Doug was a young and good-looking man in his mid twenties, married, and totally unaware that he was to be the target of an erotic sexual exploit. He was a little over six feet tall with a well-chiseled and toned body. He turned heads not only of the women around him, but many of the men too, especially Henry. He and Henry had worked together for some years and had become good friends. This was unusual for a guy like Doug, because Henry was openly gay and lived with another man in a long-time homosexual relationship. Henry was the type of guy Doug made fun of in high school for sexual preference, but the friendship had happened anyway.

They had been friends since Doug joined the company several years back. They even joked from time to time about Henry's gayness or Doug's straightness. The plan began to unfold during an innocent after-work drinking session at a local bar. They'd been talking about common interests, in particular, a passion for classic street bikes. There was to be a huge show the next state over with all the latest and hottest bike models on display.

'It's one of the biggest shows of the year,' Henry stated. 'I was thinking about taking a trip over for the weekend to take it in.'

'Man, that would be fun,' Doug added.

'Why don't we go,' Henry continued. 'I've got a motorhome we could take, no hotel bills, I'll take care of the gas -- a real guys-weekend.'

'Don't think my wife would be too keen on the idea,' Doug went on. 'That honey-do list keeps getting longer and longer these days.'

'Come on,' Henry urged. 'We can't miss out on this show. It's just one weekend.'

'Well',' Doug hesitated. 'Maybe we could.'

'Sure we can,' Henry agued. 'And I won't even jump your bones.'

Doug laughed.

Bright and early On Saturday morning, Doug showed up at Henry's house. Henry showed Doug into the big old white box of a motorhome, the place they'd be spending the next two days. The compartment was tight as to be expected with orange shag carpet on the floor, a small table with wrap-around bench seats, a tiny stove and refrigerator bordered on the sides and top by cupboards and a light wood paneling. In the back was the fairly large double bed with just enough room to move around and a small cubicle bathroom with a small plastic toilet, tiny sink and a showerhead. They threw his bag in the back and sitting in the front captain's chairs, began the adventure. It was a beautiful summer day, bright sun, clear blue sky, and the open road... two guys out for a great weekend. They chatted about sports teams, people at work, the boss, typical guy-stuff as the miles and time passed by.

'So, what'd the wife think of you running off with a guy for the weekend,' Henry asked with a chuckle.

'She wasn't too happy,' Doug answered. 'But she agreed. Though she did try to use that pouty face she does so well to make me feel guilty.'

'Did it work,' Henry asked.

'A little maybe,' Doug replied, 'but I'm here.'

They stopped at a road-side dinner and pulled the big motorhome along the side. They gorged on a filling and moderately satisfactory lunch. They laughed and bonded further. Henry watched the young man's moves, the way he chewed his food, the way his bright white undershirt peeked out of the collar of his red plaid shirt and he never missed an opportunity of watching how well he filled the crotch of his jeans or the curves of his nice round ass. Henry caught himself smiling too much from time to time. After their meal and a trip to the john, they were back on the road.

As the clock on the dashboard moved toward eleven, they rolled into a campground that Henry had reserved, paid their fees and parked the big vehicle between two other vacant camp sites.

'Here we are,' Henry stated. He went to the tiny frig and pulled out a couple beers for the two of them. They sat at the table and downed their first, and then a second beer discussing the show they'd be attending the next day.

'Don't know about you, but I'm more than ready for a nights sleep,' said Henry.

'Me too,' Doug added as he stood and stretched. 'Where do I sleep? Does the table fold down and make a second bed or something?'

'Well,' Henry stuttered. 'Usually it does, but the mechanism is jammed and I'm afraid you'll have to share the bed in back with me. It's plenty big enough.'

'What,' Doug coughed, trying to smile. 'I don't want to put you out, I can sleep on the floor here; there's enough room. Just give me a blanket and pillow and I'll be fine.'

'Don't be silly,' Henry went on. 'You'll kill your back on this hard floor and there's plenty of room in the bed. Unless you're chicken.'

Doug laughed, half-heartedly, as Henry walked back to the small cubicle of a bathroom. He left the door open and took a long overdue piss in the small plastic toilet. He watched Doug looking around, obviously a little nervous about the situation. Henry pushed his jeans down and threw them and his shirt to the side and walked back out into the room in just his blue plaid boxers.

