I used to work as a salesman at a fashionable menswear store. Hundreds of men would shop each day and I was in the habit of fantasizing about having sex with every single one of them. When a handsome guy would walk into the store, I would check him out trying to figure out if he was gay. Then, naturally, I would try to guess the size of his cock. I wondered if somehow I could get him to take me on the spot.

One day my dream came true. A tall, athletic guy walked into the store. I approached him right away and asked if I could help him. He said that he would like to buy a pair of pants. I picked the tightest pair I could find and urged him to try them on.

'The dressing room is over there,' I said. I tried to imagine how he looked in his underwear. Suddenly, the man unlocked the door and called me.

'What seems to be the problem, sir?' I asked.

'Come in, I'll show you,' he yelled.

'Right away, sir!' I answered.

I opened the door hastily and saw him in his underwear holding the pants I had given him with both hands.

'I don't think this is the right size!' he complained.

'Let's see,' I said.

I took the pants in my hands and kneeled down holding them just below his waist so as to check the size. I noticed that his cock was getting harder. It was obvious that he was getting really excited. I decided to make my move. I 'accidentally' dropped his pants on the floor and grabbed his dick.

'I don't know about the pants but I'm pretty sure this is the right size!' I whispered playfully.

'Fuck me! Right here, right now!' I urged him.

'How about a nice blowjob first?' he asked taking off his underwear.

His tool, thick and long, popped out right in front of my mouth. I grabbed it, jerking him off and licking his balls. When he reached his full length I swallowed his cock-head sucking it really hard. Then, he stuffed his rod in my mouth as deep as he could. He started fucking my mouth as I eagerly deep-throated his rock-hard shaft. His cock-head reached the back of my throat. I could barely breathe but I didn't care at all. My horny client grabbed the sides of my head pulling it over his rod. His pace was really fast and powerful as his cock filled my mouth again and again.

'Fuck my mouth!' I urged him moaning with pleasure.

'Suck me dry! Oh, yeah! Go, cocksucker!' he yelled as his balls punched loudly against my chin. Someone might have heard us but this was the last thing I could think of. Besides, the music in the store was so loud that it was impossible to hear our moans at a long distance. All that mattered now was the 'main course.' I realised that he couldn't hold himself any longer. It was time for some 'back door' action!

'Get up and turn around!' he ordered me.

I took off my shirt and my pants bending over the wall.

'Don't move!' he said decisively.

Then, he pulled down my underwear with both hands revealing my round ass. He stood there for a moment enjoying the view and jerking off. A moment later, he approached me slapping my cheeks with his thick cock. I turned my head right and looked in the mirror. The sight of my bare ass being slapped by his hard rod made me eager to be fucked. I started shaking my ass, spreading my cheeks and showing off my asshole.

'Now that we've got the right size,' I said smiling 'let's see if it fits back there!'

The stranger spat on his hand, smearing the saliva on his cock-head. Then, he grabbed my waist rubbing his tool on my asshole.

'Oh, come on! Fuck me real good!' I moaned as horny as hell.

Instantly, he buried his shaft in my ass with one violent move. He stayed there for a moment enjoying the warmth of my tight hole. Then, he started pushing back and forth, pounding my ass really hard.

'Yeah! Give it to me! I love your thick, hard cock!' I screamed.

He was fucking me with full force, driving his tool at the utter depths of my asshole. He would pull out completely, rubbing his cock-head on my ass and then he would push his full length inside my butt going deeper than before.

'Faster! Give me all you got! Fuck my tight, little asshole!' I said trying to tease him even more.

He was unstoppable. With powerful thrusts he would shove in every single inch of his shaft until his balls punched against my ass. His swollen dick ravaged my hole, offering me all the pleasure I could wish for. He was so horny that he started slapping my ass with his right hand. All this spanking made the buttfuck even sweeter. After each spank, he would give me a powerful thrust stretching my asshole to the limit.

'Shake your ass! Yeah! Make me cum!' he moaned.

I pushed backwards so that his tool would go even deeper.

'Don't worry, bitch! There's more where that came from!' he said.

His thrusts became even harder. He stopped spanking me and grabbed my waist with both hands without losing his pace. As he fucked me, he began to moan and I felt his cock-head convulsing inside me.

'Cum inside my ass! Pour your lava in my hole!' I groaned.

I didn't have to ask him twice. His cock exploded, spurting several blasts of hot cum in my asshole. Then he pulled out smearing the last drops of his juice all over my ass. Sperm dripped from my hole. I was satiated and tired. My buttfucker was also worn out. He didn't buy the pants but that didn't matter. After all, he already had the 'right size!'




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