Ill put some clothes on, and Ill help you” 

Well, that just happened, and this isn't even a porn video, I cannot help but feel his eyes roaming my body as I walked into my bedroom. Jono and I have been acquaintances since I moved in several weeks ago. I foolishly decided to start moving furniture before my friends arrived, and I fell off the damn truck with my television in hand. Naturally the hottest guy in the suburbs saw it all unfold. Enter Jonathan, or Jono as he likes to be called. This man is 30, 6’2”, 180-ish pounds of sex incarnate, also a Doctor. After checking me for damage I was given a clear bill of heath, the television, however, was dead on arrival. Time progressed, and as neighbors do, I gave Jono a key to my place when I went on a trip, and he watched my dog, and I volunteered to watch his underwear drawer, I mean house while he's on shift or vacation. 

Me: “Is breaking and entering your kink or what?”

Jono: “Only if the homeowner is rubbing one out in the backyard”

Me: “Get the damn chainsaw and lets handle your wood”

Jono: “Are you flirting with me? Its not like you can handle my wood anyway, besides Im not Alex” as he gives me a shove.

Me: “Jesus how long were you standing there watching me?” 

Jono: while starting the chainsaw, “Long enough to know you are anatomically correct, and have an active imagination”

Me: to myself, “yeah handle that thing…, good god man calm down before you pop wood again” 

After watching Jono’s perfect ass and legs flexing and relaxing as he made short work of the tree, he stopped, drenched in rain and sweat, turned around, and that is when I noticed a bit more swing in his basketball shorts than normal, the phrase I am searching for is “free balling”. I quickly got back to loading up his truck with the freshly made logs, so he wouldn't notice my half chub or my mounting thirst. 

Jono: “What’s taking you so long?”

Me: “I got distracted”

Jono: “Do you want to go see if Alex is thinking about you on his back porch?”

Me: “You want to do your yard work alone? No? Then shut the…”

Jono: “No need to be so testy. Has it been a while since you got any? Feeling a bit dusty are you?”

Me: “Im not drunk enough to deal with you”

Jono: “Where the hell are you going? There is work to be done.”

Me: “Day drinking on my back porch; I thought that was clear” 

Jono: “Hot beer?”

Me: “fuck no. I have a generator and its running my fridge” 

Jono: “You cheeky bastard, you've been holding out on me!”

Me: to myself, “Id give it up in a instant”, but out loud I said, “Not my fault. I thought you were held up at work.” 

Jono: “No way, Ive been held hostage by the weather like you, but with out electricity”

Me: “Give your wood a break and lets hit the HEB for food and more booze”

Away we went, both free balling. As I was getting into the truck I caught a glimpse of the goods Jono is keeping loosely in his shorts, and It was not a disappointment. Large sagging balls on either side of a thick floppy cock. I vocally gasped. Jono looked right at me. Quickly I made a move like I smashed my shin against the truck. As the trip to the store progressed I was trying to not think about what I had just witnessed, because my dick was at about half staff and rising. I was thinking about literally anything except my sexy neighbor and his perfect body just to the left of me. 

Walking through the HEB was just as unnerving. Jono was leading the way, and the swing of his hips made the bounce of his ass all the better. If I don't get laid soon my balls are going to explode. The HEB near the house has one of those huge walk-in beer coolers, and is a nice 37 degrees which feels great for about three seconds before my skinny ass feels the cold icy grip of hypothermia settling into my soul. Clearly the store wasn't suffering from power failure as the rest of us were. Just as I started shivering Jono put his arm around me and started rubbing my shoulders trying to warm me up. The jewel of this whole ordeal was his junk was full on smacking the back of my hand. I popped wood, and Jono seemed a little inflated too. Back in the truck, I couldn't keep my eyes off his crotch, and it was apparent that he dressed to the left. Good thing for the waste band tuck or I would have been pitching a tent that could be seen from space.