'Well, I'm ready for bed,' he stated. 'You going to join me?'

As Henry walked back to the bed area and switched on the dim little light, Doug hesitated. Henry pulled back the bed covers and climbed into his side. He lay back and put his arms up behind his head and waited for Doug to join. Doug switched off the compartment lights resigning himself to the situation. Henry watched as Doug walked back to the bed. He turned around, sat on the edge and slid his jeans, shoes and socks off. He wore a pair of white Calvin Klein nylon boxers-length briefs that were skin-tight to his body. Henry tried not to sigh with delight. Doug then unbuttoned his shirt and slid it down and off. He quickly climbed up into the firm bed and pulled the covers up tight around his neck. He held tight to his side.

'So you're not too nervous about sleeping in the same bed I hope,' Henry pushed.

'No,' Doug laughed, 'I'm fine.'

'Night John-Boy,' Henry added.

Doug chuckled. 'Night.'

Henry knew from previous conversations, that Doug was an incredibly sound sleeper. Henry lay quietly and before long he heard Doug's slow and deep breathing. He knew he'd fallen asleep. 'Doug,' he said, and waited. Nothing. He asked again and again nothing. He then slowly reached across the bed under the sheet and ran his hand over Doug's nicely filled shorts. He sighed. He felt his hot thick, long cock and round-fully filled balls. He softly stroked and stroked through the clinging thin material until he felt a fully hard erection. He stroked some more and then Doug began to moan. Henry pulled back and pretended to sleep. He felt the bed move as Doug raised up and looked over at Henry. He then felt Doug settle back down and return to sleep. Henry waited until he knew Doug was sleeping again and repeated the process. This time he gently stroked the cock until the tip began to move out past the waistband of the underwear. He ran his fingertip around the head of the cock and felt the slit, felt the wetness. He smiled.

When Doug began the toss and moan again, Henry pretended to sleep. He heard Doug again move around and he thought Doug had moved his hands down to his hard cock. He felt the movement as Doug stroked his own cock and then heard him stop and settle back to sleep.

Henry repeated the process three more times until he knew Doug was good and horny, till he knew he wouldn't be able to stop until he shot his load.

When enough time had passed, Henry slowly pushed the covers down and lowered his boxers down to his knees. He then reached over and carefully pulled the cover down off Doug. He slowly, with caution, pushed Doug's briefs down to his knees too.

In the dim light, he studied the beautiful cock nestled in the thick blond pubic bush. He leaned down and kissed the head, licked along the shaft. He continued until the huge cock stood hard and erect, pointing up to the ceiling of the motorhome. He kissed the head again and heard Doug begin to moan once more. He lay back down and turned on his side facing away from Doug. When he was sure Doug was still sleeping, he reached back and taking Doug's hand, pulled him over on his side, facing Henry, Doug's chest firmly pressed against Henry's back. He moved back till Doug's cock was pressed between the crack in his bare ass. He pressed hard back against him to firmly feel the hard cock running along his ass, nestled between his asscheeks. He moved his hips to slide the huge cock up and down between his cheeks. He then took Doug's hand and wrapped Doug's fingers around his cock and then again pretended to sleep.

He felt Doug's fingers tighten around his cock and he smiled. He knew it was working. He felt Doug's grip tighten and slowly begin to stroke the cock in his hand. He felt Doug's hips begin to move and thrust his cock up and down Henry's ass crack. He heard Doug's breathing grow faster. And then, Doug woke he jerked up and away from Henry. Henry sat up and flicked on the light.

'What were you doing,' Henry asked. 'You've been all over me for the last hour or so, you jerked my boxers down and have been stroking my cock. You must be out-of-control horny.'

'No,' Doug stuttered. 'No, I didn't, I mean I wouldn't, I couldn't'No, please I didn't.'

'Look Doug,' Henry continued, pointing at Doug's raging hard cock. 'Your shorts are down too and you were jamming your hard cock at my ass.'

'No,' Doug protested. 'I couldn't' I mean, I'm not into guys. You know that.'

