For a trip to Venice I booked a compartment in a luxury train which had a bed and a bath. I went for an evening meal to the restaurant wagon and after that I wanted to be on my own in my private compartment shaving my head and having sex with myself. But it should turn out that it would become even better for me that night on the train.

As I entered the restaurant a nice looking guy with short hair was sitting at one table and I asked him if he allowed joining him for the meal. I sat down and he smiled at me. He was looking very good with his short hair and I looked so awful with my mob.

We talked about different things and he told me that he was travelling on his own as well but that he had been too late for booking a sleeping compartment.

'I wouldn't mind sharing my compartment with you.' I said feeling my dick getting hard. From the expression on my face he must have realised that I was highly erected and under the table he touched my knee. I took his hand and guided it to my dick that he could feel my erection and he opened the zipper of my trousers and got my dick out.

'What a nice welcome!' he said and started masturbating my penis under the table. I had some difficulties not to start screaming of joy and luckily the table cloth covered our business. As I felt my orgasm coming I reached my serviette under the table and the stranger caught my sperm with it. He then pretended to wipe his mouth with the serviette but he licked my sperm from it and obviously enjoyed it. 'That was the perfect dessert after a good meal.' he said.

I put my penis back into the trousers and paid for our meals. 'Let's go to my compartment now.' I said. - 'Let me get my bag, I'll be with you in a few minutes.' I told him my compartment number and made my way to it while he fetched his luggage.

When I arrived at my compartment I threw all my cloths off and I had prepared my bath already for shaving my head. The clipper and razor were on shelve above the sink to be used now. My new friend then knocked at the door and I opened him completely naked. He put his bag down and then his cloths off.

'I want to be clean for you. Please join me to the bath.' I said. With my head over the sink I started to shampoo my hair and also all my pubic area. I offered my ass to my friend and his penis found it's way into the hole I offered and he started fucking me while I was still shampooing my hair.

When I was rinsing my hair with water he said: 'I think I know what you like.' He dried my hair with the towel and took the clipper. He pushed my head down over the sink and continued fucking me. Then I felt the clipper on my neck and saw hair falling down into the sink. I took my penis into my hands and masturbated while I was fucked and shaved. After short a time I felt the fluid of his sperm inside me and with my own sperm on my hands I touched my head and realized that it was completely shaved.

But the clipper didn't stop. Suddenly I felt hair falling on my back and as I turned round a bit to see what was going on I saw that he shaved his own head now. After a few minutes his head was shaved as clean as mine.

Now it was my turn to shave his head clean with the razor. We changed positions and now it was me fucking him up his ass and covering his head with shaving cream. I did that until I shot my sperm inside him and then my penis rested in his ass and I took the razor and shaved his head. He was masturbating his penis now and when I had finished with his head he had finished with his orgasm and used his sperm as an after shave on his head.

To get my head shaved I kneeled down in front of him and having his thick penis in my mouth my head was covered with shaving cream. Then my head was shaved with the razor. When my head was shaved clean I concentrated on sucking his penis while he touched the shaved skin with his hands. My hands went down to my penis and I sucked and masturbated at the same time now until be both had the next orgasm. His sperm landed on my shaved head and I added mine which I had caught in my hands.

We took a shower then and went to our bed in the compartment. It was such a nice feeling to be in the fresh sheets with a shaved head and we started fucking each other again. I touched my shaved head while I was fucked up the ass and I touched his when I fucked him. After we both had our orgasms we fell asleep and after a breakfast in the morning we got off the train and went separate ways.



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