The Rest Stop

My first male sexual experience happened about 3-year ago at a rest stop while my wife, Barbara and I were traveling down I-45 on our way back to Texas from Tulsa, Oklahoma. I had to take a leak so Barbara and I pulled into a rest stop on the Texas side of the Red River..

I went to the men’s room and Barbara went to the girl’s room. While I was standing there at the urinal peeing I started reading the graffiti written on the wall and before I knew it I had a raging erection. The stall next to the urinal had a hole in it and over it, a message read, ‘If you want a blowjob stick your cock through the hole.’

I’d never done anything like that before, so I was shaking with nervousness as I turned and put my stiff cock through the hole. And sure enough a mouth was waiting and sucked me off. All I could manage was a sigh as whoever he was slowly licked all around my velvety head and nibbled at my foreskin. Then he wrapped his moist lips around my hard shaft and started to suck. Excited, I spread my legs wider and thrust my cock farther into the hole as his moist mouth bobbed up and down on my hard shaft.

I was so hot that I was cumming in just a few seconds.

Suddenly embarrassed about what I’d just done, I pulled out, zipped up and hurried back out to the car.

I got to the car just about the same time that Barbara got there.

As we got into the car she noticed the small bulge in my pants. Reaching over and touching it, she asked, “What’s this?”

I was starting to get hard again thinking about what had just happened. When I didn’t answer, Barbara asked, “Were there stories written on the wall in the men’s room like there was in the ladies room?”

When I said, “yes,” Barbara took my cocky out and started playing with it. Then she pulled her skirt up to her waist and started rubbing her pissy.

I asked her, “What did you read on the walls to get you this horny?”

“Not only,” she said, “Did I read hot pussy sucking stories but I could hear the girl in the next stall making small mooring sounds while she masturbated.”

When I asked, “How do you know that the girl was masturbating?”

Barbara answered, “There was a hole in the wall and I watched her.

When I asked, “What did you do,” Barbara got all red face and said, “I masturbated along with her.”

I almost exploded that very moment thinking about my wife masturbating with another girl and about the blowjob that I’d just got.

About that time a young man came out of the men’s room and I recognized by his tennis shoes that he was the guy who’d sucked me off.

Pointing, I said, “See that guy.”

When Barbara said, “Yes,” I said, “What would you say if I told you that he gave me a blowjob and that’s why my cocky was bulging when I came back to the car.”

Giggling, she said, “You’re making that up.”

I said, “No way.”

“Did it feel as good as when I suck you?”

Before I thought I said, “It felt better.”

No sooner had those words came out of my mouth when this cute redhead came out of the ladies room and Barbara said, “That’s the girl that I masturbated with.

I asked, “Did the girl know that you were masturbating too?”

“Yes,” said Barbara, “because we took turns looking through the hole.”

Well to our amazement not only were those two were together but they were standing there looking at our car and waving.

Since the rest stop was deserted they pretty much figured that it was Barbara and I in the restrooms.

Before I could comment Barbara was waving back at the girl and she and the guy were walking towards our car.

Shocked, I stammered, “Barbara … what are you doing?”

With an evil little grin, she said, “I’d like to watch this guy suck you off again.”

Barbara made no effort to conceal what we were doing, so my cocky was still in her hand and her skirt tucked in around her waist when the couple walked up to our car .

Without taking her eyes off Barbara’s naked crotch, the redhead introduced them as Rusty and Linda. With her eyes still on Barbara’s lap she said, “We could get a lot more comfortable in our van.”

Barbara said, “OK,” and before I even had time to put my cock back in my pants, we were heading towards their van.

When Rusty opened the side door of their van, we saw that the seats had been removed and a mattress was in their place.

Before I knew it we were all sitting in a circle on the mattress.

That’s when Barbara asked, “Rusty, did you really give Chuck a blowjob?”

The question was so blunt that Rusty was a little embarrassed, but he said, “Yes.”

Turning to me, Barbara said, “I’ve often fantasized about this scenario and if you’ll suck Rusty’s cocky I’ll eat Linda’s pussy.”

Hesitantly, I said, “OK.”

“You first,” said Barbara.

With everyone looking at me, I moved towards Rusty. Getting on my knees, I quickly undid his belt, unbuttoned his pants and slid the zipper down. They fell open, showing his tight white jockeys with their growing bulge.

Too embarrassed to even look at the Rusty, I pulled on the waistband and took a peek down the front of his underwear. His cock was huge and it wasn't even fully erect yet.

After first slipping his t-shirt off, Rusty raised his butt up off the mattress as we both work to get his pants down and off.

Still embarrassed, I leaned over and kissed my way down from his belly button and put my head between his legs.

Rusty said something to me like, “That’s a good little cocksucker.”

Before I took it in my mouth I gave his semi erect cock a lick from the balls to the tip. By the time I got to the head, he was already leaking pre-cum. I’m not sure why but it seemed to be the thing to do at the time so I started fiddling around the head with my tongue. I remember a real salty sweaty taste to it.

Once at the head, I opened my mouth, wrapped my lips around the shaft and worked my lips down to the base. Rusty’s hands went to the back of my head adjusting my speed as he started a humping motion, practically face fucking me. I could feel his cock pulsating in the back of my throat. I loved the feel of his big cock growing in my mouth and getting harder and harder. By now we were both moaning, “Uuuuuuuuuum,” pretty loudly, except my sounds were muffled and distorted by the big cock being thrust in and out of my mouth.

The whole time I was sucking Barbara and Linda were verbally abusing the shit out of me. They were calling me every name in the book … faggot, bitch, cocksucker and homo. And I have to admit I was very turned on by it.

