It was a typical hot summer day. All the slaves were working in the cotton fields, regardless of the scorching hot sun beating down on them. They were all too busy picking the cotton to notice the master, Master Phillips, watching from the front porch of his house, keeping his eye on one slave in particular: Jammal.

Jammal was seventeen years old, over six feet tall, and devastatingly handsome. He worked without any shirt, revealing his muscular body. His dark skin glistened with fresh sweat running down his broad chest and rippling stomach. The sweat dampened the hem of his trousers, causing it to sag below his crotch just above his manhood. Master Phillips licked his lips and rubbed his hand over the growing bulge in the front of his trousers as he watched the young man work.

Phillips himself was a rather good-looking man. Despite being in his mid-forties, his was in terrific shape, with broad shoulders, strong pecs, and beefy arms. His hair was thick and red, sprinkled with fine strands of silver, and cut short. His sharp cheeks and chiseled jaw was covered with a thin beard, red with silver like his head.

Jammal wiped his forehead off on his forearm and bent over to pick more cotton. The fabric of his trousers stretched perfectly over his round buttocks. A hard groan escaped Phillips' lips as he nearly blew his load at the sight of the young man's beautiful ass.

Phillips then knew, he had to have Jammal for himself.


Jammal instinctively cringed when the overseer rode up to him on his black stallion; his back was riddled with scars from previous unpleasant experiences with him.

'Jammal!' the overseer bellowed.

'Yessir?' Jammal asked, not allowing his voice to sound intimidated.

'The master wants you. Now.'

Jammal looked towards the master's house, where he stood on the front porch, watching Jammal.

'I said NOW!' the overseer yelled, raising the whip above his head and cracking it across Jammal's back. Jammal cried through his teeth, but fought against the pain and walked up to the master's house, where Phillips stood with his powerful arms crossed across his strong chest. The fabric of his shirt crinkled over his incredible muscles.

Phillips was only an inch or two taller than Jammal, but was more than twice his size in muscle mass. His size, plus his powerful face, with a long sharp nose, chiseled jaw, and strong brow, made him an overall very intimidating man.

'You wan' me sir?' Jammal asked.

'How's yer back?' Phillips asked, his voice thickened with an Alabama accent.

'Is a'right,' Jammal answered, touching his fingers against the fresh welt on his back, 'Ah got worse wippin's than that before.'

'Alrigh' then,' Phillips said, rubbing his red beard, 'Come with me.'

He then walked into the house. Jammal followed his master down the main hallway to a door. Phillips lit an oil lamp and carried it as they both walked down a set of stone steps to another door at the bottom.

'Wha' we doin' down here?' Jammal asked.

'You'll see.' Phillips answered with a smirk and a wink. With that, he unlocked the door and lead them both into a basement, locking the door back shut behind them.

All that was in the basement room was a round table in the center of the stone floor with a couple chairs and lamps in the far corners. Phillips walked over to the lamps in the corners and lit them, filling the dark room with light.

He then turned facing Jammal and started unbuttoning his shirt, then peeled it off his body and tossed it to the floor, revealing his powerful chest and chiseled stomach.

'You ever been with a man?' Phillips asked,

stepping up closer to Jammal.

'W-Wha'?' Jammal stammered, dumbfounded.

'You ever fuck another man before?'

'N-no sir.' Jammal answered, shaking his head.

Phillips came up to Jammal and kissed him softly on the lips, holding his head in his hand.

Phillips slipped his tongue between Jammal's lips. Jammal responded and touched Phillips' tongue with his own, then moaned into his mouth as he felt his master's meaty hand rubbing his growing erection through his pants.

'You likin' this?' Phillips asked.

'Yessir.' Jammal moaned as Phillips squeezed and massaged his hard cock through his pants. He truly had never done anything like this, or even thought about doing this, with another man, but he had to admit, it was pretty damn good.

'You ever had a mouth on yer cock boy?' Phillips asked.

'No sir.'

With that, Phillips slowly got down to his knees, kissing Jammal's neck down to his chest. Jammal moaned as Phillips took one of his nipples in his lips and began to lick and suck on the sensitive skin. Phillips moved to the other nipple, then kissed and licked his tongue down Jammal's delicious abs, enjoying the salty taste of his sweat-drenched flesh, all the time groping Jammal's crotch in one hand and his own in the other.

He then yanked Jammal's trousers down to his ankles. Jammal's erect cock swung free and slapped Phillips' face.

'I-I'm sorry mastah.' Jammal stammered, embarrassed.

