Since the day Seth moved in I knew that he was the sexiest man that i have seen. He was about a 5'-8' marine with the most perfect abs i have ever seen. He has short brown hair and the most beautiful hazel eyes! He is married and lives across the street form me. I met him the 2nd day he was where because i saw a rock had been thrown through his car window. I knocked on his door and told him what i saw and was very thankful. Since then i take my dog over there to play with his dog and i love every minute of it. I love seeing him in his marine uniform everyday after a long hard day so i go over right after he gets home.

Every day I watch his house through my windows, hoping to get a glace at him shirtless or naked. I Have knock at his door once and saw him shirtless and a boner in his shorts. I didn't say anything but i went home and stroked my cock to the picture in my head! Man it was hot!

A few months later Seth drives home in a Saleen Mustang. God he looked so fucking hot in that car! The next day i was walking my dog and i saw him and his wife outside the car unpacking groceries. I waved and said that's a nice car. He smiled and said thanks. As i was unlocking my door I turned to hear him say. You want to go for a ride? I quickly put my dog inside and jump on the offer. Went took the highway a couple of miles south and i was hard the whole time.

He was wearing a pair of skimpy ass marine running shorts and his hairy thighs were so fucking amazing! I Frantically tried to bring up different topics to get my dick back down to normal size but it just wouldn't work! I tried to adjust it so he couldn't see it, but he did. He said to me man you don't need to try and hide it i noticed you were hard the whole time.

I felt my cock jump! I was so embarrassed. But then he reached in my shorts and grabbed my 8 inches and started stroking. As soon as he touched me i thought that i was going to cum. He had the softest hands and it felt like he knew what he was doing. So i asked him have you ever stroked another mans cock. He nodded and stroked harder! Finally i erupted and cum went flying. I felt amazing! i never felt that good cuming .

I shot about 6 shots and he stuck his finger in the puddle of jizz on my shirt and lick it off his finger. He then turned his head towards me and said my turn! I wasted no time pulling his cock out through the leg opening of his shorts. As i was pulling his hard 8' cock out i noticed he was wearing a jockstrap. My god i love jocks and a sexy marine was wear one was fucking hot!

I started by licking the cockhead and the i took it all in. I felt the car take a quick swerve and heard a loud moan. This guy was in heaven. I had never suck a cock before and i guess i was doing a pretty damn good job. He it only took about 5 but i got him to cum. He moaned oh god I'm cumming, ah ah ah ahhhhhhhhhhh. I felt shots of cum hitting the back of my throat! There must have been at least 10 shots. I couldn't hold all the sperm in and i started to drip out of my mouth. I want ed every drop so i wiped my mouth and licked my fingers. man it tasted so good.

I sat up and kissed him letting his own cum back into his mouth. His tongue was down my throat and I loved it. I don't know how he stayed on the road but he did it. We got off at the next exit and turned around and went home. His wife was standing in the driveway when we pulled up. We were gone for about and hour but i didn't notice the time fly by. She didn't suspect anything and he went inside like nothing happened.

We have occasional suckoff sessions but nothing more. I still want his cock up my virgin asshole. I'm saving it for him and one day he will get it!



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