It had been awhile since the encounter between me and Lucas, and each time I'd pass him in the hallway, I'd smile to myself, remembering just how incredible it was with him. Being that it was a completely random encounter, and he was intoxicated at the time, part of me felt rather bad that I didn't stop him since he was drunk, but the other part of me was thankful it happened for whatever reason.

During an extremely hot summer, the power grids in our neighborhood kept overloading due to all of the air conditioners running at full speed. Con Ed warned homeowners to cut back on their usage, but it seems to fall on deaf ears. Every other day, the electricity would peter out for about an hour or two. I didn't own an air conditioner, since I had a nice cross ventilation coming through the windows. It kept the apartment nice and comfortable, and during the evenings I could smell the faint aroma of roses wafting through the apartment from my neighbor's window box.

As the kids played on the street, fire hydrants opened to full capacity, showering kids with mists of water like the Trevi Fountain in Rome, I'd sit on the front steps, watching the people walk by, dabbing themselves with hankerchiefs (the elderly women and men) and downing bottles of water (joggers and businessmen). Lucas walked up, his tie undone from his collar, his suit jacket drapd over his shoulder, the white cotton dress shirt soaked in perspiration.

'Damn, it's hotter than a mothefucker out here', he bellowed.

'Con Ed's warning everyone to take it easy on their air conditioners again.' He sighed, and craned his head toward the top of the building.

'Fuck. Guess i'll have to leave the damned windows open. No frickin' air comes through those half the time anyway.' He began to shuffle up the steps, looking rather dejected. I began to utter something, then stopped. Should I ask him if he'd like to sleep on my couch? Would I be out of line since I knew what had happened last time?

'Um, listen, Lucas. I've got space on my couch, and my apartment is a lot cooler than yours. Would you like to stay at my place tonight? Plenty of room.' I hesitated for a minute, unsure of the response. He turned around and offered me a broad smile.

'Dude, I really appreciate that. But i've got Cindy coming over, and, well, she needs to be fed, if you know what I mean.' We both smirked at the comment and I nodded.

'Just a thought. Listen, the offer is still open in case you change your mind. Hell, why don't you ask Cindy to come over as well? In fact, you can take my bed and i'll take the couch'.

'You're shittin' me. You wouldn't mind? It might get kind of loud'.

'I live next door to you. It's a live action porno with you most of the time.' He stared at me for a second, a blank look coming across his face. He burst out laughing and leaned down, clapping me on the shoulder.

'Fuck, man. You're the shit. I'll ask her. And dude, I so appreciate this. Thanks a million'. He headed up the stairs into the building and I turned to resume my people watching. Sure, it wasn't Lucas by himself, but i'd be able to close my eyes and remember how good it was that night, with him being a door away.

It was about a quarter of seven, when there was a knock on my door. Lucas was standing in the doorway, clad in nothing more than a white tank and a pair of skimpy running shorts, his huge bulge standing erect against the thin material.

'She cancelled. Said it was too hot for her, and she didn't want anyone listening to us while we fucked. I told the bitch, 'Hey, he hears us anyway through the walls, what's the difference? So is that offer still good?'

'Of course. Have you eaten?'

'Just on the way to work out. Be back later tonight. Maybe we can have dinner together? Smells good'. Ok, kid, breathe in, I told myself. Just breathe.

'Sure. Chicken alfredo, salad with vinaigrette, and apple flan for dessert.'

'Sounds damned good. Say 9:30?'

'See you then.' I closed the door and fell against it. This was too good to be true. In my apartment, having dinner with me. I rushed to the kitchen like an excited schoolboy and started to work on dinner.

At 9:30 sharp he arrived, clad in a pair of ironed khakis, buttoned dress shirt neatly pressed, and a pair of sandals. He smelled of a musky after shave and he looked absolutely beautiful.

'Please, come in'. He walked past me and stood in the middle of the living room. I showed him to the table, and we sat down to eat. I lowered the lights and lit two candles which I put on the tablecloth.

'Saving electricity', I mumbled. We chatted about his work, my work, our hobbies, family, whatever came to mind. The chilled wine began to relax me, and I didn't feel as nervous or out of sorts.

Lucas drank several glasses, leaning back in his chair, his legs splayed out like a dog in front of a fire. He looked over at me and gazed at me intently.

