The Reunion

I used to see Tyler very regularly. We are both married and both very bi. But I haven’t seen him in a number of years thanks to a job transfer. Yesterday, out of the blue, I got an email from him telling me that he was in town and that he wanted to see me.

I was as nervous as a teenager on his first date, worrying about what to wear, had I aged well, would he still be attracted to me and such.

I picked him up at his motel and we went out around 6 and had a drink together at a local bar. We talked about what we’d been doing over the years and Tyler eventually asked, “Are you seeing anyone?”

I said, “No I’m not.”

He told me, “I’ve been seeing a guy in the town where I live but that the relationship has been damaged by my Friend with Benefits’ health.”

We talked about a lot of things until there was nothing left to talk about. The tension was palpable, as we sat there in silence. Tyler broke it by asking, “What do you miss about the relationship we use to enjoy?”

I told him, “I missed the companionship, the good company that you were and the long conversations about all kinds of things. And of course, the incredibly comfortable sex.”

He said, “I miss the same things,” and then became silent again.

The silence was broken, this time, by me. "Are we going to have sex tonight?"

Tyler responded by asking, "Do you want to? I mean, are you still attracted to me that way?"

Surprise at my own bravery in asking the question gave me an instant erection and that made me feel a bit foolish. I responded, awkwardly, "Yes...Of course...Why wouldn't I be?"

We just sort of looked at each other for a minute, not saying anything, then the waiter came and asked, “Do you want anything else?”

Tyler said, "No... Could we have the bill?"

He was staying at a pretty decent motel in our area and I didn’t miss that the rooms were all accessible from the outside. We went in and sat down in the chairs that were just inside the front door. We started talking but were interrupted by his phone ringing. It was his wife, Janet. He was very pleasant to her but it was like a politeness that came out of awkwardness. "She asked if we’d met up yet...that's why I said yes. She also asked if we were going to sleep together and that's when I said I don't know," he explained.

I was sitting there wondering how the hell I was going to explain to my own wife Sandy why I wasn’t home yet and hadn’t called. This created a strain that came right from me. I’d long since lost the erection I had earlier and was feeling pretty silly. I was very surprised at the call from his wife.

"You don't have to stay all night," he murmured quietly.

"I know. Are you feeling weird about this too?" I asked self-consciously.

"Yes…yes, I am...a little. But I still want the sex... Do you?" Tyler asked nervously.

 I answered yes, but still had this knot in my stomach.

Self-consciously Tyler got up, closed the drapes tight and turned the A/C on high. He was dressed one second and naked the next. His erection told me he was ready to go. I got up from the chair and kicked off my Nikes. I pulled my blue polo shirt over my head and the coolness of the room made my nipples tighten. I hesitated for a second or two as Tyler watched me from across the room. I unsnapped and unzipped my jeans and let them drop to the floor before pulling them off completely. I was now left standing in white sports socks and my baggy boxers which were tenting over my erect little cock. I slowly removed each sock and thrust them into my Nikes and then pulled my boxers down over my cock letting it spring to attention.

We had always started by taking turns giving each other fellatio, before moving to the '69' position. Nothing had changed. Coming across the room Tyler went to his knees and for the first time in years took hold of my cock. I felt it quiver as he slowly stroked it. I could wait for him to get it in his mouth. When he leaned forward and licked the head I moan, “Uuuuuuuuuum.”

Tyler kept licking and worked his tongue into the pee slit. I moaned, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” again as he slowly sucked the head into his mouth. He continued to suck the head as I moaned, “ugh, ugh, ugh.”

Tyler took more of my cock into his mouth and went down as far as he could. As my cock hit the back of his throat, he gagged a little. He backed off a little and then settled into a bobbing up and down motion. But making sure not to go too far and cause him to gag.

I loved Tyler sucking my hard cock and the feeling of it throbbing in his mouth. I wanted him to suck me all night. He was sucking my cock for the first time in years and I knew he would suck it many more times.

