My name is Brad Davis and I'm a twenty-nine year old corporate attorney and gay. I was raised in the hustle and bustle of the city and after graduating and getting my job, I bought a high rise condo close to work.

After a few years, I had all I could take of the city living. My condo was paid off and when I sold it I made a very nice profit and bought a ten acre site outside of town.

The previous owner had cleared about an acre and a half right in the middle to build his home, leaving thick woods all around it to the property lines.

The home was a one story, with formal living and dining rooms, a large kitchen that opened into a casual family eating area, a large den, a guest half bath off the den, and three nice sized bedrooms each with their own private bath. There was also a nice pool and patio with access off the den as well as the master bedroom.

The master bedroom had a sitting area with it. The bathroom was nice but I wanted it larger with a jacuzzi tub for two, and a large walk-in shower for at least three people. I decided to have the bath remodeled.

After moving in, I called a 'close' friend of mine, Jim Roberts, over for dinner. I explained what I was wanting to do and asked if he knew of a good, honest contractor.

"Yes, I do," he replied, "but some say he's hard to work with. He stands behind his work completely."

"Why do they say he's hard to work with?"

"Well, you tell him what you want and he works up the plans. If there is something you want changed on the plans, he might or might not do it. And only when needed does he bring in extra guys. Most of the work he does alone."

"I see. And you say he does good work?"

"Excellent, and he's hot as hell, but I don't know his sexual orientation."

"Hummm, interesting," I said.

We had dinner and afterward our usual romp in bed, sucking and fucking each other. I had known Jim since college and he was wild in bed. Being very vocal when he got fucked, out here he could get as loud as he wanted.

He gave me the contractor's name, Josh Connors, and I looked him up in the phone book the next morning. We set up a meeting for that Friday afternoon.

I arrived home and changed into tank top and shorts before Josh arrived. He was right on time and when I answered the door he smiled asking, "Mr. Davis?"

"No, Mr. Davis is my dad. I'm Brad, and I assume you're Josh Connors."

"That's right. Just call me Josh."

"Great, Josh. Come on in."

He entered and Jim was right. This guy was hot as hell. He stood close to six-three, weighed approximately two hundred pounds, was extremely well built with dark blond hair and blue eyes. His jeans were snug showing me a nice ass and his open collar sport shirt revealed that his chest was hairy. My mouth began to water.

I led him to the den and offered him a beer which he accepted. As we sipped our beers I explained what I had in mind. As I did, Josh took notes of what I wanted. When we were finished, I took him to the bedroom and he sketched out the bedroom and current bathroom and took measurements. When he was done, he closed his notebook saying, "Brad, I should have plans drawn up by Monday. Can we meet again then?"

"Sure, same time?"

"That will be fine," he said.

He left and I called Jim telling him he didn't warn me how hot he really was.

"Man, it was all I could do to keep from getting a raging boner while he was here," I told him. He laughed at me and I laughed back.

Monday arrived and Josh was right on time again. I offered him another beer and as we drank them he pulled out some plans and drawings of what the bath would look like.

I had said I wanted a window on the wall behind the tub looking out to the pool. He had planned on putting windows up close to the ceilings.

I told him that those windows wouldn't do, saying, "I want windows from the top of the tub all the way up to the ceiling. I want the kind that can be clear or frosted at my choosing. I know they make them."

"Yes, they do but they are pretty expensive."

"I don't care. Put them in. It's not open for discussion." I let him know things were going to be my way. He agreed then laughed saying, "It appears you have heard about my not always doing what the customer wanted, but instead what I thought was best for the project."

"Yes, I have, and as far as I'm concerned, everything else is perfect. Just change those windows."

"Consider it done," he replied. And I assume you have heard how I work."

"I've heard some things but why don't you tell me everything yourself."

He began saying that for the demolition, and frame work for the new roof line and walls, he's have a crew here. then after they weren't needed he would be the only one working on the project.

"I'm a perfectionist, and I hate going behind others and correcting small careless mistakes. It takes longer to complete, but when I'm finished, I know it's right."

That's fine with me. Take all the time you want. I'll move my things into one of the other bedrooms for as long as you need."

"I've got one job now that I should be finished with week after next. Then I can get started on yours."

"That will be fine," I said. "Just call me and give me a definite date."

"Will do," he said before leaving.

A week later I moved my clothes and personal items into another bedroom in preparation to the remodel. Josh called that weekend saying he'd be finished at his current job on Thursday and was taking a three day weekend. I told him I understood and didn't blame him. He said he'd be at the house at seven Monday morning with a crew.

I cleared my schedule for that Monday and was waiting with a large pot of coffee when Josh arrived. As his crew began work, he and I had coffee and i gave him a key to the house for whenever I wasn't home.

His crew was fast with their work and in a week, two walls were removed, new wall framing up and the exterior brick back in place. Now everything was up to Josh. Well, almost. He said he'd be bringing in one guy just for a day to help install the shower stall, tub, and granite counter tops. He said when the special window was installed the factory would be installing it, and explaining the remote control from going from clear to frosted and back to clear.

