I squirmed uncomfortably in my seat in the dim auditorium. The title of the third, and final, Army training film we were forced to view that day flickered onto the screen: HOW TO TAKE A SHOWER. A scratchy, grainy, black-and-white movie started with a scene of an empty Army latrine shower. A deep, masculine voice started explaining the importance of a well-executed shower for good health. Suddenly, a young man walked into the shower room, naked except for a white towel around his waist. As the voice droned on, to my surprise, the young man slipped off the towel, hung it on a peg by the door, then walked over to and turned on a showerhead. He was unconcerned about the camera, apparently, and did nothing to hide his nakedness. My heart started beating faster.

Being naked in the showers with my fellow recruits had presented no problems for me. I had kept to myself or talked with a couple newly made friends, being careful to keep my emotions and desires under control. A stolen glance here, and a casual look there, was the most I could allow myself, just like in high school. But I had never seen a film of a naked male before. And here was the Army telling me I must watch him. I was fascinated. And aroused.

My fatigues began to tighten at the crotch as I saw the well-formed, muscular soldier begin his shower. The voice explained his every movement, telling us to be thorough but efficient, wasting neither time nor water, but cleansing every nook and cranny. An unusual amount of time, I thought, was spent on explaining the cleaning of the genitals. The camera showed the recommended procedure in close-up, filming the young man's cock and balls as he soaped them up, getting well under and behind the scrotum, skinning back the penis and cleaning the glans, washing the cockhair, and then rinsing everything off. The guy was well-hung, although he didn't appear to be sexually excited, but seeing the large screen filled with his sex organs excited me.

The film ended very abruptly, the lights came back on, and our Drill Sergeant ordered us to stand up and file out. We had to march single-file right past him. It happened so quickly that I could only watch as he took a good look right at my inflated groin. His eyes darted to mine, and a mere hint of a grin stole across his face. It petrified me with a fear of finally being found out.

Later that afternoon, we were marched back to the barracks and told we'd have an hour's rest period before supper. That was unusual but very welcome. Three minutes later, just as I was beginning to unwind, a voice called out my name and told me to report to the sergeant's room on the double. My stomach sank. I'd survived these first couple days of training without being singled out. I had wanted to remain as camouflaged as my fatigues. Now, I felt I was in for some real trouble.

As I knocked on the sergeant's door, his rich, authoritative voice immediately said, "Come in." I walked in and he said, "Close the door." We were in his small office, an anteroom to his sleeping quarters. He was standing beside his desk, next to an open door through which I could see his precisely-made military cot, done up so taut, as they had tried to show us, that you could bounce a quarter on it. I stood at attention.

"They call you Jack, don't they?" he asked.

The question put me off guard. It sounded friendly. "Yes, Sir, Sergeant Grogan." I tried to sound my most military. He smiled.

"Look, Jack, relax. Stand at ease," he said with gentle tones. "I just want to talk to you, not bite you." He chuckled. I tried to relax but my thoughts were whirling. It was almost more that I could bear waiting for him to get to the point.

"Come into my bedroom," he said, quietly, motioning me to move past him through the open door. Without hesitation I went into the room with the cot. It was slightly larger than his office, and contained the cot, a footlocker, a wall locker and a large television cabinet. He moved in behind me and closed the door, locking it.

Suddenly, I realized that I had imagined myself being alone with him in his locked bedroom. From the first day, I had been aware that he was a very sexy package of mature masculinity in form-tight uniform with bulging crotch, but I had tenaciously reminded myself to ignore his unmistakable appeal. After all, this was the Army.

"You liked the movies, today, didn't you, Jack," he began, more as a statement than a question.

I hesitated. "Well..."

"Particularly that last one," he interrupted, "didn't you? Sexy fellow, wasn't he?" He grinned. My mouth fell open. "That one told you what you should do in the shower. This one...," (he opened the TV cabinet and took out a video tape, waving it in front of me), "...this one", he repeated, "tells you what you should NOT do in the shower. Want to take a look at it with me?" His sexy voice was nearly a whisper, muffled to keep others in the barracks from hearing what was going on, inviting adventure and drawing me into a conspiracy of intrigue. I was hooked.

"Gee. 'What you should not do in the shower'," I echoed. "What do you mean, Sarge?" As soon as the word "Sarge" was out of my mouth, I could have kicked myself, knowing that, as he had made perfectly clear, no sergeant likes being called "Sarge."