As he continued to suck my cock I started thrusting my cock into his mouth. This was a forewarning that I was going to cum. But I wasn’t ready so I pulled my cock out of his mouth and pulled him to his feet.

Then I leaned over and slowly took his semi-flaccid cock in my mouth that it immediately started to rapidly grow in my mouth. He let out an, “Ahhhhhh,” as it grew. Sinking to my knees, started to slowly lick and tongued the head and flicking the corona. His cock danced and flexed with each flick of my tongue.

Encircling the head with my lips, I slowly took inch by inch of his approximately 7-inches into my mouth all the way down to his balls. He let out another, “ahhhhhhhhh,” and grabbed the back of my head and started moving his hips, fucking my mouth while he was gently moaning and faintly saying, “Oh yeah suck me man.”

As I obliged him Tyler’s cock got as stiff as a lead pipe in my mouth.

Holding my head Tyler arched his hips, and buried his cock to his balls in my mouth. He held it there for a couple of minutes before backing off for another pump back into my mouth. This slow but steady rhythm thrusting went on for a good 15 to 20 minutes…well, maybe it was only 5 but it seemed much longer.

His moans, “ugh, ugh, ugh,” got louder and his pumping became more erratic.

I felt the head of his cock start to swell signalling that Tyler was about to blow his load.

When he said, “I’m gonna cum…oh shit…I’m cumming,” Tyler started quivering and holding my head and pushed his cock in my mouth. I felt a thick warm blast of cum hit my tongue. Still holding my head, he arched his hips and pushed his cock into my mouth and held it still as I felt him unloading his balls in my mouth. I felt the swell and flex of each shot and counted six squirts and then a warm flow that I was able to hold in my mouth. Tyler was moaning and going, “ah, ah, ah,” the whole time. When he quieted down, he pulled the cock out of my mouth and let go of my head.

Tyler had always cum very quickly and then had this amazing ability to get going again within a few minutes. That had not changed either. In a very few minutes Tyler rolled me over on my back and with a knee on each side of my head straddled me in a 69 position. Drawing my legs back and tucked them under his arms I gave him easier access to my crotch area. He quickly positioned his head between my thighs and lowered his face down to my flaccid cock and slid his tongue up its length.

As he licked up the length of my shaft, I clamped my thighs against the sides of his head. When his tongue found my pee-slit my entire body shuddered my arousal. It has been so long that it was so beyond my wildest fantasy that I could hardly believe that it was happening at first. I was stunned by how good Tyler’s mouth felt. Trance like, I reached up and ran my fingers through his hair as he eagerly took my flaccid cock in his mouth.

He was so excited that Tyler obviously liked what we were doing as much as I did. While his mouth was working its magic on me I returned the favor. I marveled at his recovery power as I parted my lips and took his already hard cock in my mouth. His cock throbbed at the touch of my lips and this sent me into a licking frenzy as I sucked and lapped the length of her shaft.

We were both soon writhing in orgasmic pleasure. Tyler’s legs jerked as my lips moved up and down his shaft and I hit a sweet spot. Her moans increased until they were louder than my own. His mouth was giving my hard cock a thrill, too.

I buried his cock as far into my mouth as I could and his wiggling response of his hips told me that I was doing a good job. With a muffled, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” Tyler started hunching, moving his hard cock in and out of my mouth. Gently tightening my lips, I continued sucking his hard cock.

God, what a mouth Tyler had, I was so deep in his throat that my nose was buried in his pubic hair. I squirmed and shifted my weight as e alternated between teasing the head and working the shaft in and out of his mouth. Just as Tyler moaned and cried out in orgasm, I erupted like a volcano, gushing cum all over his face.

Spent, we both fell back on the bed while our batteries recharged. Suddenly my cell phone rang shocking me out of my reverie. I looked at the caller ID. It was my wife Sandy. "Hello?" I said.


 "Well what?" I asked cautiously.

"Well... are you doing it yet? Are you guys having sex yet?"

I was in shock. I mean, I literally felt my face flush red, then drain of blood altogether. I couldn't lie outright, say I didn't know what she was talking so I stammered, "Yes."

