Review if Part one... I'm Mark Connors. After witnessing a bank robbery, I was interviewed by Officer Greg Davis and shown some mug shots. Things developed and we had fantastic sex. Later, I was interviewed by Detective Josh Simmons and shown more mug shots. I found the same four as before plus one additional suspect. Now, to continue.........

When I closed the book, Josh said, "Mark, you don't know just how much help you have been."

"Thanks," I replied.

Then something totally unexpected happened.

As I pushed my chair back from the table and stood. Josh did the same, and stood close, facing me.

With a strange look on his face, he said, "This is totally off the subject, but you're one nice looking, well built guy."

As he said this he traced a finger along my tee shirt circling my left pectoral.

"Thanks, " I said as my cock began to stiffen.

He then took both hands and began to feel my chest, slowly sliding his hands lower toward my stomach. Then, without warning as he grabbed my hard cock, he leaned in and kissed me. I returned the kiss but refrained from grabbing his cock.

"Umm, nice tool," he said.

"I've never had any complaints," I replied as he unzipped my pants and reached inside. Extracting my cock, he slowly dropped to his knees, continually staring at my face. Once on his knees, he broke the gaze and swallowed my cock. I moaned softly.

As he sucked my cock, I wondered if Greg had possibly told him about having sex with me. I didn't want to ask and possibly 'out' Greg, so after Josh brought me to a fantastic climax and swallowed, I asked, "Does anyone else on the force know you're gay?"

As he stood, he said, "Fuck no! If anyone found out, I'd be off the force in an instant."

I then reached and felt the nice bulge in his pants and said, "Now it's my turn."

I quickly dropped his pants and began sucking him. As I did he said, "I wasn't expecting this in return. I had no idea you were gay also.

Pausing, I said, "I am and I've wanted to do you since I met you."

I returned to sucking him and soon brought him to a climax, savoring his delicious load before swallowing.

When I stood, he pulled me to him and we kissed again this time more passionately. After the kiss, he began pulling up his slacks and said, "May I see you again for some more relaxed fun?"

"Of course. I'd like that," I answered. "Give me a call anytime."

"Well, what about tonight?"

I glanced down at his left hand. I had seen a wedding band and asked, "What about your wife?"

Smiling, he said, "Well, she's a cop also and works vice. Tonight they are doing a reverse sting, picking you the guys that solicits prostitutes. She'll be posing as a prostitute and will be out most of the night. I could stop by about nine for a few hours."

"I'll be waiting," I replied.

He gathered his things and gave me a kiss before saying, "See you tonight."

With that, he left and I began laughing to myself. The robbery had brought me two of the hottest guys in town and both were into male sex. How lucky can a guy get?

That night at nine sharp, Josh knocked on my door. I surprised him by answering the door totally nude.

"Damn, what a pleasant surprise," he said upon seeing me.

He came in and immediately stripped. As he did, I asked, "Does your wife have any idea that your into men?"

"No, not that I know of. If she suspects anything, she has never said anything."

Once he was nude, we went to the bedroom and began making out, kissing and exploring each others bodies with our hands and eventually with out tongues.

Before long we were in a hot sixty-nine, eventually bringing each other to a roaring climax.

Afterward, after a few kisses, we lay together cuddled in each others arms. I casually asked, "Are there any others on he force you suspicion might be into men?"

"No, not really but there are several that I'd love to get in bed and suck or let them fuck me. One you already know."

"Oh, really?"

"Yea. Officer Greg Davis."

"Yea, he is hot. I'd love to do him myself," I replied.

"He just passed his exam to become a detective and I'm going to try and get him assigned as my partner. Maybe I can get a feel if he's into playing around, even if it's just receiving."

"Good luck," I said, deciding that I had to find some way to get them together with me for a three way.

Before long, Josh began making love to me by licking and kissing his way down my body, soon sucking on my had cock and eating my wanting ass. After a moment he stopped eating my ass and straddled my body and sat on my cock taking it all in one swift movement.

As he began to ride it he leaned forward and kissed me. After a while, he rolled us over, keeping my cock in his ass. Now he was on his back, legs pulled up to his chest.

"Fuck me, stud and don't be easy. Fuck me hard, rough and deep."

I did as he asked as he moaned in pleasure and said how great it felt. I soon filled his ass with my huge load of hot man-cream.

After pulling out, I lay on my back and as I pulled up my legs, I said, "Now, fuck me the same way."

He did and it was awesome. He and Greg were the best fucks I had ever had ride me. I had never had two cocks up my ass at the same time, but if I ever got these to together with me, I damn sure was going to try it.

These two studs visited me often and it was fantastic. I never had to go out looking for sex. The main thing was keeping them from running into each other. At least for now.

Soon, the trials approached. I had to testify against 'Cowboy' and 'Buck'. They were given slightly reduced sentences in exchange for their testimony against the other three.

When it was all over, I felt a great relief, wondering if Greg and Josh would want to continue with our sexual get togethers.

