The sun turned the darkness behind my closed eyelids red, burned hot on my face and naked body, and dried my lips. I spread my fingers out along the top of the smoldering sand, and buried the tips into the cool center.

I drug my arms and legs through the rough surface and made a little sand angel.

He came by and sat down on the right wing. I rolled over and put my head on his knee, and he laid back. There wasn't a living person around; the ocean made soft hissing noises as the small waves rippled along the cuticle of the shore, leaving small remnants of white foam.

I licked his dark tan knee. I smelled the inside of this thigh. I moved onto my knees and laid my chest on his naked crotch, my feet touching his ankles, arms wrapped around his torso. He leaned down and kissed my head; he shook the sand out.

I kissed his balls. The skin was loose because of the hot sun, and they hung down above his asshole like a rearview mirror ornament. I put his cock in my mouth and licked underneath and around the foreskin. He fell back with his hands behind his head.

His cock pulsed as blood began to flow in. I put it, half soft, in my mouth and sucked on it with the back of my throat. It grew large and thick in my mouth; saliva dribbled past my lower lip down his balls. His cock was slimy with the thick spit you get at the back of your mouth.

I licked his lower stomach, cock nearly past his belly button, and then licked the little tip sticking out of the foreskin.

Putting his cock back in my mouth, I grabbed the base with my hand and rhythmically stroked and sucked until the veins on his shaft popped out. Saliva poured out of my mouth lubricating the pass of my hand up and down his dick. I pushed it deep down my throat until I gagged, pulled it out, and then did it again. I sucked harder and stroked faster until he clenched the back of my head and rammed his cock straight down my throat, body spasming and cock pulsing out thick cum. I swallowed.

I scooted back and placed my head on the sand between his legs. His balls rested lightly against the side of my head. I faced the sun again as he sighed happily.



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