Part 1 - Sergei, Nicolai, and a Pup Named Boris 

I’d been on the phone for nearly twenty minutes. Walt looked on with a bemused expression. A spate of Russian flowed from my lips. Something I heard made me laugh. Walt says I have a beautiful smile and a sweet laugh. Walt had been very surprised when I told him I spoke Russian. He was even more surprised to hear me speak it. I have a bad accent, but my uncles understand me well enough.

“My family is coming to visit!” I yelled excitedly. I hadn’t seen my uncles since my parents died, and it had been even longer since I’d seen my aunt!

I only had the two uncles and I loved them dearly. I was surprised these two ultra conservative Russians would turn out to be so supportive of me. This would be the first time I’d seen them in several years. Walt had never met them: he’d never met any of my real family. He only knew the Garzas, the family who had decided I was one of their daughters. Walt was understandably apprehensive.

My uncles arrived by cab Friday evening. They wouldn’t tell me their flight, so I just had to wait at home. I was dressed like a good little housewife. I didn’t know any Russian dishes, but I’d be fine. Both of them loved spaghetti! I knew I could fix that.

Walt looked on helplessly as these two bears swept me up in their arms and hugged and kissed me. Sergei, the oldest, wasn’t taller the Walt, but had a very commanding bearing. He had a bad habit of pretending he couldn’t understand English, but he was a graduate of an elite English language and customs school for Russian Special Forces. Sergei wasn’t really an uncle. He was a very close family friend who practically lived with them growing up. But to me, he was always Uncle Sergei. Nicolai, Uncle "Niki", was the outgoing of two. He was Walt’s age and nearly two inches taller! His hands dwarfed Walt’s. Both uncles claimed to be “businessmen”. Yeah, right!

My jaw nearly dropped when my aunt stepped out from behind them. Tatyana was Mom’s younger sister. She was only six years older than me! She was my height, but a full-figured voluptuous blond. She had full breasts and full wide hips. Every teenage boy’s wet dream come to life (and mine, too!).


I first met my aunt and uncles when Mom took me home to visit her family. My grandparents were quiet people. Although my Russian was horrid, my grandparents were delighted with my efforts and helped me with pronunciation and grammar. Sergei tried to teach me Russian profanity, but Mom put her foot down at that. Sergei was home on leave. He was military, but secretive about what he did. Nicolai worked for a ministry department responsible for exports and imports.

But my eyes were mostly for my aunt. Tatyana was my mother’s half sister. She was twenty. I was only fourteen. Ani, as her family called her, don’t look like any of her siblings. She was my height, very blonde, and very beautiful. She had large breasts and wide hips she had a wonderful laugh. Her blue eyes seemed to drink you in. She was also a wild child, drinking vodka and smoking cigars. She was also very promiscuous, much to her parents’ chagrin.

 The family’s home was cramped. I slept on a couch in the small living room. Several evenings, I had opportunities to visit with my aunt. She’d come out in just her robe and talk with me. I’m sure she was amused at the amount of time I spent staring at her full breasts. She often laid a hand on my leg when she talked. I struggled to keep my erections hidden.

Ani would shower after everyone else was in bed. She never fully closed the bathroom door. I peeked a few occasions as she slowly lathered herself. She would hold up a breast and wash it a long time, putting on a show. As if she knew I was watching. I stared mesmerized when she worked her fingers into the blonde patch between her legs.

Unfortunately, Mom caught me. She grabbed me by my ear and pulled me outside the house. She slapped me hard as she chewed me out for spying on my naked aunt! (That was the only time she’d ever hit me!) I’m sure her family got an earful as she angrily spoke in Russian. (She often did that when she was extremely angry with Dad. He’d just hold up his hands and laugh. He didn’t understand a single word she was saying. Then they’d send me out to play while they went upstairs.)

Afterwards, I lay on the couch and played with myself, wondering how Ani's mouth would feel around my cock. Or what it would feel like to put my mouth between her legs. (I’d once seen Dad going down on Mom. Her moans told me it was something she enjoyed!) I looked up to see Ani, wearing only a towel that barely concealed her ample charms, smiling at me. I was greatly embarrassed, but she just leaned down and gave me a quick kiss. When she stood, she looked around, then quickly opened the towel. When she walked away, I had a marvelous view of the bottom of her round ass.