Phillips ignored him and grabbed the boy's engorged member. 'Gaddamn!' he exclaimed, slowly jerking Jammal's cock, 'Yer cock is fuckin' BIG! That thang's gotta be eight-and-a-half inches at least. Shit, I can barely even get my hand aroun' it!'

Jammal could only moan as his master squeezed and pumped his large cock.

Phillips wet his lips before wrapping them around the swollen round head of Jammal's cock. He rolled his tongue around the head, getting it nice and wet before taking the full length of Jammal's manhood into his mouth. Jammal moaned loudly as he felt his cock sliding over his master's tongue and down his throat. He looked down to see the sight of his master's lips around his shaft, his lips buried in his pubes, and he actually grew even harder. Phillips instinctively swallowed around Jammal's cock as he felt it grow even longer down his throat, which caused Jammal to yell out in pleasure.

'Ahh, gawddamn mastah!' he groaned, pushing his cock even deeper down Phillips' throat, 'Dis shit feels so fuckin' good!'

Phillips them removed Jammal's cock from his mouth, jerking it in his fist. Precum ran down his hand from Jammal's piss slit.

'Beautiful black cock.' he sighed, sucking up and down Jammal's cock while stroking his shaft.

'Awhh, yes sir.' Jammal moaned, gyrating his hips to match Phillips' movements.

Just as Jammal was getting close to reaching a climax, Phillips released his cock and stood.

'Get on the table.' he ordered. Jammal did as he was told and sat on the edge of the table.

'On your back.' Phillips ordered. Jammal followed his master's orders like a good little slave and laid out across the table, his head hanging off the edge.

Phillips got back down on his knees between Jammal's legs and continued sucking on his cock. Jammal let his head hang off the edge of the table as his master deep-throated him, knotting his thick hair in his fist and pushing his head down.

'Awwh fuuck yeeaaah mastah, swallow mah big black dick,' Jammal grunted, thrusting his hips up, forcing his cock further down Phillips' throat.

Phillips released the jaded young man's cock and moved down to his balls. He jerked Jammal's cock, using the fresh coating of saliva as lube, as he took his balls in his mouth, sucking on the skin and rolling the orbs around on his tongue. After getting Jammal's balls good and wet, Phillips raised his legs and rested his feet on the table and his tongue moved down to Jammal's asscrack. He spread the boy's cheeks, allowing him better access to his little pink hole, and licked up the boy's crevice.

'Ohh, fuck yeah. Lick mah asshole.' Jammal moaned, raising his legs even higher, allowing his master greater access to his virgin hole. He pumped his cock in his own fist as Phillips' hot tongue probed inside his hole.

Phillips gave the boy's hole a final lap, then pressed his finger against it. Jammal's hole was so wet from Phillips' saliva that it slid right inside up to his knuckle. He slid his thick sausage finger in and out of Jammal's tight hole while at the same time taking his balls in his mouth once again.

'Oooohhhhhh.' Jammal moaned as his master's finger probed his tight virgin hole while his mouth was back on his balls. Phillips pushed in a second finger and fucked Jammal's hole with both together while deep-throating his cock.

Jammal could do nothing but lay with his arms at his sides and moan helplessly while his body was transported into total ecstasy. He never thought a man could make him feel so good. Phillips' hand ran over Jammal's body as he pleasured him. Jammal's lovely dark skin was beading with a fresh layer of sweat. Phillips' hand ran up to Jammal's face and the thumb stroked his fat lips. Jammal took the thumb between his lips and kissed and sucked it, rolling his tongue around the thick digit.

'Oh mastah,' Jammal moaned, 'Ohhh mastah I'm gunna cum. Ohh fuck mastah, I'm cummin'!'

Jammal cried out as his black cobra fountained its thick salty juice in thick ropes directly down Phillips' throat. Phillips swallowed the boy's spunk as it continued to pump down his throat. Jammal's sphincter spasmed around Phillips' thick fingers, which caused his orgasm to prolong itself.

After Jammal was drained and lying half-conscious on the table from the unbelievably intense orgasm his master had just given him, Phillips continued slurping his throbbing half-hard dick, getting it good and hard all over again.

Phillips then released the boy and stood and dropped his pants, freeing his achingly hard ten-inch member.

'DAYUM!' Jammal exclaimed at the sight of his master's enormous prick, jerking off his own, 'And you say mah dick's big! Dat fuckah of yos is HUGE!'