'I wanted to thank you again for the last time. You were very kind to take me in'.

'No trouble. You'd fallen outside and, well, you'd have probably slept there all night if I hadn't have heard you'.

'Probably. And I have to admit, it was pretty hot when I was fucking you'. My hand froze in mid air as I started to pick up a roll. Our eyes locked on each other and I just looked at him, my mouth agape.

'What did you say?' I'd heard him the first time, but I had to ask him to repeat it, just to make sure I wasn't hallucinating. He leaned over, put his hand on the back of my neck and stuck his tongue deep into my throat. I responded passionately, pulling his mouth deeper into mine.

He stood up, blew out the candles, and grabbed me, swooped me up in his massive arms and carried me to the bedroom. Setting me down on the floor, he tore off his shirt and slacks, his beautifully toned body glistening with dampness from the streetlamps. He pulled my clothes from me and pushed me down to my knees.

'Suck it, boy. Suck my fucking cock. Just like you did last time'. I responded with elan, taking in each inch like a sword swallower. He moaned with pleasure, his hands on the base of my neck, forcing the inches deeper into my throat. His hips swayed as I sucked his cock, and I reached up to cup his balls in my hand.

'Fuck yeah. Do it. Suck my fuckin' dick.' I fellated him for what seemed like hours, his moans getting louder with each stroke of my mouth. He pushed me away and stood me up, taking my arms and pulling me to the door. He closed it and pushed me up against it, my ass facing him.

'You need that ass fucked. Badly. I can tell. How you've been looking at me when we pass in the hall, when I come home from work. Say it. You want me to fuck you.'

'Yes. Yes. Fuck me, Lucas. Fuck me hard.' I heard him let out a rather sinister laugh as he pressed his body against my back. He shoved his tool into my ass and began pounding me mercilessly. I responded with cries of joy, begging him to go deeper and deeper within me.

'You've got a fine ass, boy. Yeah, nice and fine.' He slammed his balls against my ass cheeks and grunted. His hands cupped my nipples and began to pull at them greedily. I threw my head back and screamed.

The heat in the apartment seemed to rise almost 50 degrees, as sweat poured off of our naked bodies. I could taste the salt coming off of my forehead as it dripped against my lips. His sweaty frame back and forth against me, and I closed my eyes, wanting this to continue indefinitely.

The chimes from the church struck midnight, and a cool breeze blew through the bedroom. He pulled out of me and spun me around, delivering a deep, passionate kiss to my salt covered lips.

Without saying a word, he dropped to his knees and took my hard penis into his mouth. I gasped in shock, since I wasn't expecting this to happen. He was able to take every inch of my member and I fell back into the door once again, letting my body relish in this moment. I grabbed my nipples and began to tug at them, but he reached up and swatted my hands away.

'You don't touch.' He took them in his meaty paws and once again attacked them. My breathing became more labored, and I kept gasping for air. He was, in a cliched sense, taking my literal breath away.

'I wanna know when you are ready to cum'. I uttered a 'yes' and he continued sucking. I felt my balls tighten and the rise of semen starting to approach.

'Oh, god.' That was all I spoke. With that, he pulled his mouth off and began to jerk me off. Hot cum came gushing out all over his face, chest like a volcano. He rubbed the head of my dick against his goatee, and licked the shaft. He stood and began to pull on his own cock. I stood back and watched him, his incredible body thrusting with desire, the sweat emanating from our bodies providing lubrication.

'Fuck yeah. Come and get it'. I leaned down and took his salty load, drinking in his vital fluids. He shuddered as each drop came trickling from his massive tool.

We stood there, dripping in sweat and semen, and I started to head for the bathroom for a towel. He grabbed my arm and pulled me back.

'Get your ass in bed. This ain't over by a long shot. I'm sleeping with you tonight. I'm gonna thank you some more.' We fell against the cool white sheets, and entangled ourselves in each others arms.

We layed face to face, kissing furtively, laughing and talking, like two school mates on vacation.

'Lucas, why did you, well, you know, do it with me that night? I mean, you were drunk and I thought you were straight'. He leaned over to me and kissed me once again.

'I'm only straight on the days that end in 'Y'. The nights, well, that's another story'. He fell on top of me and again, we began another round, hopefully going past the stroke of two.



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