The Restaurant- Part 1


'I just don't know what to do?' said Mike as he stared forlornly over the parklands, 'I mean I have tried everything to keep our relationship going but Joe really doesn't seem interested in me anymore.'

Sitting on the bench, confiding in me was a natural thing for Mike to do, we had dated for a few months and parted ways after I got a new job out of town, but we had remained friends and picked up the friendship when I returned 3 years ago. I sighed as I looked over at my pal and wondered how anyone could be bored with this fine young man. He had been jogging and the sweat gleamed off his muscled pecs and dripped down a wash board stomach where it dampened the fine mat of hair above the band of his shorts. I was recollecting the feel of his firm full arse and the cute little dimples that teased you as he walked away, not to mention the feel of his firm, hard cock that would take on a life of its own when fully erect, I barely registered that he was still speaking.

'What should I do?' he repeated, as if I had all the answers on how to make a relationship work. I was getting a bit annoyed at the barrage of questions, so I quietly changed the subject and asked if he had heard of the new Restaurant that had opened on 53rd Street.

'It's supposed to be 'Men only', the staff are very professional and the food is great!' I said, more to avoid the direction of the prior conversation than from any real knowledge. A friend of mine, Leo, was a member and had promised to invite me along for dinner Saturday night. 'Why don't you and Joe join us? We can double date.' The sight pause was not for any double meaning, but I wasn't sure where I exactly stood with Leo.

'Sure! It would be good to get out.' Mike replied looking less than satisfied with the change of topic 'See you at nine on Saturday then' He uncurled his body from the seat, set his stop watch and continued with his daily run. I sat there watching his muscled back as it got smaller in the distance, sighed and made my way back to the office.

Part 1- The interview

On 53rd Street the Restaurant was gearing up for the weekend rush and Manuel glanced over the hopeful staff that sat in the foyer waiting for their interview. Manuel motioned to the first candidate and the young man eagerly came forward, his resume clutched in slightly sweat dampened fingers his other hand stretched out in front of him for the traditional greeting but Manuel deftly avoided it. Looking slightly confused the young man sat in the seat opposite and presented his credentials instead.

'James Smart- pleased to meet you sir.' James went on resolutely, trying to work out why Manuel wasn't looking at the neatly typed documents in front of him but instead was studying at him with a cool stare. 'I am looking forward to working with you. Your reputation in Chicago is famous and I hope that you will consider me for the position.'

Manuel gave a slight snort and leant forward to whisper 'So you think you know what your position will be?'

When James nodded confidently, Manuel stood suddenly and addressed the rest of the group 'No more staff required today. Thankyou for your time.' The others left quietly and Manuel led James to the rear of the Restaurant after locking the door behind him. 'In there you will find your uniform, get changed and meet me in the kitchen so I can introduce you to the key members of our staff'

James entered the small locker room and located a bag with a few scanty pieces of clothing; mentally shrugging he started unbuttoning his shirt, hanging it neatly on a spare hanger. When he was completely undressed he looked over to the mirror and admired his own body. James was proud of the mat of hair that clung to his pecs down his tight stomach and ending in a thatch covering his balls. His cock began to stir as he gently caressed his arse but had to quickly reprimand himself or he would never be able to stuff it into the uniform. What looked like a cross piece of soft leather painted gold fastened around his chest, defining his well developed pecs, lifting the muscle into two hard globes, the glint of gold from his nipple ring nicely accented. Next came the pure white jockstrap made from the same soft leather and the ingenious modification came in the form of a zipper that allowed easy access. The feeling of the leather against his cock and balls was exciting and his already lengthening cock and to try to keep his mind off it pulled on a pair of gold ankle length boots, the style, he recognised as those worn by boxers except for the soles which were as soft as the sides.

After checking his appearance in the mirror, James walked out of the locker room with a smirk lighting up his handsome features. The Restaurant was empty except for the bar man who was polishing a rack of glasses. James walked confidently up to him 'James Smart, pleased to meet you.' His hand thrust out as before, the bar man took to warmly 'Troy' he replied, his deep smooth voice purred as his eyes roved over James' leather clad body. His uniform differed only slightly with tight leather jockey shorts instead of the jock strap. 'Floor staff?' he asked. James nodded and Troy explained that only floor staff wear the strap all bar staff wear the shorts. 'You had better hurry to the kitchen; Manuel doesn't like to be kept waiting'.

James nodded his thanks and quickly went down the hallway at the rear of the Restaurant, Manuel was waiting at the doors to the kitchen staring at his watch grunted at James and opened the doors. 'In this place your name is Troy, James stays at home. All the staff here are named Troy except me; you will address me as 'Sir' and the Head chef, who you will call 'Chef''

He led the way into the kitchen where there was the usual bustle of activity, an organised chaos led by the burley 'Chef'. 'Troy' looked approvingly at the 6'6' frame rippled with muscle and only wearing an apron to cover his broad chest. He turned away to check on something on the stove and 'Troy' noted that he wore only a G-string made from the same white leather he was wearing. Glancing around the room 'Troy' could see that all the kitchen staff were in the same uniform except for the youngest that had their strap moved to one side and the tell-tale sign of a butt-plug could be seen. One of the older men had finished the dish he was preparing and ordered the younger one to remove his plug. He obeyed without pausing and the older man replaced it with his cock. He started to thrust in and out of the young arse; the boy calmly picked up the peeler and continued his work as the man fucked him. The grunting could barely be heard over the noise in the room but the roar of satisfaction was clearly audible as the man spewed his load deep into the willing arse. A chorus of shouted approval greeted the pair as the boy replaced his plug; dropped to his knees and proceeded to lick the mess off his superiors cock and balls.

