The coaches ran us up and down the field all day; we were drilling and playing practice games until late. By the time we hit the showers, we were little more than zombies. It took all my energy to crawl into my lower bunk in out cabin. There were 10 guys to each unair-conditioned cabin and two rows of cots set up in bunk bed fashion against one wall. Even at 11pm, the cabin was still uncomfortably hot from the baking in the sun and we were all sticky with sweat just minutes after showering.

Between soccer and academics, there wasn't much time for a social life. I was pretty much a virgin even entering my second year at college. If you'd asked me, I'd say I was straight. I wanted to marry and settle down at some point. I knew I'd like pussy, once I'd gotten some.

Darrin, my upper bunk mate, I'd known my whole life. He matured early, becoming muscled naturally which gave him an advantage over the rest of us. It kind of made him a douchebag at times. He used to boast that his fingers didn't meet around his cock when he pissed. He crawled over me and dropped into his upper bunk; I rolled over and passed out in mine.

I don't know how long it was, but I woke up to a soft rhythmic squeaking. I expected pitch blackness, but when I opened my eyes I caught a sliver of moonlight illuminating our area. Darrin was fucking his bunk. What I mean is: The bunk consisted of a well-worn mattress pad, no thicker than my hand, suspended by a wire frame. Darrin must have stuck his cock though one of the many holes in the mattress, and was grinding his hips into the old and worn cotton batting within.

From my point of view, I could make out the heavy outline of his cock through the thin mattress material pretty clearly. His fat mushroom head slowly slipped in and out of his veiny foreskin with each thrust. I watched fascinated for a moment and then he quickened his pace and I realized he was close to blowing his nut. I don't know what I was thinking, but I reached up and gingerly put my hand along the mattress, feeling his cock head and crazy hard shaft. I never felt another man's cock before, and certainly never held a cock besides my own during orgasm. My own cock was rock hard instantly and almost seemed to pulse and throb in time with Darrin's.

In a second, Darrin's cock started hardening and throbbing and a large wet stain started forming in front of his fat cock head as the dried-out mattress material tried to absorb the long ropes of cum. Darrin's cock was pumping out jet after sticky jet. Touching his cock at this moment, anonymously sharing it with him, was mind-blowing. I felt him shudder, and then he withdraw his cock from the mattress. I heard his heavy breathing subside and become regular as he passed out again.

I barely had time to free my own cock from the practice shorts we all slept in, before I shot a considerable load up my chest and even up to my face and cheeks. It was primal, uncontrollable, and my body shook and quaked with the effort. I think it was the longest orgasm I ever felt, and in the end left me dizzy and light headed. Not having a towel within reach, I had no option but to rub the hot, sticky semen into my bare and hairless chest and legs, neck and shoulders, and I hoped it was undetectable in the morning.

Morning came too early, the coaches woke us up and herded us out to breakfast rapidly. I just had time to grab my key chain out of my gear bag and hang it on a hook in my bunk. While I was putting my cleats on, Darrin slowly lowered his muscled body down off the top bunk, over top of me again, his semi-hard cock flopping in his boxers like a snake under black silk. Douche bag!

The coaches ran us harder than before, drills and practice games up until lunch. During our break we spent about an hour talking tactics and methods, and then it was out onto the sun-baked field again. It wasn't until after dark that we were released to shower and hit the sack.

Showering with a group of other naked men never had any effect on me. I've been doing it since high school, and these guys were familiar. There were egos, bullying, comments about the game or practice, and verbal pissing contests about performance on the field along with boasting, berating, and just pure exasperation. It was the unsexiest place in the universe. Even after watching my best friend shoot a wad for the first time, it was no different in here.

