Once in a while as a student I would come up against a teacher worth day dreaming about. Sometimes I would wonder if the teacher had any ideas about me. In the end, it was always just a fantasy. But then, it also occurred to me - what was it like on the part of a teacher. Certainly, you would never cross the line. Now, here I was, a graduate assistant. I had my own classes. I had my own students.

And, I had the question before me, not as fantasy but reality: every afternoon in British literature. From that first day, the very sight of him struck me dumb, rushed the blood from my face, filled the otherwise softness of my flaccid cock to a heavy weight between my thighs. A senior, twenty one or twenty two. A fully square head, with carved cheeks and elegant nose, crowned with dense blond curls stood flawlessly upon a solid neck as thick and white as a marble column. Thin coral lips parted to reveal the smile of perfect white teeth. His nostrils glowed with a delicate pink and were echoed by the trim taughtness of his delicate small ears. Ohm the sight alone - how I would have had those soft shells between my lips, my tongue along the length of that neck, my nose against those delicate nostrils, my lips against his - tasting them, parting them, past those pure white teeth to the strike my tongue against his, the two writhing together.

And when he entered the room, his fully rich legs strode to take their place. The fullness of his ass and thighs slipped slowly into his seat. He slouched a bit - the knees spread apart leading to that place between where a fully round bulge curved gently in his jeans and where even the cloth faded to an almost white to signal their inviting call.

Above the desk table, two fully rounded arms leaned forward, emerging white and muscled, sunlight catching on the silken gold hairs that ran from the elbow to the wrist. Above the elbows, great swells emerged, white and tan, half hidden by the tight fitting polo shirt. Between the arms, beneath that ivory neck, yet concealed by the deep blue cotton, the great expanse of his chest, rounded and full, with the tips of small nipples thrusting forward, calling out to me, distracting me, sending my mind into places only imagined.

'Excuse me, sir.'

Something broke my reverie.

'Excuse me, sir' Again. It was him. He was speaking to me. Was the class over? Had I lectured for an hour? I was unaware. I must have functioned on some other automatic system. But there he was before me. His face so close to mine.

'Sir - Could I see you in your office later? I'd like to go over this again.'

'Why, yes. Yes, of course.' I was on automatic again. None of this was registering. 'My hours are from 3:30 to 4:30. I'd be happy to work with you'.

'Thank you, sir. I'll stop by'.

What had I said? Where was I? I was in a stupor. How could I see him? How could I be with him alone. It was entirely too much. I went back to my office. I sat. I waited. The thought of his arrival made me hard to the point of pain. The thought of my situation made me cold again and shriveling soft.

A knock. He was at the door. My dick trembled with heat.

'Yes, come in'.

The door opened. He was there.

'Come in' I repeated.

He stepped forward and closed the door behind him. He showed my the text. 'Sons and Lovers'.

'Can we go over a few pages? You know, I stay up with my reading, but I'm on the gymnastics team and there are times when I just.....'

'No problem,' I stammered. 'Have a seat'. He sat before me and leaned slightly forward. But my thoughts were of him as a gymnast. How much more could I take?

He opened the text. He read. He questioned. I was silent. He turned pages. I turned pages but my eyes continually fell to him, to his face, to his chest to his arms to his thighs to his denim covered dick and balls.

'Excuse me sir, but did you hear me?' 'Sir?'

I stared blankly. My face was pale. My eyes longing. My hand reached to my crotch. Suddenly, the head of my cock pulsed and the warmth and wet of my cum spread across my lap. But he didn't see. I was hidden by my desk.

'Sir? Are you OK?' he asked.

I wheeled by chair back. I spread my legs. The stain was clearly visible.

'Sir? It's all right. I understand.' He muttered. 'You see, that's why. That's why I asked. You see, you see..... I find you to be.... I mean.....