Phillips smiled at the compliment given to him by this beautiful young black man sprawled out before him, his legs spread and his fist jerking his cock. He licked his lips and jerked his own cock as he watched the delicious young man pleasuring himself before him.

'Ya think it'll fit up that tight lil' ass o' yers?' Phillips said, rubbing his finger around Jammal's wet asshole. Jammal looked wide-eyed down at Phillips monstrous cock.

'I-I-I dunno sir,' he stammered nervously, 'Dat cock is priddy dam big.'

'Hmmmmmm, get on down here.' Phillips ordered, pointing down to his feet. Jammal got up from the table and got down to his knees, his master's cock hanging right in his face.

'Touch it.' Phillips commanded. Jammal wrapped his hand around his master's monster, his fingers barely even making it around, and started pumping his fist up and down his shaft. Phillips' slit leaked ball juice all over the boy's hand.

'Yeah. Tha's good,' Phillips said, thrusting his hips forward into Jammal's hand, 'Put yer mouth on it.'

Jammal licked his fat lips before wrapping them around the head of Phillips' cock. He bobbed his head up and down on it, eagerly trying to swallow his master's cock.

'Agh! Watch the fuckin' teeth boy!' Phillips groaned, pulling his member back out of Jammal's mouth.

'Sorry mastah.' Jammal said, stroking the head of Phillips' cock.

'Unh,' Phillips moaned, enjoying the feel of the boy's hand on his cock, 'Try again. Just' take it easy.'

'Yes sir.' Jammal said with a smile before slurping his master's cock back into his mouth. The man groaned and his eyes rolled back in his head as he felt his cock slide between the boy's lips over his tongue. Jammal got only half of it down before he gagged. He started to pull back, but Phillips held on to the boy's head, keeping his cock in his mouth.

'Aaahh, fuck yeah,' he grunted, thrusting his cock deeper into Jammal's mouth, 'Choke on that dick.'

Tears leaked from Jammal's eyes as his master forced his giant cock down his throat.

'That's it boy,' Phillips said, gyrating his hips in circular motions. 'Suck that big-ass dick!'

Jammal held back his gags and let his master fuck his throat.

'There you go. Take it like a good lil' nigger.'

Phillips grabbed the boy's head in both hands and shoved his cock all the way into Jammal's mouth, the boy's nose burying in his thick patch of crotch hair. The young man's hot throat felt so good on his dick, he thought he would cum right then.

'Awh fuck!' he shouted, his nails digging into Jammal's scalp from the intense pleasure he was giving him. He shoved Jammal's head off his dick and shoved it further down to his balls.

'Lick my balls boy.' Phillips grunted, pumping his spit-slick cock in his fist.

Jammal did as ordered and lapped his master's heavy balls like an obedient dog. He tried taking both of them in his mouth at once, but they were far too large to fit in his mouth together. Instead he took in each nut between his lips, licking and slurping each juicy egg one after the other.

'Awwh, shit yeah!' Phillips cried out in pleasure, 'Eat them balls boy!'

Jammal continued to suck on his master's loaded sac, until Phillips shoved his meaty cock back into his mouth and fucked his throat some more.

'Get my cock good and wet.' he ordered as he thrusted his hips. Jammal worked the cock with his tongue as it slid in and out of his mouth, getting it wet and slick just like his master wanted.

'That's it,' Phillips groaned, 'Get that big dick nice and wet for yer tight lil' ass...

Okay, get off now. Get off me.' he said, pushing Jammal off his cock. He scooped his hands under the boy's armpits and pulled him up to his feet and shoved him against the edge of the table.

'Bend over that table boy.' Phillips commanded, stroking his even more swollen cock in his fist.

Jammal bent over the edge of the table, his hands propping him up on the table's surface. He turned his head to watch as Phillips stood behind him and spread the boy's legs and massaged his hard round ass cheeks.

'You got a great ass there boy,' Phillips commented, giving Jammal's left cheek a firm slap, 'Big and round, and hard like a rock.' He slid a finger along the boy's asscrack, then stuck a finger inside, working it in and out, getting it as loose as it could get. 'And fucking tight as hell! It's gonna feel damn good to fuck it!' With that, he removed his finger and he spread a cheek in one hand and took his hard cock in the other, aiming it for his prime target.

Jammal looked back wide-eyed with fear as his master brought his huge cock towards his hole.

'Mastah, please,' Jammal protested as his master rubbed the head of his dick against his asshole, 'ah don' think ah can take dat.'