Aunt Tatyana was still very beautiful. Now in her thirties, she was a little fuller. (I later found out she was 42DD-28- 42. If she’d had a cock to go along with that, I would have re-thought my marriage to Walt! ….Not really! Her conservative dress did little to hide the fact that she was still a very beautiful woman. Even Walt, who rarely looks at another woman, excepting Stephanie, and my sisters, was enraptured!

Ani gave me a quick peck on the cheek then held me by my shoulders and appraised me, much as my uncles had done!

“My! How little Andrew….I mean Angela….has grown!” she exclaimed. 

Suddenly I felt like a hungry cougar was sizing me up. I must have turned red. She pulled me close and gave me a strong hug. (Something about Russians and hugs! My ribs always hurt after my family hugs me!)

Ani smiled and said, “The ugly duckling is now a very beautiful swan! Your mother would be proud of what you’ve become! You are a fine looking young woman!”

Then I heard it! A light yipping from a crate behind her. It was a puppy!

Sergei smiled as he handed me the pup. “Is wedding present,” he said in his phony broken English. “Is Boris!” he said with a conspiratorial grin.

Sergei was a big fan of Boris and Natasha, two clumsy Russian spies from an old cartoon series. Boris was a Borzoi, a Russian Wolfhound, fiercely loyal, very protective. Walt was not overly thrilled by this gift: he’s not wild about pets (other than me!), but he smiled as he saw my huge smile as Boris licked my face.

I stood on my toes, and with my free hand, pulled Sergei close and kissed him. He turned bright red, a rare sight since he isn’t easily embarrassed.

“Thank you, Uncle Sergei! I love him!”


And I did! As Boris grew to his full size, he rarely left my side. I often had to put him in the garage whenever Steph came over. He never growled, or bit anyone. But he would just stare at you. It was a couple of years before he’d finally let other people pet him. Then he became a sweetheart!

Boris also loved Walt. If I wasn’t fast enough, Boris would beat me to the door and get a hug before I got my kiss! He also wanted Walt to play ball with him.


Sergei produced a bottle of vodka for Walt. My uncles grinned then slapped Walt on the shoulders. “We get drunk, now!”

I looked in consternation as they headed off to the bar.

“They're just teasing,” Ani said. “Sergei wants to take us to dinner tonight.”

Sergei had an old Army buddy that owned a Russian restaurant across town. The food was excellent. (We go their frequently!) The guys drank a little to much. I had to drive home. Ani sat in front with me while the guys sat in the back. Uncle Sergei was trying to teach Walt some drinking songs. Ani had a hand on my thigh. I was getting very strange vibes from her.

My uncles drank Walt under the table. My husband doesn’t drink a lot: mostly beer, and an occasional whiskey. My uncles, none the worse for wear, laid him on our bed. After I undressed him and tucked him in, I rejoined the others for a long overdue visit.

“Your husband…..good man……lousy drinker,” Sergei said.

I was pleased they all liked him. I was holding Boris in my lap. (Big Mistake! He’s over seventy pounds, now, and still thinks he’s a lapdog!) Sergei smiled broadly, pleased I loved my gift.

I finally went to bed. I was disappointed Walt had passed out. When I’m this happy, I want to be fucked! Maybe tomorrow night, but I wasn’t counting on it with this hard drinking bunch.

After breakfast, Walt and my uncles went and played a round of golf. They were going to spend the day doing ”guy” stuff and getting to know each other better. Tatyana and I were going shopping and then spend an afternoon at the spa. We’d all meet for supper that night.

Ani (she didn’t want me calling her “Aunt”) was sunning by the pool while I cleared away the breakfast dishes. If my uncles stayed more than the weekend, I’d need to shop! It took longer to clean up than normal. I kept staring out the window at her. She chose to sun naked. I was struggling to keep from creaming in my panties. I do like women, and I really wanted her!

 I’d been fantasizing about her again. I nearly missed her calling me to join her in the pool!. I quickly changed into Walt’s favorite: a skimpy little white bikini bottom that tied at the sides and a top that accentuated my small breasts.