Troy was watching the unfolding scene intently and was slightly startled when a shadow loomed over him. 'So you like to watch?' Chef had moved over to Troy and was smiling 'Good, follow me'

He moved toward the older man who was gratefully receiving the wash down and offered his hand in welcome 'Willie' he grunted as his cock stared to stiffen again under the attention from the boy 'Enough Willie!' he pushed the youngster away. The boy shrugged his shoulders and got back to work on the vegetables. 'He will give me a heart attack' complained the older Willie 'He is ready at any time and his butt is so sweet'

'Maybe you should pace yourself.' Chef smiled and led Troy away from them introducing all the 'Willies' that made up his team. Most just smiled a welcome or lazily waved as they continued their tasks however there were enough bolder ones that used the excuse to feel up the 'Fresh Meat' that had wandered in. By the time that they had made a circuit of the Kitchen Troy had a raging hard-on after all the butt grabbing and not so tender grabbing of his cock and balls.

Chef smiled knowingly at the obvious bulge in the front of Troy' jock and guided him gently toward the vegetable store room by the stiff member. He easily picked the much lighter Troy onto a bench and swiftly undid the zipper at the front of his jock. Freed from confinement his cock leapt forward like an eager racehorse and Chef adjusted his balls out of the hole so that his manhood stood proudly out against the white fabric. Troy felt the hair grab as the zipper was pulled down and winced slightly but the slight pain was forgotten as Chef began to massage the member to its full potential. 'You must shave down before service tonight, or you will have patches missing before dessert service' Chef advised 'That goes for your whole body, Manuel doesn't like any hair to get into the food' Troy thought the idea was wise but he was proud of his chest hair and was reluctant to give it up. All thoughts of vanity were cast out of his mind as Chef lowered his mouth and wrapped his tongue around the aching cock head. Troy moaned quietly as Chef fed more as more of the erection deeper down his throat until the entire length was consumed. Troy could feel his throat muscles massaging his cock as Chef swallowed over and over not moving until he was forced to take a breath. He quickly inhaled and plunged straight back down to repeat the throat massage. Troy felt the familiar tingle in his balls and knew that if the Chef continued with this onslaught he would be receiving a gut full of cum in no time.

Chef was wise to what was going on and released his cock and flipped Troy onto his stomach, 'Don't get used to that' Chef said 'that was a one time treat. Call it your welcome present.' He was busy massaging Troy's arse with both meaty hands and gave a small snort of disapproval when he found the quivering rose bud dry. 'Lube up before shift, customers will want you ready at all times' Troy blushed and turned away, he couldn't believe he had made such a basic mistake. Then he felt a cold liquid spread over his arse and his hole was pried open by a single finger from the meaty Chef.

Troy fully expected to be fucked straight away by the huge man and glanced over his shoulder to see if his cock was as impressive as the rest of his physique but Chef was still clad in his apron and G-string. He lifted his hand and showed him a very long cucumber that had been smeared it what seemed to be the same liquid that the long finger was oiling his hole. Troy jolted as the probing finger found his prostate and massaged it until he felt he couldn't take any more.

'Fuck me! Fill me with that huge cock I know you have under your apron!' Troy gasped. Grabbing each of his own arse cheeks and spreading them wide for the onslaught he knew was coming. Chef smiled and removed his finger replacing it with the vegetable dildo, it was cold from the refrigerator, the cooling sensation doused the fire in Troy's butt and the combination was driving him crazy. Bucking wildly he allowed as much of the huge tool inside him as was possible but when he glanced over his shoulder again noted that only half of it was consumed.

Troy's attention is drawn away from the invader inside him as another cook entered the store room as started selecting produce from the various containers. Chef saw the handsome young cook and ordered him to 'drop to and give him 20', the man drops to his knees and lifts the Chef's apron to reveal the white G-string stretched out of shape by the massive cock trapped inside. 'That's right Willie, suck on my fat cock' the young cook licked his lips nervously as he removed the thin piece of fabric. Chef's cock jumped out in relief, almost poking out the eye of the cook on his knees. The huge tool bulged with thick veins and perfect mushroom head. The cook was familiar with most of the other staff but somehow had managed to avoid the monster he was faced with now, he licked the pre-cum off the oozing slit and opened wide to take as much as he could in.

Troy had been watching from his position on the bench and was glad to have the vegetable as a warm up to the main event. Chef was roughly pushing it back and forth pushing more and more into his willing hole, Troy was starting to get used to the cold tool as his arse warmed it from the inside, pushing back to make each stroke deeper and longer. The cook had only managed the top third of the Chef's python and was mumbling inaudibly. When he reached 20 he gave the spit slick cock a kiss, rose to his feet and left with his produce. 'Send in the Willie twins' the Chef called over his shoulder to the cook who was disappearing around the corner and an instant later 2 men of Troy's age swaggered into the room.