That night, I waited until Darrin settled into his bunk before making for mine, but I was too excited to sleep right off. I lay still well into the evening, waiting for any signal that Darrin would repeat his performance again. In the dark, I silently found my key chain where I left it that morning, and used my tiny tightbeam flashlight to shine at the spot that Darrin's cum had dried during the day. In the pinpoint of light, I could just make out the stain that remained. Just then I got an idea, and used my pocket knife to cut a slit in the mattress from before the cum stain started, forward a few inches. The old material fell away from my knife easily.

Minutes passed and there was nothing but the increasing sounds of sleeping men. I began to give up hope and allow myself to doze off. Suddenly, I detected the soft squeak from the bunk above and I knew Darrin was trying to poke his cock into the bedding again. For a moment I was afraid he had located another hole, but then I watched his lengthening cock find the familiar spot and could tell he was easing it in deep. I quickly lit the spot with my flashlight and could see his cock snaking through the padding and then the foreskin covered head push through the slit I'd made, and swell up right in front of my face. As his hips started to thrust and grind, his shiny cock head pushed out of his foreskin, then retracted back again slowly. Evidently he did not notice (or care) that his exposed cock was hanging out, he was too focused maintaining his thrusting movements.

I shone my tiny light on his cock and was mesmerized by the size, the redness of his swollen head and at how far outside his foreskin he extended before withdrawing almost completely in. His head grew slicker and shinier and started dripping a tiny drool of pre-come. I watched it swing and drip and then caught it with my free hand. Automatically, I drew my hand to my nose and sniffed, then to my lips and dared to take a taste. It was warm and flavorless but in my excited state I licked my finger clean. Darrin was thrusting harder now, with more of a regular rhythm. I wanted to reach up and touch his thick cock, and feel him approach his nut, but I knew without the mattress cloth between us he'd feel my touch instantly and then I'd be discovered.

His humping must have pushed the mattress stuffing aside, because I could just make out his egg-sized balls and the thick vein that ran along the underside of his cock. His thrusts became more mechanical and I knew he was close. Just as I realized I was staring down his hot purple cock-head and in the direct line of fire, his first spurt of cum emerged and swung randomly from his slit. Alarmed, I moved my hand up to block it and then spurt after spurt started spewing with each of his urgent thrusts. I tried to catch them with my free hand but his thrusting and wildly swinging cock threw them everywhere, and many long sticky ropes hit me in the face and hair, along my arms and all over the walls and headboard of my bunk. Spurt, spurt, spurt again and again, I was covered and soaked by the time his flow slowed down and his cock slowly began to soften, but the semen kept dripping out even then. I took a chance and turned the light onto his cock one last time, it hung down over me, still dripping slowly, soft but still thick and just barely retracting into his foreskin.

I was covered in spunk, from my forehead to my own rock hard cock. At this point, I figured "Why not" and, licking my lips (and tasting Darrin, as it happened) scooped up a handful of jizz to use as lube. In my excited state, it only took a few tugs to get me nutting, my hot cream mixing with Darrin's now cooler spunk on my body. I came hard, and I think I passed out for a moment, but then I returned to sanity and thought about how to hide the sticky evidence. My breathing returned to normal. I collected as much of our juice as I could from my face, chest, arms and legs, as well as the walls, and wiped it on the underside of my bunk.

I meant to get up early and sneak off to the showers a minute before wake-up call, but I guess I was too exhausted from the night before and I rose sleepily along with the others when the regular time came. I glanced down nervously, but could see no trace of Darrin's semen or mine. I guessed I must have sweated it out while I slept into the sheet and rank mattress. Just then Darrin rolled out of the top bunk and facing me slowly lowered his muscled torso down, only stopping for a moment to adjust his thick dick though his shorts. Once he had them at my eye level. I thought I saw him give himself a stroke or two through his shorts, but in the next moment his bare feet touched the ground and he started out toward the showers. I rose to get into line behind him, and then he stopped suddenly, turned and put his lips to my ear, whispering "If you had sucked me off and swallowed, you wouldn't have made such a mess in your bunk". Then he grinned at me and trod off to the showers.



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