Walking out of the cafeteria, I turned upon hearing my name. To my surprise Tony Belucci was walking towards me. He was the men's soccer champ at college, and extremely good-looking. We had a couple of classes together sophomore year, but I had hardly seen him all junior year except for random party appearances. This morning I had found out he was in my Lit class this semester, but we had only said hello to each other. He waved to his group of soccer buddies before turning his transfixing gaze on me. I couldn't help but hope he wasn't trying to find a "partner" to pawn his homework on.

"Hey Tony." We fist-bumped, but I was never really good at that, so it turned out to be more of a handshake. He laughed and ran his hand through his long dark hair. He had very Italianate features: square chin, rounded cheeks, olive skin.

"So this morning I noticed we're in the same Lit class," he said. I knew where he was going with this. As beautiful as he was, I wasn't going to be some dude's brains.

"Yeah?" I waited for it. I couldn't think of how I was going to shoot him down, but I was going to have to. The twenty credit courseload I had this semester was nothing to joke about.

"So you're the only guy I know in there. How about we hit the library sometime tomorrow to figure out that quiz he wants us to make up for ourselves?"

Oh, the test-quiz. This was our professor's method of seeing where we stood as far as Classical Lit was concerned; we made up our own ten-question quiz, and the best one would be passed as an actual quiz for everyone else. I got the feeling Tony didn't know much at all about Classical Lit.

"Um, we can do that, I guess." I tried not to sound too hesitant. But Tony sensed I was skeptical.

"I mean, we don't hafta," he said, clearly ruffled. His eyebrows pulled down low over his eyes, almost like he was pouting. "I just thought--you know, since we were friends....--but it's all good."

I studied him a second. "You don't know much about Classical Lit, huh?"

He blinked. Then he grinned in a very offhand way, so offhand I knew he was trying to look chill. "Nah, I guess I don't. But you do right? I mean, you're an English major."

"How do you know that?" I didn't have a clue what major he was, much less remember a conversation when I told him what I was studying. Or ANY conversation, for that matter.

Tony's olive face flooded with red. "I remember you saying something bout it, you know, back when we had a couple classes together. But seriously, I was just asking, man. It's cool if you don't wanna."

Seeing him look so adorably flustered triggered something within me. 

"Honestly, I don't know that much about it either. So let's meet at the library and figure it out together. Sound good?"

Tony's eyes lit up like a kid's on Christmas. "Yeah, man, let's do it! How about after five tomorrow? My soccer practice will be done early."

"Dude, I've got swim at five. Can we meet after that?"

"Sounds good." Tony paused. "You in swim now?"

"Just this semester." It was my turn to blush. I had always wanted to join the swim team, but I hadn't had the nerve til my senior year. Better late than never. "Maybe next semester too, if I do OK."

He looked at me funny, with a studly half-smile creasing his handsome face.

"You'll be fine," he said. Then it was as if he came back to life. He blinked. "How about I pick you up at the swim center? The libe's on the way."

"Sweet." I felt a little tickled that he wanted to pick me up. "I'll see you then, Tony."

"See you then, Pritchett."


As beautiful as Tony was, I honestly sort of forgot about him. Then, at practice the next day, I followed the other guys up to the high dive.

As I stood on the top rung waiting, I adjusted my speedo. I had felt so self-conscious when I first stepped into it-I wasn't in terrific shape-but it didn't give me a muffin-top so I felt my confidence slowly growing. But, I had been cursed with my mother's hefty hips-my dad used to say I was built like a caveman. My upper body was starting to fill out so my waist wasn't such a contrast, but my butt was as big as a black girl's. At least the black color of the speedo helped it look a little slimmer. Hopefully.

Toying with my goggles, I glanced over the empty bleachers around the pool. There, high up in the back, still in sweaty soccer clothes, was Tony. He was watching me.

I felt that blush creeping back into my face. I waved to him, and he raised a hand in reply. Yet he didn't take his eyes off of me. After the dive and our last laps, I grabbed my towel and headed over to the bleachers. Tony came down to meet me, grinning almost sheepishly.