They stood in front of Troy each with a hand on each others crutch, they were identical. Blonde, 6'1', smooth, lean. Troy almost forgot the cucumber up his arse and leant forward to touch the mirror images. On cue the men let their aprons fall to the floor and let the tiny underwear follow, their perfect bodies were matched by identical erections curving toward the ceiling. They moved forward to allow Troy to touch them and began to kiss each other passionately. Troy explored the contours of both their chests, moving over flat stomaches, down through silky blonde pubes and firmly grasping both erections.

Chef had slowly removed the cucumber and Troy felt the absence keenly as it popped out. His arse was once again being massaged by the strong fingers and he felt his hole stretch as it accommodated for 3-4 fingers (Troy wasn't sure, his attention was on the gods in front of him). The twins broke off their kiss and the group adjusted their positions for the final act. Troy rolled onto his back, scooted forward so that his arse was over the edge, giving Chef the access to his hungry hole. The first twin hoisted himself onto the bench and lay head-to-toe so he had access to Troy's cock which by now weeping pre-cum in a steady stream. The second twin moved so that his cock was over Troy's face and now he was looking at 2 perfect cocks' ready to be serviced.

Troy felt a stab of pain as Chef roughly rammed his entire 11 inches in one thrust and stopped to give Troy a chance to get used to it. The cold vegetable had numbed his hole and it took no time at all for Troy to start squirming in pleasure. Chef took this as a signal and started thrusting his hips to the rhythm playing on the radio, the fast beat jolted the bench as Chef moved harder and harder. Soon the sound of his cock and balls slapping into Troy were joined by groans of pleasure coming from both twins as they were expertly serviced by Troy. Taking hold of both cocks his head whipped around taking the first then the second down his willing throat. The first twin was worshipping Troy's cock, swooping down in smooth strokes and coming up for air only when Troy released his brothers' cock to suck his.

Chef could feel the sweat dripping down his chest and wondered how Manuel could pick out such talented staff. He glanced up from the powerful image of his own cock disappearing inside the new recruit and settled on the twins sucking and being sucked.

Troy didn't know how much longer he would last the huge, cock up his arse one in his mouth, not mention the talented mouth on his own was a lethal mix designed to send him over the edge. Troy didn't want it to end but he was also a little afraid that if he was first it would jeopardise his new job.

The situation was solved for him as both the twins started to moan louder and as Troy picked up the pace, was rewarded with a long stringy rope of cum that hit him squarely on the chin. Covering the head with his mouth he was able to catch the rest of the blast down his throat and greedily swallowed the next 4 blasts. As the first twin started to soften Troy turned his head just in time to receive the second twins' blast and he opened his mouth to fully taste the cream. Chef was humping as hard and fast as possible and the bench was swaying alarmingly. With a final thrust he planted his cock to the hilt and let out a roar as Troy felt blast after blast of hot cum fill him to bursting point.

Cheers could be heard from the Kitchen as the 4 men cleaned up and dressed 'See you for service tonight' said Chef adjusting his spent cock back into the G-string. He looked at the twins and smiled 'Tell them where you live and I'll send them over for your shave down'. He left the store room and Troy relayed directions to his small apartment, the twins nodded that they knew where it was and told him to expect them at 5 pm.

Troy went back out to the Restaurant where the bar man 'Troy' was still polishing glasses. Troy was amazed to realise that only half an hour had passed since going into the Kitchen. He saw Manuel looking over the reservations for that night and walked over to him.

'Did you meet everyone?' Manuel asked with a cheeky grin. He glanced over to a line of small monitors that showed security video of the whole venue. 'If you want the tape, I will give it to you but a lot of money can be made if you consent to release it. I will handle the transaction and you will have full disclosure. I don't want anything from the sale; it is yours to do with what you please.'

Troy was startled by his generosity and looked over to Troy to see if there was some sort of catch but Troy just smiled and said 'You can trust him, I have made more money from sales than tips, but then again those are great too!'

Manuel held up a tape and said 'Your choice'

Troy reached for it 'Thanks but I think I'll keep the first one for myself'

'Suit yourself' shrugged Manuel 'Your shift begins at 8pm. Don't be late' he handed over the tape and a package 'the rest of your uniform, now you have passed the interview. See you tonight.' He walked back toward the kitchen and Troy quickly dressed and left with a hearty goodbye to Troy.

At the apartment he put the video into the player, grabbed a soda and sat down to unwrap the package. Glancing at the screen he was amazed at the quality of the tape, it started with the interview and moved to the dressing room. Troy (James) was a little embarrassed with his posing but the longer he looked he slowley realised that this was the way that others saw him and it was a nice view. Manuel had the flair of a movie maker with some expensive equipment cameras were all over the place and the variety of different shots was amazing.

He looked down at the package when 'old Willie' started fucking 'young Willie'. Deciding that it was much better in the flesh he concentrated on the contents. They were explained in a note which also included the staff rules. He put that to the side and took out the extra jockstraps and also a set of the jockey shorts for bar shifts. The final items were a butt plug which was to be worn during all food service and a golden cock ring. Troy was eager to try out both and in a flash was lying naked on the couch the butt plug firmly in place and the ring forcing blood into his cock making it look bigger than before. The video was starting the scene with Chef and Troy lay back to enjoy his own performance.

