It was Saturday again, that means that he will be in the park

sitting on the rock when I walk by. You see every Saturday for the last six weeks I walked

to the library through the park. Every time this older man would be sitting on a rock,

smiling and kind of playing with himself. He was always dressed in a tight

sleeveless shirt and short, short red shorts.

Every time I walked by he would ask me for

a cigarette, and say 'I could run you up if you got the point.' At first I was

not that sure what he meant, I just knew it sounded really erotic. Every time he

would say that, my cock would get so big it would hurt. Sometimes when I got home I

would jerk my meat thinking of this older guy on the rock. I was on my way to the

library again and this time I was ready, I bought a pack of smokes and went on my way

through the park. The anticipation was killing me inside, just thinking about the

offer to run me up sent chills down my spine. I walked a little faster then usual that


There he was on the rock, his big juicy

balls sticking out and his long legs resting against the grass. I kept walking

and acted like I did not see him. My heart started racing as I looked around to make

sure no one was watching, and just as he had every Saturday he asked me for a cigarette.

I turned toward him and before he could get out that he would 'run me up'

my cock was bulging out from my pants. His eyes pierced right through me. I

could not even talk, so I just handed him the pack of cigarettes, which he gladly took. he

looked down at my bulge and smiled, and for the first time I could tell he was in his

early 40's. He reached down and grabbed my cock and pulled me close to him, his thick lips

pressed against mine and I just about shot my load there.

He quickly pulled down his pants and pulled

my head into his huge juicy balls. I started sucking on his balls when I felt his hand

reach into my pants and pull out my cock. He quickly stood up and turned me around and I

sat on the rock. I spread my legs and he wrapped his big lips around my tool, it was so

hot and wet that I shot my load into the back of his throat. He kept sucking and licking

my cock and balls and I stayed rock hard ready for more of this luscious old stud. He

stripped off his red pants and bent over the rock and pulled his ass apart exposing the

pinkest ass I had ever seen. I stood behind him for a few seconds and looked at his opened

hole pulsating and aching for meat. I slipped my hot cock into his old ass and started

riding him. I pulled his hips into mine and pumped his ass full of my meat, he started

moaning and pushing back so hard I saw a little blood trickling down his thigh.Then he

blew and his cum washed it away. He reached back and pulled my cock out of his dripping

ass and then shoved it back up.

The Second pumping into his ass felt like my

lover's tight ass and I felt a little guilty. I grabbed his big balls and started pumping

his ass as hard as I could, he was screaming for more. He kept yelling harder, harder, I

grabbed his shoulders and jerked his back into me as hard as I could and after about four

strokes I exploded inside his ass. My cum was dripping down his legs, like ice cream

off a cone in the summers heat. We fell onto the grass next to the rock and just laid

there for a few minutes, I once again realized where we were and that it was light out. I

quickly pulled my pants up and started to thank him and help him get dressed. he said no

thanks was needed and just as I was walking away he called to me. I turned around and he

tossed the pack of cigarettes to me and said 'here, save these for next




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