"Hey chico. Practice let out early, so I thought I'd come here to see what swim is all about."

"Like what you see?" I hadn't meant for it to be such a suggestive question, but it was too late to take it back.

His grin broadened, and his eyes flickered down the length of my body. "Absolutely."

Was he seriously into me? Tony Belucci, the soccer star who had hooked up with every popular girl on campus? Was I even into him? I pushed the thoughts aside, forcing myself to stay rooted in reality.

"So you wanna take a shower and meet me back in the libe?"

Still smirking, he eyed me. The glint in his eyes was unmistakable now. "I thought we'd head to the locker room together. I mean, we're both showering down anyways, right?"

My face was beyond crimson now. I pulled off my swim cap and shook my soggy hair out to avoid looking at him again. What was he doing? "OK, well, the showers are this way. Have you been to the swim showers before?"

"Nope." He hoisted his gym bag over one shoulder. "I'm following you, chico."

I led the way, but I couldn't shake the feeling that he walked behind me just to stare at my butt. I thought of tying my towel around my waist, but I decided against it. Just in case he was actually checking me out.

The swim team nodded to me and Tony as we entered. Most of them were showering. They looked at Tony funny, but none of them said anything. Everybody knew he was the soccer champ and didn't necessarily have any business in the swim center.

Knowing they were watching, he set down his gym bag in the middle of the room and tossed off his jersey to expose a broad chest with two perfect nipples, completely covered in a soft layer of man-fur. Trying not to gawk, I headed over to the lockers.

"Well, here we are," I said, turning away from him. "You can pick a shower."

That wasn't saying much--all the showerheads serviced one collective shower. When he didn't say anything, I turned back, surprised. He was looking--almost glaring--at the other guys.

"I don't care, you pick a shower, chico," he said, still watching the others.

Did he want to shower together? This was getting weirder and weirder. I felt my penis thickening the more I saw of his bare body, and hoped I could stay cool. But just one glimpse of those pecs was enough to send me into a tizzy. I had to control myself. I didn't want things to get crazier than they were already getting.

Saying nothing more, I led him to the farthest corner of the shower, where we each had a showerhead. I kept my speedo on-I wasn't going to tempt fate any more than I had already by letting my dick free to harden up at the first good look I could grab of Tony naked.

But Tony had no such thoughts. He peeled off his shorts, then his jockey shorts. When he straightened, his entire olivey body stood before me, gently tufted in black hair and pronounced with handsome, curving muscles. The best part was the fantastic brown penis that curved slightly between his thick thighs, atop a heavy pair of dangling testicles. I peeled my eyes from the sight, trying to stay cool, but I knew he saw how long my eyes had lingered on him. It was as if his face was saying, "Here it is. Whaddya think?" 

Then it got even weirder. Tony angled himself between me and the other guys, as if buffering me from any stray gazes they might throw at me. Meanwhile, he applied his soap and shampoo nonchalantly, all the while openly--VERY openly--surveying my body with that smug, son-of-a-gun grin of his. After several uncomfortable moments beneath his scrutiny I finally looked him in the face. Our eyes met, and he winked. It was then that I noticed his thick cock had sprouted another few inches while looking at me. And he didn't even care if anybody noticed.

I washed myself as quickly as I possibly could, and when I finished I sprinted past him to get my clothes. He, of course, was much more leisurely; he sauntered across the shower, with his eyes daring any of the other guys to so much as make a peep about his half-erect penis. The others certainly noticed, but they said nothing. I couldn't help but wonder what was racing through their minds right now. This was bordering on complete impropriety.

We dressed and exited the locker room in silence. It wasn't until we were at the library and Tony had chased a couple of geeks out of a study room that I finally said something. I waited until all of our books were strewn around the table before I said, "So what was that all about?"

Tony looked up, blinking. "What was what?"