Stroking his cock slowly he was so engrossed in the video that he failed to hear the door open and jumped up when a shadow blocked the light. His cock was quickly deflating from the shock but he soon realised that it was only the twins and he sank back onto the couch gasping in panic.

'Hey is this our scene?' asked the first twin 'Are you going to keep it? Can we have a copy?'

'Yes, to all 3 questions' laughed Troy

'Cool!' said the second 'Well, are you ready? You look ready!'

We all marched to the bathroom where the boys started a bath and quickly got undressed. Troy was told to stand in the tub and they began lathering him all over his chest, stomach, groin and upper thighs. They told him to turn around and bend over and when Troy pulled apart his cheeks they giggled before taking out the plug.

'You must have forgotten this' remarked the first twin 'but after having Chefs' cock up your arse you are forgiven'

They all laughed and the twins started to shave him with the sureness of professionals. Troy relaxed and gave himself over to the men, allowing them access everywhere. After a short while Troy's cock started to respond to the caress of the blade and the gentle fingers that probed and checked that the job was done.

The twins smiled at each other 'I'll finish this off, you finish that off'

Rinsing off the extra suds the first twin grabbed Troy's cock and sucked it like a lollypop. Troy couldn't tell them apart but he noticed the different style and assumed that he had now been sucked by both twins. The first in the Kitchen and the other here.

It didn't take long for Troy to shoot his load into the willing mouth and the shave down was done. Troy took a shower and marvelled at the smooth flesh and realised that he could grow it back whenever he wanted. Coming out of the bathroom the twins were watching the video in a 69 position polishing each others cocks until they came over each other and staining the couch.

'Hey Troy! We have to go, Chef will kill us if we are late' said the first twin 'Want a lift?'

'Great' said Troy, he was surprised that the name had stuck and whenever he was at work that was who he was. He grabbed his uniform, cock ring and butt plug and ran after the boys to his first day at work.

The Restaurant- Part 2

Part 2 - Saturday Night Fever

I was to meet Leo in the foyer of my building at 8.30pm on Saturday and wondered what this invitation to dinner was all about. We had been working together for the past 12 months and although he had mentioned he was gay and single he never made a move on me. Even at the staff Christmas party where we both had far too much to drink and ended up drunkenly fondling each other in the back of the cab, he said goodnight and instructed the driver to take him home.

He was waiting when I came out of the lift, talking casually with the door man. I took a moment to look over him, the night was warm and he was dressed rather informally. Feet clad in sandals showed off his muscular calf muscles, khaki shorts containing a full bauble butt, loose short sleeve shirt with enough buttons undone to show a nice thatch of light brown hair. If he had turned at that time I knew he would capture me with his clear gaze, baby blue eyes that made women's (and my) knees go weak.

The door man noticed me over Leo's shoulder and Leo turned following his gaze. He smiled and walked over to me, 'Going to the Opera?' he asked smiling. I looked down at my tuxedo and blushed 'I'll change, won't be long'

In the elevator I cursed Leo and myself for not wearing the proper attire. Leo because he didn't say and myself because I didn't ask. Fifteen minutes later I was back downstairs wearing a casual shirt and light trousers 'Let's go' he said and waved goodbye to the doorman. The cab took us quickly to Mike and Joe's apartment and then on to the Restaurant.

Mike was sitting in between Leo and me, his perfect body covered in tight denim jeans and a tight, white T-shirt. The effect was stunning but the set of his mouth showed clearly that he had still not been able to kindle the passion between himself and Joe. Joe had commandeered the front seat next to the driver and was dressed the same except for a black T-shirt. He was talking to the driver giving unnecessary directions and loudly commenting on baseball scores and tips for various racehorses. I have always admired Mike and Joe as a couple, Joe is as dark as Mike is fair. Hard toned bodies that any porn star would be proud of and features that could grace the cover of any men's magazine.

We arrived and Joe paid the bill but only after he had given into Leo who had demanded that he would pay for the trip home. The Restaurant seemed closed, no flashy advertising sign, or any other sign that it was nothing but an abandoned building. Leo walked confidently up to the door where he inserted his key and motioned for the others to enter. We were standing in a small foyer with comfortable chairs lined against the wall. A man appeared at the lectern where a large book was laying open. I could see initials and numbers but no names, Leo presented a card and the man (Manuel according to his name badge) ushered us through a curtain to the bar area.

'Troy will take your aperitif order' Manuel said indicating the bar man 'Please advise him when you are ready to be seated'

We all took seats at the bar and soon rounds of beers were being heartily consumed. I couldn't help staring, Troy was a god, and I drank in his lean tanned body. The harness around his chest accented the perfect pecs and a washboard stomach led down to tight little white shorts that left nothing to the imagination. Joe was teasing him, ordering one beer at a time so that he bent over regularly. I was trying to hide my erection and the constant bending of those perfect globes was really getting to me. After the second round Troy pointed out the tip jar and said 'If there is anything I can do for youplease just ask.'

I was surprised when Leo took out his wallet dropped a note into the jar and said 'My friend needs a little relief before dinner, if he doesn't blow a load soon I'm afraid that he will be terrible company.' He smiled at the dumb look on my face and then said 'Come on you can't hide it and we are all friends here'

Troy was making his way around to the front of the bar. I was panicking at the thought that Leo had just paid a guy to give me head. Was this a test?