I hadn't mentioned anything to Josh, but I had taken my two weeks vacation starting the Monday after the crew left. It would be just the two of us there for two weeks.

When he arrived to start that Monday, he was surprised to see me in shorts and tank top.

"I was due for my vacation and thought this would be a good time to take it," I said. "I promise not to get in your way."

"If you do, I just might put you to work," he said smiling.

"Please do. If there is anything I can help with, just let me know."

"One thing for sure. Keep the coffee hot."

"That I can handle."

I poured us a cup and we sat by the pool while we drank it. He commented on the pool and I quickly told him to feel free to use it at any time.

He thanked me and went to work. On a later break for coffee, I asked where he lived. He said he had an apartment way on the other side of town.

"Why an apartment?" I asked.

"Man, with me working on houses and building all day, the last thing I want to do is go home and do more repairs. In an apartment if something needs fixing, I call the office."

"I can totally understand that," I said.

I prepared sandwiches for lunch and offered dinner that evening. He turned me down on dinner, but I insisted on dinner on Tuesday.

Tuesday night I grilled steaks for us. Then we had a great visit. As we talked there on the patio, he commented that he had intended on throwing his swim trunks into his truck so he'd have them handy.

"Josh, I hope you don't think I'm being too forward, but you don't need them. I always swim nude and you're welcome to do the same if you feel like it. It won't bother me in the least."

"As hot as it's been, I just might take you up on that," he said.

"Anytime," I replied.

Shortly later he said, "It's been a great evening and I really appreciate it. You're great to talk to, but I have a long drive back home."

"I understand," I said. He offered to help with the dishes but I refused his help and sent him on his way.

On Wednesday about ten, I stripped and went for a swim. He saw me in the pool and walked out.

"How's the water?" he asked.

"Find out for yourself," I replied.

He laughed and after a couple of seconds, he said, "Oh, what the hell. I get nude at the gym when I shower and change." He removed his shirt as he kicked off his work boots. After removing his socks, he opened his jeans and removed them. He was commando, and when I commented on it he smiled and said, "Always. I just find it more comfortable."

His body was awesome. Beautiful large pecs and abs covered with a medium coating of dark blond hair and his cock was about seven inches soft, cut, and thicker than average. seconds later he hit the water.

When he broke the surface near me he said, "Oh fuck, this feels awesome."

"I totally agree," I said.

As he began swimming a few laps, I called out, "I'll be back shortly with coffee."

"Okay," he called back.

I went in and got the coffee and returned to the pool. Standing on the side completely nude, I held up his cup. He swam to the side and climbed out. As he did, I noticed him glance at my cock, which just slightly harder than normal.

As we sat and drank the coffee, I said, "Josh, instead of driving back and forth every day, why don't you pack a few things and stay here at night. You have a key to the house in case you happen to go out any night."

"Thanks for the offer. I'll think it over."

"There is one thing you should know however. I've refrained from doing it since you've been working here but when I'm home I'm always nude. I live that way."

"Hey, no problem. We've already seen each other nude so what's the big deal."

"If you do start staying, feel free to dress and work any way you want."

"Interesting," he said.

Soon,he put back on his jeans, then socks and boots. He stayed bare chested. I however stayed nude the rest of the day, even while we had lunch together.

The next morning, as usual, I had coffee waiting when he arrived. I was in the kitchen, nude, and when he walked in I noticed a duffel bag in his hand. I looked up at him as he asked, "Which room is mine?"

"The first one on the right," I said, smiling.

After putting his bag in the room, he returned shirtless, saying, "I got to thinking about what you said about the drive back and forth. My truck was drinking gas with the long trip. I figured that since you made the offer, it was foolish for me to keep burning up my gas."

"Great," I said. "I'll enjoy the company."

We drank our coffee and he went to work. Around ten, as i sat in the den reading, he came in asking, "Coffee still hot?"

"Yea," I said. Just made a fresh pot." I turned to look at him and was surprised to see him totally nude with his tool belt around his waist.

As he poured himself a cup, I laughed and said "Damn, I wish I had my camera handy."

"No you don't. I'd have to whip your ass."

"Promises, promises," i replied laughing.

He removed his tool belt and sat down across from me. I swear I saw his cock twitch as we talked. That evening I fixed dinner and then sat and watched TV. Later, he suggested we go in and get the dishes cleaned up. When I said I'd do it he insisted that we do it together and get through quicker.

We did and as we finished, we were standing side by side, him facing me. I turned to him to say 'All done,' when he suddenly leaned forward and after wrapping his arms around me he pressed his lips to mine.

Quickly, he pulled back and said, "I'm sorry. I shouldn't have done that."

"You didn't see me object, did you?"


"Okay then, no apology is needed. To be honest, I enjoyed it."