"Good. I'm glad. I think you’ve been needing this for a long time. I know you missed him. Have you... you know... have you, did you cum yet?" Sandy asked gleefully.

Not wanting to admit too much, quickly said, "No, not yet... How did you know about this?"

 "I tracked him down. You’ve been on that bisexual site a lot lately and I was worried about you getting it on with men you don't know. It's really risky you know."

 "You tracked him down? Seriously? When?" I asked a little stunned.

"On Tuesday. I emailed him and told him who I was. I asked if he missed you, if he was still into you and he said he did. Everything followed after that."

 Tyler was looking at me and smiling. I was almost speechless. Sandy suddenly asked me to, “Take a picture and send it to me,” then asked to speak to my Tyler. I handed him the phone and they had a short conversation. After which he took a single picture of us naked together and told me, “Send it to her.” She’d already hung up.

 The rest of the night was really strange. We had sex a couple of more times and I eventually left around 3 am, nervous about heading home. I noticed the lights were all out when I came down the hill towards the house and was secretly hoping my wife Sandy was asleep. She wasn't. She’d stayed up waiting and deliberately left the lights off in case I was nervous.

We spent until daylight talking about what had happened and she kept staring at the photo we’d sent to her. This morning, around 10 am, Sandy asked, “Do you intended to meet again today?”

Oddly enough, it was something neither Tyler nor I had thought to ask, so I could only answer that we hadn't made any plans. About 10:30 Tyler called me to say he had the room until 1:00 pm. "Can you come over?"

 As I was getting ready to walk out the door to meet him my wife, Sandy to my utter astonishment, was wanting me to hurry and leave.

It was a strange two days.

We met again, but it was kind of late. Tyler had kept the "Do Not Disturb" notice on the door and had the room in darkness. He was, predictably naked when he opened the door. Stepping inside and closing the door behind me, I immediately went to my knees and took him in my mouth.

Tyler wanted to go to the bed, so I stopped, got undressed and joined him on the bed.

As I scampered between his outstretched legs, I couldn’t believe how hungry I was for the sex. It really surprised me.

Tyler cummed within a minute or so and then we switched positions. I’d been hoping for more than cocks in mouths with him and had prepared myself pretty quickly before I left the house. Tyler noticed this while he was working on my cock with his mouth. Pausing, he asked, "Do you want me to fuck you?"

There was a note of something close to surprise in his voice. We’d gone that route the night before but it was with a condom. We’d never had to worry about that before, except in the earliest days of our relationship.

I felt my face go crimson for about the tenth time since we’d started the night before. "Yes…Bareback. I want you to do it bareback."

"Can you suck me first? One more time?"

We switched places and I obliged him and he obliged me by cumming within a couple of minutes. I’m still amazed by his ability to do that so quickly and recover so quickly.

I had brought a particular medical lube that I liked. The tube takes little nozzles not designed for the purpose but perfect nonetheless. I slipped it in and squirted a liberal amount inside me. Tyler stood at the side of the bed staring. Finally he asked, “Do you still like it on your back?"

"Yes... I love it that way with you... it’s not a problem is it?”

I had my legs as high as I could get them but instead of slipping between them Tyler grabbed my leg and flipped me over on my belly. Slipping between my legs he grabbed my hips and pulled me up on my knees.

Tyler put his hand against the back of my head and was pressing my face into the sheets when I felt the head of his cock sliding between my butt cheeks. I felt the tip touch my sphincter, then slide in very easily.

The night before was from behind and the condom he wore was very noticeable. I don't like the feeling of them. Tyler did it while standing at the side of the bed and was biting his bottom lip the entire time. Last night, when he cummed he just cummed and pulled out. The condom was loaded with cum and I had found myself wishing its contents were in me.

This time Tyler went very slowly and deliberately. At least at first. Then I felt his fingers dig into my hips, hard enough that I was going to have bruises tomorrow. Then he slammed into me, balls deep. As he pounded in and out I could feel his balls slapping against my bare flesh.

