I was looking forward to the next hour or so. I didn’t get to Midtowne Spa very often, so I planed on taking full advantage of the giant hot tub and the steam room. The hot tub is as big as a small swimming pool and is built with a grotto theme. At one end they even have a rock cave with a waterfall cascading across the entrance.  You have to pass through the waterfall to get into the cave but the water is warm and refreshing so it feels good. Most people have a tendency to stop and let the water massage their tired muscles as they enter the cave. After enjoying the hot tub I got out and stepped over to the steam room.

As I walked into the steam room, I sensed that someone else was there. After a moment my eyes adjusted to the fog and I saw Jack seated against the far wall. Jack wasn’t exactly a friend, just one of the guys I saw around the spa and occasionally chatted with. His eyes were closed and his towel was open, as he slowly stroked his cock. I was so shocked by his seeming lack of concern about being seen, that I just stood there, enthralled by the sight of his shapely, cut cock. It appeared to be a good eight inches and very, VERY thick, with a huge plum shaped head. Suddenly Jack opened his eyes and smiled. “I wondered how long it would take before you came in here." He added, "I've been planning this little meeting for several weeks, but I could never get the timing right.”

Confused I slumped down heavily on the bench beside him. The stair step way the seating was designed and the place he was sitting it was either beside him or one level up over him.

Then he kind of held his cock out towards me and asked, “What do you think?" 

For a minute I was literally speechless. Then, without any hesitation I leaned down and started to slowly lick the entire length of his shaft. With a laugh, he pulled my head up by my chin and looked into my eyes and obviously seeing the lust building in me. With such ferocity that I was caught completely off-guard, Jack ripped off my towel. Wrapping his fingers around my cock, he started slowly stroking it. He stroked it a few times and then leaned over to guide it into his mouth. I watched as the head of my cock disappeared between his lips and then as those lips wrapped around my shaft. Soon he was deep-throating my hard cock. In seconds I was powerlessly moaning, “Uugggghhhhhhh,” like a little bitch. 

When I exploded inside his mouth Jack kept sucking and massaging my balls until I was completely drained in every sense of the word. I slumped back against the wall and tried to catch my breath. 

When Jack stood in front of me, I immediately looked down at his incredible tool. The head was swollen and pre-cum was oozing out of his pee-slit and slowly running down the length of his thick shaft. Right then I knew I wanted him more than anything. Reaching out, I gently took his nut-sac in my hand and pulled him closer to me.  Leaning over I started kissing his big pre-cum coated head. Grunting, “Suck my dick you fucking faggot,” Jack grabbed my head and guided my mouth to his hard cock. 

Opening my mouth and trying to engulf its length. The first couple of times I tried to take his entire length it was so fat that I almost choked, but slowly I found the right rhythm. It was incredible I could feel the creases and veins of his cock caress my lips as my mouth bobbed up and down his thick shaft. 

"Suck harder faggot," he laughed as I noisily slurped on his salty shaft. The taste, the feel and the scent was incredible. I was consumed by the act. I could feel him growing in my mouth.

Holding my head tight he forced his dick down my throat until tears streamed down my cheek as I fought my gag reflex. "Suck me bitch," he yelled as his cock pumped into my mouth. With each passing moment, his breathing becoming faster.

I felt his balls tighten and I knew he was close. I was tense with anticipation. Then almost painfully he moaned, "Ooooh yeah, suck it man, suck my cock." I forced his cock deep into my throat as he delivered all of himself into my mouth.  "Swallow it bitch," he grunted as he cummed in my mouth. I don't really like to swallow but things were so intense that I gulped it down as if it were the nectar of the gods. He continued to throb and feed my newfound hunger until his muscular thighs began to quiver. He pulled away and slumped back down next to me, leaning back, exhausted. 

We said nothing for a few minutes and then I went to shower.  

After a couple of minutes had passed, Jack was there with me, caressing my body and stroking my tight ass. As I relaxed I began to feel him pressing against me. I looked and saw that he’d placed a condom on his cock. 

For me to let a guy take me anally, he has to be quite long, like Jack’s eight inches. The long smooth strokes of a big cock feels so much better than the quick, choppy motions made by a guy that has a shorter cock. Also proper lube and foreplay is key. Try sliding into a hole that's not relaxed and lubed, you aren’t going to be getting it again soon. 

Jack seemed to know what he was doing, because he played with my tight hole for a long time and got me really relaxed and properly lubed up. He had soon worked up to two fingers in me in no time. 

Coming up behind me, Jack reached around me he placed one hand on my stomach. Then with his other hand on the back of my head, he bent me forward at the waist. 

Suddenly Jack and slammed his cock into my ass. I gasped and put my hands against the wall for support.

My sphincter was relaxed so there was no real pain, just a little discomfort for a few seconds. His nut-sac slapping against my ass, Jack nailed me for what seemed like forever. I stroked my cock as powerful sensations overtook my reason. He was slow and gentle until he was ready to climax. Then he increased the speed of his movement and we both cumming almost simultaneously. By the time he was done, I’d cummed four times and was as limp like a rag doll. 

Slowly we extricated ourselves from each other’s grasp, finished our shower and went our separate ways.  

What a weekend that was. Although Jack and I still run into each other in the steam room, we've never talked about it, not one single time. We simply continue to meet in the steam room, knowing that one day we will add another lover to our private world.

The end…



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