Ani nodded her approval. After a few laps, we sat on the chaise lounges. I lay back with one leg bent slightly at the knee. Walt calls it my seduction pose. Ani lay on her side and looked me over.

“Angela, darling, what were you thinking about those nights I saw you playing with yourself? After you watched me in the shower?”

I turned red as a beet! I should have known she’d seen me. I’d been too naïve at the time to realize she’d left the door cracked on purpose to tease a love struck teenage boy!

Ani slid closer. She studied my face as I lay silent.

“Please tell me,” she implored. “It’s okay to desire a naked woman you happen to see. And you’re a grown woman, now! You can tell me everything! I won’t be offended.”

I couldn’t resist those beautiful blue eyes.

“I dreamt of putting my head between your thighs!” I whispered.

She laughed sweetly.

“And would you know what to do when you were there?” she teased.

“I like women, too!” I replied. “I can show you what I know!” I blurted out.

Ani stood and looked at me, then turned and went inside. Boy’ I’d put my foot in it now! I followed her to the guestroom to apologize. I found her laying on her back, legs parted.

“Okay,” she said, “Show me!”

I stared at her a moment. She was a little fuller than she’d been, but she was till damned beautiful. I may prefer men fucking me, but I still occasionally want a woman, and I really wanted her! 

I slowly kissed my way up the insides of her thighs and kissed all around her now shaved mound. I avoided kissing her pussy. I just nibbled and kissed warm, bare flesh.

“Ooohh….you DO know what you’re doing,” she purred.

I parted her lips with my tongue and kissed her button, biting gently.  I blew on her clit right before I kissed the opening. She spread her legs wider in invitation. I dove in and pushed my tongue inside her hot, moist pussy. I savored her pungent taste and aroma. It had been months since I’d last eaten a woman’s cunt. I kissed and licked her clit. I held her legs open and ran my fingers along her sides.

Ani grabbed my hair and pulled me close before arching her back. I could feel the spasms of her contractions as she came. I gently kissed her opening until her orgasm subsided. When she collapsed, I kissed my way up her stomach and kissed each nipple before moving up to kiss her. I wanted her to taste her juices on my lips.

As I snuggled against her she purred, “Nice…….very nice!’

She gripped my now erect cock and asked, “Can you still use this?” When I nodded yes, she said “Later, perhaps…….Come….we’re going shopping!” 

She pushed me out of the room and hit the shower. I returned to my room and showered and dressed. I chose to wear a simple blouse and skirt. I’m mostly a Sex Kitten at home, now.

Tatyana came in shortly dressed equally simple. She handed me a long, narrow wooden case. Inside was a beautiful sapphire necklace and matching pendant earrings. Very expensive looking!

“They were Anna’s, she said, “she gave them to me, but I think your mother would be pleased if you wore them!”

I hugged her and wept. The only piece of Mom’s jewelry I had was her watch. A cheap Timex. She seldom wore any necklaces or earrings, although I once saw her wear these.

“Wear these today,” Ani suggested. “Come. We are going to the spa and then go shopping!”


I’d never been to a spa. I’ll be back! Ani and I talked about the men and giggled a lot. I felt beautiful after all the pampering. 

The spa had a beauty salon and Ani suggested we get our nails and hair done. I get my hair trimmed when I need it. Mama Rosa usually fixed it whenever Miguel took me out. Ani suggested I cut off much of my hair. I hadn’t cut it in years and it fell to the top of my ass. Walt loved my long ponytail, but it was getting difficult to manage.

Ani said, ”trust me,” and gave the stylist instructions. When she was done, I now had bangs, and my hair framed my face, falling just past the top of my shoulders. I was shocked! They’d cut off most of my hair! But, I liked the look, and it was lighter! Fewer headaches!

At the boutique, Ani suggested a cream colored, dress. It was sleeveless, high necked, and stopped just below my knees. Ani found a matching handbag and high heels.  She also found a light wrap to go along with it. She hooked the necklace around my neck and I put on the earrings.

What I saw I the mirror astounded me! With this haircut, Walt would be able to see my earrings and my neck! I now looked like a beautiful, and stylish woman! Not blatantly sexy, but highly desirable. I hadn’t looked like a boy in years, but there was no way in Hell anyone would think I was anything but a woman, unless they saw my cock!

