The week long heat wave finally broke. While it was still summer and hot, it was now ok to resume my regular daily run especially if I went out early. It was not yet 8am and it seemed that there was no one else on the trail through the woods. According to the "rails to trails" marker, the path runs for just over three miles. For most of the trek, you're in a straight line. Somewhere around the first mile, I saw in the distance, another runner coming in my direction. Like the two trains in the math problem we soon arrived at the point of passing. As he approached my eyes were transfixed. Before me was a living myth from antiquity. His dark hair, wet with sweat curled around his brow and circled his small ears, pink with exhilaration. Glistening drops fell over the long lashes of his eyes, blue and sparkling from the exertion of the run. His t-shirt, wet and heaving, tightly caressed the elegance of his swelling chest and tapering waist. His shorts, also dampened, clung tightly to outline not only the bulge of his balls and cock but the very crown of the head. From the clutching cloth, thighs and knees and calves emerged as they pulsed in the jog. He was coming closer. My dick began to harden just at the sight of him. He seemed to be in his twenties. I was certainly beyond that age. The vain and pointless hopes of an older man clouded all reason. He was closer still. We were about to cross. My eyes locked on his. I feigned a stumble. I bumped his arm. He reached out. He stopped. He grabbed my arm. "Are you ok?" he asked. His eyes were drowning me. The smell of his sweat intoxicated. "Yes, yes. I'm Ok." I muttered. Our eyes fixed.

"Ok, have a good day then." He said and began slowly to resume his run. I stood transfixed and shaken by such beauty that had spoken to me kindly. I wanted nothing more to dissolve myself in the beauty of his youth, the wonder of his classic body, to relive my golden age in his. I turned to watch him as he continued on. He seemed to dissolve into the distance. Then, suddenly he slowed. He stopped. He turned back to me. In a quick gesture he lifted off his shirt. Was he speaking to me? Then, in a most clear signal, he reached to his crotch and cupped his balls. I nodded. He did the same. Then he gestured towards the woods that lined the trail and disappeared between the trees. Quickly I caught up to his detour. There was a slight deer path. He was there just before me. He wasn't running. I kept a distance and followed. We walked on and apart for quite a few minutes deep into the trees and brambles. Then he stopped. I approached cautiously, looking left and right and behind. There was no one about. Did he know this place? Had he been here before? He stood there before me his chest still heaving slightly. Was it from fatigue or in anticipation? I stepped slowly towards him. The glow of his skin and the brilliance of his eyes were like the flame that draws the moth to its death.

I stood before him. The scent of his body filled me. The heat of his flesh burned me. Then, his two hands rose to clutch the back of my head. His lips pressed against mine and his tongue invaded my mouth with the violence of desire. All became black. My body collapsed. I think for a moment I lost all consciousness. His mouth released. He lifted off my shirt. Then his tongue found its way from my neck to my chest. Moving slowly he moved from one nipple to the other. They hardened with his touch. He raised my arms and sought the dark spaces beneath them while caressing my sides with his hands. Returning to my chest, he followed the thin line of hair to my navel, from there he progressed. Pulling down my shorts, his fingers found their way to my hole just as his mouth seized my hot and burning cock. His finger thrust upward. His throat engulfed me in heat. My cock thrust out its cum in excruciating bursts of ecstasy. I fell to my knees in exhaustion.

The boy knelt over me. Gently he caressed my throbbing balls and flaccid cock. He fingered my chest and face. He petted my arms and legs. He kissed me again and again. He was slow. He was gentle. His eyes spoke sweetness. Then, at some point of my delirium, my cock was again hard against my stomach.

Now, I reached up. He stood above me. His chest and head in the elegance of a Greek statue above me. My hands reached up to cup his balls within his shorts. I pressed my face against them. The delight of the softness of his balls and the hardness of his cock exhilarated. My hands found the roundness of his muscular ass. Greedily they clutched at my desire. "Take it," he said as he pushed down his shorts. The most beautiful young dick sprang in my face. It may not have been long, but it was pink and full, fleshy and warm. My lips and tongue found it as soft as sweet velvet. Again and again I sucked and pulled and swallowed. Then his hands grabbed my head and held me still while he thrust again and again, faster and faster, pushing himself deep into my throat.

I free myself. "Don't cum in my mouth," I pleaded. "Fuck me. Fuck me hard. Cum in my ass." He pulled me up and kissed me. Then slowly he lowered me to the ground. As he stood above me, I felt myself go as into a dream as I saw his hard dick thrusting out beneath the swell of his godlike chest and shoulders. He then lowered himself and lay over me. His mouth met mine. His hard cock pressed against mine. Slowly he pressed himself against me. The crests of his chest slid against my nipples. His hands cupped my face as his tongue penetrated my mouth. My hands discovered the delights the ripples of his back and arms: muscles interchanging with bone, all fired in the heat of his youthful passion. The morning was becoming warmer, the sweat between us made luscious our love making. He slid himself over all of me. He rose upward to press his hot cock across one nipple then another. "Now, now," I cried. My ass was hot and wet and waiting. "Please, now. I want you in me. I want you in me."

His eyes spoke to me. His mouth met mine. His hands found my legs. He lifted them. With one swift thrust his hardened cock was deep within my waiting and sweating hole. I felt that cock in its fullness in depth of my body up to the bottom of my throat. I released my mouth from his. "Fuck me, fuck me," I screamed. "Harder, deeper." He leaned on his hands above me. He pounded and pounded. I felt his balls slap my ass. In and out, in and out. His eyes looking deeply into mine, sweat dripping from his hair onto my face.

"Do you like it? Do you like it?" he breathed heavily. "I'm in you. I'm in you. Fuck! Your ass is hot.." He pounded and pounded seeming to go deeper and deeper. His breath was on me. My breath was almost gone. "Let me sit on. I can push it deeper." In a quick flip and while keeping his dick in my ass, I was atop him. "Stay still." I muttered. "Stay still." Slowly I began to plunge my ass against his cock. With my eyes fixed on his, I began to ground and ride. Now his cock penetrated even deeper within me. Now halting the pounding, I set my ass tight against his thighs with his cock deep within me. Rubbing my ass against him I moved to stir his cock to stroke every side of my insides.

"I have to cum," he cried. "But not this way." He flipped me again. I was now on my back. His mouth met mine. "Kiss me. Kiss me" he cried. Our mouths met. His thrusts became hotter, faster, hotter , faster. Then in a violent convulsion his mouth pressed so hard against mine I could taste the salt of blood. His hips pressed so tightly, his cock so deep, I felt the heat of his explosion. The shuddering slowed. He fell limp against me. His lips brushed mine. "Can I see you again?" he asked. "Yes," I answered.



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