Greg got his promotion and Josh managed to get him assigned as his partner. Each confided to me that they thought the other was hot and would enjoy sex with him. I developed a plan.

The next time Greg came over, as usual we sucked and fucked and before he left, I asked if he would like a three way with another hot stud.

"Sure, but would he have to know I'm a cop? I need to keep it secret."

"I promise you, he's very trustworthy. He's known in town and would want you to keep his secret also. You'll probably recognize him when you see him."

"Hell, you have my curiosity aroused. See if you can set it up."

"I will," I said.

The next time Josh was over, I asked him the same question and he also said he wanted to keep it secret. I told him the exact same thing that I had told Greg. He, too, was curious and all for it.

Josh had said that his wife would be out of town for a week for special training so I set it up for that Monday evening. I scheduled it early in the week so that if things clicked between us, we could have several nights together.

I had Greg arrive first and he and I were in the bedroom both naked when Josh arrived.

"Stay here and wait while I answer the door."

I let Josh in and had him strip there in the living room. After fonding him and kissing, he was hard as stone and I excused myself for a moment. I went to the bedroom and told Greg that the other guest was waiting.

When we entered the living room and they saw each other, they both froze in shock.

As Greg said, "Holy shit!" Greg exclaimed "No fucking way!"

There we all stood, totally naked. I broke the silence saying, "I had to get you two together some way and this was the only thing I could think of. I didn't want to 'out' either of you to the other without everyone present."

They began laughing and shaking their heads, soon moving toward each other and hugging. Josh took the lead and kissed Greg who eagerly returned the kiss.

After getting us each a beer, we sat in the living room and talked, everyone confessing all to the others.

After a long talk, we went to my bedroom and began having making out. After kissing and fondling each other and some minor sucking, I moved to the side of the bed and said, "You two have both been wanting to suck the other. Go for it."

They began making out and soon were in a hot sixty-nine as I slowly stroked my cock and watched. Before long both climaxed into the others mouth and swallowed. Then, upon seeing me stroking, they both began licking and taking turns sucking my cock. Was it ever hot having two cops sucking me at the same time. when i climaxed, Josh took it then kissed Greg and shared it.

Later they fucked each other and I fucked each of them. Finally, I said, "I want to try and take both of you at the same time."

"You fucking serious?" Greg asked.

"Yep. I don't know if I an do it or not but I damn sure want to try."

I had Josh lay down on his back, legs pulled up. I sat on his cock since his cock was sightly fatter that Greg's. After getting accustomed to Josh up my ass, I leaned forward and had Greg lube my ass and his cock heavily.

"Put it in," I said.

He came up behind me and I felt the head of his cock press against my home right above Josh's. He began to push forward and as he did my hole was forced to stretch more and the head of his cock slipped in.

"OH, FUCK!" I exclaimed loudly.

"That hurting?" Greg asked.

"Like a mother," I said, "but don't stop. Go on in."

He eased in deeper and the pain was unbelievable for a while, but soon it began to ease up and I had them start fucking me. It was awesome feeling both their cocks sliding in and out of my ass while rubbing together. I was loving it.

Before long, Josh said, "Fuck, I'm getting close."

"So am I", Greg said. Seconds later I felt them both explode up my ass and it was the wildest feeling that I had ever experienced. I loved it.

Greg slowly pulled out and after he did I eased off of Josh's cock and rolled onto my back. As the two mixed loads drained out of my ass, Josh scooped it up and used it as lube to stroke me off.

After shooting a huge load out onto my chest and stomach,they each began kicking it up.

As we lay together in bed, Josh began laughing and said, "I know one thing for sure. Our time working together will be a lot more fun now that everything is out in the open."

"Yo better believe it," Greg replied.

We got together every night through Thursday, and each night we had wild hot sex, always ending with them double fucking my ass.

After that night, I had one-on-one sex with each as well as three ways.

Greg and I became closer and closer, making our one-on-one meetings more frequent.

Finally, after several months we became lovers and moved into a new house together. Josh was happy for us and I gave my approval for them to continue to play when they could when working together. Josh did continue to come over for three ways.

Josh's wife filed for divorce. It seems that while working at night on the stings she began having an affair with one of the male vice officers and decided to get married.

I had a friend that did construction and was hot as hell. I knew that from experience. I introduced him to Josh and they hit it off almost immediately. After dating for several months, they became lovers. Ray knew that Josh and Greg had sex while on duty and that I didn't mind. He said it was okay with him if Josh didn't mind him visiting me when they worked nights. Josh said it was okay with him.

On nights when Josh and Greg had to work nights, Ray would visit me for sex. Each of us was deeply in love with our partners and knew that they loved us. When they had sex or when Ray and I had sex, it was just that.... sex, with no emotional attachments.

The four of us got together frequently for dinner and would also have a four way on occasion. We have stayed great friends for over five years and nearly every year vacation together.

Every day, I look back on the day of the robbery and am thankful for being there when it occurred.



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