"Yeah, call me 'Sarge'. I like that. It's sexy." He emphasized the word and grinned again, taking me by complete surprise. "Sit down and I'll show you what I mean. That's right, sit right on the bed. It's OK. I'll just get this started..." he stopped talking as he put the video tape in a machine and turned on the TV. Suddenly, the sound came on real loud and he lunged at the TV and adjusted it till no sound could be heard. "Fuck..." he sputtered, "I usually watch this with my headphones on." Then, he joined me on the bed, sitting with his knees so wide apart that the left one nudged me. I didn't pull away. I couldn't. I was mesmerized by the TV screen.

The title of the video had appeared, SHOWER SOLO. Under the title was a name: With Jack Hornsby.

"His name's Jack, too," the sergeant whispered.

The video was in color. It showed a bright, modern, tile-lined shower room, like in high school. Suddenly, a handsome young man came in, completely naked, except for a small towel slung casually over his shoulder. He flipped the towel onto a peg, rubbed his crotch hair, grabbed his cock and skinned it back, looking for all the world like he was going to start jacking-off right then and there.

"Look at that," Sarge said, a note of awe in his voice. "This guy is really hung, isn't he, Jack?"

"Uh. Yeah, Sarge. He really is," I agreed, hesitantly. I was really in a quandary now. What the hell is going on here? I wondered. "But..." I said aloud.

He interrupted me, immediately. "You want to know what this is all about. Right?"

"I do." The guy in the video had started the water spray with his free hand, but his other hand continued to massage a rapidly expanding, very hefty slab of man-meat. I couldn't take my eyes away from the screen.

"Like I said, relax. This shows what you shouldn't do in the shower. How can you know what you shouldn't do, if you don't see it? Right?" He paused, watching the scene for a while. "Like it?" His voice was soft and melodious, soothing and reassuring.

I didn't say anything. I just kept watching. It was obvious by now that the young man was indeed jacking off and enjoying it.

"Look at him stroke that big meat, man," Sarge whispered, leaning in towards my ear, "he sure knows what to do with it, doesn't he?" His soft breath and warm exhalation tickled my ear and throat. I still kept watching, completely hypnotized by the sexual power and beauty of the performance on the screen. I couldn't believe I was actually seeing a film of a man jacking off, but there it was in front of me, and he was perceptibly getting more and more excited as he continued the masturbation.

"Doesn't it get you hot, just watching?" Sarge questioned, quietly.

"Hmm," I agreed, absentmindedly, but aware, now, that I had become fully erect inside my fatigues.

"Yeah," he sighed, "me too. I always get hard watching how well he handles that meat." I could almost feel his mustache hairs tickling my ear, his face was that close to me, as I suddenly found myself imagining him, alone in here, watching the video with his headphones on, getting hard, opening his pants, taking out his stiff cock, starting to play with himself. I turned to look at him and our noses briefly touched. Arousal was written all over his features. His look was one of longing, like he was about to kiss me. It took my breath away. My mouth fell open, again.

"I saw you had a hard-on from watching the movie this afternoon, Jack," he said matter-of-factly. "Isn't this film getting you as hard as it's getting me, too?" His hand slid from his knee onto mine. "Let me check." He was looking right into my eyes and I didn't pull away. His caressing hand slowly glided the length of my thigh and fingers slid into my crotch, rubbing against the material covering my scrotum. I looked down as his hand flattened out and rose against my belly, pressing against my erection.

"Christ," he hissed, more loudly, "there's a big one under here. You must really be hung, too." He palmed the front of my uniform with a knowing movement.

"Yeah," I agreed, feeling both proud and embarrassed, "I guess I am. Never showed it to nobody, though." That was a social lie. Telling him I had already gained a certain level of experience would not have been helpful to his obviously well practiced seduction. In any event, I was hot to follow wherever he was leading.

"Please, Jack, show it to me. Please," he begged softly. We both glanced at the screen and saw that Jack was now beating his completely engorged meat with vigor, his free hand alternately playing with his balls and his tits, and he appeared to be thoroughly engrossed in the pleasure he was giving himself. His whole well-toned body glowed with arousal.

It didn't occur to me to say "no" to Sarge. I simply thrust my hips up into his palm. The communication was clear. He sighed and began unbuttoning my pants. With the third button, the shaft of my cock poked out through my boxer shorts and the fly. He quickly opened the other buttons, then undid my belt, slid his hot hand around the stiff cockshaft and tugged. The cock pulled against the elastic of the shorts and then sprang free. The waistband snapped back loudly against my stomach.

"Wow! Look at this!" Sarge exclaimed, impressed. "I never expected..." then his voice trailed off. "This is fantastic!" His hand was taking the measure of my cock by lightly fingering it from tip to base and back again, giving just the hint of masturbatory caresses. "It's perfect!"

