It was a bright sunny Saturday evening about an hour or so before dusk. The sun was shining through my living rooms west window as it was slowly sinking into the horizon.

I had been working in the garden all day, weeding and cutting the grass. Trimming the bushes, just sorta doing the regular yard care work around my house.

During the day every once in a while I would notice my hot hunky neighbour in his yard doing chores as well. He had on nothing but a pair of nice jogging shorts. His body was fine. His shorts displayed his Butt and crotch enticingly. God I wish I could have him, but I think he was straight or so I thought. Every once in a while he would also glance over at me. He gave a smile and a wave. I smiled back at him and nodded my head in greeting. Finally I had finished for the day and because I was a bit grubby I decided to have a shower and clean myself up. I am a clean freak and was into cleanliness. Including giving myself a douche to keep my innards in good shape and wash all the toxins out of my body. I had finished up, put on my boxers and then went to the living room to lounge on my sofa with my feet up on the ottoman. While I had been cleaning up a sudden storm had blown in. I could see it out the window. The Rain was teaming down hard. Good the garden needed it. It was a bit dry. Suddenly there was a loud crash of thunder and a large flash of lightning. It lit up the sky and my living room. The lightning lit up one of my favourite pictures that was hanging on the wall. It was of a Genie Stud. I often looked at it and wished that he was my Genie and could grant me a wish or two.

I snickered to myself and then blurted out in a loud demanding, pleading desperate voice,

"Oh, my magical Genie, you know I am lonely and in need of a studly companion to help me with my fantasies and dreams. Please I implore you, grant me this one wish and I will be eternally grateful."

I bowed my head to him in submission and closed my eyes and wished as hard as I could.

The picture hung near my window. As I opened my eyes I noticed that the storm had cleared up and blown away. The last of the evening sunlight was streaming through the window. I noticed a movement in the window to the right of the Genie picture. I looked over and there in front of the window was my neighbour . There he stood silhouetted in the glass. I could see his rather large manhood hanging between his legs through the thin material of his boxer shorts. He had a Fine looking body, handsome face with dreamy blue bedroom eyes. He had a big smile on his face as he looked at me. My mouth had dropped open in surprise. He dropped his hand to his crotch and fluffed it a bit. All the while grinning at me with an expectant look in his hot penetrating commanding eyes.

I recovered my composure and managed to stutter out, "Clip, what are you doing here? How did you get in?"

Clip Laughed and answered in his manly deep Baritone voice, "Well Dex, I suddenly had this urge to come here to see you. I know you are gay and noticed you watching me most of the day. Goggling at my body. I decided to give you a treat and let you have me. You won't be sorry. I know exactly what you want. I suddenly just had this intuition that you wanted me to Top you and use you. Make you my Sex toy. I'm right am I not Buddy?"

Again I stuttered in a trembling subdued voice, "This is too good to be true, I thought that you were straight. I never even thought in the least that I could have you. Am I dreaming? Can this be true?"

Clip drawled out, "Oh its true Buddy, I was straight, but for some reason I got this uncontrollable urge to ravish you and make you mine tonight and maybe every night. I will show and do things to you that you have never experienced. Take you places you have never been before. I will make you inexplicably and totally mine."

When he had finished speaking he sauntered over to me, his cock swinging in his shorts hitting the front of them.

He stood in front of me, his crotch head level on me and then in a controlling voice ordered me, "Open my shorts and take out your pacifier. That's right start caressing it; lick it with the long tongue of yours. Gulp it down and suck it while you put out your tongue and lap at my heavy cum filled balls."

I obeyed him immediately. Opening my mouth as wide as I could I engulfed him to the base of his cock!! My lower face was buried in his pubic hairs, I could smell his manliness, and it was like ambrosia. It sent my head spinning in rapture. I stuck out my tongue while holding his shaft in my mouth and started to lick his balls. Round and round my tongue swirled. He was a bit sweaty and tasted so good. I licked all around the massive balls and could almost reach his butt hole. I stretched out my tongue as far as I could and was only centimetres away from his hole. He was quivering with the pure pleasure I was bringing to him. He put his hands behind my head and firmly gripped my hair. Then he pulled his cock almost all the way out and started to face fuck me. He was big, huge in fact, but I was eager with want of him and took his rod willingly. His balls were slapping loudly against my chin as he worked my mouth. I used my throat muscles to loosen as he thrust and tighten as he pulled out. He was moaning in pure ecstasy. He was building up speed as he plowed into my face. I was in heaven, here was this stud ravishing me with his super hard Hung Cock. I was in heaven. He kept fucking me for at least for forty five minutes. His sweet sweat was dripping all over my head and body. It felt so good. Suddenly he let out an animalistic howl of Lust.

He yelled out, "Oh Fuck Dex, Here is my Love juice. I give it to you. Take it with my blessing. Ahhhhhhhhh." Then as he built up steam he gave himself to me.