I felt myself grinning like an idiot. I FELT like an idiot. "Like, the locker room. Why'd you want to shower together? And why were you--well, sorry if I'm misreading this, but why were you possessive? And like, checking me out and stuff."

He propped his elbows on the table and rested his chin in his hands. "Because I like you, Pritchett."

I sat straight up. "What?"

He sat there, studying me, smirking. "I thought you knew. Maybe you're not as smart as I thought."

"Hey now," I tried to chuckle. "But--really?"

Tony still smirked at me, but for the first time I noticed he was swallowing a lump in his own throat. "Why else would I come out of the blue to ask to do homework together?"

"Well--I mean..."

"I've hardly see you since sophomore year, chico. Then yesterday, when I saw you sitting there in class, I remembered why I looked forward to going to those classes we had together. You're--well, you're beautiful. And you seem like a good person, like, a really good person. And I--I like that." I saw the oh-so-familiar crimson tinging his face again.

"Thanks," I said lamely. "I mean, I like you too. I guess. You're--well, you're gorgeous. Who doesn't like you?"

For the first time I saw a cloud settle over his face. "I want to be known as more than that," he said, his smirk gone. "Can we--can we get to know each other? Let me take you out. Would that be cool?"

My heart was in my throat. "I'd like that." I tried to sound cool. "A lot. I'd like to get to know the real Tony. Not the--not the gorgeous one."

His smirk reappeared at the joke. "And I wanna know the real Pritchett."

I raised my hand to cut him off. "Its Ted from now on," I smiled.

"The real Ted then," he said. "How about this weekend?"


Our first date was to a little Italian restaurant that not many people except for townies knew about. Tony was incredibly adorable--he picked me up at my dorm and walked me out to his BMW, even opened the door for me. He was dressed in a suit and white shirt unbuttoned to expose just enough of that chest-fuzz to get me hard again. I didn't wear a suit and felt underdressed, but Tony didn't seem to mind. It wasn't until we sat down at our table that I started to get some answers.

"So how long have you been into guys?" I said. Might as well dive right into it.

Tony eyed me over his Coca-cola, smiling mischievously. "A while, I guess. I can't say when it happened. I've always thought some guys were cute. After dating girl after girl and feeling unsatisfied, I thought maybe I'd switch it up. Dating guys is completely different. I love it."

I almost choked on my breadstick. "So you've dated guys before?"

"Of course. Haven't you?"

I shook my head. "I'm not even completely sure I'm into guys to be honest."

Tony's brows furrowed. "So why'd you go on this date with me?"

"Because I'm into YOU."

That dashing grin broke across Tony's tan face. "That makes me feel good. Thanks, Pritch--Ted."

I smiled. It grew quiet. I knew what he was going to ask even before he asked it, "So I'm your first guy date?"

"First date. Ever." I knew I looked apologetic, but I couldn't help myself. "I just hadn't found anybody date-worthy, I guess."

His jaw was almost on the table. "Seriously? Guys and girls alike are swooning over you. Half the guys on the team talk about you, and at least a couple of my girlfriends have mentioned you too."


"Yeah, chico. They all think you're so cute with those big blue eyes and that unassuming, quiet personality you got goin' on. And it helps that you have probably the best butt I've ever seen."

I dug into my spaghetti, not looking him in the eye. Was he serious right now?

"Well....wow. I didn't know that. But, thank you."

When I looked up, he was still staring at me, that half-smile transfixed on his face. "You're adorable, Ted. Like a little boy trapped in a big boy's body. I can't figure you out, but I can assure you I will."

I laughed. "It's on, buddy."


Two months later, we were dating hard. We were a fixture at every party on campus, and we basically had our own library study room reserved for us at all times--nobody would mess with Tony's place. But we hadn't done any more than kiss and make out a little. Tony didn't say anything, but I knew it might bother him, at least a little. I mean, he was used to getting booty when and where he wanted it. But I was scared. How did I even proceed with that?