The movie was now focused in on a close-up of the cock (just like this afternoon, I thought) but now the hand of this handsome, well-muscled teenager was beating it. Sarge glanced at it and said, "He's down to the short strokes, now, man. Won't be long and you'll see a cum-shot that'll take your breath away. He's got a nice technique, don't you think?"

"Umm," I agreed quietly. Sarge's hand was becoming more forceful, beginning a firm, skilled masturbation.

"What a cock!" he sighed. I didn't know if he was talking about the one in the video or about the one in his hand.

"Yeah, but what about yours, Sarge," I asked, suddenly bold. "You said yours was getting hard, too."

"It is hard, Jack. Look," he said, and he took my hand and placed it over his crotch. What an incredible feeling! He was rock hard and felt gigantic under his well-starched fatigues. From the moment I had first seen him, I had only fantasized about making it with him, and now, here I was, madly unbuttoning his uniform pants, exposing a magnificent erection, which I grasped in feverish delight, amazed at my good fortune.

"Oh! He's about to come. Watch this."

We held each other's cock as we were swept away by the vision of Jack's orgasm. The full screen showed only the bulbous cockhead, which suddenly spurted white liquid. Immediately, another camera angle from the side showed the erupting organ. It spurted and spurted and spurted and spurted, seemingly with no end in sight, and continuously shown from several camera angles. Long, white lengths of cum, arched upwards and fell to the tiles, while the loving fist gave short pumps that jarred the tight balls. It was awesome. Sarge groaned quietly next to me. Neither of us spoke. Our breathing was heavy. I was beginning to leak voluminous lubricant. So was Sarge.

The screen faded to black and then another title appeared: SHOWER DUO. Two names showed under the title: With Jack Hornsby and Mike Studley.

"Now we'll really see what you shouldn't do in the shower, Jack!" Sarge whispered to me excitedly. His sexy enthusiasm sent thrilling shivers of expectation through me.

The scene began with Jack showering alone in the same shower room. His cock was heavily inflated but dangling, looking impressive. For all I could tell, no time had passed since he had jacked off, but I figured it had. Somehow, he was looking refreshed and ready to jack off again. But the title had said "Duo" and I was excited to see what would be coming next.

A second, naked, well-endowed, young man entered and went up to the showerhead next to Jack's and turned it on, his muscular back to the camera, beginning a shower. As he did so, Jack started lathering up his crotch, soaping his cock as he skinned it back, using both hands on it, massaging it so it noticeably gained in length, thickness and color. They started talking to one another (but of course Sarge had the sound turned off). Suddenly, the new man, Mike, turned toward Jack and exposed a giant, gleaming wet erection, pointed at the ceiling, with a pair of huge balls up tight against the thick base. He had thrown the hard-on with admirable quickness. Jack's eyes opened wide, and then he smiled broadly, even white teeth shining in the bright lights of the shower, as he rinsed off the soap to reveal his own equally solid erection. They both began to beat their meat, slowly.

"Aren't they both somethin'," Sarge whispered. His rough hand tightened its grip on my cock. Pre-cum had drooled onto his fingers. "Wouldn't you like to find yourself in that shower, now, strokin' right along with ‘em?" He was beating my meat with a steady, lengthy stroke, which I was trying to match on the great cock in my hand.

"Boy, Sarge, look at that!" I managed to say. Just then, Mike had leaned over and sucked the head of Jack's cock into his mouth. "Holy shit! That's unbelievable," I remarked. Sarge let go of my cock and brought his fist to his mouth. He licked my viscous, pre-cum liquid off his fingers with obvious relish. I stared in feigned disbelief. He gave me a lascivious grin.

"I'd like to do that," he announced, breathlessly, nodding his head towards the TV screen and raising his eyebrows just as a close up showed Jack's big cock sliding between Mike's handsome lips. "Why don't you stand up?" he suggested, and gave me a firm upward push with his hand under my armpit. I realized that standing implied agreement, so I stood above him, facing the foot of the bed in order to keep one eye on the TV set.

He unbuttoned my shirt, unsnapped the fly of my boxer shorts and slid the shorts and my pants to the floor, saying, "Let's get a better look at this." He inspected me with great care and attention, sliding his hands in the meanwhile over my hips, ass and thighs, and, finally, grasping my balls gently but knowingly in one fist, tugging on them to relax me.

I looked down at him with great pleasure, proud of my endowments and determined to give him the enjoyment he so eagerly sought and had so carefully planned for. My cock was gleaming with pre-cum, throbbing with anticipation, and bursting with excitement, engorged to its supreme inflation and obviously ready to thrust home its load, just waiting for Sarge's hot mouth to devour it.