Leo saw my reluctance and placed a few more bills in the jar 'Go get a few of the 'Troy's' to help us all out' as Troy left on his errand Leo explained 'They are all called Troy. It keeps the customers from attaching themselves to one particular staff member.' Joe exclaimed that he better not get an ugly one. Mike looked disgusted at the comment but didn't want to start an argument so early in the evening.

Troy's were emerging from behind a curtain each clad in the same uniform. The bar seat was in fact more of a long bench and the four demi-gods positioned themselves in front of each of us. My Troy gently pushed my legs apart and massaged my cock through the light fabric. I quickly looked at the others, Joe had his cock out already at was feeding his Troy roughly, Mike had his jeans around his ankles and his Troy was munching on his cock through the fabric, Leo was massaging his Troy's arse as noisy slurping issued from his crotch. I felt my belt being undone and looked down to see my Troy easing the light trousers off my hips. I started to lose inhibition when his silky lips brushed my raging hard-on but I was distracted when another group of guests were being shown through to the Dining room.

My Troy smiled up at me 'Don't worry they can't see us, they can only see your friend there' he pointed back down the line where sure enough Joe had stood up and was fiercely face fucking his Troy. I smiled and let my Troy get back to work. He licked his way down the shaft and in one gulp took my entire cock down his throat. I couldn't help but to grab his hair and move it back and forth in the rhythm I like the best. Troy was a fast learner and matched the pace when I released him and before I knew it I was dumping a load of sperm into his mouth. He looked up at me and smiled, leaned forward and kissed me deeply. I could taste the sperm on his lips and when he broke off the kiss all I could do was look at him with a dumb smile and say 'Thanks'. His smile lit up the whole room and he gracefully left the bar, his gorgeous arse swaying in invitation.

I was halfway to my feet when Leo grabbed my arm and pulled me back down 'hold on there cowboy! The night is young! This isn't a whorehouse it's a Restaurant'

He looked back down at the Troy that was licking his balls while massaging his thick cock with both hands. I was impressed at the size of his cock and looked closely at the head that showed his foreskin was intact. The odour coming from his crutch was intoxicating and I felt a pang of jealousy that I was not the one to give Leo this pleasure. It took all my will power not to kick this man off Leo and finish the job myself.

My face was an open book to Leo who was groaning 'Oh I'm close, close I'm cumming' he jumped up and before I knew what was happening he pushed his cock between my lips just as the first shot of cum hit the back of my throat. I recovered quickly and drained his rod dry savouring the sweet taste of his cream. 'That was my pre-dinner drink for you' he smiled and grabbed my face for a bone crushing kiss. His eyes widened in surprise as I spat half of his load back into his mouth and he swallowed automatically. We both laughed and gave the Troy a long kiss.

Mike was writhing in ecstasy and bellowed as he deposited his load all over his Troy's face but it was cut off as Joe grabbed him and wrestled his tongue down his throat. Joe's Troy was working hard to help Joe but the kiss did it and he spewed enough cum to fill the Troy's mouth until it overflowed and still 4-5 spurts landed on his face and chest.

Leo and I exchanged smiles and finished off our beers. The Troy left the room and our bar man was back behind the bar. We had another beer while we waited for Joe and Mike to surface from their passionate embrace. We had to break them apart when we had finished our beers because Leo's stomach was rumbling so loud I was surprised they couldn't hear it.

Manuel led us to the dining room 'Trousers?' Leo promptly replied 'No Trousers'. Manuel clicked he fingers once and a Troy led us to a room where we changed into a very short toga. I could see Mike's butt hanging below the fabric and Leo's cock was on display for all to see. I looked in the mirror and decided that we made a good looking foursome and wondered what the rest of the night would bring.

Seated at our booth debating what we would eat I casually glanced around the room. Everywhere I looked 'Troys' wearing just the chest strap and jock straps waltzed around tables delivering wine and food. Every so often I thought I saw one of them duck under the table and satisfied smiles graced the faces of the diners. Most guests wore the toga but I did see a couple in leather chaps and caps. The smaller of the two (both were well over 6 feet tall) rose and went to the bathroom giving everyone a perfect view of his semi-hard cock and beautiful butt.

A Troy approached the table his smooth chest and legs looked recently shaved and the small gold ring through his nipple was a real turn on.

Leo took charge once again 'we'll all have the Saturday night fever to share'. I looked at the others and both Mike and Joe shrugged. The item was not the menu but we were sure it would be good. The Troy left toward the kitchen and another came up to the table, 'Warm Towels?' Leo nodded and the Troy ducked under the table, Mike jumped startled but Leo told him to relax and enjoy. He did and soon a smile was plastered over his face.

The Troy moved around the table performing something I couldn't see and Joe and Mike were having a quiet conversation. I was hopeful that they were working things out. Leo and I were making small talk when suddenly I felt something hot against my thighs and then I felt the warmth on my cock and balls as I was treated by the stud under the table. My cock sprang to attention and the Troy continued to massage my thighs. I moved a little lower and felt my arse being tended to and then the smell of liquid oil being spread all over. The sensation was bliss but I needed to know why Leo had cum on my face when he had scarcely spoke to me for over a year.