Walt had my Suburban, so Ani and I took a cab to the restaurant. The doorman offered a hand as I stepped from the cab.  The hat girl took my wrap and I stepped into the restaurant. I spotted Walt and my uncles seated a few tables away. Ani had waited out of sight from the men to watch their reactions to the new me.

Sergei saw me first. He glanced my way in passing. I saw recognition dawning on his features as he turned his gaze back to me. I could tell he approved from his nod. He motioned my way and the others turned around. Uncle Niki smiled broadly. Walt looked very surprised, but rose to greet me, his smile deepening as he approached.

Walt touched my arms and nodded. He lightly kissed my cheek and said,” I wouldn’t have believed you could be more beautiful than you already were!”

I slipped my arm through his as he escorted me to our table. I may not have been the most beautiful woman in the room, but my family’s approving nods made me feel as if I were!

My uncles rose and bowed slightly. Sergei kissed my cheek and Nikolai kissed my hand.

“Well, boys, what do you think?” Ani asked.

Sergei just smiled and Uncle Niki complimented my beauty in Russian.

“Now, now, boys,” Tatyana chided, “Speak English so Walt can understand.

Nicolai turned and said, “Your wife is  a beautiful as a star-filled sky on a cold Russian night!”

Walt beamed with pride.


After dinner, we sat and drank coffee and listened to a band playing near the dance floor. They were playing soft, romantic songs. Walt rose and offered his hand.

“May I have this dance?” he asked.

Uncle Sergei stood and said, “Is old Russian custom. Uncles get first dance!”

There’s no such custom. We all groaned, but Walt graciously bowed and stood aside. I leaned into Sergei’s chest as we danced to a slow Tony Bennett number. 

“If you weren’t favored niece, would push husband  aside and take you to warm my bed!”

“And I would gladly warm such a great man’s bed.” I said mischievously.

He reddened a little, then continued in a more serious tone, “I wish Anna could have seen how beautiful our daughter turned out to be.”

I couldn’t hold back the tears and cried into his chest. He slowly danced us towards the Ladies room so I could discretely slip away.

Ani came in to check on me. After I dried my tears and washed my face, she helped me with my makeup. Walt was outside, concerned for me. I smiled sweetly and held up my arms.

“I believe this is our song. Would you care to dance?”

The band was playing “Unforgettable”. I snuggled against him as we danced. Ani danced with her brothers. Walt and I danced to several more songs, before we had to leave. Niki and Sergei pretended to fight over who would open my car door. I was flattered by all the attention. Walt held the door for Ani.

But something troubled me and I couldn’t put a finger to my slight unease. It would hit me full force weeks later.


 In our room, after I’d slipped off my shoes, Walt stood behind me, kissing my neck as he helped me with my necklace. I reached behind to touch his hair.

“This dress and the jewelry bring out the color of your eyes. I like your hair. I like this new look: you look so elegant and sophisticated. You were the most beautiful woman there tonight!”

I leaned my head back as he continue to nuzzle my neck. He’d made me feel like I was the most beautiful woman in the world! I hadn’t felt this admired since I wore those elegant, but very revealing gowns, Miguel bought me.

Walt carefully unzipped the back of my dress. I reached behind me to unclasp my bra and stepped out of my panties. I turned around and faced him. His lustful gaze told me he still thought I was beautiful.

Walt picked me up and carried me over to the bed. He kissed me gently as he slowly worked his huge cock into my ass. I held him close as he made sweet love to me. I felt every inch of him along my ass walls. We laughed when I creamed our stomachs.

I lay awake and listened to the noises of the night as my husband feel asleep, content and happy with the day’s events. I saw little Boris curled up in the bathroom on one of my old dresses. I had such wonderful dreams that night!

We drove my family to the airport the next morning. There was no telling when I might see them again. Walt promised we’d come visit. I held Walt’s hand as my uncles and aunt boarded their flight home.

“I like your family,” Walt said.

“You’re my family,” I said.


“Can I get a boob job?” I asked a few days later.

“What brought that on?” he responded. What’s wrong with yours? I like them very much, thank you!”

