Michael drank all of the major loads and then sucked the remaining cum from the cock and came up with his tongue out to Drew and Drew opened his mouth and they began kissing............

They continued to kiss for several minutes before Michael pulled away from the kiss and said, "We had better get some sleep, we need to be there when the opening manager gets there tomorrow morning."

Drew bend forward and pecked Michael on the lips and said, "Good Night".

The both go up and pulled down the bed sheets and each turned out the lights nearest their side of the bed. They climbed into bed and Drew turned on his side with his back toward Michael, and stared at the shapes the light the escaped the curtains made on the walls. Michael scooted closer and put his arm over Drew's side and curled it up and rubbed his chest.

Michael whispered, "This okay?"

"It's great Drew replied."

The adrenaline was still pulsing through Drew, he wasn't one of those guys that fit the saying "After he lets the jizz fly, he must get some shut eye". Drew thought, "I had wanted this to happen forever, but now I feel, I don't know. He is married for shit's sake. He just had a child. It's not like he would leave his wife for you. But damn he is hot, but being hot is not enough I want someone to stay with me, not just use me for a good fuck when he gets tired of the monotony of his wife. What the hell am I thinking, I'm thinking like a woman. Fuck it, he's hot, and I want more of him."

Drew let these thoughts linger for a while but he eventually drifted to sleep.

The alarm clock blaring made Drew jolt upright the next morning, Michael was still laying there either sleeping through the alarm or just ignoring it. He had kicked the blanket off of him and his rock hard cock was in plain view, this got Drew's semi morning wood rock hard. Drew reached over and stroked Michael's morning wood a few times and Michael smiled without opening his eyes.

Drew rolled closer and snuggled up to Michael's neck and whispered, "Good morning."

Michael bent his head down and kissed Drew. Then got up out of the bed and turned off the alarm. He picked up his shorts and swatted Drew's rear with them and said, "Come on let's get a shower".

Drew was up in a second following Michael to the shower. The shower was almost too small for two guys to fit into together but the managed it. Drew put soap in his hand and began lathering up Michael's body and Michael began lathering Drew. They rubbed each other all over and each paid special attention to each other's cocks. They finished their lathering with each shooting cum onto the shower floor and then rinsed and got out. They dressed for work, and left for the store.

On the short drive to the store Drew asked, "Have you fooled around with guys much?"

"My roommate during my last year of college, we just jerked together and gave each other blowjobs periodically. It was a casual thing, neither of us knew what we were doing really we just enjoyed each other."

Drew said, "I'm glad that it is not awkward this morning. I worried about that last night before going to sleep. I was afraid that you would regret what happened between us."

"No regrets, last night was great, I've wanted to be with a guy for a little while now, just a nagging in the back of my head."

"I was glad to spend this time with you."

"Was? We still have three more days together."

They then pulled into the parking lot of the store. They got out of the truck and unlocked the store. Again, they worked. They both acted as normal as possible, just occasionally making eye contact and smirking at one another. At around 7 pm Michael asked if Drew was ready to get out of there. They made their way to the fast food restaurant they ate at the previous night and then returned to their motel room.

When they entered the room, the housekeeping staff had divided the beds and changed the sheets. Drew grabbed his comfort clothes and went to the bathroom. He took a shit, and used a douche to clean himself out. He was really hoping to be fucked tonight so he wanted to be as ready as possible for this semi-newbie.

When he came back into the main room, Michael had pushed the beds together again and had on just the pair of shorts from the night before. He didn't have his shirt on tonight and his defined chest and flat stomach were mesmerizing. Drew walked up to Michael and pulled him to him and began kissing him, while putting his hands on Michaels pecs then running his hands down to Michaels hips and then pulling the hips in to meet with his. The stood their grinding against one another tongues battling for dominance in each other's mouths.