'Apparently you are,' Henry insisted. 'You've been all over my cock since I fell asleep. Look at that cock of yours, is it always that big and hard?'

'No,' Doug went on. 'I don't understand. I've never touched a guy.'

'Maybe that's the problem,' Henry explained. 'Maybe you've repressed these desires so long that they're taking control. They say when we sleep the real person comes out and you obviously want cock.'

'No,' Doug argued. 'No.'

'Obviously yes,' Henry added. 'You know I'm gay and you know I like sex with guys. That's probably why your subconscious went wild once we were sleeping and in the same bed.'

'It couldn't be,' Doug shouted, 'I'm married.'

'It's okay,' Henry reassured. 'I think you're a great looking guy and I know you're married and happily. But if you want to experiment with a guy and if you want it to be me, that's okay too. No one need ever know and you can take care of this obvious urge of yours. Look at that cock of yours, it's throbbing, it needs attention bad.'

Doug grabbed the sheet and pulled it up over his exposed dick.

'That's one beautiful cock you've got there,' Henry went on, trying to make light of the situation. 'You're hung like a horse, bet your wife loves to roll around with you.'

Doug didn't respond, he just sat with his head buried in his hands. Henry reached over and placed his hand on Doug's shoulder. 'It's okay,' he consoled. 'I know what it's like and I know how hard it is to admit you have this deep and unrecognized need to be with a guy. It's okay. Why don't you let me relieve the pressure and get you off.'

'I don't know,' Doug answered.

'I do,' Henry argued. 'Lie back and let me jack you off. You don't have to return the favor unless you want to. And no one, absolutely no one, will ever know.'

Doug raised his head and looked at Henry. He thought for a couple minutes and slowly as if releasing his guard, lay back down on the bed. Henry pulled the sheet off exposing Doug's still hard cock. He gently took hold of the throbbing shaft and slowly, tenderly began to stroke it. Doug closed his eyes and rolled his head from side to side as he began to moan with pleasure.

Henry moved closer, he used his foot to push Doug's shorts down and completely off and then he pressed his own hard cock against Doug's side as he stroked faster. Doug moaned openly now and thrust his hips against Henry's moves. He then reached down and took hold of Henry's cock and squeezed and stroked matching Henry's rhythm. Henry smiled.

'It feels so good,' Doug whispered. 'But I shouldn't, we shouldn't.'

'Yes,' Henry disagreed. 'Yes we should, your body demands it and I'm glad to answer. Do you like the feel of another man's cock in your hand? Be honest.'

'I think so,' Doug finally agreed. 'Yes.'

Henry continued to stroke Doug's magnificent cock and from time to time, he'd release the massive tool and fondle and roll and massage Doug's balls.

'Have you ever tasted another cock,' Henry asked quietly in Doug's ear.

'No,' Doug quickly replied.

'You want to,' Henry asked.

'I' I don't know,' Doug continued.

Henry released Doug's demanding cock and moved to the opposite end of the bed. He positioned his own dick in front of Doug's mouth. He pulled Doug onto his side, facing Henry. He blew softly on the shining purple head of Doug's cock and ever so gently licked the slit. The cock pulsed and throbbed with the touch, it jerked and then Henry kissed the head, he kissed it around and around with special attention to the rim and the slit. He got the head totally wet and then with another kiss, let the cockhead slip past his lips, deep into his hot and wanting mouth. He pressed his lips tight around the head and moved back and forth, pushing the cock deeper and deeper. Doug moaned louder and louder.

And then, Henry pressed his own hard cock toward Doug. Doug hesitated for a moment and then, slowly, kissed the cock, like Henry had done his. He kissed it and Henry slowly pushed his hips forward as Doug parted his lips and let Henry push inside, into Doug's surrendering mouth.

They then moved in unison, each cock sliding inside the other's mouth, sliding with rising passion and lust. They sucked each other. Henry felt his own cock consumed in the virgin mouth of his friend and made sweet and earnest love to the cock that filled his. He delighted in this new found lover, in his co-worker and friend '' the 'straight guy' who he couldn't believe he had the good fortune to be sucking off. The heat of the tight little room grew hotter and hotter as the passion built higher and higher, as the pressure came closer and closer. And then, he felt Doug's body tighten, his thrusts become more demanding and he pulled out of Doug's mouth as the cock in his exploded.