He’d only been pounding me for about 5-minutes when he exclaimed, "Damn," then moaned almost painfully, "I'm gonna cum."

I felt the pulsing begin and then sense the jet of cum entering me. I was worried that I might not have cleaned and prepared as well as I could have, for obvious reasons. I need not have worried. Tyler stayed in me for a long time after cumming, then pulled out incredibly slowly.

I rolled back over on my back and Tyler immediately pushed my legs apart. As he moved forward his eyes were full of want and my cock jerked in anticipation for his warm mouth. Tyler ran his tongue across his lips and then his teeth. He gave an evil grin as he toyed with the sharpest ones and giggled when I winced at the threat. His face relaxed and one hand moved up my thigh, his fingers grazing his skin and skipping lazily through the coarse hairs on my leg. "Ready baby?" he asked as he tilted his head at an angle and exhaled a slow, long, warm, breathe against my balls.

“God yesss," I muttered, slipping my fingers into his hair, as he lowered his lips to my balls and pressed a gentle kiss to the underside. The soft pressure gave me a shiver that seemed to slide up the full length of my cock. Tyler’s hands moved to my hips. One traveled up to tease my chest hairs, eventually finding my left nipple. His nail traced its shape, while his other hand managed to find a home around my shaft. He opened his mouth and used his tongue to prod my right ball into his mouth.

Once it was settled in his mouth, he stroked it slowly with his tongue, making sure to roll it several times and suck it back toward his throat. I heard a groan and realized it was me.

Tyler released my wet orb and chuckled when he noted the different color of a freshly sucked ball and one that hadn't been teased. Soon however the other sphere was being given its own tongue bath and was equal to its twin in hue. 

I laid on the bed, feeling my cock jerk in Tyler’s strong hand. I pushed my hip off the bed up into his teasing stroke and muttered a low, “Uuuuuuugh,” of approval when his fingers moved to the spongy head and he started to knead it like a lump of dough. My hand moved to cover the one that lay on my chest. I bent forward just enough to lift his hand from my body and bring it to my lips. I kissed each finger, sucking softly on the index one, before gliding it down my torso and lay it on my stomach.

"You like it slow, don't you?" Tyler asked as he licked his way up one vein and down another. In time he lifted my cock and wrapped a long lazy stroke around the base before sliding his hand to the top of my shaft. "You want me to go faster?" he chuckled as he drew the head into his mouth.

"Fuck yes," I told him and then sighed, “Uuuum,” when his lips rolled over the head and then another inch further down. He bobbed up and down. Over and over maneuvering my cock into the welcoming warmth and moisture.

His fingers massaged my balls while his other hand circled the base of my cock. His goal was to work me back far enough that he would feel me in his throat. He angled his mouth, sucked hard.

I felt him chuckle around my cock and then he increased both the rhythm and pressure. It felt as if his fingers were everywhere, moving from my balls to my shaft and then down further to toy with the sensitive flesh between my ball sack and ass.

I felt the surge of my blood pumping through my veins. He sucked harder, working his mouth to draw the fluids from my balls up through my cock and then splash at the back of his throat. He growled, “Mmmm,” low in his throat.

He jerked again as another shot of cum sailed into his mouth and he drank it up with a drawn out, "Uuuuuuuuuum."

After that it was just weird. The whole thing felt like one of those quickie fucks. Sex for the sake of sex. We both started to wash up and then get dress. It was quiet that it was unnatural and strange. I desperately wanted to suck Tyler’s cock again but it wasn’t going to happen. After I was dressed we said almost nothing, just kinda mumbled good-by. His bags were already in the trunk of his car and he appeared eager to go so I just left.

As I drove home from the motel I was very aware of what had just happened and aware of last night. I felt like a teenager.

To my surprise Tyler called a little while ago. After checking out he didn’t leave the area right away after all. So I invited him to my house, and he’ll be here a little later. Since Sandy will most likely be here by then I doubt anything will happen but it might provide a little better closure than the last meeting did.

The end…



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