“I saw how you looked at Ani’s. I thought you might like my breasts to be bigger.” (I’m a 34B).

Every guy around for ten counties looked at her chest!” he replied.

He then took a photo of me naked, and one of me in my new dress and loaded them into a program that showed how different changes could affect their looks.. He gave me a 38D chest. Suddenly, the dress didn’t look as nice on me. He used an aging program to show how I’d look in twenty years. The large breasts sagged a lot while my current size had only a little sag. I thought about how Aunt Tatyana looked when she was twenty and how she looked now. Although she was still gorgeous, I saw signs of aging on her huge breasts. And I liked how I looked in my new dress.

“Play with mine awhile and show me how much you like them!”

I sat straddling him, his cock deep in my ass, my cock hard between us, while he kissed and sucked them. I held his head close and rode him. I’ll him as long as he keeps sucking my satisfactorily sized breasts!


Part 2 - Boris

It wasn’t long before I realized Boris was going to be a handful. When Uncle Sergei first handed him to me, he wasn’t much larger than a Chihuahua. At six months, he weighed 75 pounds and stood nearly three feet tall at his shoulders! He was already taller than most Borzoi! When he put his paws on my shoulder, Boris stood well nigh six feet. He dwarfed me, and he could easily knock me to the floor. Whereupon, he’d cover my face with wet, slobbery kisses. Even at 6ft-2, Walt could barely keep his feet when Boris rushed to greet him at the door.

Walt stood over me as Boris kept pinned me to the floor. That was one of his favorite games. I’m not weak, but being only 5ft-6 and weighing 130 pounds, I had a difficult time getting him off me!

“Why couldn’t your uncle just have given you a tea set instead of this horse?”

Boris decided Walt was talking to him. He put his legs over Walt’s shoulders trying to get a hug. My  hug! Boris is supposed to be my dog, but I often feel that Walt is his favorite person in the whole world! Walt claims to dislike Boris, but I know my old softie. He grins whenever Boris rushes to greet him, or brings over his ball.


Tatyana was in town for a couple of days and came for dinner. Of course, Boris tried to give her his customary greeting. Walt barely caught him in time. Tatyana smiled sardonically. She grabbed Boris at the base of his jaw with her thumb and finger squeezing just enough to make him whine. He tried to turn his eyes away as she stared into them.


Boris immediately sat quaking in fear! Walt and I stared open mouthed. We’d been trying to teach him to sit, stay, heel, come, and fetch. So far, fetch was the only command to which he responded consistently. Sometimes he’d come to us on command.

Tatyana shrugged and said, “Is Russian male. Need firm hand.”

Walt and I groaned. Not you, too, Ani! It was bad enough that Uncle Sergei talked that way! Tatyana just laughed while Boris sat perfectly still.

Whenever Tatyana moved to a different seat, she snapped her fingers and Boris would trot to her side. She’d make a motion and Boris would sit. She was amused at our expressions! We didn’t think we could ever get him trained.

“I trained four husbands and several lovers: surely, I can train a dog!” Tatyana laughed. “Boris is a lot smarter than you think! He pretends, like Sergei, that he doesn’t understand.”

She looked over at Walt and, smiling wickedly, said, “I can help you train him, too, if you like!”

Walt turned bright red! I fingered my collar and thought fondly, Too late, Ani! He’s already trained well enough!

Tatyana worked with us to teach Boris. Boris was smart enough that he learned a handful of basic commands in both English and Russian. We even taught him to come quickly if one of us said “Help” in Russian. Several weeks of hard work turned Boris into a well-behaved companion we could take anywhere!

Boris did have one habit we couldn’t break. Any time I'd kneel to take Walt's cock in my mouth, Boris would rush over and lick my face! He'd also knock me down and want to play.


Part 3 - Sergei

A few weeks after my family’s visit. I received a phone call from my lawyer. He also represented Uncle Nikolai’s American business interests. He arranged to meet me at one of his firm’s local offices. Mr. Sullivan handed me two envelopes from Uncle Sergei. The first contained an American Express Gold Card in my name.

A beautiful woman deserves the finest. Now you can have the finest!