Unbeknown to me the girls weren’t my only audience. Two guys had stop to use the restroom. They thought it was strange that there were 2-cars in the parking lot and no one in the restroom. So when they investigated, they got to the van just in time to look through the back window and watch me sucking Rusty’s cock.

With a moan, Rusty mumbled, “I’m going to cum.”

To be honest I hadn’t thought that far so hadn’t a clue what to do right then. The fact was Rusty was a total stranger and I didn’t want him to cum in my mouth. But then again, I was really curious about how it would taste and feel.

I felt his shaft get harder, then Rusty started to shake and his balls get tense. Then he pulled my hair, groaning, “Oh god, oh god,” real loud as he shot his amazing, hot, creamy load of cum into my mouth. And his load was enormous.

A couple of seconds after I finished off Rusty, there was a knock at the van door. As everyone was franticly grabbed for their clothes the van door was yanked open. As we froze in fear, 2-guys scrambled in shutting and locking the door behind them.

As we crouched there our mouths agape looking like kids caught with our hands in the cookie jar, one of the guys cup his balls, looked right at me and asked, “That was fucking hot. Any chance of my brother and me getting in on the action?”

Other than a couple of year’s difference in their age, they were as alike as 2-peas in a pod. They were good looking college guy in their early 20s, dark blonde hair; blue eyes, at least 6-foot 3 and a pretty muscular 200 lbs. According to the spokesperson, they were on the way to UTA at Austin where they both played football.

They both had pretty big bulge in their pants showing how horny they were.

Before I could say anything, Barbara said, “Go ahead and blow them …it’ll be hot.”

Then Linda and Rusty chimed in their agreement.

As I watched, the spokesperson took off his tank top and them unzipped and removed his Levis and underwear.

"Oh god," Barbara gasped when she saw his cock jutting out of a mat of dark curly hair and big balls hanging in a curly-haired covered sack between his legs. His cock was over 8-inches long and very thick with well-proportioned purple head that glistened with pre-cum and a maze of thick veins that begged to be traced by my hungry tongue.

“What’s your name?” murmured Linda as she reached over and cupped his balls.

“Alex,” he answered as Barbara, not to be left out started stroking his cock.

Not caring who was watching, I quickly crawled over to where Alex was sitting cross-legged with his cock standing up in front of him. Reaching forward, I pushed Barbara’s hand away and grasped his cock and gently squeezed it. Opening my mouth, I engulfed it, swallowing it completely. Alex groaned as he felt my mouth close over his cock and my lips clamp down on his rock hard shaft.

He could feel me sucking on his cock as my tongue teased the head.

Looking up, Alex saw that Barbara was on her knees watching, a look of disbelief on her face. Tearing his eyes from hers, Alex looked down and watched as I sucked his cock, bobbing up and down, swallowing him entirely each time.

Mesmerized, Barbara giggled, “Instead of Chuck, I’m going to start calling you ‘Bob’ because you do it so well.”

I could tell he was about to blow, so I went all out and sure enough, not a minute or so later Alex groaned, “Uuuuuuugh,” out loud as he began to cum, shooting his load deep in the back of my throat. His spasms became more intense as he shoved my head down on him.

They could all see as I milked his cock with my hands and mouth as he cummed, squeezing all of the cum from his cock before I licked his dick clean. As I let it go and sat up, a tight-lipped smile on my face, Alex continued to sit there with his head tilted back, eyes closed, breathing heavily.

When he stripped, Bruce’s cock was even big than his brother’s. Like Alex’s it was thick, uncut and full of veins, it was hot and hard and looked as though it could fuck its victim silly.

Leaning over, I put my hands on his toned thighs and buried my face between them. Then inch by inch, as everyone watch I took his cock into my warm mouth. Once I had it all of his cock in my mouth, I began bobbing my head up and down Bruce’s fat cock. As his huge dickhead rammed the back of my throat, I felt Bruce’s pubic hair rub against my nose and lips. Each time my mouth descended I sucked his cock in even deeper and with such precision that he wouldn’t be able to last long.

Bruce was holding on pretty well until I took my tongue and tried to insert it into his pee-hole. It was an amazing sensation and sent him over the edge. He screeched, "Ooooh my godd, I'm Cumming … I'm Cumming in your mouth. Ooooh, Ooooh, Ooooh nooo!"

Three sets of balls drained, I rolled over on my back and before I could say suck pussy, the girls were in the 69-postion and according to Barbara having the best sex she’d ever had in her life.

Moving up behind Barbara who was on top, Alex grabbed her by the hips and slipped his still hard cock between her legs. Reaching up, Linda used her hand to guide his cock to Barbara’s pussy. When the head touched her slit, Linda just naturally moved it up and down in the hot wetness that was oozing from Barbara’s slit.

"Push," she told him and Barbara’s breath left her body in a whoosh as his entire cock slid deep inside her. Alex relished the feel for a few seconds but then began to move his hips.

Then it was a 3-way with Barbara sucking Linda’s pussy while Alex fucked her dog-style and Linda sucking on Barbara’s clit and licking Alex’s dick as it pumped out of Barbara’s pussy.

Meanwhile Rusty had his face in Bruce’s lap sucking his dick.

By the time we were finished all 4 of us guys had all fucked Barbara and I’d fucked Linda.

Turned out Rusty and Linda were from the Dallas/Ft. Worth metro plex the same as Barbara and I were so before we parted we exchanged cell phone numbers. And because we occasional got to Austin and the brothers occasionally got to Dallas, we exchanged cell phone numbers with them too.

That’s how Barbara and I found out that we were both bi-sexual.

It's always nice to relive your first time experience, that’s why Barbara and I ended up buying a van and taking the seats out when we traveled. Since then I’ve spent many vacation hours down on my knees in the back of our van living up to my new ‘nick name’… Bob.

The end…



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