Wave after wave of hot cum filled his mouth, he swallowed hard to keep up and consumed every drop as the hot fluid continued to feed him. Doug's moans echoed through the dark bedroom compartment of the motorhome. And then, almost without notice, Henry shot his load too, it sprayed over his stomach, even on Doug's chest. The passion and excitement of the moment overtook him.

They lay breathing heavy, both sweaty and exhausted. Henry climbed back up to the head of the bed beside Doug. He wasn't sure how Doug was going to respond now. 'You alright,' he asked.

Doug didn't say anything at first and then with a moan he answered. 'Man am I sweaty, I need a shower.'

'Well we can take one in here,' Henry explained, 'but there isn't enough hot water for two showers.'

'That sounds like a line to me,' Doug laughed.

'No really,' Henry continued, relieved in Doug's tone.

'So you think we should shower together,' Doug asked.

'Sure,' Henry replied. 'It's not like you've got anything to hide now.'

'Guess not,' Doug continued with a laugh. 'So how does the shower work?'

'The whole bathroom actually is the shower,' Henry explained. 'You go first and I'll join you.'

Doug climbed out of bed and Henry watched his beautiful round ass move across the room and switch on the bathroom light. The bright glow of the room illuminated Doug's beautiful body, the still-wet cock that hung well past his balls, pointing to the floor. He turned on the water spray and after testing it, stepped inside. Henry jumped out of bed and followed him. There was barely room for both of them to get inside the tight stall, but by wedging his body against Doug's, they fit.

'It is tight in here,' Doug commented as he moved his butt back against Henry.

'Tight's the way I like it,' Henry added.

'I bet,' Doug responded. 'I don't think I've got room to wash myself though.'

'Let me take care of that,' Henry said as he took the soap in his hand and began washing the gorgeous body sharing the tight space. He started at the neck and worked down, washing his own dried cum off the tight chiseled chest. He moved his hands down the chest around and up the back, pulling Doug against him. He watched the young man's expression and continued to explore and clean with total abandon. Doug let him, he seemed to move into every stroke, seemed to open up and follow each movement with absolutely no resistance.

And then, Henry moved down to his crotch, soaped the thick blond pubic hair, and long soft penis. He lifted it, washed it, stroked it as if caring for the sweetest and most precious treasure. He heard Doug moan. Henry lifted the balls and gently lathered them too, washed between Doug's legs, down as far as he could reach and back up again, over and over.

The water began to grow cold as Henry reached his hands around Doug's back and pulled their wet bodies tight together. Doug's arms slowly raised and returned the hug.

'Think it's time to get out,' Doug said, 'getting cold.'

'Seems pretty hot to me,' Henry whispered in his ear as he lightly bit the lobe.

They broke their hold and stepped out of the tight stall. Henry took a towel from the closet and slowly dried the incredible body that stood naked, wet and shining before him. He patted and rubbed the soft towel over Doug's entire body. Then he turned Doug around and dried his back, down to the incredible mounds of his ass, down his legs as he knelt on the floor. With his hands on both hips, he leaned in and kissed the smooth asscheeks, he couldn't resist. He kissed up, down, all around, and then pushing the cheeks apart, kissed the crack letting his tongue slide inside. Doug moaned.

'I think you've started something again,' Doug whispered through his deep breathing. He slowly pulled away from Henry's tongue and turned. His cock was fully hard again, he leaned forward pressing his demanding dick to Henry's lips who needed no persuasion. He opened and accepted the sweet gift once more. Doug moved slowly, sliding his hips forward and back, pushing his throbbing cock in and out of Henry grateful mouth. He moaned and sighed and lost himself in the moment of sweet love-making, of a cocksucker's wanting mouth.

Henry moved his hands around to Doug's ass and massaged the mounds of flesh, pushed his fingers into the crack, slid one inside the tight virgin ass. He rocked his head up and down the long shaft taking more and more, deeper and deeper. He felt the soft glistening wet pubic hair brush his nose, he smelled the fresh clean smell of a male. An overwhelming warmth spread through him, he savored every second of every minute that the lovemaking continued. He let the cock fuck his mouth and worked his tongue along the underside the heighten Doug's pleasure. More than anything in the world, he wanted him to remember and love the pleasure he provided.