We were at the annual soccer team's Wine and Cheese Night. I didn't drink, and normally Tony didn't either, but he had had a couple of shots and was feeling kind of woozy. He looked phenomenal. He was wearing a fitted black shirt rolled up to bare his ripped forearms, and that ever-present chest-fuzz peeked out of his collar. His hair was slicked back and he had freshly shaved, making his jaw even more pronounced.

He kept winking at me across the room. Finally I joined him on the dance floor. It was our first time ever dancing together in public. People scooted away from us, but that didn't stop Tony. He swayed over to me and dipped his legs,initiating the dance.

"Don't mind the haters," he whispered, and then he kissed me, right on the lips, right there in front of everyone. Something blew inside of me. I leaned into the kiss, and his arms closed around me as we moved along the floor.

"You're so hot," I breathed. "I want you so bad, babe."

Tony pulled away, tilting his head back so he could try to look at me as straight as he could in his half-drunk state. "Really? Like...sexually?"

I didn't even know what I was doing. I simply nodded, and moved closer to resume the kiss. He kissed back, deep, and then the next thing I knew he was dragging me upstairs.

We were up at the quad in no time. That was where the four senior players on the soccer team had four little rooms around a common living area on the top floor of the soccer house. A couple of Tony's roommates were chilling on the sofa watching TV. Tony pulled me in front of him and propelled me across the area from behind.

"Sorry if it gets a little loud here in a few minutes, guys," he shouted over his shoulder.

They both laughed as he directed me into his room and closed the door. My heart was racing. Letting my fingers do the work, I slipped off his shirt, then tugged down his pants. He stood flush with the wall, panting like he had just run a marathon. On my knees, I looked up at him, locking eyes.

He gulped. "Are yousure about this baby? You're not just doing this for me, right?"

"I'm sure," I said, trying to keep my voice still. I cupped his enormous package in my hand beneath the layer of his red cotton underwear. Then I flipped down the waistband and let it all tumble out, cock waving, balls jiggling. It was even bigger than I had remembered it in the showers at the swim center. It hung, thick and already wet on the tip, like a brown, oozing banana.

"Go for it, Teddy," Tony whispered. "Take it slow, baby. Nice and slow."

And I did. My lips closed around the tip, and immediately he erupted into shivers. I could taste the sweet yet salty flavor of his pre-cum, smell the musk of his sweat. I jogged my mouth along the shaft slowly, easing more and more of that delicious Italian dick into my mouth. After making the shaft nice and wet, I nibbled on his swaying testicles.

Tony began to moan my name, his hands folded behind his head, his arm muscles bulging. I slurped along the shaft again until my lips brushed the trimmed crop of pubic hair nestled below his abdomen. Then Tony caught my head gently in one hand and, with my tongue hanging out of my mouth, he softly drove his thick brown shaft into my mouth, sinking it in just a little further with each thrust and evoking a grunt of satisfaction.

"Your mouth is so sweet, baby," he panted. "I'm gonna cum right down your throat if you keep this up."

At that I sprung to my feet. Grabbing his hand, I pulled him to the bed and knelt on the covers after I shed my clothes. For a minute, he did nothing. I looked behind me.

"What's up Tony? Is something wrong?"

He chuckled, low and musical. "Nah baby, its just I've never seen a butt this hot." He reached out and slapped one of my enormous cheeks and then took a handful of the other one and shook it. "Damn, you've got a hot pussy, Ted. And it's all for ME."

Then I felt his tongue, quick and hot, darting along my hole. He kissed me, licked me, slurped me, until I was reduced to gasping for air. Then I felt the heat of his muscular, wiry body spread over mine. His lips were at my ear, massaging the back of my neck with his kisses.

"Are you ready to be mine, baby?"

I nodded and gripped the sheets. In the full-length mirror across from the bed, I could see us in profile, my slender, white body curled beneath the weight of his strong, brown form. And that impeccable brown dick stood poised at a 90 degree angle, its slippery pink head lined up perfectly between the borders of my pillowy white cheeks.

