We had a nice meal and spent the evening watching films until it was time for bed. My friend is well endowed and as we both went down the corridor (still naked) to our bedrooms I suddenly had the urge to look at and enjoy his manhood. I knelt down before him on the hall rug and took it in my mouth. As usual it enjoyed the experience and became firm and grew to fill my mouth. Then and quite unexpectedly I noticed a warm experience in my mouth as this object of my desire started to produce a stream of piss. My friend then pulled his member out and proceeded to piss over me. My body shuddered as it was covered with the warm fluid. I faced into the stream and savoured the taste as the liquid flowed over my tongue and splashed against the back of my mouth. The excess poured out over my lips and over my already wet body. We had both had enjoyed ample alcoholic beverages during the evening which lead me to discover my friend had a peculiar skill when full of liquid. Rather than expel all of the piss in one go he is able to produce a useful stream and then after a short pause yet more. For the next twenty minutes or so my body was on a different planet as it was subjected to regular streams of the amber liquid and even when I sucked on his cock I was treated to yet another mouthful. Eventually I could hold back no more and spent my load on the piss soaked rug I was kneeling on and my piss soaked body gave one more shudder. My friend then said I was to experience my fantasy during my visit and that from now on whenever we both needed to have a piss we were to save it. Over the next few days I obeyed his wish and we both proceeded to fill some demijohns he had provided. As this was not part of my fantasy I had no idea of what he was up to but the sight of all of that piss accumulating was a real turn on.

Then one day when I got up and went to the kitchen as usual and found my friend had been shopping as there was a large pack of beer, some fresh bread and Weetabix among other items. He then said he was going to the garden centre to purchase a pond liner and would I go with him. I said yes and thought again of his shopping trip, quite normal but putting two and two together and remembering my fantasy I began to wonder.

While in the car it became clear that today I was in for an experience which was confirmed when he said the pond liner had to be for a pool large enough for a person like me. On our return I removed my clothes as usual but he did not remove his. He told me to remain naked in the house and wait for his return as he had to go out again. I started to feel a peculiar feeling inside as I waited and crawled into bed to get warmer. He eventually returned!

He had already stripped off when he came into my bed room and his normal gentle style had been replaced by an assertive style I had not seen before. He expressed his displeasure that I had gone to bed and not remained stark naked, waiting and ready as instructed. Although it was cold he ordered me out into the garden to help him with something. I do not enjoy the cold but the circumstances gave me a rush of excitement as I was lead out into the garden totally naked and feeling vulnerable as I was not certain what was to happen. Round the side of the house I saw a large metal drinking trough like you see on farms. This is what he had just been to collect. I was then ordered to help him bring it into the kitchen.

Once in the kitchen he proceeded to follow my designs for a fantasy pool. The trough was lined with the pond liner and chairs were placed round the edge and under the liner to form a platform with a chair at the head for the future incumbent to rest in. My design was to prevent the kitchen getting wet in the event of any splashing or spillage. Little did I know how much he was to take advantage of this fact and that I would not be given much time to use the chair. I was given a beer to drink and my friend was already onto his second can.



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