The pace quickened, 'Gonna cum again,' Doug shouted as he exploded. His knees went weak as he emptied a second load down Henry's throat. Henry tasted the sweetness of the boy's cum whose flavor he would never forget. He swallowed and used his tongue to push the last drops down the shoot and out into his mouth. He loved it.

Slowly Doug pulled back, his cock spent and sensitive. Henry let go, reluctantly, as the boy pulled out.

'I'm exhausted,' Doug moaned. 'Need sleep.'

'Me too,' Henry agreed as they returned to bed. They crawled under the warm spread and nestled close to each other, Henry's arm under Doug's head, holding him close. They drifted off to sleep.

Henry woke the next morning realizing his cock was hard again, harder then it usually was first thing in the morning. He felt another hard cock too, it was Doug's pressed against his side, still in the same position when they went to sleep a few hours earlier. A flood of warm memories returned playing through the events of the night before. He realized how guilty he felt. He had completely seduced a straight guy and worried at what the consequences would be. He'd let his own desires, his cock, drive his action with little regard for the repercussions. He lay nestled against the warm body, softly floating in the groggy morning hours, the haze of sleep still floating through him.

He reached down and took hold of the magnificent cock pressed against him. He squeezed and stroked gently, it seemed to respond, it seemed to begin gyrating against his strokes. And then he felt Doug's hand begin to float around his chest, move down to his groin onto his own hard dick. Then Doug opened his eyes, and they looked at each other.

'Morning,' Henry greeted.

'Morning,' Doug returned.

Henry wanted to lean over and kiss him on the mouth, but wasn't sure. He was lost in the big blue eyes before him.

'What are you waiting for,' Doug asked. 'My cock needs your attention again.'

Henry smiled and went to work. He sucked the pulsing rod, sucked till it spilled it's morning seed and again swallowed the entire sweet load.

And then, much to Henry's surprise, Doug returned the favor. He took Henry's dick in his mouth and fumbling for a technique, sucked till Henry warned of it's impending eruption. Doug pulled off and stroked the cock to its final end. Cum spilled over Henry's pubic hair, all over his stomach and on his legs.

'Thank you,' he moaned looking into Doug's eyes.

Henry got up and scrambled some eggs for their breakfast, Doug sat in bed watching. They stayed naked, not wanting to break the spell of their special weekend, of the morning. As they sat on the bed drinking coffee, a silence over took the space. No one spoke, no one moved until Henry, gathering his thoughts, searching for his strength came clean.

'I don't know how to tell you this,' he started. 'I feel awful about what I've done to you. Last night, I'd been stroking your cock, making it hard for some time. I wanted you to need desperately to cum, to give in to my lust for your beautiful body. I tricked you and I'm certainly not proud of it. I know how hard it is to be gay, and I know you're a loyal, straight and faithful husband. I hate what I've done, the deceit. And I can't imagine you'll ever be able to forgive me. Your friendship means a great deal to me and I've damaged it. The last twenty-four hours have been the sweetest and most memorable moments in my life. I only wish I hadn't deceived you. And I wish I could take it back.'

Doug said nothing.

'I've wanted you for so long,' Henry continued. 'I've wanted you more than anyone I've ever known in my life and you gave in to me. And despite the great pleasure and joy of the experience, I'd undo it if I could. I'm sorry.'

'Look Henry,' Doug interjected. 'Stop feeling that way. I have to tell you, I was awake all during your supposed trickery. I knew what you were doing and if you hadn't taken the first step, I would have. I've never been with a guy that's true, but have wanted too for some time. I realized one reason we developed into such good friends was that need or desire or whatever it is. But I loved what just happened and I hope it continues.'

'You're putting me on,' Henry chided. 'You're not serious.'

Doug laughed. 'Yes, I am. And it was terrific. And I think I'm about ready to go again.'

They never made it to the street bike show and ended up naked and in each other's arms for the rest of that day and most of the way home.

They learned a deeper and more enduring meaning to their friendship on that road trip, a trip they'd never forget...a road trip to discovery.




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