I told myself that my real reason for wanting to learn to swim was not so I could be surrounded by hot bodied men in their Speedos but that I genuinely wanted to learn how to. I have always been fascinated by the sport but the closest I could get to it was our annual beach trips around the periods of a national holiday, or watching World championship swimming or the Olympics on television. Where I'm from there is no surface water; no rivers that is and we are often taught to shun large bodies of water.

Oh, by the way I'm Jason, and I'm from Jamaica. I'm a University Student in my first year at the time of this story studying to be a lawyer. It's a 5 year programme spent between Jamaica and Barbados that many find either too competitive or too daunting. I live on the campus of UWI, the island's and the Caribbean's largest and most prestigious university.

I made a new resolve to swim last week after discovering while on my way to a football match (Americans call it soccer) that there is an Olympic size swimming pool. The next day I got my gear; hardly appropriate gear for swimming, and I headed out to the pool. I got there signed in and spent the next couple hours watching the sun go down and watching other individuals do their laps up and down the glistening water. I was scared. As much as I loved swimming, perhaps learning to swim was pushing myself a bit too much. Well there I was, caught up in my indecision of to swim or not to swim....listening to the palpitations in my chest. Then I saw him.

He stepped out of a blue Honda Civic but it was almost as though he stepped out of a magazine. He was about 5' 9'', brown, well built and downright charming. I kept my eyes on him as he entered the pool grounds and sauntered in my direction. I watched him cautiously of course; after all this is Jamaica and I didn't exactly want to be another statistic of gay bashing. Yet I watched; cautiously, nervously as he approached me. He was a medical student (his uniform gave him away) and a regular too evident in the swimmer's body he boasted. He came over to the section of the stands where I was sitting and dropped his tote bag casually. Then he spoke.

'Aren't you going in?'

I stuttered. The palpitations got louder but for a different reason this time. I tried to speak. I stuttered again and even before I could answer he stretched out his hand. 'I'm Sean'. 'J-Jason'. I more or less whispered stretching out my hands to meet him. 'Jason?' he repeated. 'Yea' I said.

'So aren't you going in Jason?' He asked again. 'Yea', I replied...'...'just thinking'. 'Well hurry and think and get in before the sun goes down and the water gets too cold'. With that Sean grabbed his tote bag and headed to the changing room. Pity he didn't know what I was thinking. Well maybe, he would knock me out cold if he knew how much I was thinking of taking him back to my room and ravishing him.

Then it occurred to me to follow Sean. I might just be lucky to get a sneak peak of his ass or his cock. I hurried in the direction of the changing room. I was late. Sean was adjusting his Speedos. Clearly he had on no underwear. Above his clean shaved pubic area though was the god Adonis himself. He was a specimen of a man. Ripped abs, square shoulders, his torso a V, with another V-cut at the pubes. I willed my erection down and nervously started to change. We chatted a little. He was studying medicine and was in his final year.

I changed into my running shorts. They pale in comparison to Sean's Speedos but they were tight enough. He had inspired me so I was going commando as well. We emerged from the changing room, chit chatting and laughing and took a light shower before heading into the pool. All this time, I ogled Sean's perfect body. 'Meet me in there' he said with a grin. His mouth another area of perfection. Just then he ran off and executed a perfect dive into the deep end of the pool. I watched as he reappeared grinning, beckoning to me to enter. I ran and executed what I thought was a perfect dive (after all, I have watched it on TV so many times). I hit the water hard just above my groin and it wasn't until I was submerged that I remember my reason for being at the pool that day. Not to swim cause I didn't know how to but rather to learn.

I forced myself back up, again just as I saw them do on TV and broke the surface sputtering, arms flailing. Sean grabbed me and pulled me over to the side of the pool. My secret was out. 'Your first time huh?' he asked. That boyish yet sexy grin reappearing. I blushed. 'Come' he said.

We spent the entire evening going through basics. Sean I learnt has spent all his life in the pool and was actually a junior national swim champion. He made me comfortable. Perhaps too comfortable as sometimes I would hold on to his hand a little longer than necessary. I loved when he touched my body. I'm 6'0', 165lbs and have a few abs going for me from my athletic exploits. It was nothing compared to Sean's and while there going through basic swimming lessons with him, many times my mind wondered off to dreams of his firm body pressing deep into mine. His hairless torso caressing mine, his small lips aggressively taking over my warm mouth.

I was awoken by the lifeguard telling us it's closing time. I felt dejected. Sean's final test was to see me swim to the other end of the pool. I did and he cheered me to the end and gave me a big giant hug when I emerged on the other side of the pool. We showered again then went to get dry; Sean laughing at my misses in the pool, me ogling this act of perfection.

Much to my disappointment Sean didn't strip down. He dried his body thoroughly then put on his shorts and a shirt, his Speedos still on. I however changed in one of the private quarters. I did however made sure I gave Sean a good look at my bulge and my firm ass when I strutted out in my tight, white Polo undies. I wasn't brave enough to look if he was looking but I was slow to get fully dressed. We walked out together into the cool evening and it felt so great. In that moment I felt as though I had known this man forever and wanted to spend the rest of my forever with him. It all felt so perfect. But he was a stranger and I had to accept that that's who he really was.

He said something about going off to meet his study group; I was caught up in my imaginations so I didn't hear. He however gave me a firm handshake and jumped into his Civic, revved it a few times, then blasted off. I was in love. Well, not really but I might as well had been.

Walking home it hit me that I didn't ask him for his number. Silly me I thought, guess I'll ask him a next time.

Well, there wasn't a next time. I didn't see Sean again. Not at the pool and nowhere on campus. That night I jacked off to visions of Sean and whispered his name as my juices shot in the air and landed on my chest. I still do now sometimes when I remember that day at the pool.



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