I watched the reflection of Tony's face, studied the lust in his eyes as he pried my cheeks apart, then slowly angled his cock into my wettened hole. At first I felt nothing. Then it hit me-pain, ecstasy, heaven and hell all at once. I shrieked as his massive meatstick slid into me, sandwiching itself between my steaming innards. I heard Tony groan as he pumped in and out, loosening me with each thrust, diving deeper into me. His hardened pink cock-tip plunged within me, anchoring itself into the hot flesh with its hooked rim until he heaved it even further into me with the next push.

Tony's groans turned to shouts. "Damn you, baby! Your hole is so effing tight! Gah, its like I'm cramming my dick into a tube the size of a quarter!"

As mist closed over my vision, I saw him looking down, saw the lust flaring across his face as he stared, grinning, at his handsome Italian dick squeezing itself into my extra-tight sphincter, bracing with each brush against the rubber-firm muscle. Sweat began to sheen his hairy body, and I watched his beautifully shaped muscular buttcheeks pulse with each leap of his dick into my body.

After ten minutes of my squealing Tony hefted one leg onto the bed and angled himself upwards, so he could drive down into me. His cock now fit at least half of its nine inches into me. He was quicker now, more fluid. Sweat rained down onto my already slickening body. Then he threw his iron-like arms around my waist and heaved me up.

"I wanna see your face, Teddy," he cooed, biting my earlobe as he walked us over to the mirror. I thudded into the glass, hands bracing myself against our reflections. His brows were pulled down low over his beautiful eyes; he meant business.

Then the drilling began. I screamed as I reached out to grab the desk, but Tony pounded at an incredible pace, shaking the mirror, shaking the whole desk until books began to thud off of the shelves. 

"I'm making this cherry all the way mine," he heaved between gritted teeth. "Every last inch of you is gonna feel me, honey. Damn, I'm filling you up so good Teddy. Your pussy feels so great being pushed open by this Italian stallion's horse-dick, doesn't it?"

All I could do was groan in reply. He twisted me around with out even removing his cock. I felt like blacking out as I felt that enormous cock twist 360 degrees inside of me as he spun me to face him. I angled my legs over his back, sinking the heels of my feet into his athletic buttocks, and he gripped my own buttocks in his huge veined hands, bouncing me up and down while thrusting. In no time I could feel the heavy thuds of his testicles jumping up to touch my butt, and I knew he was balls-deep.

"Ohhhhh Tonyyyyyy," I squealed.

"You look so beautiful," he panted, "I love watching you bounce on my cock. UNF. Your pussy fits me perfectly, baby. Just perfect."

I started to shriek as I felt the pressure mounting up in my shaft. At the same time Tony began to huff. "Teddy," he breathed, "you're making me blow baby. Teddy. Ohhhh Teddy! Tedddddddyyyyyy!"

As my cum erupted across my stomach I crashed into Tony's face, and we kissed like I had never kissed before. Tony was groaning, grunting, yelling with ecstasy, but somehow he didn't stop kissing. I felt his hot, thick ropes of cum fly into my insides and splash out along his shaft, and I collapsed. Securing me in his arms, he carried me over to the bed. He plopped down beside me.

"That...that was the best sex I have ever had. Bar none," he gasped.

"Me too," I wheezed. "Me too."


In ten minutes Tony was rearing to go again, but I begged him to wait. He led me out by hand into the living room as he buttoned his shirt back up. The roomies saw me stumbling and laughed as they highfived Tony.

"You might have to learn how to walk again after having this guy's cock stuck up you," one laughed, patting me on the back. The other shook my hand. "I've never heard Tony yell more than the person he was screwing, until tonight. You must be quite a ride, Ted."

"Don't get any ideas," Tony said, pulling me close to him. "This boy is all mine. Though I guess I wouldn't object to you watching how he manages to take all nine inches of my cock. Would you mind, baby?" 

"I guess not," I stammered. The roomies whooped.

This relationship was the most bizarre I think I could ever be in. But wow, was it hot.




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