With that, his hands went to the waist of his shirt and lifted it over his head. What I beheld was to magnificent to describe. The most slender waist, sloped and narrow, highlighted by the most classic definition rising upward to a chest as though sculpted by an ancient Greek master. Gentle curves, soft and white moving outward to the sharp tips of pink nipples. The majesty of that neck, the perfect jaw, the lips, the ears, the nose and those thick golden curls. Then his fingers, at the ends of those most rich hands swung from those full dense arms and undid his belt. Then he opened his pant's button, then the zipper. He hands pushed down his jeans. Blue cotton boxers hid his manhood but allowed the tapering silhouette to make itself known. Then, slowly, he lowered them. Slowly past the soft golden brown pubic hair. Slowly past the base of his cock - then down to his thighs where he hesitated a moment. He knew how to let me glance, let me enjoy. Then down past his knees and with a raise of one leg then the other, they were off.

There they were, two magnificent towers, two fully endowed, fully rounded columns that rose from gentle ankles upward to the golden triangle of his crotch in front and to the roundness of his perfect hips behind. He was still soft. His flaccid cock was perched ever so delicately on the pouch of his bulging balls.

'Do you like this?' he asked.

'Yes.' I whispered.

'Look'. He said.

He arched his back and slung his muscled arms in a graceful curve beneath his rounded pecs. Slowly he turned. My eyes moved across the velvet of his shoulders, the broad expanse of the spreading back. Dense and wide it fell to a gentle 'v' at that narrow waist and then, like two great mounds the absolute fullness of his ass cheeks thrust outward. Two firm and white and rose solid masses in a flawless curve arched in splendor and curved quickly under to meet the massive thighs.

My hands groped my crotch. I bent half over in sweetest agony at the sight of such flawless manhood. I moved from behind my desk to stand before him.

'Now wait,: he said.

And with that, he slowly and carefully turned,. He bent forward and in a moment he was in a hand stand position. - upside down. He was a spear flying upward. Hands, shoulders, back, hips, thighs calves and ankles in a seamless upward thrust. Then with the greatest care he spread his legs, further and further. He opened himself to me. His ass was directly before my eyes;

His cheeks parted and at my mouth the glory of his hole. Dark and deep and surrounded by golden brown hairs. I grabbed his legs in my hands. Pulled them against me, held his thighs to my chest.

'Now, hold me, hold me' he cried.

My mouth lunged forward. My tongue reached out to penetrate the hole he offered me. Around and around my tongue explored his offering. My mouth moved left and right, in frenzy it moved from his ass to his inner thighs up and down from knee to ass. Quickly my tongue found its way from his hole to the base of his balls. Again and again my avid tongue stroked the span from his hole to his sack, pressing hard, pushing. My lips snapped up the wrinkles of his scrotum and pulling and sucking drew in first one ball then the other. How sweetly they rolled within my mouth. I wanted his dick, still flaccid, but only managed to lick its around its delicate root and taste the soft golden cock hairs that adorned it.

'Wait' he cried. 'Wait'

And with that I withdrew and in a moment he flipped forward. He was on his knees. His hand ripped at my belt, at my pants at my boxers. He tore them from me. As he tore away my pants, I ripped my shirt over my head and cast it to the floor. The smell of my own body, my chest, my arm pits, my waist mixed with the fragrance of his muscled arms and back and legs and together they floated upward to my nose. I was aware of myself. I felt his heat. I felt my own heat. Together they burned against my skin. My dick hard and pulsing sprung from my waistband and flung itself against his face.

His mouth seized my balls. His tongue rolled them violently around and around. My cock pressed hotly against his delicate nose and eyes and cheeks. Then, in a moment, his mouth left my sack and rose up to catch my throbbing dick. First he went only as far as the head. He turned his tongue again and again around the crown of my penis. The sensation was unbearable. I was ready to burst. Suddenly he lunged and his lips rushed forward and I felt their heat against my pubic hair. I looked down and was ravaged by the sight of those delicate lips riding back and forth against the length of my pole. Beneath them I trembled at the sight of his naked shoulders, of that rounded chest, of the bend of his legs bulging beneath me, but at the center of them all, was the most magnificent cock I had ever seen. It now was hard, hard beyond imagining. It thrust upward between his legs and bobbed ever so slightly in rhythm with his plunging mouth now engulfing my dick. He lowered his right hand and began pumping his own cock - harder and harder. He was gasping, he was swallowing me whole. His right arm pumped his cock wildly. The smell of his swear rose to my nostrils, The smell of his manliness rose up from his hole from deep between the spread of his cheeks.