Sarge was taking his time, enjoying every moment. He sniffed at the odors, rubbed his cheek against my hip, ground his nose into stiff cockhair, and, suddenly, lapped at a ball with moist, flattened tongue. The effect was electrical. My balls danced around as if hit by lightning and my erection quivered in response. Sarge watched the reaction through eyes narrowed with lust. "What a man!" he sighed. "And what a great body!" he added enthusiastically.

The heartfelt compliments acted upon my arousal like an aphrodisiac. My body tensed, my stomach churned, and I became aware of my oncoming orgasm. Every cell of my being announced the completeness of my pleasure. I looked down to witness the engulfment of my erection by the handsome mouth of my military seducer. The heat of his flesh, the moistness of his mouth, the skilled suction of his expert technique, the sliding ease of penetration deep into his devouring throat, all combined to raise me to the heights of desire. I was about to come.

I glanced at the TV just as a close-up showed Jack's big cock sliding out of Mike's lips, and saw a heavy spurt of cum splash forcibly onto Mike's upper lip. Immediately, another rich splash of juice hit the same spot just as Mike's tongue slid out to lap up the sticky discharge. Sarge groaned, vibrating my cock. I glanced down to see that he had twisted his head enough to watch the erupting scene and to react to it. I groaned, too. "Here it comes!" I whispered hoarsely. He swallowed energetically and I came in a frenzy. Jolt after jolt of orgasmic energy caused my body to shudder in ecstasy as spurt after spurt of thick cream filled the sergeant's suctioning mouth. He continued the delightful pressures as shot after shot was forced out of my rigid dick. The thrills were immeasurable. My enjoyment was complete. I almost fell over on top of him as he sucked me dry.

"Wow!" I breathed as I gasped for air.

"Wow!" he agreed as he came up for air, finally releasing my spent dick from his greedy but talented mouth. I sat down heavily onto the cot beside him, drained, for the moment, of all energy. My bounce onto the cot caused it to act like a trampoline for him and he stood up beside me, his huge erection quivering in front of my eyes, throbbing in front of the TV screen just as I noticed Mike stand back, lean against the tile wall, and look down as Jack slowly sucked in his gleaming erection, right down to the balls, taking every inch of the cock down into his throat and out of sight.

"I'm about to pop," Sarge said in a harsh stage whisper. The pleading tone in his voice was obvious. He hoped I would suck him off, but he didn't really know if I'd go that far. He wasn't poking his dick at my mouth, insisting that I reciprocate, but just held it there for me to evaluate, and I sensed that there had been others he had tried this seduction on who had said "no" to him at this point, but I wasn't about to be one of them. His cock simply looked too good to say "no" to and I had come too far to turn back now. My wildest fantasies were coming true and no false modesty was going to get in the way.

Jack was really deep-throating Mike's super-long cock at this point, going all the way to the base and then all the way back to the cockhead, almost letting the thick meat pop out of his mouth, but then going all the way back down to the base. It was subliminal instruction for me. It struck me, momentarily, that Sarge had this whole seduction timed to perfection. I slid my flattened tongue out of my mouth. Sarge gasped with delight as he realized I was going all the way.

"Here, take it," he moaned, pressing his cock downward until the well-flanged, thick cockhead slapped against my hot tongue. He hissed with pleasure as my tongue encircled the fat meat, then lapped at it with delicate scratchiness as I measured its impressive girth and sniffed at its masculine scents. My lips kissed the oozing lips of the fat slit indented in the crown, drawing from it some of the delicious, juicy liquid which promised much more to come. I wanted his eruption in my mouth. My own erection redeveloped with an urgency, pressing against my stomach as I leaned forward to pull more of his big cock into my mouth. I reached down and started stroking my cock in a matching beat to the rhythm of my suctioning mouth as I made a noble effort to duplicate the deep-throating cock-sucking I had just been watching. My efforts were better than good.

"Fantastic!" he hissed above me. He was enjoying himself, but somehow I realized he wasn't about to come as quickly as I had. I figured he was more mature than I, and reckoned he was in the habit of regular emissions, unlike the couple weeks of getting ready for and coming to the training camp that had so thoroughly messed up my sex-life, so I settled down into taking real enjoyment from what I was doing, sucking on his over-sized cock with immense pleasure. He spread his legs wider and bucked his bull-cock into me with increased force as though reading my mind, his big ball-sac thudding erotically into my chin with every thrust.

