In the years leading up to the second World War between three and four times more enemas were sold in Germany than any other European country, Twice as many were sold there than in America. Sears catalogue sales of enemas were located in the highly concentrates German areas of America, Why is this?

During the early days of the 20th century, there is a great deal of medical evidence extolling the value of the enema and particularly with children. All Germans were preoccupied with cleanliness, both inside and out. Children did not have a very easy life in so far as there were great expectations regarding their behavior. They were expected to do as they were told and the belief that sparing the rod will spoil the child, a good parent was a stern demanding parent.

Children were started on a path of toilet training at a much younger age than in any other culture. The paddle and the enema were the parent's best friend. Plenty of hot water and each family had its own recipe. Mothers would spend hours in talking about enema experiences with their children. What is the best enema position, the temperature of the water, the amount of soap or other ingrediances as well as how many enemas per day or week. Yes, it was not uncommon for some children to receive several enemas a day. On average, at least three a week.

A teen age boy will more often than not get an erection when being given an enema. Never mind a wooden spoon from the kitchen would do the trick. Strike the erect penis and the boy will quickly loose his erection. There will doubtless be other punishments, If the water is very hot, the less likely the boy will be to get an erection.

Teen age boys will talk about their enema experiences. Many boys will have developed an anal preoccupation and masturbation fantasies are often associated with enemas. An adolescent boy will see his younger brothers get enemas and will masturbate. If two older boys are at home alone and do not expect to have parents return soon, they often would give each other enemas and engage in anal sex. They didn't care if a younger brother watched them.

In the 1920's it is believed that the homosexual rate was much higher in Germany than in any other country. It was for many, a conflict situation. You were told that homosexual behavior was very, very wrong and that you should hate and even despise homosexuals. On the other hand, it was something that boys craved and this carried over into adulthood and even though they were married.

And so you were an SS officer in a concentration camp. You were away from home, in an environment where you had life and death authority.

Homosexuals were rounded up and sent to concentration camps. They were mal treated, humiliated, and subjected to any type of abuse the guards wanted to inflict. However, they were not sent to the gas chambers. There were over 10,000 homosexuals in concentration camps in the early 1940's. They were used and abused sexually by all military ranks, They were given the job of policing the other inmates. They were called Kapos or trusties much as in prisons in the American penal system,

All medical experimentation also involved wash till clean enemas, A clean bottom was mandatory prior to anal sex,

Teen age boys were more in demand than teen age girls. A group of 100 or more boys were to appear for inspection, completely nude of course. Beauty and a large penis were those chosen first to work in the better type jobs. It was easy to tell the Jewish boys because they were circumcised. The Germans were drawn to the circumcised penis,

There were many Gypsy boys and they were not circumcised, but tended to have large penises. Some were oven ten inches in length. These boys were singled out for special treatment. They would be told to masturbate on command. They were made to have anal sex with another boy. If the other boy could not accommodate such a large organ, he would be taken to a place where he could have enough hot water enemas to enlarge his rectum.

There would be contests. The boy with the largest penis, the boy with shortest amount of time in climaxing in a masturbation contest, and the one who could hold the most water in an enema contest.

Over 30% of the SS officers had sexual relationships on a regular with the men in the camps. It was not uncommon for non homosexual young men to be forced to have sex with the guards and officers. There were special living quarters for men on call for sex.

Many boys were raped repeatedly upon arrival before being sent to the gas chambers. They soon learned that as long as they were good at providing sex the longer they would stay alive.

In the barracks, there was constant homosexual behavior since there were men's barracks and women's barracks, In a barracks where there were a five hundred inmates, there would be over 100 having sex every night. The older men would initiate the young boys by holding then down so they could take turns raping them.

The guards were bored much of the time One sport was to line up 30 or more prisoners, have them drop their pants and were instructed to masturbate. If a prisoner could not cum, they were stripped naked and put in a large tank about the size of a bath tub. Twenty men were also naked were told to lay on their back with their feet up in the air and there would be a Kapo for each man with a filled one gallon capacity enema. After each man had received his enemy we would be made to position his ass over the man in the tub and release his enema. While the twenty men were releasing their enema, the Kapos were giving another group an enema and this would continue until the man and the tub were completely filled with the enema water. They didn't want this to be a fatal experience so that the man participating in the next masturbation contest would do so to the satisfaction of the guards.

Germany up to the beginning of the world was very much of an enema culture and all people, guards, SS and all others were victims of this exposure and much of their behavior was the result,

Over 25 people and 40 research articles were contributors to these and many, many other stories about life in the concentration camps.



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