I could tolerate no more. I pushed him down. I lay him on the floor. Such magnificence was too much to bear. Like a great Greek statue he lay before me. But this was flesh, warm and pulsing, wet with passion. His dick, full and ripe, flat and tight against the small of his stomach. It called to me. His chest rising and lowering in passion beckoned. His lips parted, his eyes begged.

I fell to my knees and straddled him. With my right hand I reached behind my back. I seized that silken pole and held up that magnificent shaft upright. I let its warmth touch the edge of my hole and then I shifted quickly back and in a single thrust shoved myself down upon its lengthy power. He was in me: in me, in me! The head of his cock struck hard against me to the prostate. In me to the stomach.

'Don't move'. I cried. I pressed my hands down hard against the rise of his pectorals which heaved in ecstasy. With my weight on my hands my ass was free, my hips raised and lowered in a wild frenzy.

Again and again, up and down, up and down, I impaled myself upon his spear. Never had I had such pleasure. He was in me. He was in me. It was all I had wanted. 'Come, Come'. I screamed. 'I want you. I want you'.

'yes, Yes', he groaned. His hands reached up and held my face. He pulled me towards him.

His lips met mine. His fingers pulled my hair. His mouth engulfed me. <br>

'Now', I screamed.

'Now, now', he echoed. His tongue invaded my mouth, I felt the heat of his come explode in my ass.

'You're mine,' he cried out.

And I collapsed into the strength of his arms.

His panting lips parted. His chest heaved.

Pushing me off his softening cock he parted his legs. He lifted his ass up before me. The darkness of his hole opened before me, it's pink lips surrounded by the sweet delicacy of small hairs that glowed like the finest halo.

The fullness of his thighs pulsated down past the bend of his knees to the fully male curves of those delicate calves. The softness of his ankles bent forward and asked for my hands. I backed off before him. My hands began at the roundness of his solid ass, flowed downward along his massive thighs, past the small behind his knees, along the roundness of his calves and seized the ball of his heels. Upward I raised those long and ivory legs. His ass was before me. The tightness of his hole pulled me in. My dick, still hard and unreleased ached with its stiffness. I bent it lower, forward to meet its mark. Even I felt its delicate softness, the softness of my own skin stretched hard and taught from base to head, as it struck the moistness of his waiting manhole. It struck. My hands spread those legs, those ivory legs. He loosed himself, opened himself. I entered. First, just the head, just the head as far as its ridge. He folded against it, tight around ths lip. Then I withdrew and plunged again. This time deeper. Deeper beyond the rim of my pulsing cock. How soft my dick head felt, soft yet like an iron rod. An iron rod that I possessed, that I thrust and thrust again. Each time deeper and deeper. Hot and heavy, throbbing. I bent forward, my chest against his. I felt the fine hair around his nipples mix with the silk of my own. My lips dug at his arching neck, licked at his jaw and chin rose to his ears. Then, in a moment if fullness I found his mouth, parted his lips, my tongue found his.

'Come, Come' he cried.

'Come in me, come in me - Fuck me!

My hands split his legs, My tongue thrust into his mouth, My dick pulsed and arched and jammed fully to its base, my pubic hairs crushed against his, my cock exploded inside him - thrust and explosion, thrust and explosion - flood and flood and flood - my cum burst into his hole.

I fell upon him, chest against chest, mouth against mouth. My hands found the softness of his hair, my legs the warmth of his as I fell between them.

He was mine and I was his.



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