- Uncle Sergei

Mr. Sullivan explained I now had a significant line of credit. I was expected to use it for whatever I wanted.

The second letter read:

Dearest Angela,

Your mother would have been so proud of the young lady you’ve become. And I'm proud of you, too! I hope you will always remember us fondly.

Uncle Sergei.

There was that unease again. Something in his wording. I still couldn’t finger what troubled me!

That evening, Walt could sense I wasn’t all there. He’d fucked me for nearly and hour and I still hadn’t come. I usually cream at least once when he fucks me. His long, thick cock rubs all the right places when he fucks me. As he held me close, I explained my disquiet.

At first, I thought Sergei might be trying to seduce me, but Walt didn’t think that was the case. He said Sergei acted more like a big brother.

“Haven’t you noticed how much you favor him?” Walt asked.

“He’s my uncle! Of course, we look alike!”

“No, he’s not. You told me he was a really close family friend.”

 I had told him that! I got up and dug out my family photos. Walt pointed out I had my mother’s features, but none of my father’s. My father was half Vietnamese, and those features showed. I showed no Asian features whatsoever. His eyes were nearly black, Mom’s brown, mine green! Uncle Sergei’s were green!

Walt found a several photos of Mom and Sergei together. Even a couple of me standing with them, and one of her holding a baby while next to him. I’d never paid close attention to any of these before. Things began to fall in place! I also understood why my father didn’t like him.

The words in the note – I’m proud of you, too! Not we’re. This note was only from Sergei. Then I remembered the night at the restaurant, when he said our daughter. I remembered how very protective of me he was in the lawyer’s office. I’d thought it was Nicolai.

I also vaguely remembered a visit form him one summer when Dad was away. Of sitting in his lap as he read Russian nursery rhymes to me. Of seeing him kiss Mom, once.

Sergei wanted me to know, but was afraid to tell me.


Sergei was surprised when I showed up at his door in Smolensk. Walt tried to talk me out of making this trip, but in the end, I put it on Sergei’s card. I was going to be away nearly three weeks. When I arrived, Sergei’s current mistress was away shopping. I could tell he knew why I came, but let me proceed at my own pace.

“You’re my father, aren’t you? Not Brian.”

He sat on his sofa and seemed surprised when I sat on his lap. He relaxed when I leaned into him.

“Sergei, I’m not upset. Brian was a good father to me. I wanted you to know I now know. I’d like to know more, but I wont be mad if you don’t want to tell me.”

Sergei sighed deeply and began.

“I was an orphan. Your grandparents took me in and raised me. They already had Anna, and were expecting another. I fell in love with Anna, but was starting a career in the Army. She emigrated to the States and met Brian. On one of her visits home, we slept together. Then she had you. She didn’t tell me about you until you were four. She decided it would be best if you thought I was you uncle. That way I could still see you. Brian loved you very much. 

I’ve followed your life at a distance. I couldn’t tell you about me. Until now.”

We sat quietly for much of the afternoon. When his current lover returned, she looked a little suspicious to see an attractive young woman in their home. 

Sergei stood and said, “This is my….” watching me.

“Daughter…I’m Angela. Anna was my mother,” I introduced myself.

I could see a tear in Sergei’s eye. His mistress nodded.

“You have his eyes,” she said.

I spent a week with them, getting to know my father better. He took me around to see the sights. We decided I’d still call him Uncle Sergei, but it was nice to know I did have a father watching out for me whenever he could.


Part 4 - Tatyana

Since I was going to be in Russia anyway, I arranged to spend a week in St Petersburg and visit my Aunt Tatyana. Ani, as she preferred being called, was going to give me the grand tour of the city, then escort me back to Moscow for my flight home.

Ani met me at the train station. We ate at a small café near her apartment and exchanged pleasantries, but since I’d arrived late, we called it a night. We spent much of the day touring Cathedrals. We were exhausted by the time we returned home.

After supper, we massaged each other’s tired legs. Ani kept working higher until she was at my cock. She lightly stroked it until I filled her hand with cream.

“So it does work!” she exclaimed. “I think I can find a use for it tonight!”

I looked doubtful at this. Even though I rarely saw her, she was still my aunt.

