I finally arrived into the motel in Chicago. I was there for the

annual restaurant show representing the place I worked for. Chicago and Illinois were new

to me, and I was excited about checking out the bars for the first time. The only thing I

hated about these shows was that the company made us share rooms and unfortunately I was

stuck with the oldest guy at the job, Phil. He was married and I was concerned that I

probably could not cruise the bars like I wanted too. Though I was never attracted to

older men, Phil was very masculine and well built. I knew he was packing a big gun because

of the size of his bulge. I quickly lost the thought knowing he was married and always

chasing the young women at the job. When we checked in we quickly realized that the room

only had one bed, and offered no privacy for either one of us.

We attempted to get another room but because of the restaurant show

there were no other rooms available, we looked at each other and to my surprise began to

laugh. Phil said his wife wouldn't mind and just smiled. We both showered and decided to

go out for a drink or two. We stopped at the first bar we found and started to drink,

after a few too many we began flirting with each other. Just the thought of this older guy

lusting after me kind of turned me on. I realized that his cock was bulging so much that

he was turned on. I asked him if he had ever been with a guy before and he slightly

laughed, Phil commented that we should leave.

We returned to the room and everything got really quite fast. We

both stared at the small bed in the middle of the room and Phil asked which side I wanted.

I told him I prefer the left side of the bed and he said ok. Phil stripped his clothes off

and said he was tired and got into the bed. To my amazement he lay on the left side of the

bed. I asked him what he was doing and he simply laughed. His cock was standing straight

up and his balls were swollen. I felt my cock fill with fluid and it pushed out my pants.

Phil leaned over and unzipped my pants and began stroking my cock slowly. I began moaning

and Phil responded by pulling me onto the bed. Phil placed his hands around my cock and

balls and slowly massaged them. I reached over and gripped Phil's dick with my left hand,

I took my right hand and slid it between his ass.

Phil asked if I wanted to kiss his cock, I of course wrapped my lips

around his hard stick and stroked it with my mouth. Phil stretched out on the bed and

turned his body so his head was at my feet. He grabbed my cock and pulled it into his

mouth. Now we were both sucking and massaging each other gently. The 69 lasted for about

20 minutes as we both came into each others mouths. We fell asleep and in the morning woke

up to more erections. We both laughed and looked forward to the next three days.



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