After a longer time of letting my hair grow I thought the time had come to shave my head again. Whenever I was standing under the shower now my hair was falling over my eyes and wanking my dick I recalled the nice orgasms I had whenever I shaved my head completely bald. The best orgasms I always have when my hair is cut down from very long to zero.

This time I wanted to try something new. I got out of the shower after washing my hair and rinsing it with water. I stroke my wet hair backwards and got out of the shower. I was standing naked in front of the bathroom mirror and saw my dick getting hard and rising. I took a bottle of shampoo and emptied half of it on my head and massaged it carefully into my hair and made sure to get a lot of foam in my hair. Feeling the shampoo dropping on my shouldersI had to wank my penis again and doing that I emptied the rest of the shampoo on my head and masturbated and shampooed my hair at the same time.

I have got a razor which looks like a comb but inside it has got a razor blade. Normally you use it to cut your hair shorter but you can also adjust the blade to zero that it shaves your head clean. I did so and still wanking I guided the razor from my forehead across my whole head close to the skin. I saw my shampooed hair falling down and felt it on my shoulders and my body. I put the razor down and touched the shaved part of my head and had my first orgasm. With both hands I caught my sperm and rubbed it into the remaining shampooed hair on my head.

Then I took the razor again and holding my dick in one hand I continued shaving my head. After a few minutes both sides of my head were shaved and all my wet hair treated with shampoo and my sperm was lying on my shoulders. Now only the back of my head was left and continuing my business I felt the hair from the back of my head falling down as well.

Now all long hair had gone from my head and it was time to get the really clean shave. I washed my head but left my long hair covering my body and my shoulders. Then I put shaving foam all over my head and took the usual razor I normally take for a clean shave. I shaved my head extensively in all directions to make sure that no stubbles were left. With one hand I operated the razor and with the other I searched my skin for any stubble that had been left.

When I had the feeling that really all hair had gone I started wanking my dick again and continued shaving my head. I didn't stop shaving and wanking until I got my next orgasm which was even better than the first. Then I went under the shower again to get rid of all my long hair that was still covering my body.

As I did take a video of the whole procedure I now can let my hair grow again and watch the video and masturbate to it until the time has come for a new headshave.



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