“Don’t deny it!” she teased. ‘I could see your hard-on under the sheet when you played with yourself. I know you fantasized about my naked body. You wanted my big breasts!”

She leaned closer, letting her ample breasts fall out of her robe. I was getting hard again.

“Tell me you didn’t enjoy licking my moist pussy!”

I couldn’t take it any longer. I pushed her back on the bed and pushed my cock into her. I squeezed her breasts and kissed her as I fucked her. Unfortunately, I came too quickly. We spent much of the night exploring each other’s bodies with our mouths. She was everything I’d imagined her to be.

We spent to next day, me telling her my history. I must have had a little too much vodka. I was telling her details that were shameful to me. Details that still hurt to relive. She licked her lips at many of the details when she thought I wasn’t looking. She seemed overly fascinated with the rougher tidbits of my sexual encounters.

“Why are you troubled by what you did?” she asked, slight confusion in her tone. “Sex is fun!! You had fun didn’t you? You liked what you did!”

She was mostly correct. I like men fucking me. I like fucking other transsexuals. And I want a woman occasionally. I no longer wanted the really rough stuff. And the only man I'd fuck now was Walt.

The next day, she woke me by giving me a blowjob.

“Today, I have special treat for you, but you must trust me!” she said secretively.

Both Sergei and Uncle Niki had cautioned me about running around with Ani. Ani would fuck anyone she could get into bed, and not necessarily in a bed. She liked group sex and was a bit of a dominatrix. She preferred weak-willed men.

After breakfast, Ani answered a knock at the door and ushered in a breathtakingly beautiful young Asian woman. She appeared to be in her early twenties. She pulled a folding table from a closet and set it up. After covering it with soft bedding, she motioned me to lay face down on it.

“You’re in for a real treat,” Ani said, “Mika gives the best massages! Just keep you eyes closed!”

Mika returned wearing only a very short robe and carrying a bowl of warm oil. Starting at my ankles, she lightly kissed her way up my legs applying the scented oil as she went. She had a light touch. I was already relaxing! She slowly kissed her way up to my neck after spending several minutes kissing my bottom. (I love having my bottom kissed!)

Mika moved back down and started over. This time, I felt something new! She’d shed her robe and was crawling up my body naked! I could feel her nipples lightly caressing my skin. Wow!! She slowly worked her way up to my bottom, moving her body so her nipples could caress every inch of my naked flesh. She slowly worked her way up my back. I felt warm all over!.

Mika lowered her body onto mine and used her body to rub the oil into my skin. But I felt something sliding over my bottom. She had a cock! Mika was transsexual!! As she worked her body against mine, I could feel an erection forming in her small cock. Mine was getting quite hard, too!

Mika had me roll onto my back. I was now allowed to look at her. She was only 5ft-2, with black hair that fell to her knees. She had small breasts, nice hips, and a cock about the same size as mine. About five inches erect. And hers was erect! I also noticed another thing we had in common: no testicles!

She didn’t talk, just smiled and nodded. Ani told me she could talk, but part of her allure was her ability to effectively communicate with sensual gestures and her smile!

Mika worked her way up my legs again, her nipples trailing along behind her mouth. When she reached my cock, she kissed the head then teased it with her nipples. She moved up and lightly kissed both my nipples. She finally moved up and kissed my lips. She moved up enough to allow her nipples to brush across mine.

She rested her body on mine and ground against me while she held my head and kissed me. I wrapped my arms around her and returned the kiss with equal fervor. She moaned softly in response. I could feel her cock sliding against mine. I was close to creaming, but not close enough. We kissed for…..hell….I don’t know how long we kissed!

Mika worked her way back down kissing as she went. When she reached my cock, she took me into her mouth. Her warm, moist mouth felt fantastic! I filled her mouth with my cream.

She continued sucking until I was once again erect. She straddled me and guided my cock into her asshole. I could feel her ass muscles clench my cock as she rode me. She leaned back enough so her cock jutted into the air. I started to reach for her, but she nodded no. She motioned with a finger to her lips to not say a word. Mika ran her hands through her hair, bunching it over her head and letting it fall.

I was mesmerized as she slowly ran her hands over her body and cupped her breasts. All the while she slowly ground against me. I filled her ass with my cream. At the same time she creamed all over my stomach. She smiled and used her breasts to rub her cream into my skin.