He started to pulsate as he emptied his load inside my throat. I couldn't hold back, I also started to shoot. My cum exploded in gushers, covering his legs and my chest. I had never felt or cum like this before. I totally emptied my nutsacks as he came to the end of his climax.

With his hands still on the back of my head he started to collapse forward. I reached up with my strong arms and helped him to the sofa beside me.

He was leaning back in the sofa and had a look of shear bliss on his face. I reached up with my hand and stroked his cheek, caressing him gently and lovingly. He went MMMMMNNNN in a soft tone. He opened his eyes and looked at me with his baby blues. God he was so handsome, I could just eat him up.

His eyes penetrated mine; it was almost as if he was subjecting me to his will.

As I looked back into his adoring eyes he spoke out in a warm sexy voice, "Dex, that was stupendous, but I am not done with you yet. I have much more to do, show and train you. But first off to the shower with us."

He stood up reached down with his strong arms and pulled me to my feet. He wrapped his arm around me and led me to wards my bathroom. Gently pulling me into the shower with him. Closing the curtain. I leaned over to turn on the shower. As I did my ass was displayed before him. He stuck out his hand and slapped my butt. Not hard but just enough to make me feel it. He sent shivers up and down my spine. Oh God, He was treating me just like I needed and craved. I was willing to go all the way with him. He was in control, whatever he wanted I would do. I had never before totally submitted to a guy but for some reason for Clip I did.

As the warm spray rained down on us I turned to him and we both wrapped our arms around each other and started to kiss passionately.

I could feel the love and passion pouring out of me into him and back again into me, bringing with it his love and passion. We were intermingling with each other's very Aura and Essence. Melding together you might say. Things started to get a li'l heated; Clip pushed me up against the wall while kissing me deeply. His man-sized cock is hard as a rock again, he uses his masculine strength to raise me up on the wall of the shower and slowly he slides me down, down onto his throbbing cock while I wrap my legs around his waist. Then we make slow passionate love under the shower spray, the water cascading down our bodies. The slap of his pelvis against my wet ass, the moans, the whimpers and the kissing is like life's music that sets a rhythm for our animal mating dance. As I cry out for the second time, I bite Clips perfectly formed shoulder as I cum against his stomach. My ass tightens around Clips's cock, like a thousand fingers pulling his load deep into my ass. Clip had only cum mere minutes ago but he again filled me up with his succulent fluids. It felt so right, my body accepted it, craved it. I wanted all of him, anyway anyhow. I was becoming his totally. I lived for him. I would die for him.

What was this stud doing to me? I was losing control. I never thought before that I would ever submit totally to another guy. But all I wanted to do was to please Clip. Had my Genie done something to me? When I had made the wish. Did I deep down inside of me have the fantasy of being owned by him. Had the Genie made my true feelings surface?

Oh well what the fuck. I liked what was happening, needed it, and wanted it. Let the fantasy continue. Lead me wherever it may go. Clip let me slowly drop to the floor then putting his arms around me led me out of the shower. He grabbed a towel and started to dry me off. He was gentle in his touch as he rubbed it all over me getting the moisture off. When he finished I grabbed another towels and did the same to him. After we were both dry, we could not stop looking at each other adoringly. There was an intense warm and exciting feeling traversing between us. Clip knew he had me in the palm of his hand. If he said jump I would.

Clip then suggested that we go to his place. He had a surprise to show me. He pulled on his White shorts and I my Boxers. He led me out my backdoor and across the property to his domain. Into the house and then through the kitchen down the hall to the basement door and down the stairs. We reached the bottom. There was a short hall with a door at the end. He gestured for me to proceed before him and through the door. As I walked along the hall he again slapped my ass cheeks lovingly. God that felt great. I reached the door, opened it and stepped into it. It was absolutely a man's sex palace. There was a sling in the corner suspended from the ceiling. On the wall were hooks with various gear and costumes on them. There was a shelf by the sling with various Dildos and Toys placed across it.

Clip followed me and shut the door behind us. I turned to Clip and he was grinning from ear to ear.

In that hot dominating baritone voice of his he said, "Welcome to your new pleasure palace Dex, Here I will show you things, do things to you and train you completely. When I am finished you will be mine totally. But along with that I too will become yours totally. I had anticipated your being with me so I had gone out to the gay village to do some shopping. This is what I got. You will find the experience completely compelling and desirable. Now let us get into costume."

He took me over to the wall with all the costumes. And began to put things on. I stood them watching him, enthralled.

First he pulled on a pair of suede cowboy chaps followed by Cowboy boots. Then a leather harness, a pair of studded gauntlets, Leather arm bands and lastly a pure white cowboy hat. When he was done he reached up to the hooks on the wall and started handing things to me. I stepped out of my boxers and was stark naked before him.

I proceeded to put on everything he was handing me. First a matching pair of chaps and cowboy boots. Then leather wrist bands with metal rings on them to secure me. A chain harness for my chest and shoulders. A Black Cowboy hat and a leather studded collar for my neck. I put everything on and stood in front of him for his approval.