Drew then hooked his fingers under the waistband of Michaels shorts and began pulling them down. Michael's hard 6.5" prick flipped up then hung out from his stomach a bit due to his standing position. Drew kissed each nipple, the navel, and then slid the head of Michael's dick into his mouth. He began his magic on Michaels cock. Michael let his head fall back and knees bend as he enjoyed the pleasures Drew was giving him. Drew worked the cock in and out of his mouth then licked on the balls for a bit then started moving Michael to the bed. Michael lay back on the bed and Drew removed his pants and shirt exposing his rock hard cock. Michael reached up and gave it a few strokes before Drew pushed his hand away and said "Not Yet".

Drew sat across Michaels legs stoking Michael cock.

Drew asked, "You gonna fuck me?"

Michael got a hungry look in his eyes but asked, "Are you sure? I've never fucked a guy before"

"I've never been so sure. But there is one hitch; I don't have any condoms with me."

"Me either, I haven't carried one since I got married."

"Are you opposed to doing it without one? I've never done it bareback but I want you to fuck me." It was true that Drew had never barebacked before, but even if he had a condom he want Michael to fuck him skin to skin.

Michael thought for a minute, his hard on was softening so Drew began stroking him again. "Okay, we'll do it without one."

"Okay, let me lube you up."

Since Drew had not brought any lube either, he got as much saliva in his mouth as possible and used his tongue to lube up Michaels cock. Drew's ass was still wet inside from the douche he had used just a few minute prior, so that should suffice.

After Michael's cock was slick Drew rose up onto his knees moved forward and put Michael's cockhead at the entrance of his hole. He asked Michael to reach up and pull his ass cheeks apart as he guided Michaels cock to the sweet spot and then lowered his hips to push the head in. The head of Michaels cock slowly worked in then it "popped" past the anal sphincter and they were home. Drew slowly sat down onto Michael and let the cock glide in as far as possible, then sat there as he adjusted to the feeling. Michael's eyes were closed.

Michael whispered, "You feel so good and are so tight."

Drew began using his hips and knees to work Michaels cock around inside him. He started the slow rhythm and each time pulling farther up Michaels cock. He worked it up to bring the head of Michaels cock to the point that it almost popped out and then thrust back down. Drew began riding the cock as is rubbed over and over again across his sweet spot. Michael began moaning out and Drew was breathing roughly. Drew pumped up and down Michaels cock harder and harder, feeling his prostate swell and feel even more pleasure with each thrust.

Drew then sat completely down on Michaels cock and told him to roll to the right so that he was on top. As they made the transition of positions Drew pulled his legs up and Michael took control of the thrusting. Now that Drew had his legs opened and Michael was thrusting down into him he was getting full pleasure. Drew began moaning out then as Michael pounded into him. Michael leaned into Drew and then began kissing as Michael pounded deeper. Between kisses Drew said, "Drive it deeper, plough me." This encouraged Michael and he began slamming his hips again Drew's ass and Drew was on cloud nine. After a few more minutes doing this, Michael slowed down, then pushed in as far as possible and lay against Drew.

"I've gotta stop for a minute, or I'm gonna blow." Michael explained.

"I was getting close too, but I didn't want to stop you." Drew said. "Pull out and let me get up on my knees and you get behind me, doggie style."

Michael pulled his cock out and Drew got up on his knees. Michael got behind Drew and pushed his cock back in. Michael began thrusting into Drew again, slowly at first but quickly picking up speed. Michael bent down and wrapped his arms around Drew and then began rubbing Drew chest. Drew rose up and Michael continued pounding away. Drew turned his head so that they could begin kissing again as they fucked.

As Drew neared climax, from only being fucked, he told Michael to go harder and faster. Michael started pounding with all he had. Drew's muscles clinched and then he exploded all over the bed. Volley after volley of cum splattered the bed in front of him. The site and feel of Drew's load leaving his body made Michael's body tense; he pushed his cock in as far as possible and unloaded 6 volleys of cum into Drew. Drew just flattened out onto the cum soaked bed and Michael fell on top of him. They were both drenched with sweat and breathing hard. Michael began kissing the back of Drew's neck.

Drew said, "That was great. You really throw those hips into it."

"You are one great fuck." Michael said.

Michael got up off of Drew and Drew rolled over. Michael lay down on top of Drew. They lay there face to face. Drew winked at Michael and Michael started kissing Drew again.......



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