We looked over and saw Ani, fingers massaging her clit. Her eyes were glazed, her skin flushed as she came. She worked her fingers and kept coming for several minutes.

 Afterwards Mika led us to the bathroom and filled the spacious tub with warm water. Starting with Ani, she washed her hair and gently washed her entire body, using her long hair as wash cloth. I could tell Ani was stroking Mika’s cock while the Asian tranny slowly bathed her front. I watched in awe as Mika used her hair to clean all of Ani’s voluptuous body.

Then it was my turn. Ani watched as Mika did the same for me, but with one difference. When Mika finished washing my cock, she took a deep breath and dove under to take my cock into her mouth. Her hair fanned out behind her as she bobbed on my cock for a minute than resurfaced.

After Mika dried us off, she led us back into Ani’s bedroom. In all this time, she’d never spoken a word. She directed us with her eyes, her smile, a nod, and the sensual movements of her limbs. It was the most erotic experience I’d ever had!

Mika had Ani lay back and pointed her gaze at Ani’s ample breasts. We each lay beside her and took a nipple into our mouths, sucking. We both ran our hands and fingers along her soft, lush body. We took turns fingering her clip and dripping pussy, never taking our mouths from he breasts. Ani held our heads close as we worked her to a mind shattering orgasm.

Mika kissed her way down and began licking Ani’s pussy. I watched as she moistened her finger with the juices dripping from Ani’s cunt and moistened her tight little pucker. She reached behind and spread her cheeks, a clear invitation.

As I lay against her back, I could feel her ass muscles clenching and relaxing, milking my cock. Her back felt nice against my breasts. I kissed her neck where her hair didn’t cover it. I thrust into her slowly as she ran her hands along Ani’s body and caressed her breasts.

I remembered the times was the one eating a warm, moist pussy while another rammed his thick cock mercilessly up my ass. When I was content to service my lovers’ every need and desire. When my own desires were ignored.

After I came, I pulled back and watched my cream leak from her asshole. I leaned forward and kissed her sphincter, then lapped up my cum. I felt Mika shiver with delight as I worked my tongue into her and saw to her pleasure.

Mika pulled me to take over eating Ani. She then buried her tongue in my asshole. Ani’s flesh felt so good in my hands. I relished her taste knowing that after this week, we’d never share each other’s delights again.

I felt Mika’s cock slide into me. She ground her body against my back. Her breasts lightly brushed against me. While small, her cock felt nice in my ass. I wouldn’t come, but I felt very well fucked, just the same.

Mika’s training was better than mine. She rode me for over an hour. I’d worn Ani out: she’d come four or five times while I ate her. I relaxed and enjoyed the feel of nice warm flesh next to mine. I wasn’t sore, but Mika had fucked me well.

“I want to watch you two together!” Ani commanded.

Mika lay on her back and arched her back to accept my cock inside her. She wrapped her legs around mine and arched up to take even more of me. My nipples brushed against hers. Both our eyes went wide at this electrifying touch! (I’m going to have to try all this with Stephanie, when I get home!) Mika creamed at near the same time I filled her with mine. We lay together kissing a few more minutes before she rose.

Mika left and returned with a warm wash cloth, cleaning me and Ani. She quietly slipped out of the room, and later the apartment. I never heard her utter more than a moan or a purr! When we rose later, I saw she’d put away the massage table.

Ani and I were spent and went to sleep after a light supper. The next day was spent shopping for gifts to take home. We were still satisfied and only slept that night. (Ani promised another surprise for the last full day, but I’m saving that for another story.)

Ani was surprised to see Sergei waiting at the airport. I ran to him and hugged him tightly. He held me close for a long time and kissed the top of my head.

“Thank you, Sergei, for coming!” I said, then more quietly, “I love you, Father!”


Walt was waiting for me with a big bouquet of flowers. I ran to him and jumped into his arms. We hugged and kissed for a very long time. I could hardly wait to get home and have my husband fuck my ass off!

Stephanie was at my Suburban, Boris on leash beside her. She just smiled sardonically as I hugged Boris first. 



Angie K


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