I've been a member of the Northhill country club for as long as I can remember. I've been gay just as long. I can remember being in my teens and sucking the cocks of some of the other guys in the lockeroom. I don't mean to gloat but I was a beautiful twink! Tall with short dark hair, brown eyes that sparkled when I laughed, smooth olive colored skin thanks to my moms Greek side and a lean, toned, swimmers build. Not much has changed since then. I'm older and have more responsibilities then I did then. I have a trimmed goatee and stash. My cock is gi-normous, or so other guys tell me. Even in highschool when the guys in the lockeroom would see it for the first time, their reactions used to make me laugh. There eyes would buldge and their mouths would begin to water. My shlong is about 10 inches when soft and a little more when fully erect and ready for buiness. I had a pair of heavy, low hanging cajones able to produce massive amouths of love juice to boot!

One thing my experience with gay sex at a young age taught me is how to appreciate the soft, tender flesh of a younger man. That's right, I'm into younger men. I've been a few guys on gay chatrooms who like them "jail bait" young but that's not the type I go for. 18-29 is the age range. I am attracted to guys who are handsome and have a nice smooth, toned twink body. I'm a sucker for a thin, long cock and a firm, smooth ass to eat out and fuck. Up until then I hadn't actually met any young men. Just guys my age or a little older. Even though I just turned 31, I still have a high sex drive. I can go all night practically without rest. Once you get me goin, look out!!

One day I arrived at the club early. I liked to sit in the new sauna they had built for a little while before going for a swim. There's nothing quite as exilerating as sitting in a hot, steamy sauna and then jumping into a cool pool. I stripped off my clothes and wrapped a towel around my narrow waist and hips. When I opened the sauna door I noticed it was practically empty except for one other person. I couldn't see him clearly because it was so steamy in there but he looked young. I sat down on the wooden bench and leaned my head back and closed my eyes. I heard a noise and when I opened my eyes, the other guy had moved closer. He was young. Tall with short black hair, mischevious brown eyes, boyband good looks and a lean, toned swimmers build. Just how I liked em!! His full, red lips turned up at the corners as he smiled.

"Hi!" he said in a deep voice. "Hi" I said smiling back. "I've never seen you here before" I said. He shrugged. "I've been away at college. This is the real first break I've had in months!" I watched as he slid closer. "I'm Justin." He was practically ontop of me but I didn't mind. He held out his hand and I shook it. "Christian." Justin's beautiful brown eyes sparkled as he looked me over and grinned. "Tell me Chris, anyone ever tell you, you're one hot fucker!!" I chuckled. "Frequently." He nodded. "I'm so horny!! I was just about to start jerking off when you showed up." I laughed. "Please, don't let me stop you." Justin smiled shyly. "You sure you won't mind?" I shook my head. "Hey, we're men and we all get horny so feel free to rock out with you're cock out!!" That made Justin laugh. I watched as he pulled the towel open and heard myself gasp. He had such a beautiful body! Smooth, hard pecs with two dime size nipples, a flat, ripped stomach. When my eyes fell on the limp piece of meat that was laying limpy on his stomach I wanted so badly to suck on it. It was long and thin with a pink mushroom like head and a pair of smooth, fleshy balls perfect for sucking.

Justin took his flaccid cock in hand and began stroking it gently. "Aren't you gonna join me?" he asked, smiling. I knew the hot young twink was teasing me and it only made me even harder than I already was. He reached over and tugged my towel free. The back of his hand touched my stomach and I jumped. When he saw my huge, hard cock, Justin's eyes widened in aw. "Holy shit!! What the hell do you feed that thing!" I grinned. "It's big, I know." Justin nodded. "It's the biggest one I've ever seen and look at that! It's hard and pulsating!" His hand moved a little faster. "I'd love to taste that big cock you got there!" he exclaimed. I laughed. "Only if I can do the same." We stood and laid our towels on the wooden bench and I laid on my back. Justin positioned himself over me with my head between is legs and his long cock dangling only a few inches from my lips. I wet them and put my hands on his smooth asscheeks bringing his cock down to my mouth. When my lips touched the spongy head, I heard Justin moan.