Clip Growled out, "Nice, Nice. That's a good look for you. Now into the sling with you."

I turned the sling and he reached around me with his sensual arms and helped me climb up into the sling. I lay back and raised my feet to the stirrups halfway up on the sling chains. He placed first my left foot into one and securely bound it into place. Then repeated the same for my right foot. Then he went around to my head and took one of my hands and by a lock secured it to a sling chain there repeating again for my other hand. Now he had me secure and in his power. He reached over to the shelve on the wall and took off a long chain for my collar. He attached it and then laid the length of chain over my chest in layers. It was cold but it felt enticing against my skin. My cock sprang to attention. Harder that it had ever been before. I was extremely excited.

Clip laughed and then in a masterly voice said, "Now I have you in my complete control. You like this don't you boy? You want Sir Clip to Train you to be an obedient sex toy for him."

I whimpered to him, "Oh Yes Sir Clip, please train me. I crave to learn to please you. I want to be yours. Please."

Clip looked me in the eyes, penetrating my very soul. Then reaching for a small brown bottle he uncorked it and holding it under my nose he stated, "I know you like popper so here take a few sniffs, get you started."

I sniffed through my left nostril deeply and he placed it under my other nostril. Again I sniffed deeply. Then done he corked it back up and placed it on the shelve.

My head was already spinning form the excitement he was giving to me it just increased one more notch.

Clip then began to make love to my body with his mouth and tongue. He sucked my nipples until I moaned, then lightly bit and pinched them until I begged for more.

"Oh please Clip, that is so good, don't stop, I beg you. Work my nipples hard." I pleaded.

He worked them some more and then he started to lick and kiss his way down my body, spending a li'l extra time on my belly button. Teasingly licking the head of my cock before he lowers his mouth to my balls. Taking and sucking my balls in his mouth as he reaches up to the shelve into a jar of KY Jelly and grabs a dollop. He then lightly rubs my hole until I shiver. Inserting a finger while rubbing my prostate until I am pulling on the ties, trying to grab his head and pull it to my hard drooling cock.

I yelled out loudly again, "Please Clip, stop teasing me, fuck me please fuck me. I want you inside of me where you belong."

Clip felt that I was now ready, so placing the tip of his cock against my hot hole rubbing it against my prostrate. I can feel the head throbbing not wanting to wait for entry. He slips the poppers under my nose again. I sniff deeply and then without any hesitation he slowly but firmly slips his huge hard cock into my ass as he is sucking the head of my cock. I didn't have to wait to become accustomed to his size, my ass just accepted him, wanted him. I let out a cry of glee as he forced himself all the way in. His balls hit my cheeks with a slap. I was looking up into his eyes and he knew that I was his. HE started to pound my ass while he ravaged my hard tits. Pounding me until we are near the brink of a massive explosion, then he stops.

Clip laughs and says, "I love to hear the whimper you make when I won't let you cum. I am not done with you yet.!!!"

The pleading in my eyes is really a turn on for him. Clip knows and I know that only he can give me the erotic bliss I crave at that very moment. Once the throbbing has stopped and my breathing has returned to normal Clip starts over again, bring me to a close climax. Again he stops.

I look into his blue eyes and beg of him, " Please CLIP, I need you, don't hold out on me. Please FUCK ME< PLLLLLEEEEEAAASSSSE" I plead in earnest. He starts all over again. Over the next two to three hours he stops and starts again. Stringing me along. I don't mind, as far as I was concerned I could go on all night. That's how much I loved what he was doing to me. How much I loved it. Then his need became too much. He had to cum.

He yelled out in a deep throated masculine voice, " Dex baby you're gonna get what you have been waiting for . I give you my love juice. I AM GOING TO - RAMM THRUST --- CUMMMMM- THRUST - OHHHH YA -RAM-GOOOODDD –Thrust---GOOOODDD."

With a final plunge Clip erupts like a volcano. Filling me with his hot spewing Lava. I also have reached the brink of no return. my cock stiffens hardest ever and I couldn't even touch it . It exploded and sends gushers all over both of us. The organism of a life time.

Spent he collapses on top of me for a few minutes. Then summoning up his last reserves undoes my restraints, helps me out of the sling. His arms around me and mine around him we stumble out of the basement and to his bedroom where we fall on the bed in each other's arms. Hugging each other tightly we stay that way for some time.

All of a sudden I wake up, the sun is pouring through the window, we had passed out in each other's arms. Clip woke almost immediately.

Still holding me tight he looked deep into my eyes. "I think this is Love," He mumbles compassionately. He plants a romantic kiss on me and I return it. And so starts the rest of our happy sexual life together.

There was bright FLASH The genie appeared and clapped his hands together. And now by the power in me I make you a couple, Clip and I were joined.

The Genie bowed and disappeared.



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