'Sure ya can.' Phillips remarked. He gave his hips a hard thrust, and successfully sank the head into Jammal's hole. Jammal cried out as he felt the man break his barrier.

Phillips tried pushing it in deeper, but Jammal's body still wasn't ready for such a large invader.

He grumbled, 'Shit.' and pulled his dick back out, then stuck it back in, this time sinking it in another inch.

'There we go.' Phillips said triumphantly. He pulled back until just the head was in, then pushed it back in, making it in another inch. He continued this process until his massive member was plunged halfway up Jammal's ass; that was as far as the boy's body would permit him to go.

Tears welled up in Jammal's eyes as he felt the worst pain imaginable, worse than any whipping he ever took in his life.

'Just relax and breathe boy,' Phillips grunted, 'Trust me, soon it'll feel great.'

Jammal did as his master suggested. He breathed deep and relaxed, allowing his master monster cock to spear his virgin ass.

'Yeah, that's it boy,' Phillips grunted, gripping one of Jammal's shoulders, 'Open that ass up.'

Jammal moaned from the pleasure he began to feel pleasure mixing with the pain as his master forced his giant cock deeper inside him.

'Awwh dayum mastah, dat feels so goooood.' Jammal moaned as his cock sprang back up. He grabbed ahold of it and began stroking it as his master plunged his dick deeper and deeper into his ass. Soon Phillips had all ten inches in.

'Awh fuck ya!' Phillips shouted, grinding his pelvis against Jammal's ass cheeks, 'Take that fuckin' dick up yer tight fuckin' ass ya tight lil' fuckin' nigger!'

He then grabbed both of Jammal's shoulders and began pounding his cock into him, his pelvis slapping against the boy's cheeks.

'Ah-h-h-h-h-h-h-h yeah-ah-h-ah-ah-ahhh!' Jammal moaned, jerking his dick harder, 'Fuck me sir!'

'You like that boy?' Phillips growled as he pounded Jammal's ass.

'Yessir.' Jammal moaned.

'Ya like this big-ass dick fucking yer tight lil' black ass?'

'Yes sir!' Jammal cried out.

'I bet ya want my cum don't ya? You want me to shoot my load right up yer lil' ass don't ya?'


'Well yer gonna get it boy!' Phillips grasped Jammal's shoulders, who cried out even louder as his master brutally slammed his enormous cock up his ass.

'Ya mastah, fuck me!' Jammal cried out, pumping his cock hard in his fist, 'Fuck mah ass! Fuck mah ass HARD! Oh fuck, I'm gonna cum again!'

Phillips quickly pulled his cock out, nearly ripping Jammal's bowels inside out in the process, flipped the boy onto his back, threw his legs on his shoulders, and shoved his dick right back in, holding onto Jammal's waist as he fucked him some more.

'Ya boy,' Phillips grunted as he pummeled Jammal's asshole, 'Go on and shoot yer load.'

Jammal rested his arm behind his head as he frantically jerked his dick. 'Ohh yyeeaaahh,' he groaned, his ab muscles flexing tightly from his impending climax, 'Ohh mastah I'm gonna cum. Oh I'm gunna cum. Oh FUCK me I'm CUMMING!' Jammal shouted as his cum sprayed all over his tightened chest and stomach, some even splashing directly on his chin and lips, whitening his ebony skin.

The spasms in Jammal's anus, along with the sight of Jammal's spunk spraying all over his delicious muscles, sent Phillips into his own climax. He grabbed Jammal's shoulders and shoved his dick all the way in as his dick exploded, filling Jammal's bowels with hot cum.

'Awwhh FUCK!' Phillips shouted as his balls unloaded into Jammal's ass.

'Ohhhh mastah, yo cum feels so hot in ma ass.' Jammal moaned as his master's juice filled his insides.

After the two sweat-drenched men had caught their breath, Phillips slid his cum-drenched half-hard hose from Jammal's asshole. Phillips' cum flowed out of Jammal's now loose hole. Phillips crouched down and slurped the last of Jammal's cum from his soft cock, then proceeded to lick Jammal's sweat and cum clean from his dark skin, moving from his stomach, up his chest and neck, to his face. As Phillips licked the cum from Jammal's lips, he forced his tongue between them in a passionate kiss. Jammal gripped his master's hair in his fist and returned the kiss, shoving his own tongue down Phillips' throat. He could feel the vibration of Phillips' chuckle on his tongue.

Phillips pulled back and hovered his face over Jammal's, stroking his thumb over the boy's bottom lip. 'We gonna have some fun, you an' me.' he said with a grin.




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