"Yeah, suck my cock!" he cooed. He thrust his shaft deep into my mouth and began fucking my face. The feeling of his smooth cock sliding in and out of my mouth was amazing! I knew from years of sucking dick to purse my lips. When I felt Justin's wet lips on my own rock hard prick, I cried out. "UHHH!!" Soon, we were both panting and the only sound that could be heard was the slurping as we sucked and sucked and sucked!! Suddenly, I felt my balls draw up and I knew I was about to cum. I wanted to fuck his beautiful twink ass before I did. I told Justin to stop and he sat up. "Did I do something wrong?" he asked, worry written all over his beautiful face. "No!" I assured him "I was about to cum and I wanna be deep inside that lusious ass of you'res when I do!" Justin smiled. He laid down on the towels with his perfectly round, smooth ass sticking out. "Go ahead!"

I smiled because before I fucked him, I wanted to taste his ass. I kneeded his soft cheeks with my large hands before parting them. There in the middle like a rare jewel was his rosebud. I kissed both cheeks and licked the length of his crack from balls to tailbone and heard him moan softly. I spit in his ass and began flicking my tongue on his clean hole. Justin was panting and moaning. "Yeah! Oh Fuck that feels so good!" he wimpered. I really began to go to town. When I felt his hole was wet enough, I put my pointer finger and middle finger and inserted them. Justin gasped in suprize. "Just loosening you up a bit babe!" I told him. I moved my fingers in and out of his hole. I was so hard, I didn't think I'd last much longer. When I felt he was loose enough, I positioned myself over him again. "You ready to be fucked?" He nodded. I held my cock steady. I moaned when I felt the velvety inside of his asscheeks. "Fuck yeah!" he moaned. I felt the head of my cock press against his hole. "You sure you wanna do this?" I asked. He nodded. "I wanna feel you inside me!" he exclaimed.

I thrust a little and felt his hole resist. Wiggling my hips a bit, I managed to gain entry. Justin didn't cry out. "You've been fucked before haven't you." He nodded. "It's been awhile though and I've never had a dick as big as you'res." That made me smile. I didn't want to hurt him so I went slow. I pulled my cock almost all the way out before thrusting back in, each time, inserting a little more. The tight muscles of his anus gripping my shaft like a vice almost made me cum. I closed my eyes and concentrated on lasting as long as I could. Soon I found my rythem. I moved a little faster. Justin was moaning softly. I could tell he enjoyed being fucked. "Yeah! Fuck me!!" he moaned "Oh you're big cock feels so good in my asshole!" I moved faster. My balls slapped his tender skin with each thrust. Soon I was pounding his ass with a reckless abandon. Justin was panting and moaning like a two bit hooker. "Oh yeah! he whimpered "Fucke me! Fuck my tight ass!" I knew I couldn't last much longer.

I manuvered the both of us so he was sitting in my lap without my cock slipping out. He bobbed up and down as I grabbed his cheeks, prying them as far as they would go and ramming my steel fuckstick deep in his ass. He wrapped his arms around my neck. "Yeah! Oh God yeah!!" Justin moaned. I felt the molten hot cum travel from my balls to my shaft. "I'm gonna cum!!" I moaned. Justin smiled. "Yeah, fill my boypussy! Breed my ass!!" That did it! I pounded his ass like a jack hammer, my big balls flopping and felt my cock expload deep inside his love canal. "AARRRRRGGGHHHHH!!!" I growled as rope after rope of hot, spunk filled his ass. When my cock stopped twitching, we sat there panting, a big satisfied grin on Justin's face. "That was the best fuck I'v ever had!!" I smiled. "It ain't over yet. Now it's you're turn big boy!!" He stood and I told him to lay down on his back with his legs up to his chest. From this position I had a perfect view of his tight boypussy. Some of my cum had oozed out.

I dove between those cheeks and began licking out all of my load. Justin was panting an moaning. I reached between his legs and began stroking his cock. Soon Justin's breathing became more laboured and I knew he was close. Without another word, I clamped my mouth on his pulsating cock like a leeche and sucked for all I was worth. "OH YEAH!! I"M GONNA CUM!!" I felt his cock twitch in my mouth and his thick, creamy load shoot down my throat. "UUUUGGGHHHHH!!" He hollared as I drained him dry. We sat there panting. "I really enjoyed that!" I exclaimed. Justin nodded placing his head on my thigh and looking up at me. "Wanna come back to my place for some dinner and then round two?" I grinned. I knew this was going to be a long night!!!

To Be Continued.....

I try to inject myself into every story I write. It's always been a dream of mine to meet a young, hot twink here in Arkansas and make him cum with my mouth and some toys. Anyone interested? Leave me a e-mail :)

Chuck A.K.A Stephen



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