"Look at that," he instructed, excitedly, pulling aside somewhat to give me an unobstructed view of the TV. I couldn't tell how long it had been since I had last seen what was going on in that shower room, but when I glanced up, not letting the cock slip from my grasping mouth, I was startled to see that Jack and Mike were lying head-to-crotch on the tile floor and each had the other's cock in his mouth. What a sight! Then, Jack rolled on top of Mike and I saw Mike's cock once again disappearing into Jack's talented throat, only this time from a completely different angle, until his nose was pressed between Mike's huge balls, and, less clearly in the background, his own cock was simultaneously disappearing into Mike's loving mouth.

With a popping noise, Sarge's cock was pulled out of my mouth. "Let's try that," he said eagerly. His enthusiasm was invigorating. How could I say "no", as he gently pushed me down on his cot and moved to slide his cock back into my mouth from above my head. As contact was made with the still slippery cock, he continued to lean down over me until his mouth slid over my cockhead. It was unbelievable! I could feel the length of his muscular torso pressing against my chest and belly, somehow seeming heavy and up-side-down, yet at the same time amazingly agile and sensual, as his balls tickled my forehead, then my nose, then my lips. Suddenly, his cock was thrust further down my throat than I could have imagined. He grunted and thrust, sucking and deep-throating my wildly reactive cock, and I was grunting and thrusting right along with him, hoping this would last forever but sensing the heightening of my pleasure as his cock penetrated more deeply and more completely than I had ever before experienced.

"UMMM," I groaned, vibrating his cock and trying to let him realize that my orgasm was approaching. Immediately, he hummed onto my cock, vibrating it and letting me know he was right there with me. We were in unison, sucking and deep-throating, each feeling a cock in his throat and a throat round his cock. For me, this was the height of lust. I came as forcibly as I have ever come, losing control, pumping my hips into his magnificent mouth, spurting out blast after blast of jizz as he vacuumed it up, and at the exact same moment, sucking his big dick to the bottom of my throat as he pumped zizz wildly into me, feeling each spurt expand his giant tube even further.

He slid onto his side and our cockheads moved up, out of our throats, into our mouths, and we spent the longest time sucking out the final dregs of terrific orgasms. As our dicks began the inevitable softening, I lifted my head and saw that our two friends on TV were only just leaving the shower room together.

The scene faded to black. A new title appeared: SHOWER FUCK. Two names were under the title: With Jack Hornsby and Paul Reidum. This should be interesting, I thought, as I saw the now familiar Jack walking into the shower with another handsome, well-hung, naked young man, but just then Sarge pulled himself off of the cot and, with a sweeping motion hit the "Off" button and the screen went dead.

"Hey," he whispered with a conspiratorial grin, "let's save that one for next time, whadda ya say?"

I got up, grinning back, and replied with a laugh, "It'll be hard waiting."

He laughed with me, and as we straightened up our clothing, preparing to go back into a cold military environment, he said, "I'll admit I've tried this with other guys, Jack, but you're the very best! No one ever responded so wonderfully. Mine'll be hard, waiting, too."

Subsequent sessions with Sarge were as hot as the first one, and perhaps I'll write about them, but any romantic notions I developed over the next few weeks of making it with my amorous sergeant were quickly dispelled the day I watched him lure another soldier into his room after an afternoon spent learning about and practicing wrestling as self-defense. We had worn shorts, and I had noticed that that guy had thrown a boner which did not pass Sarge unnoticed. No doubt he showed him a naked wrestling video.

My disappointment vanished, however, when Sarge took the time to explain to me, very honestly, that I'd be moving on, going to training schools and to other posts, so staying together was impractical. He also admitted, with surprising candor, that his true sexual appetite was for the innocent but adventurous raw recruit, usually an 18-year-old like me, who could be seduced to agree to a quick blow-job. Rarely, as in my case, did the adventure become full-blown love-making, but, even so, after the initial excitement of the seduction wore off, Sarge went looking for new conquests. And he had no trouble finding them, "the Cream of the Crop", as he liked to call us.

He also pointed out that what he was doing was very dangerous in the Army and, eventually, someone would probably "squeal" on him. For that reason, alone, he thought it best that our contacts be limited or I could become involved in his problem. So, after one or two more very early morning sessions with him, I left basic training armed better than the average soldier and headed for other adventures.

When I think back on those days, even though I never really saw him this way, my memory of Sarge is of him lying on his cot, headphones on, fatigue pants at his ankles and shirt open, pumping on that fantastic dick of his while watching a video of Jack beating off. I like to think he's still at it, and he probably is.


Jack Sofelot


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