'Don't want a boy friend' was his reply 'but I do want a fuck buddy and I think you are hot. I wasn't sure if you would be cool with that. I always practise safe-sex but I don't want to be tied down to one man. Look at those two' pointing to Joe and Mike 'I think it's great what they have together but it's not really for me.'

I was a bit shocked but at that precise moment the Troy had swallowed my cock whole and was proceeding to give me great head. Leo saw me react and stuck his head under the table 'Just keep us hard, don't make us cum yet. The night is too young!' The Troy backed off and by the reaction from Joe I guessed where was.

Entrée was a delicious medley of seafood; a huge platter arrived. Oysters, Prawns, Lobster and a whole series of different fish were placed before us and we eagerly tucked in. Suddenly Joe sighed and had a hurt look on his face but Mike interrupted with 'Share Joe, share'

And by the look on his face I knew where the Troy was.

Our main course consisted of three different types of char grilled meats served on a mountain of vegetables accompanied by an array of sauces. The wine was flowing and I was getting a bit tipsy, so when I saw the leather clad men stand I thought nothing of their near naked state. The Troy at their table was suggesting coffee and brandy and they allowed themselves to be seated again after a whispered conversation. The reason became clear when another Troy knelt in front of the bigger man and began sucking his cock. The smaller man was being serviced as well but soon bent him over the table and thrust his huge cock deep into the waiters arse. I realised then why they wore the jockstrap, for easy access as well as comfort. The bigger man took his cue from the other and positioned them side by side. All I could see was the two leather butts thrusting their hips forward in unison. The pounding seemed to go on forever and another Troy placed the coffee and liqueurs on the rocking table. The leather men were coated in sweat and I leaned to my left to see the action better. The Troy under our table had made his third circuit of our table and when his mouth latched onto my cock I thought I would explode, he sensed this and quietly calmed my straining cock with a few well placed pinches.

Things were coming to a climax at the next table; the Troys were kissing deeply arching their backs so I could see their hard cocks jutting out from the zippers as they jacked each other to orgasm. The bigger leather man let out a roar and filled the Troy with his cum but the smaller man wanted to put on a show and whipped out of the Troy at the last second spraying all over the back of his Troy. The Troys were pumping their fists so fast it seemed like a blur of motion and as they came together the long strands of cum landed in the coffee and all over the table. The show was greeted with loud applause and calls of 'Good shot'.

The two leather clad men bowed slightly and sipped the coffee with fresh cream.

Our meal was going well and Mike and Joe seemed to come to a decision and included us in the conversation again. I was feeling the effect of the alcohol on my bladder and stood to use the bathroom while the main course was being cleared by the same Troy who had provided the fresh cream for coffee. He pointed me in the direction of the toilets and I casually walked across the room. Never one to show off my body to complete strangers I was feeling self conscious as I walked the length of the room. An occasional brush against my body was all the attention I received and I started to relax.

Entering the bathroom it was clear that the male and female toilets had been combined to make one large room. Two showers were on the far side and I noticed that the other 'Coffee Troy' was taking a hot shower. Seeing the naked body of the Troy slick with water and soap as he lathered himself all over was compelling and I stood there drooling, my cock rising once again. He looked over and smiled and I snapped out of my trance and made my way to the cubicles where I hoped that my dick would soften enough to take a piss. Now that the showers were obstructed from view I was able to release a stream of hot golden liquid but was once again startled by a voice. Stopping mid-stream is never comfortable and I was a little annoyed that I had been disturbed. Looking to my left I saw a wide hole had been cut into the wall and a delicious man was lying naked on the floor slowly stroking his cock. He was not completely naked his head bore a black Stetson and a white handkerchief was tied around his neck.

'Don't waste it' my cowboy breathed softly 'let me have it'.

I was annoyed enough at the interruption and although I have never been into Water Sports moved closer to the hole and let loose the rest of my bladder. He eagerly moved forward so that he was soon covered in my piss, his mouth covered my cock as the stream continued and was gulping as if it was fine wine.

The door to the toilet opened and I looked around to see Joe walking in obviously in some distress from a full bladder. He didn't hesitate but walked straight into the cowboy's cubicle letting loose with the force of a garden hose all over him. The cowboy was in heaven when another similarly clad cowboy entered the cubicle and moved in to get the rest of Joe's piss. My cock was still dangling through the hole and the cowboys were massaging me back to full hard-on. Leo and Mike entered next and the two cowboys took all comers with enthusiasm.

We shook the last few drops over the couple as they embraced covered in our piss, they changed position and as we were leaving I saw that the first piss eater was roughly shoving his cock up the arse of the other. We were all smiling and shaking our heads as we returned to the table.

'Each to their own!' quipped Leo and we all laughed

The Restaurant- Part 3

Part 3- Climax

The noise in the Restaurant was increasing steadily as the wine flowed and the staff were required to give more attention to the customers. Our 'Troy' (they were all named Troy for anonymity) stuck his head out from under the table where he had been sucking the four of us off steadily from the past 3 hours. I had honestly forgotten he was there and only remembered when I felt the gentle pull of his soft lips keeping me erect.

'Time for me to order your dessert' he apologised and we all thanked him as he walked toward the kitchen wearing his uniform which consisted of only a gold harness across his chest and a pure white jockstrap.