Jono: “Are you going to get out of the truck, or are you just going to day dream about Alex all day?”

Me: “Why must you continue to interrupt me? Get inside and Ill make us some drinks”

I was mixing up some margaritas when Jono walked right passed me with out a shirt on and I damn near choked on the air I was breathing

Jono: “You alright?”

Me: “Hush, go outside”

As I handed the shirtless hunk his drink I quickly realized that one of his hands were occupied inside of his basketball shorts, which further exacerbated my increasing condition. We sat in relative silence for a while with only the sound of rain falling. 

Jono: “so, has this patio always clothing optional?”

Me: “Always.”

With that Jono tossed his basket ball shorts to the ground and continued to sip his drink. My heated horny self was showing signs of a stroke Im sure.

Jono: “Getting a better look this time?”

Me: “yes. Wait. What?”

Jono: “You got a quick look at my dick when you pretended to knock your shin on the truck earlier”

Me: “Busted”

Jono: “Please, you were busted on the porch earlier today. Take your damn shorts off and let your boner out, it'll be good for you; trust me, Im a doctor.”

Me: “So you say. I have yet to see any proof of this.”

Jono: “Take your shorts off, its not like Ive seen your hard dick today already. not including all the boners you were hiding at the grocery store.”

Me: … 

Jono: “I could call Alex over, Im sure your shorts would fly off then.”

I tossed my running shorts into Jono’s face.

Jono: “No wonder you couldn't hide your woody, you cut the lining our of your shorts, and it smells like you need a shower.”

I just give him a blank look and he tossed the shorts adjacent to his. Here I am on my back porch hard and horny with my sexy neighbor who is also naked and what looks like thick 8 plus cock coming to life. Jono has a body that shows he takes care of it. Nice solid pecks, mostly flat stomach, great biceps and tris, and those legs, they look like tree trunks. He's got a dusting of blond hair on his chest, torso and down to his legs; just the right amount Id say. Jono starts talking about the tree in his yard, complaining about having to build a new fence and landscaping his back yard. I only kind of listen, I am devouring his body with my eyes as he is just staring off into the distance. My dick is throbbing, precum going from the tip. Even though Jono is flaccid his member is impressive. Then I hear my name a few times, I snap back to reality as Jono waves his hand in front of my face. 

Jono: “Ill take your staring as a complement”

Me: “Shit, Im sorry. Kinda rude of me to blatantly objectify you like that.”

Jono: Said in a playful way “I cant blame you, I am pretty sexy” 

Me: “Idiot”

Jono: “Meh” as he gives his cock a fluff

Me: “How about that lunch?”

Jono: “Should be done soon”

Jono gets up, cock and balls swinging. That perfect ass swaying back and forth as he walks to the grill. He stands with most of his weight on one leg making his left butt cheek look even better. Fuck. I think I could eat that ass for lunch and not worry about dinner.

Jono: “… Eat naked?”

I shrug my shoulders in compliance. He makes a comment about staying naked as long as the booze holds out. So glad Im a drunk and always have a stocked bar. 

Jono: “Crap. dropped mayo on my cock.”

Jono scoops it up with his finger and pops it right in his mouth. Missed opportunity? Perhaps, but he is straight, but he has been cool thus far. 

With the sun going down we are both pretty buzzed, I hear my generator turning off and the drum of my AC kicking on. Now with the windows closed a chill sets over my naked body and Jono walks up to me, gives me a full frontal hug in salutation and to warm me up. I feel our junk collide, and after a second he breaks the hug and walks to the front door. God I am swimming in my own head as that ass walks away and I can still feel his cock on my body. 

Jono: “Just a slight breeze and you'd pop wood, eh?”

Me: “Its a talent really. I had a boner most of high school”

Jono: he chuckles as he closes the door behind him, “See you tomorrow if it floods again”

One can only hope.

Thanks for reading; this was my first shot at writing a story. If y'all liked it Ill keep it going.



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