It was Friday night and I was in the mood to suck some cock. It was my intentions to hit a couple adult with glory-holes and one with a movie theater. They're active at different times so hitting the hot times at both is easy. Unfortunately at the last minute my plans were thwarted when some of my buddies came by at the last minute to get me to go to a titty bar with them. No big deal since I love naked ladies and pussy.

Claiming I had to make an earl night of it because I had to go to work Saturday, I drove my van.

The girls were hot so the tips and lap dances flowed like water. There wasn't a limp dick in the room. As was my custom I picked out a girl that I was attracted to, tore 3 $100 bills in half and gave half of them to her. The expectation of the other half plus the normal G-string additions and lap dances assured me her attention all night. And for another $100 bill or so her company after she got off work.

She showed her appreciation for my big tip by before the night was over by doing everything but sucking my dick. And thanks to my big tip were doing about as good.

I was standing at the urinal taking a piss when a guy from the next table took the urinal beside me. Force of habit, I discretely checked him out. He had a nice 6 uncut inches and was just hard enough for the skin to pull back and expose his deep purple head. Cutting my eyes away before he noticed my attention, I zipped up and moved over to the sink.

Obviously he'd had too muck beer because he did something that few guys do in a restroom...he initiated a conversation. When I realized what he was saying, he was telling me how hard the girls were making his dick and what a waste it was. "My wife is pregnant," he mumbled, "and all I've got to look forward too is my hand."

"Doesn't your wife suck your dick? When I was married my wife fucked me as long as it was safe and then she sucked my dick twice a day until she had the baby."

"She use to while we were dating but when she said, "I do," to marriage it was I don't do blowjobs. Now I get 2 blowjobs a on my birthday and one for Christmas...if you can call what she gives me a blowjob. She'd hold the head in her hand while she strokes the shaft with her hand. When I get close she takes it out of her mouth and finishes me off by hand."

"By hand...she didn't let you cum in her mouth?

"Are you kidding? She never let me cum in her mouth even when we were dating?"

"Damn...what you need is a good cocksucker to give you a real cum swallowing blowjob."

"Where can I get one of these cocksuckers?" he laughed.

"What difference does it make? You're like every other guy in this room, so afraid of your masculinity that you wouldn't take a blowjob if it was offered."

"Try me."

"Ok...go outside for a smoke, fresh air or whatever and I'll meet you around the corner to the left."

I could tell that he was apprehensive as I led him to my van parked in the dark back corner of the parking lot. To relieve the tension while we were walking I exchanged names with him. His name was Eugene and they called him Gene.

The second seat had been removed so there was plenty of room between the driver's seat and the first passenger's seat for a couple of guys to play. As I opened the side door for him to get in, I pointed out how dark the window tint was. "Even on the brightest day no one can see in." when I closed the door and closed the curtain behind the driver's seat we were in a cocoon...cut off from the world. As Gene sat down in the passenger's captain's chair staring like a deer caught in headlights I handed him a coke from my mini-frig and turned on the pre-set porn on the overhead TV screen.

Without waiting for an invitation I went to my knees and went for his belt buckle. Staring at the TV screen as if not looking down at me would keep him from being part of the action Gene ignored me as I open his fly and pulled down his pants. When his pants were down around his ankles, I removed his shoes and pulled his pants and underwear all the way off.

Pushing his legs apart, for a couple of minutes I just admire that of which I was about to partake. I couldn't believe my luck. It was a huge uncut dick with a big mushroom head swimming in a sea of curly black pubic hair and had pre cum leaking from the slit. When I took him in my mouth, Gene shivered all over, moaning, "Uuuuuuugh," as I took the head in my mouth and stroked him a few times. Then I raised my face up and asked, "Is that what your wife calls a blowjob?" Before he could answer I took him so deep in my mouth that his head bumped the back of my throat. Then I just held it there so his dick could savor the warmth and moisture of my mouth. In seconds Gene grabbed the back of my head and mumbled, "Oh shit."

I started licking the shaft and sucking the head slowly, teasing it with my tongue until Gene was shaking with excitement. Then I took him in my mouth again, tightened my lips and slowly moved my mouth up and down his shaft a few times. Gene lay back with his eyes closed and let me have my way with his cock. I worked his shaft in and out as slowly as I could because I wanted him to really enjoy it.

By now Gene was moaning, "Oh shit, oh shit," and moving his hips in time with my mouth. As his hips started moving faster and faster he moaned, "Ooohhhh my god, I'm cumming...I'm cumming in your mouth. Then I was rewarded by his cock unloading into my mouth and down my throat a nice big load of hot cum. Gene shook all over as his cock grew soft. Then he just sprawled there and let me suck his half soft cock.

With a contented sigh Gene groaned, "Damn man, you swallowed it all. You swallowed 5 days' worth of cum. I don't know what to call what she does, but you're right my wife has never given me a real blowjob."

Once he had his pants back on I gave Gene my business card. "I work from home so I'm available almost anytime. Instead of jacking off give me a call."

About an hour later when I came out of the restroom Gene was waiting for me in the hallway. After stammering around for a couple of minutes he asked, "Would you like to go get some more fresh air?"

The curtain blocking off the front window was still pulled. By the time I got the door closed and locked Gene almost had his pants off.

I kneel between his out stretched legs and put my hands on top of his knees and slowly slid them up his hairy legs. As I moved my face into his lap I could smell our previous encounter on him. Again I admired his erect cock with his low hanging balls drooping beneath it. Turning over control to me, Gene put his hands behind his head as if to show off his bicep muscles.

Moving my face lower, I placed my tongue at the base of his dick, just above his ball sac. I felt every vein as I licked all the way up his shaft to the head. When I worked on his head I noticed a reaction from him. As soon as my tongue touched his head Gene tensed up and sucked in a deep breath. I tickled the underside of his head with my tongue and licked his pee hole.

I knew he was more relaxed this time and enjoying the experience more when he said, "Oh god that feels great but I like the way that you were bobbing up and down before."

Making sure to keep my lips well below my teeth I wrapped them around his shaft as low as I could go. With his head pushed part way down my throat I started bobbing, going up and down on his rock hard shaft. I started with really long strokes and then I shortened them, focusing on the sensitive head and the top few inches of his cock.

Suddenly I felt Gene twitch a little and tense up. Knowing what that meant, I moved where the head was lying on my tongue just as he gave a slight moan and a shot of his cum pulsed out into my mouth. It had the same consistency and it may have been my imagination but seemed to taste slightly different flavor. I swallowed the spurt he gave me and as I did he gave me another squirt, this one was slightly bigger and had more intensity.

Gene grunted like he was almost in pain with every shot of cum that he gave me. I knew when each one was coming because he would tense up at the start of each shot. The next one had a big spurt of cum that splat up against the back of my throat, with a smaller one right behind it that landed on my tongue. And then some more cum seeped out. I swallowed it as he gave it to me, each spurt giving me a good amount to swallow.

Almost laughing from joy, Gene pulled up his pants and was gone back into the building.

After we were both back at our tables, Gene's group got up to leave and my group wasn't far behind.

Outside I separated from my group and as they headed home, I headed for an adult bookstore with the movie theater. I had just enough time to get there before the strip club crowd got there. All the single guys that got horny watching the half-naked girls dance came by there to get a little relief before they had to go home alone. And if I was lucky I'd be the one to give 5 or 6 of them that relief.

When Gene called Saturday morning on his way to Home Depot I knew I had myself a regular feeder even after his wife had their baby.

The end...



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