Joe was not happy that our personal cock sucker was leaving but his boyfriend Mike happily took over the duties in his absence. After servicing Joe for a few minutes his thick black bush was damp with saliva and Mike moved around under the table to service Leo. 'Oh my god! You are huge!' exclaimed Mike as he tested the length and girth of Leo's impressive cock with his fist. He stuck his tongue out and tasted the foreskin before giving it a nibble. He worked on that piece of uncut meat for a few minutes and then turned his attention to me.

'Mmmmm' the groan vibrated around my dick causing me to shiver with delight 'Just the way I remember it' Mike purred as he took the entire length in his mouth. We had dated years before and now were the best of friends.

Leo was the enigma. I had worked with him for over a year but until tonight nothing had happened between us. He had made an interesting proposition earlier but before I could ask him further about it Leo looked toward the Kitchen and said 'Mike you don't want to miss this, the dessert is coming!' Mike clambered up onto the booth seat and we all Ohhhhed and Ahhhhhed as a huge platter was placed on the table. We were positioned on either side of the dessert, Leo and I on one side, Mike and Joe on the other.

Our Troy was stretched out on a platter big enough to be used as a door; a huge variety of creamy desserts covered him from the neck all the way down to his feet. Fresh fruits covered his pecs and groin and he was holding a bowl of whipped cream in each hand.

'Okay gentlemen, no hands' Leo smirked and our Troy looked delighted at the prospect.

I started at his feet taking each of the berries from between his toes and lovingly sucked each one at a time, as Joe took heed and picked up the other foot mimicking my moves I could see our Troy's legs spread and a cascade of fruit feel off his crutch as his cock stiffened. Leo passed a bowl to us and we took turns licking the sweet whipped cream off his feet then moving up the glorious calves, knees and thighs. A different morsel of mousse, parfait and fruit lead us eagerly up his body and I glanced up to check on the progress of my 2 friends working on the top half of our Troy.

Leo and Mike had been feeding the Troy with strawberries dipped in what looked like chocolate and then they headed south caressing his neck, playfully fighting over a small amount of parfait in the hollow of his throat. I watched as they made their way down to his nipples, each taking one into his mouth and teasing it until it was a firm nub between his teeth. Troy groaned in pleasure as the 4 men made their way over his body.

We were attracting a lot of attention and soon there were at least 20 men standing around us in a circle. All the Troys moved forward as one and removed the seats from the booth so that we were centre stage and all had a perfect view of the tongue torture we were inflicting on our Troy.

They all then turned to their individual guests and requested the service that was required. Tables and chairs were moved to satisfy each specific request and the room settled down to what looked a lot like an orgy. Meanwhile the kitchen doors opened and out swarmed the kitchen staff wearing only the white G-strings that were their uniforms; moving around to assist the Troys with individual guests. My eyes widened as three young men were walking toward us, in the centre was the beautiful brunette Troy with the gold nipple ring and either side of him were identical blonde twins wearing the G-string which marked them as kitchen staff.

Joe saw the twins at he same time and groaned in appreciation as they moved between Mike and Joe. Mike was finishing an éclair and one twin deftly moved in to steal half the sweet from Mike's mouth replacing it with his tongue. Joe had the other in a fierce lip lock and the 4 men moved slightly away from the table. They all landed in a pile of cushions, limbs entwined in an embrace, the boys were identical and it seemed that they were both fondling the same person enhanced with 2 cocks.

Leo and I had eaten our way through to the prize of our special dessert our Troy's cock was standing to full attention and Leo was licking the last of the cream off his rigid meat. Troy lifted his hips slightly and I spied the last éclair melting between his cheeks, without hesitation I dove between his cheeks and devoured it in one gulp. The sweet chocolate had coated his hole and my tongue delved deeper and deeper to get it all out. Troy was going wild with lust as Leo worked on his stiff cock and I had my tongue wedged solidly up his chute. He looked up at Leo as gasped 'Fuck me with your huge cock. I've been teased with it all night and now I want it.

Leo didn't argue and I moved away to allow him access to our Troy, as I stepped back I found myself wrapped in the arms of the Troy with the nipple ring. 'Sorry' I mumbled. He smiled and asked what I needed. I felt silly but what I really needed was a cigarette. The whole experience was going to my head and I needed a break for a few minutes, the Troy sympathised and offered to keep me company.

We made our way to the water station in the corner and hopped onto the bench, taking cigarette from the pack Troy admitted that this was his first night too and he was also feeling a bit overwhelmed by all the attention. I wasn't surprised that he was getting all the action he was a truly handsome man and I told him so. Blushing he echoed the sentiment and we surveyed the room.

It wasn't hard to find Leo, naturally, centre stage, his strong physic now completely naked, the toga a puddle on the floor. He was fucking with wild abandon and his tight arse clenched with every thrust. His Troy had acquired another cock to keep his mouth full and was seriously munching on that knob as if it was his last meal.

My Troy gasped as an enormous silhouette passed us and he whispered 'I hope your friend is ready, it looks like Chef is going to take his reward for providing the meal'

I looked at the huge figure of a man wearing only the white G-string, he approached Leo and trapped him in a huge bear hug Leo flinched and stopped his assault on his Troy's arse. Chef was talking directly into Leo's ear and he visibly relaxed and started the rhythm again. From our vantage point we could see Chef push down his G-string so he was as naked as Leo and with movements that seemed almost second nature to both of them started feeding his enormous cock into Leo. I heard my Troy murmur that he was part of the interview process and that Leo was taking it all extremely well. I was also amazed that nearly all of the impressive cock had made its way up inside Leo. Chef took over the motion and started pounding Leo with such force I thought that his cock would appear out of the Troy's mouth.