He looked at me with a surprised look on his face. I then leaned in to him and kissed him back, offering my tongue. He readily opened his mouth and offered his tongue, wrapping his arms around me again. I did the same to him.

"Oh fuck yea," he said when we parted.

I casually asked if he wanted a beer.

"Hell yea. I need one!"

We took our beers to the den and he sat on the sofa. I quickly took a seat next to him, asking, "What brought that on?"

"Maybe I should start at the beginning," he said. I first realized I was gay when I was fifteen and had desires for my best friend. One thing led to another and we were soon having sex together. He went straight but I knew I was totally gay. Females just did nothing for me. I started working part time in construction through high school and college. Then when I was twenty-three, I met Tony. He was one of the guys on the construction crew I was working on. We figured each other out and began dating. After six months he asked me to be his lover. We were together eight years when he was killed in a car wreck on his way home from the store. that was two years ago and I haven't been with anyone since. I have seen some guys I thought nice looking that wanted to get me in bed but they just didn't do anything for me. Then I met you. There was something about your assertiveness that I liked. I knew you weren't the type to be pushed around and I liked that. You were a man's man. That turned me on but I didn't know how you felt about gays. Then, when you suggested that i stay here and it was okay to go nude, I thought you might play. As for the kiss, it was just spontaneous. I hadn't planned it."

"Josh, I'm sorry about your lover, but you need to move on. I'm not saying it has to be with me, but you need to at least start dating some. as for the kiss, well, I've wanted it since I met you."

He leaned closer and we kissed again. This one was longer and more passionate than the previous ones.

When we separated, he looked at me and said, "Brad, take me to bed. Please."

I stood and held out my hand. He took it and I led him to my room. I could tell he was nervous. I lay him down and began making love to him. I didn't want it to be just sex.

He responded and I was soon sucking his large hard cock as me moaned audibly. Before long, his cock spasmed and began filling my mouth with his sweet cum. His climax was huge and thick and I devoured every drop of it.

After laying back up next to him, he kissed me then said, "Fuck, I almost forgot what it was like."

"I hope it was enjoyable for you. I know it was for me," I said.

"You don't know how much it was," he said.

We again kissed and afterward he began making love to me, soon swallowing my cock. I was so turned on, that it didn't take me long to reach my climax. Josh eagerly took my load and swallowed.

That night we later had a sixty-nine before going to sleep in each other's arms.

The next morning I awoke before he did and eased out of bed. I was pouring coffee when he came into the kitchen. Walking up to me, he hugged me then kissed me good morning.

"How'd you sleep?" I asked.

"Better than I have since Tony died. It's the first time I've felt whole since he's been gone,and the first night I've slept the entire night without waking up."

"Josh, if you want to, you're welcome to share my bed every night. I don't mind at all and e don't have to have sex."

"Thanks, Brad. You're a super guy."

"So are you," I said.

That night he insisted on taking me to dinner. When we got home and undressed, he looked at me and said, Fuck me. I need it so bad."

We went to bed and after rimming him a while, I got my lube and was soon fucking his ass as he moaned and said how great it felt.

After filling his ass, I slowly pulled out ad asked, "May I have the pleasure of you fucking me now?"

"Of course," he replied.

With me on my back, he kissed me passionately as he fucked my ass and it was awesome. Damn did he ever know how to fuck a man's ass.

From then on Josh and I were nude and slept together. After my vacation ended and I returned to work, Josh continued to live with me and share my bed. The only time we dressed was when we went to the store for groceries or out to dinner.

All too soon, the bathroom was finished, just the way I wanted it. Things were quiet between us that last day.

That afternoon, I walked up to him and after slipping my arms around his waist I asked, "Any jobs starting next week?"

"Nothing at all. Nothing even planned."

"Then why don't you stay here until something comes up?"

"You sure? I don't want to wear out my welcome."

"You won't. And I want you to keep your key to the house. Feel free to use it anytime, and I mean that."

"Thanks. I'll stay."

He stayed and it was two weeks before he got a call for another job. As he started packing, I said, "Josh, you're welcome to come out and stay as long as you want anytime you want."

"I will. You'll definitely see me a lot."

"I hope so," I replied.

He left and the place seemed so empty. However the following Friday as I was about to start dinner I heard his key in the lock. I was half way to the door when he walked in. Dropping a small bag he grabbed me and kissed me hard and passionate.

After the kiss, he backed up slightly and looking into my face said, "This week has been miserable for me. I've missed you so much."

"I've missed you too."

"Brad, this may be to soon for you but I have to say it. I love you. I realized it right after I left. I love you more than anything else in this world. I know Tony would want me to find someone special, and that someone is you. Would you be my lover?"

"Fuck yes baby. I love you also. Move in here with me."

The following weekend Josh moved out of his apartment, putting his furniture in storage and moved in with me. We go out and bring guys home for three ways but we never have a one on one with another guy.

Josh says that our union was engineered by Tony and maybe he's right. What ever caused it, we're glad it happened. We couldn't be happier.



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