I was starting to feel better and my Troy placed my hand over his erect cock still trapped in the jock strap. I felt for the zipper and eased his cock out into the open. I felt the smooth flesh shaved clean and couldn't resist fondling the nipple ring, he arched his back and took a long drag from the cigarette and stubbed it out onto a saucer. He grabbed my cock and we slowly jacked each other still entranced by the scene in front of us.

We both spied the twins with Mike and Joe. My Troy described Joe as a dark horse on a snow white field, he was spread eagled and the 3 blonde men were worshipping his magnificent body. Willie 1 had his head in Joe's lap sucking his perfectly formed cock while Willie 2 was licking his balls and moving down toward his chute. I wondered how this would turn out as Joe was strictly a top and had vowed never to get 'stuck like a pig' as he said. This was one of the reasons the lovers were unhappy. Mike liked it both ways but since being with Joe he had been the bottom ever since. Mike was whispering into Joe's ear and I thought he was trying to convince him and he must have succeeded because they both turned over side by side and presented their arses to the delighted twins. I looked on in awe as the boys dove into separate mounds of creamy cheeks, Mike and Joe writhed in pleasure as tongues penetrated their chutes. The boys were magnificent to watch, perfect tanned figures with a slight difference in colour on their butts where Speedos denied the sun. They were so similar that they looked like clones of the same man. My Troy confided in me that even though they looked so much alike their style was completely different. I looked closer and realised that the twin sucking Joe's arse was far more energetic than the other.

What happened next took me completely by surprise. Bodies rearranged themselves and before I could work out who was who my Troy gave a soft chuckle. The twins were fucking each other, the more dominant driving his cock deep into his brother while Mike was half way up Joe's arse. I smiled at the image but my attention wavered back toward Leo and the Chef who were making so much noise that half the room had stopped to watch.

Chef was pounding and swearing as sweat poured off his body, Leo was forced back and forth with the motion. The Troy had given up on the cock he was sucking because the thrusts were throwing him around like a rag doll. Chef gave an almighty roar and let loose with what I could see as an enormous amount of cum filling Leo to the brim. Chef pulled out of Leo, gave him a lingering kiss and made his way back to the Kitchen.

Leo checked that his Troy was okay and with his permission started to fuck him harder and harder until, with another ear splitting roar came with a force that covered the Troy with hot cum. Scooping up the mess on the Troy's chest he used it to masturbate him to climax. Helping him up, Leo led the way to the showers, cum dribbling down from his arse.

I looked around the room to spy on all the various activities going on. It would take a few days to sort out all the positions in my mind but a few were really outstanding.

The leather boys had a Troy over a table flat on his back as they alternated between a huge 18 inch dildo and the smaller guy's fist.

There was one Troy squatting over 2 men who had positioned themselves so that both cocks were stretching his hole. A look of glee was on the face of the Troy as he bounced on both cocks.

The cowboys had hog-tied a Troy and were fucking him in both holes. The gagged Troy had a huge erection that was being sucked by another man.

And then there was the sight of my Troy slipping off the bench and taking my cock into his mouth. I tried to concentrate on the action happening between my legs but Mike and Joe were now capturing my attention. The dominant twin had cum all over his brother and positioned himself under the dark form of Joe who seemed to enjoy the attention from his lovers cock deep in his arse. He captured Joe's cock in his mouth and the other twin force fed his cock into Joe's mouth. The chain was too much for Joe who came directly down the twin's throat. At the same time he was fed his own after dinner mint in the form of a belly full of cum from the other twin. Mike let his cum fill Joe from behind and they all fell into a heap.

I decided that I couldn't wait any longer and turned my Troy around, wet his hole with my tongue and roughly shoved my cock deep inside him. I lost control for a minute and all I could do was fuck without thought for my partner. My Troy took it all in his stride and started backing up to me matching stroke for stroke. I dumped a load into his butt and slowly came back to my senses. My Troy had dumped his own load all over another couple of guests and they were eagerly lapping up the mess.

Shamefaced I apologised for my brutality and led my Troy to the showers where I washed him down and wanked him to another orgasm.

Kissing me tenderly he bade me farewell with the hope that we would come back soon.

I found the others in the dressing room and changed with them. We were met in the foyer by Manuel who pointed toward 4 video cassettes. Leo explained that we could either buy them or we could release them for sale. I quickly grabbed mine, not feeling comfortable with strangers watching over the inter-net and a price was quickly reached. Joe and Mike also purchased theirs but Leo just winked at Manuel and signed the release form. 'Just let it ride' he said to Manuel and was forced to explain because of the baffled look on our faces. 'How do you think I pay for the meal?'

On the ride home we all agreed that we would make this a regular outing and for those with a romantic side Leo and I did become Fuck-buddies, we still work together but have our own apartments. Whenever the mood takes us though, we always make time for each other. Sometimes just us, sometimes with others, and on one memorable occasion with an entire football team.

But, as they say, that is another story!



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